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  1. transitman

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert Issue

    Too bad the real frigid weather is over for the year, so we may never know. I'm originally from Minnesota and now live in Arizona, so I know what I said is not true. I just can't resist mentioning the weather. It was only 70 here today.
  2. transitman

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert Issue

    Do you live in a cold or extremely cold climate?
  3. transitman

    2017 Fusion Order Guide

  4. transitman

    New to Me, Pre-Owned 2016 SEL

  5. transitman

    New to Me, Pre-Owned 2016 SEL

    I have an appointment to have my trans flushed and filled, no filter change. I bought the car with 27242 miles and after my trip, it now has 32150. I have had more than one hard shift, including on a flat surface, trans warm. I know it can go 50000 miles, I feel it never hurts to change fluids, but this ain’t cheap, am I wasting my money?
  6. transitman

    2017 fusion

    Sorry to hear about the collision, I hope everyone was okay. On the homepage there’s a tab at the top labeled Order Guides. Check page one of the first and last guide to find any changes. The later versions highlights and notes the changes from the previous version.
  7. transitman

    New to Me, Pre-Owned 2016 SEL

    So far I only have one from Northern Arizona. Saw this crazy car at Cadillac Ranch.
  8. transitman

    New to Me, Pre-Owned 2016 SEL

    I've wanted an Edge since they came out, but couldn't justify spending the cash for all the features I wanted. Since I retired, I have a lot of time to search the interweb for things and stuff and I found one well within my price range. It's a 2016, FWD, SEL, Panoramic roof, 27,242 miles, very clean, except for some very minor interior scrapes on the lower portion of the drivers door where they pushed it open with their shoe, and a scrape on the right front bumper. They were asking $21,500. It was a California car, business lease, bought at the Southern Cal auction and sold in Tempe, AZ. Many of the Edge's in the Phoenix area, with this mileage, were going for 23-26K, so I wondered why this was priced so low. The salesman said it was because of the scrape, but he offered to have it repaired and painted and it looks perfect. I just returned from a 5000 mile road trip and the car ran great. I drove from AZ to MN through southern Colorado, Pikes Peak, Wyoming, Black Hills and 2 lane Hwy 4 across S Dakota to MN. Drove around the Twin Cities, up to Duluth and Interstate home to AZ. Overall, I averaged 30.3 mpg's for the entire trip, which I was very pleased with. In the Phoenix area, there are a lot of big trucks, semi's and everyone drives really fast, so I like the higher profile from my Fusion, plus I can now take trips into the desert without clearance issues. I traded a 2017 Fusion and have no regrets, the Edge is so much more vehicle, better visibility, more cabin room and plenty of space for cargo.
  9. I remember reading an article about new mail trucks and one of the big issues was ergonomics, the vehicles needed to be able to be set up to eliminate body twisting and improve accessibility.
  10. transitman

    2014 Fusion Horn Replacement

    Sounds like you’re the kind of guy who likes to fix it yourself and you have already purchased the replacement part, but if the car is still under warranty, I’d take it to the dealer and avoid the hassle.
  11. transitman

    Dash Image Of Vehicle Angled Downward

    It's the symbol that indicates the hill assist is deactivated.
  12. I thought dropping the C-Max was a done deal with 2018 being the final MY. Then in 2020 (late 2019) the new EV's will debut, is that still the case?
  13. transitman

    Hello from (humid) Arizona!

    Monsoon season. Enjoy you're Edge, it's a great vehicle.
  14. transitman

    Very Bad Germans

    Confused area man believes German cars built in America are not sold in America.
  15. transitman

    2014 Focus Transmission issues?! Arg, help!

    Huh, I had a 2012 Focus and didn't experience any transmission issues and now have a 2017 Fusion with no transmission issues, I guess "all the transmission issues Ford cars have" passed me by.