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2020 Edge ST Rear Hatch Rubber Plugs

Sean J.

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Hi all,


Recently when wiping off the rear hatch on my Edge, two small black squarish rubber plugs popped out of the lower ridge, revealing two square shaped holes. Does anyone know what these plugs are for and/or what the holes they cover are for? My service technician thinks they are some sort of ventilated drains but cannot provide a definitive answer as to whether or not the plugs can be taken out permanently without the risk of issues down the line. I prefer to get rid of them so I’m not constantly catching them on towels and such when drying, but I won’t if anyone thinks it unwise. Also, are these a thing anywhere else, like in the doors or hood?




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They are supposed to act as one way valves, to let any moisture out and keep out anything else.  Some vehicles used to use simlar type valves (plugs) in the door drain holes, to help reduce windnoise.  I don't think that is currently the case, as the proof of benefit wasn't significant and the risk of plugging up the drains and increasing corrosion was high.  If you want to just leave them out, I don't see any reason to worry.  And the reason they fall out so easily when barely touched has to do with them not being installed correctly in the first place.  One of mine fell out almost immediately.  After I studied the remaining part it was obvious they weren't installed correctly.  I bought new ones and have had no further issue, even though my wife or I wipe this area dry after a car wash.

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