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  1. We are in the Metro Vancouver area and rarely get snow, with this morning being an exception. Got about 1/2" which will probably be gone by mid-afternoon. If we were in the Rockies, I could see a need for 4x4. However, even in the Lower Mainland, all our dealers only order 4x4 SD's for stock orders.
  2. Just North of you in BC and I drove a F-350 4x2 for 8 years and never needed 4-wheel drive. In addition to being cheaper, the 4x2, provides a few hundred extra lbs of payload, which I needed with the SRW.
  3. From a risk perspective, it certainly isn't a deal that would be of interest to me. First consideration - I don't care what is customary, as with all negotiations, I determine my expectations and more importantly, a walk away position. A non-refundable deposit is a walk away condition for me. A $5,000 non-refundable deposit means you are carrying a fairly substantial risk. Personally, if I invest $5,000 in a non-refundable deposit, I am looking for a substantial return on my money, with a savings of at least double the deposit. With a fairly base level truck, your savings, less additional costs of getting the truck home, I just can't imagine that you can generate at least $10,000 in savings. Taking into account the current delays, with the additional risks, I suggest requiring 3x return in savings. For deposit I wouldn't even provide a $5,000 refundable deposit. BTW - my Sales Manager did not want any deposit when we completed and signed off the order with fixed price and value for trade-in.
  4. Rangers09

    Do big dealerships get orders faster?

    The dealers receive additional allocations for retail orders, so the question to ask is how many SD's does the dealer have ahead of your order and what are the priorities. When I ordered, my Sales Manager advised how many SD orders were ahead of mine and when he figured they would be built. He speculated mine would be scheduled mid Nov, but since then non-availability of key F-450 parts have prevented mine getting scheduled.
  5. Rangers09

    Hello from North of the boarder

    Negative. My order was being reviewed for scheduling last month, but commodity shortage were an issue for F-450's. Same this week - wheels, DRW box & 5th wheel prep.
  6. So, in your opinion BEV is higher performance, but the Formula 1 teams voted to retain the same engines for 2022, even though the cars are being re-designed. The primary reason they aren't changing the power plant, as although highly complex, it is currently the best available. Surely, if BEV had higher performance, the teams would be requesting an immediate change.
  7. Although not a current "Sports" car owner, I did have a Mustang GT for 6 years. I can assure you even if electric had better performance, there is way more to owning and operating a sports car than only performance. If I bought a Mustang today, it would still be a V8 with manual gearbox, as most of the fun with a sports car is manual shifting. Just can't imagine a Mustang, or even a Dodge, without a clutch and gearbox - boring!!! If BEV's have better performance, why is the base unit in Formula 1 cars still an ICE.
  8. Rangers09


    Haven't seen anything posted yet for this week.
  9. With over 100 years of successful innovation and manufacturing, why would Ford try to re-invent the wheel for a single technology, especially one that isn't even guaranteed to be around for 100 years, similar to ICE. BEV may be the current focus, but I have no doubt other technology will surpass BEV, in the not too distant future. An innovative company with strong profits from existing technology that can invest in BEV and future developing technology is a more sound business decision than creating a new company for a single technology, which although growing, I suspect will be surpassed in 20 to 30 years, or less. Good to see Ford have seen the light and not trying to force BEV's on the SD Line. https://www.motor1.com/news/550700/ford-no-electric-super-duty/?fbclid=IwAR2X0EAM5M3gC4mkzuzJvOURjaM78-zE9xZohuWJWXvoApglUj1FOJA82Dg
  10. Rangers09

    Massage seats

    As long as my new F-450 arrives, we plan to leave the coast about the end of May and take an easy trip out there. Would be great to finally meet if you can make the Rally. When I ordered the truck, I didn't even know about the option, until reading about them on this, or the FTE. Soon as I mentioned them to DW, I called our Sales Manager and added the KR Ultimate package. Looking forward to trying them.
  11. Rangers09

    Massage seats

    Good to hear. I'm looking forward to them in the new F-450, for the long drive to Shipshewana next summer.
  12. Rangers09

    Which rear end to order?

    I towed a 41' 5th wheel with a 2013 F-350 SRW 6.7 with 3.55 gears. Probably did about 30,000 miles with many of them in the Rockies. No issues on the long 8 - 11%+ grades, just took it slow. I did upgrade to a F-350 DRW 6.7, which came with 3.73 gears. With greater payload we could load the 5'er to 16,500 lbs and it was definitely easier in the mountains. A SRW with 3.55 is good for the current trailer, but if upgrading to a 15K 5'er, with about 3K pin weight, you may also wish to consider a F-350 6.7 DRW, Last time I checked the F-350 6.7's the gearing options were 3.55 or 4.1, at least with Ford Canada. If driving in the mountains, I would opt for a F-350 DRW 6.7, with 4.1 gears. For Long Box/Short Box, I could survive with a SB with our 5'er, but why take the risk, so I will only order a CCLB.
  13. Ford may be embracing electric vehicles, but why would they want to exit the profitable mrket that still want and embrace ICE. Thanks, but I'll stick with my 6.7. Personally, I have zero desire to drive an electric vehicle, as they are many years away from having an equivalent F-450 with the towing ability and range of the current trucks, and that I can re-charge in the same time it take to fill the diesel tank. If Ford are to win, they should embrace the BEV's for those that want them and keep producing ICE for those of us that have needs not currently met by BEV's.
  14. Rangers09

    Massage seats

    Also included in the King Ranch Ultimate package.
  15. Rangers09

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of info, but expect anything from 8 weeks to 8 months. I ordered end od August and still have no VIN, although some have been waiting since the 22MY orders opened in March.