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  1. While I doubt Explorer owners today are this intrepid, maybe one day we'll see some old 2019 explorers upgraded with Lincoln front suspension.
  2. Plus Scout just makes sense for something small.... quick, and nimble, but that's just my 2c
  3. Agreed on scout. Sport is SUPER generic but Adventurer is kind of dorky, and rolls of the tongue weird.
  4. Of course Ford would base their vehicle design off the ugliest, dorkiest looking motorcycles on the road; if only Ford knew Moped was a thing, we could have had something really inspired!
  5. probowler

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    Governing by unelected bureaucrats is so hot right now 🔥
  6. 😑 Well Played my good Sir, Well played...
  7. I realize your car is older but Ford can't fix and patch that up? There must be thousands of 2013 Taurus owners having a wonky MFT... unless the problem is just random and sporadic? Which also seems weird to me, unless there's some hardware issues?
  8. While It was a good effort, and the idea of a fully integrated digital control and information setup sounds good.... Ford does not seem to be very good at this. (Have they improved recently?) Why is it so hard to just put a blank screen in the car with android and apple radio, and create two apps to control vehicle functions. You mix that with appropriate physical controls, and you simply keep the apps updated with new vehicle releases and bug fixes. Perhaps stop trying so hard to have a super intense computer to control and manage the car at the user end, and just KISS. And then maybe down the line you can start adding extra functionality after you've established a solid core. How is fords system nowadays? I haven't driven in a new ford with the fancy gizmos. Have they finally fixed the issues yet?
  9. probowler

    Gm Diesel engines not compatible with US Fuel

    No kidding? I guess I shouldn't speak on topics i'm ignorant of 🤐 Well I'll go just Fk myself LOL. I do appreciate you educating me though.
  10. probowler

    Gm Diesel engines not compatible with US Fuel

    And.... this is why don't buy a work truck from Government Motors 🙄 Say what you want about Ford cars.... but there's a reason their trucks are number 1.
  11. That just seems a little too far.... so if you have a dealer who is giving poor vehicle service, ripping off customers, would Ford be powerless to shape them up? Because a dealer experience, right or wrong, directly reflects upon the larger brand. Yes we all know that one ship isn't representative, but at the same time, they kind of are, and it makes you wonder about the maker when your dealer jacks you around.
  12. The whole dealer vs automaker dynamic is fascinating. In one way i'm like, how can dealers just hold an entire auto manufacturer hostage like that? But on the hand, you have to sometimes feel for the dealer too; In some cases it would be like buying into the Burger king franchise and opening your own store, only for BK to stop selling whoppers and instead only provide you vegan milkshakes.
  13. probowler

    Well since no one is gonna post it... (XT6 Reviews)

    Looks like something a rich soccer mom would pull up in, not impressed.
  14. I would immediately remove any ecoboost badge that came on my Bronco. Garbage name.