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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Since most TT's & 5th wheels are already operated at, or above GVWR, what are they going to remove to provide weight space for the batteries - smaller tanks, less structure, etc? If they are providing power for additional boondocking, you require more tank capacity, not less. Otherwise, the only option is to increase RV's GVWR, which requires more truck to pull them. Clearly BEV's, at this time, can't handle towing any additional weight.
  2. I'm in Metro Vancouver where electric vehicles are increasingly common. Downtown we have a few charging stations, but I never see any of them available. It is often the same vehicles parked at them every day. Even with the amount of BEV's on our roads, I'm not aware of any local business that provides a charging station.
  3. Same here, always carried an emergency 10 gallons of diesel in the truck bed, as my preference is to fill the truck after we unhitch and set up the coach.
  4. Rangers09

    5th Wheel Hitches/Towing

    My thoughts exactly. When I am towing 16,500 lbs, I want the connection to the truck to be substantial. My Reese Elite 25K is also heavy, but similar to your B&W, it isn't going anywhere in an accident.
  5. Rangers09

    2023 Escape Orders & Discussion

    My dealer had similar issues, as on Tuesday it showed as a 1.5 ST. On Wednesday by 11:30 (Pacific) it was fixed in WBDO, so it is now accepting PHEV orders.
  6. Rangers09

    2023 Escape Order Guide (Canada)

    Got our PHEV completed today - Atlas Blue, Ebony Interior, PHEV Premium Package, Vista Roof and Floor Liners. Let the wait begin. Hoping for less than my 22 F-450 KRU, which was almost 9 months.
  7. Rangers09

    2023 Escape

    Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of discussion on Priority Codes. This is the mechanism for your dealer to advise Ford, regarding which order they would like their unscheduled orders built. For a retail order, the dealer can assign 10 - 19 (inclusive), with the order defaulting to 19. As orders ahead of yours are built, if the dealer manages their Unscheduled Order Bank, your priority number should reduce. After 4 to 6 months, if still Unscheduled, the dealer can contact their Ford Zone Manage to lower it to 1 or 2. To summarise - when Ford is scheduling, if they didn't have any plant/commodity restraints, they will pick the dealer's unscheduled order with the lowest Priority Code for scheduling.
  8. Rangers09

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    In my experience, once my truck's rail car was handed over to CP Rail, the CSX tracking info was not reliable. CSX reported my truck was stuck in Chicago when I received a call that it had been delivered to the dealer. Might be different for other railways, but this was my experience with CSX/CP Rail.
  9. Rangers09

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Mine was somewhat similar. My F-450 KRU was serialised on Mar 17th and went straight to a "Scheduled to Day" 1st April. Most others scheduled that week were late April and early May.
  10. Rangers09

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Negative, I'll suggest you have a quality and honourable dealer. Although my truck is now built and delivered, I had the same discussion with my Sales Manager back in March. He assured me that if my F-450 wasn't built as a 22MY, he would ensure it was ordered immediately the 23MY order bank opened, he would lobby his Regional Manager to get the priority to 1 or 2 and he would guarantee our original price agreement and trade-in value. He may have lost money on that particular deal, if Ford didn't provide price protection to the 23MY, but he knows the value of long-term customers and how to keep them happy.
  11. Rangers09

    Navigation Trailering Option

    I have used the Rand Mcnally/Good Sam RV GPS for this and even if it was included on my F-450, I would still use the Rand Mcnally. It also includes length, weight and amount of propane when selecting routes, so is more comprehensive than the Ford Nav. Having used it for 10 yrs, we have also built up a level of trust in its accuracy. Since I can get updated maps on my Rand Mcnally, I see no point in paying Ford for their connected Nav.
  12. So true. How can a manager know what is going on when sitting behind a desk most of the day. They have to be walking about. Still remember when DW, who was a Trauma RN had a social worker with zero nursing training or experience, as her Head Nurse - ludicrous!
  13. Unfortunately, that is indicative of inefficient managers. I managed in a union environment for 35 yrs with strong marine unions. Both sides had to adhere to the collective agreement, which meant the managers had to follow the rules when dealing with problem employees. We had to show reasonable attempts to mentor the employee, while documenting all meetings/discussions and progressing through each disciplinary step. Yes, it took time and effort, but in most cases, we were successful when eventually going for termination. In my experience, when you remove one of the worst offenders, most employees react positively, as management is finally doing what they are paid for. The ability of managers to effectively apply the collective agreement is a key management metric.
  14. This is a highly ineffective management strategy that does not create the cohesive team environment necessary in this type of business. It creates a toxic environment in the management ranks that will trickle down to the shop floor. A much more effective strategy is creating personalised plans and objectives for each manager that are meaningful and challenging, and when combined with other departments, provide positive synergy for the Corporate good. Those that don't meet the objectives should be mentored with the expectation that if they don't turn it around, they will find employment more suited to their skills.
  15. Rangers09

    Escape PHEV "Beginner's EV"?

    Until it was serialised, the priority code, status and any information they had received on commodity restraints. After it was serialised, the production status and once shipped the car # and location.