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  1. Are the GTs really considered "submodels"? They're just high performance Mustangs?
  2. Will they be though? Don't forget the rumored Bronco subbrand. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if this whole subbrand thing offers any value to Ford. Do we need this?
  3. Fair enough, I still thought it was really cool!
  4. probowler

    Full sliding rear window

    I'm not a truck buyer, but I have it on my bronco and it's great. +1 here. The old Mark LT had it, so it boggles my mind that even the luxury F-series trims don't have it.
  5. Definitely, but that doesn't mean there aren't certain things the Wrangler does well which could be emulated or improved upon.
  6. If the rumors and early leaks about modular grills, awning convertible roofs and removable doors all pan out, then it seems Ford has done a fantastic job studying and emulating jeep. All those jeep accessories are expensive, and if ford can get in the game with official Ford parts to compliment the aftermarket, the Bronco is gonna be HOT, and the money will rain.
  7. I realize you usually charge out the wazoo for these features on high demand vehicles but i have to believe a stylish, up-to-date focus with a strong stereo, touch screen radio, ambient interior lighting, and maybe a sporty appearance package would have been a fine seller. As others have stated most premium buyers have upsized their vehicle purchases but those features don't seem that expensive to include standard... Maybe the profit margin wouldn't be amazing, but if you can build something cool and reliable, hopefully you gain that brand loyalty. I don't think Ford is doing a bad job, not at all... I just wish they hadn't conceded defeat in this market. Maybe been more aggressive and of course dedicated to producing QUALITY vehicles.
  8. Not specific to Ford, but relevant still. I've always been skeptical of the decision to abandon the car market. A big part of ford's woes imo is outdated product and poor quality control. https://jalopnik.com/ford-and-gms-decision-to-abandon-small-cars-is-already-1839858417
  9. Despite possibly pulling a chunk of mustang owners, I think the combination of mustang +bronco will be a great combination in the Ford lineup, and present a strong challenge to the Wrangler and Challenger
  10. First off, that's amazing. Secondly, unless the horsepower war is dead and gone, why not develop a turbocharged v8, and be even faster?
  11. I don't think we're getting a traditional removable roof, i think there's always gonna be a frame type deal with large removable panels or some kind of crazy retractable awning as seen in the Ford patent reports.