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  1. Deep breaths my man.. just do what I did and wait 539 days for the exact truck you have always wanted.
  2. Well, well, well… Wonders never cease. the wife snapped this pic from behind the dealership this evening. I’m heading back into town now to confirm the VIN. I still won’t believe it until I see it.
  3. Welcome to the party pal 2 years to get built sitting in Louisville for over a month released… exact truck ordered 12/26 gets built 2 days after my 2 year old order and gets shipped the day after its a clown show with no rhyme nor reason zone manager ghosts sales manager ford marketing does nothing but confusion, misdirection and obfuscation nothing but give us a call again tomorrow and we may have news. when do 2025 MY banks open?
  4. Nope typical ford. Ford ships it not the dealer, but it’s not surprising as it took them 2 years to build the truck. I will be surprised if I receive it by the Fourth of July.
  5. Depends 450? a while high end 450? Quite a while 😂 I’ve seen gassers in 250 moderate trim being scheduled less than 60 days from ordering recently. my KR 450 took 2 years and it’s sitting in KY for the 3rd week awaiting shipment.
  6. I swear some of you dudes are on the spectrum.
  7. Anyone want a black 2023 F450 King Ranch with 6k on the clock????
  8. I just installed one in my 450 due to a couple of posts in this thread ?
  9. Good luck? there are over 29 thousand unscheduled super duty orders.
  10. Can’t see the pic.. which trim was it again? id love to see a pic if you’d re upload one.
  11. Get used to it? I'm on year 3 of my wait. I do have a 2023 KR 450, but it’s not what I ordered. I had to scrounge this thing up, and was only able to get it when the couple that ordered it backed out of their deal.
  12. Are you ok? Is simple anger getting the best of you?
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