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  1. I was looking for an alternative to protect the front area of my vehicle from gnats, bugs, etc...other than the usual recommendation of bras! 😩 Has anyone used products like 'Elastiwrap' clear coat spray? It's a plasticizer coating that you can spray on and peel off. It stops the bugs and most small stone chips!
  2. bobbyd

    Cmax Oil Change

    Just turned into my 12th month since my last oil change with only 3500 miles driven and the iOLM popped up recommending an oil change! I took the Cmax in to the dealer yesterday for the Quick Lane $50 Oil/Filter change! The tech guy said he wasn't sure what generated the alert...probably the one year duration. I recall some car gurus encourage oil changes on low mileage cars because of the condensation caused by not running the engine to sufficient temperatures. The car manual had no information! I guess once a year isn't bad! I think I'll start driving the long way home once a week! 😊
  3. Does anyone know what percentage of the approximately 90,000 U.S. white-collar retirees and former employees who opted for the lump-sum payment Ford initially offered in the 2012 'Pension Buyout Program?'
  4. Totally agree on the rarity of cost sharing . Ask any parts buyer ! It's the same with the Ford logistics carriers (Penske ,etc..). Ford absorbs the cost!
  5. Speaking of Mark Fields...he did his damage destroying Ford stock, ignored the move to SUVs and walked away with over $50 million severance!
  6. Please...I use to respect most of your sensible comments! What's your point on attacking the President with 'Fake News' sound bites....other than political? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8242899/NYC-store-bodies-coronavirus-victims-freezer-trucks-instead-mass-Hart-Island-burials.html
  7. bobbyd

    Ford Gets First Truck Win At Atlanta!

    Oops, forgot about that! Anyway, after watching the BLM slogan on the Wallace car yesterday and the reporters barking about pseudo inequality, I will not watch NASCAR anymore, especially after they publicly showed support to a group (BLM) who chants "Death to cops"..." death to cops, now!'. My family will always support law and order, but will not watch NASCAR anymore!
  8. Does anyone know to replace a glove box assembly on a 2001 Ford Taurus SE? The latch is broke and won't close! We are shopping around to purchase the assembly (mostly ebay...$20-$30) but couldn't find anywhere how to perform the mechanics? It appears all the colors are grey..which is what we have! 😩 Just asking!
  9. Congratulations to Chase on that last lap win, despite Kyle's infamous slide job! https://mobile.twitter.com/NASCAR_Xfinity?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1263603866236588032|twgr^&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.foxnews.com%2Fauto%2Fchase-briscoe-wins-nascar-xfinity-wife-miscarriage
  10. bobbyd

    Homestead NASCAR virtual race on Sunday!

    I was cheering for either Clint or Brad to win at Talledega. Clint had taken the lead when the engine overheated and forced him out. Tough deal! Brad was strong all race and appeared hopeful to win until the late crash! It wasn't Joey's fault that caused the late race pile up that took Brad out! Maybe we can put a Ford.in the winner's circle at Dover!
  11. bobbyd

    Homestead NASCAR virtual race on Sunday!

    Thanks for responding. The interesting point is the difference when driving at the Daytona track under the same scenario, it's imperative to choose the lower lane to maximum your speed. Check it out yourself and compare the difference! So much fun and tension...its addictive !
  12. bobbyd

    Homestead NASCAR virtual race on Sunday!

    Question for 'Wheel & Pedal' racers. This Sunday is virtual Talladega on FOX. I've been racing that virtual track on my 'Xbox NASCAR Logitech' Set up and was interested if anyone else has noticed the same experience! When you are coming out of the 4th turn it's imperative to stay up next to the wall as you approach the start/finish to maintain your speed compared to choosing the lower lane which scrubs off almost 8-10 mph!
  13. bobbyd

    Richmond Race Scheduled for Sunday!

    Maybe Snoop Dog could replace Japanese-American Larson?