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  1. Wow....this truck can spin! https://www.foxnews.com/auto/the-electric-rivian-r1t-pickup-tank
  2. bobbyd

    The dumbest lawsuit ever...

    Wow....I noticed all the comments on the Yahoo site agree it was not the fault of Ford!I However, if the lawyers go "judge shopping" and take this to California ....all bets off in favor of Ford!
  3. If you compare the Dodge Charger to the Ford Fusion Hybrid specs I think they are similar if you set the front seats at the same distance... since the Fusion has 2.5" more in front and 1 .8" less in back than the Charger. (Assuming rear leg room determined with front seat extended). In fact, the Fusion has a .7 " advantage! Charger Front legroom :41.8" vs Fusion 44.3" ( 2.5" difference) Charger Rear legroom: 40.1 vs Fusion 38.3" ( 1.8" difference )
  4. Coming soon to your work site! https://www.newsmax.com/finance/companies/ford-dogs-work-tech/2019/12/06/id/944864/
  5. Sorry, the "yawn" was for her...should've clarified that one...lol

  6. bobbyd

    NASCAR Popularity Continues To Fade

    The 2019 championship finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway was a 20-year low point. It’s the smallest audience since at least 2001. About 400,000 less people elected to watch the championship finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway in 2019 over the same race in 2018. The championship finale is set to change locations in 2020. It will be Phoenix!
  7. Good news.....The 'Ford vs Ferrai' movie release is #1 Box office this weekend! https://www.thewrap.com/ford-v-ferrari-takes-checkered-flag-with-31-million-box-office-opening/
  8. I think I need to correct my comment about Volkswagen building electric in Tennessee. They are not requiring workers to join the UAW....while if Ford decided to build in the USA...they would be forced to make all workers join the UAW....a costly proposition for a company struggling against non union automakers!
  9. The car looks interesting....but most of the critics are complaining it's built in Mexico, while Volkswagen is building electric vehicles in Tennessee!
  10. I think this guy is a hero after watching this incredible video! https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/11/10/hunters-free-deers-antlers-locked-horns/40581545/
  11. Sad to see how the accident that Daniel Suarez caused in the first overtime help eliminate Brad Kezelowski from making the top 8 . Brad was struggling but still ahead of Elliott for the #8 spot, but Suarez lost control of his #41 Ford and spun into an accident , ruining Brad's chances with only one lap to go.
  12. Ford driver Almirola and top bowler Belmonte set new world bowling record at Charlotte Raceway!
  13. bobbyd

    Bet on SHR

    I see him blocking as a 'Toyota Teammate' (he is not a Gibbs driver) in an effort to defeat the Ford teams. Its interesting to note that Mr Truex is well known as the biggest cry baby about blocking....except when it favors him! I'm just saying.
  14. bobbyd

    Bet on SHR

    Sad to see obvious favortism displayed by future Ford driver , DiBenedetto , who was the key blocker at the end of the 2nd stage , slowing Logano's momentum to allow Truex to catch him and then IMMEDIATELY moving down to give his teammate the pass and win that stage. As far as Suarez and his antics....SHR better let that character go. He's out of control!
  15. Popular Lincoln Spokesman, Matthew McConaughey , driving the Aviator through purple clouds! https://adage.com/article/cmo-strategy/matthew-mcconaughey-drives-through-purple-cloud-his-latest-lincoln/2196771