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  1. probowler

    Tesla stock

    I don't understand the rush to be number one, especially to just turn around and give your product away at a loss. When the market is ready, and the technology is ready, we won't need government or private subsidies to sell BEVs. As long as Ford is doing research and due diligence to prepare for when BEVs are mature enough for mass market appeal, I have no problem with their approach. It does seem like we're almost at that point though. In the meantime, Ford has more important concerns such as improving new vehicle launches and ensuring long-term quality and reliability... factors which affect ALL their vehicles. Is Tesla making a profit on it's vehicle sales yet? I assume at least some of their higher end models are finally now profitable?
  2. Eddie Bauer Trim level when? And it better come with the leather jacket.
  3. This is an exciting time if you think about it... the Bronco is nearing it's official reveal, the ps5 is debuting next month, and Motorola is bringing back the razr! Honestly this is like second Christmas for me.
  4. Im not sure if it was different but the Mustang used to have this or something similar. It was only for a couple years.
  5. I was thinking of this too... perhaps similar to the old sliding roof?
  6. probowler

    Tesla reaches settlement with state of Michigan

    That sounds like an awesome idea actually. .. I imagine it would be very useful to someone looking for rare model or optioned vehicle
  7. Not sure if this was linked already but this mad lad spied the first interior shot! https://www.motor1.com/news/394106/ford-bronco-spy-photos-interior/
  8. probowler

    Tesla reaches settlement with state of Michigan

    Wouldn't it actually be cheaper? Since you eliminate much of the sales staff? The service centers already exist, and pay for themselves. I do agree the transition to such a system would be a big challenge. It will be interesting to watch Tesla in this regard. Maaaybe this will be one of the few things get right?
  9. probowler

    Tesla reaches settlement with state of Michigan

    I can't imagine how hard it would be to have a service center, with a parking lot for new vehicle deliveries, as well as a modest showroom big enough to display the current lineup. The biggest disadvantage of this model, would be the loss of sales jobs... The human cost. Plus you might have older buyers who value the interaction and dance of negotiating with an actual person.
  10. Just because someones opinion is different than yours, doesn't make it trolling. It's actually called having a debate. Sorry, not sorry my posts annoy you.
  11. probowler

    Tesla reaches settlement with state of Michigan

    You forget competition. Nothing is stopping ford from raising prices right now, not even franchises. Now if they raise prices above perceived market value, they're going to lose sales to other brands. The market is capable of correcting itself, it doesn't always need more regulation.
  12. This would be an interesting business model... Keep what's good, replace what's bad. Update the body, throw in a new battery pack if needed. .. And you have a "new" car at a much reduced cost.
  13. Are Tesla owners buying teslas to show off, or is it merely an appliance? A way of getting from a to b? If it's the latter , it doesn't really matter what it looks like. Just that they're getting to work and being "good for the environment" and as long as the first purchase still runs, they don't need to buy another.. Now I know some people think they look good, which boggles my mind so I'm sure some buyers do care... But i wonder if they're the minority. The free pass is definitely real, and honestly I think it's fair at this point. Toyota got away with the prius, now it's elons turn.
  14. probowler

    Genesis GV80

    That's a good looking station wagon. Seriously though, it kind of seems like we're coming full circle with crossovers. It kind of reminds me of this:
  15. I kind of like the grill on that red dually, but the other 2 are pretty ugly still. I really think Ford should research going back to a shared body with F150. If they can make something that looks good, and fits all their engine options, that would be such a winner from a cost savings perspective. I don't know if super duty buyers prefer that boxier, macho look (it wouldn't surprise me) but maybe they could design a truck that makes F150 and super duty owners happy.