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  1. Texasota

    Most miles on Fusion Hybrid

    Those are impressive numbers. Are you still running with the original battery? I am about to roll over 100,000 on my 2015 Fusion hybrid.
  2. Exactly. It's a small amount of time and burden when compared to the time and burden of trying to drive a BEV on a long road trip given today's battery technology and charging infrastructure. With time, the battery technology will improve and so will the charging infrastructure but it has a long way to go. In the meantime, PHEHs and HEVs are an excellent solution during this transition.
  3. Much of this thread is over the top beginning with the absurdly false statement within the thread title: "No One Ever Plugs In Their Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles"
  4. Yes, the F-150 Powerboost has a lot of teething issues. All modern technology is inherently complex but that does make it inferior or bad as long as it is reliable. Your laptop and mobile phone along with the all of the underlying internet and mobile technology is mind boggling complex but it has also become very reliable. Same is true for most hybrids (but not all). But not all BEVs are reliable either (see EV Reliability). Here is a quote from that article that summarizes CR's findings: The F-150 Powerboost will improve with time as will BEVs as does most all modern technology. The fact that hybrids and PHEVs are complex is not a valid argument for dismissing them. Modern life and all the technology surrounding us is complex.
  5. My ICE vehicles have always done 100% of what I need but at a higher cost for fuel. I have never rented a vehicle because my ICE vehicle could not get the job done. I suspect very few vehicles are rented for that purpose. I hear this often that the complexity of a second drive train is inherently bad. Consumer Reports reliability data indicates hybrids are among the most reliable vehicles on the road: Hybrid Reliability The duel fuel capability of PHEVs is part of the reason why I have an Escape PHEV on order. If the grid goes down (like Texas a few winters ago) I can still drive. If gasoline becomes unavailable (or painfully expensive) I can still drive. For people that plug their PHEVs in (and that is likely a majority) it provides a great bridge until the grid and EV battery technology allows BEVs to be as practical and convenient as ICE vehicles.
  6. I was wondering that exact same thing. That statement seems to put all hybrids in the category of "gross polluter". Driving my 2015 Fusion hybrid here in Florida I consistently get over 50 mpg. It is far from being a gross polluter.
  7. Texasota

    Ford Focus Fix for Transmission Shift Issues

    I have a 2012 Focus hatch with the DCT and 40,000 miles. It is now on its third set of clutches. This third set drove great unitl about 9000 miles and then the horrible clattering and vibrations again returned. On the positive side it is not yet shuddering/slipping like the previous two clutch sets were doing. This is a deeply flawed transmission (at least for the 2012 model year). Only one other car in my 40 years of driving was a more miserable ownership experience.
  8. Texasota


    The size issue is a very real issue for me. My 1991 Silverado fit n the garage with a comfortable amount of room to walk beteeen the rear bumper and the closed garage door. With My 2002 Sierra the amount of room shrunk to about 10 inches (we have to scootch by sideways). With the 2015 GM and Ford full size pickups we would be down to about 6 inches of scootch room left and that makes them to large for my garage. I'm currently considering a new GMC canyon as it would give us plenty of room to walk by and it will easily tow our 4000 lb boat. This makes me very sad that Ford does not have pickup that will fit in my garage and tow our boat.