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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. MrCurvedLimos

    Escape PHEV "beginner's EV"?

    Congratulations bredick! We've been waiting only 4.5 months ago far. Guess we'll settle in and buy some more popcorn.
  2. MrCurvedLimos

    Escape PHEV "beginner's EV"?

    I got an email from Ford yesterday that says, "Thanks again for placing your 2022 Escape Titanium Plug-In Hybrid order. While we’ve been busy working to get your new vehicle into production, we’ve run into a few delays. Sometimes certain features or options can lengthen the time before a vehicle is scheduled for production. We know there’s a lot of anticipation when it comes to getting into a new vehicle, so we’ll make sure to keep you updated. Once your vehicle is ready to move into the production schedule, you’ll be hearing from us again." The little status bar graphic shows still at step 1, Order Confirmed. It's been about 3 months since we ordered.
  3. MrCurvedLimos

    Escape PHEV "beginner's EV"?

    We ordered mid-December '21. We were told 3-4 months by the dealer as well. We got an email confirmation from Ford that they received the order, but no other info yet. I'll post updates when I hear anything.
  4. MrCurvedLimos

    Escape PHEV "beginner's EV"?

    You both are confirming my suspicions. Two and a half years ago (the last time we took a big cross country trip) I definitely didn't see enough chargers to think it was practical to drive cross country in a BEV. I'm not surprised the situation hasn't changed much in the last couple years. Hopefully by the time our 2022 Escape PHEV gets long in the tooth, the infrastructure will be ready! Another thing I find curious about the marketing of EVs in general are the stated charging times. They typically assume the battery is empty and needs a full recharge. In reality, if you drive 10 miles to work and 10 miles home, you only have to top up 20 miles of charge most days, and that's easily accomplished with a Level 1 charger. Anyone who's driven an EV understands this. But when marketing to potential new EV buyers, it seems like the stated recharge-from-empty times are likely to be off-putting. It would be great if manufacturers had calculators on their websites to help new customers understand the charge times they are likely to experience, instead of giving the worst case as a blanket statement.
  5. MrCurvedLimos

    Escape PHEV "beginner's EV"?

    I've been watching video reviews of the Escape PHEV and I've heard several reviewers make the claim that "the Escape PHEV is a good car for people who aren't ready to go fully electric yet." The commonality of the sentiment suggests to me that it's an item on a list of talking points provided by Ford. My wife and I want to make long (1 to 2 week) trips around the country exploring the National Parks after the pandemic. We only own one car, which since 2015 has been a C-Max Energi. It fits our needs quite well, except its range around town leaves something to be desired, its turning radius is terrible, and the step in the cargo floor is a much bigger impediment than we imagined. We recently test-drove a '21 Escape PHEV and loved it, so we ordered one. To me it seems our new Escape phev will hit a sweet spot. My wife and I can save money by owning and maintaining only one car, be eco-friendly by doing all of our in-town driving on electric, and still be able to traipse around the country by taking advantage of the existing national infrastructure of gas stations... and get 40 mpg while we're doing it (better than the C-Max!). What I'm curious about is this marketing idea that, "It's not the cars that's aren't ready, it's you." Is that true? Would my wife and I really be able to own only one fully-electric car and take long trips across the US exploring the highways and the byways, without having to worry about running out of joules somewhere? If the answer is, "Not yet," how long will it be before that's actually possible?