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  1. Arctic Trucks' Ford F-150 Conquers the Poles With Massive 44-Inch Snow Tires Bigger is sometimes better, especially when it comes to four-wheeling in the Arctic Circle. No one does off-roading like Iceland's 4x4 firm Arctic Trucks, known for its massively capable builds that almost always feature monstrous tires and ultra-wide fenders. The company's latest project is no different, though it is a change of pace compared to the Toyota Land Cruisers you typically see crawling from one glacier to the next. It's a 2020 Ford F-150 pickup jacked on 44-inch winter tires—and it looks the business. Built on a Lariat-trimmed F-Series, this truck is just short of top o' the line with its laundry list of upscale features. Of course, amenities like heated seats are a must when traversing the Arctic Circle's frozen landscapes, but what we're most interested in is the hardware underneath. For that, we have to take a closer look at the F-150 AT44. Yes, it gets its name from the size of its tires. Who does that? Full Story
  2. Wasn't there a slide somewhere that said ford planned to eventually have like 10-20 hybrid and electric vehicles? They almost have to put it in the Bronco to make those numbers.
  3. probowler

    Old Ford V8's just wont Die

    The 351 in my Bronco is full of life at 150k. It's the rest of the truck that the PO destroyed that's falling apart on me lol.
  4. But would you pay more money for a less refined engine? A sport-tuned suspension is one thing, a rough and noisey engine is another.
  5. probowler

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    You think it's that bad for the automakers huh? The sales will come back sooner or later... the trick is surviving until then, especially if later becomes real later. I wouldn't mind seeing the states and feds do something here, perhaps making vehicle purchases tax-free? Or maybe even adding a small federal tax deduction on new vehicle purchases.
  6. probowler

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    Something like this? I certainly hope they don't try cash for clunkers again... it will destroy the used car market, drive up used-car prices for low income buyers and kill a lot of good cars in the process. If they want to do some kind of stimulus, fine? Maaybe? I just hope it's not C4C.
  7. I actually have to agree with this, we Alaskans plug in our engine heaters every day below 20 during the winter, as many other northern states probably do. Super annoying, but not hard or time consuming.
  8. Oh! so if that's our critiera then you also can't claim it to be fast OR sufficient? Weird you only quoted me to say that but okay 🤔
  9. Doesn't look half bad actually. Full "story"
  10. You're not a real Alaskan unless your garage is filled with junk and/or project cars, and your DD sits outside.
  11. Okay, Well I live in Alaska and that photo applies to me too. Anyone else live in a state that snows?
  12. I'd prefer a bigger engine in the new Broncos because the current engines are insufficient. Your entire argument is based on your OPINION that because the current engines today are as fast as some V8s from 10 years ago, that automatically makes them good enough. If you believe that, cool but again that's just your opinion.
  13. True! But I would argue that if Ford had catered to and listened to the Bronco community sooner, they might be in a much better position today as we debate this. Same with Ranger.