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  1. Why yes, I would like some Bronco reveal! But couldn't they have chosen a company that wasn't so... eevil?
  2. Badass. I think it would be cool to know who physically built your truck, even if it's just over the internet.👍
  3. You might be right i just thought it would have made sense to light up, unlike @fuzzymoomoo I guess I like gaudy lol
  4. Kind of strange that the Bronco script doesn't light up? I bet someone will mod that up eventually
  5. probowler

    news coming....

    It will be interesting to see if the rumored Electric Bronco ever materializes... or was that project cancelled?
  6. Using the latest leak,I've created a render of what I believe the new Bronco to look like: Please donate to my Patreon if you like my work.
  7. NOOOOO.... why must it still be built proud? 😂 Besides that, I'm liking the visuals!
  8. I know on the old Bronco you can flash the computer to change the tire size, but you have a maximum of 3 or 4 flashes you can do. I wonder if they still have flash limits today?
  9. 17" tires lol.... I think they need to work on their phrasing!
  10. I recently drove my Escape for the first time in 8 months, during that time i occasionally had access to some cheap Nissan station wagon. I pulled over almost immediately because I thought there was something wrong; the steering was too tight, the brakes too strong, I thought something was wrong with it lol. It's amazing going back to a well-built and maintained vehicle after living with a rental beater. See I love driving, so being without my cars is the worst. I can't wait to wakeup the Camaro next.
  11. It might not be for everyone but the new powered running board on the F150 are pretty slick. They automatically lower when they sense you approaching with the key, or you tap it with your foot to lower it. Would be cool if those eventually came to the Ranger.
  12. The F-150 could grow a bit bigger (and by extension the Ranger) but the F-150 is so close to maxing out what you can comfortably fit on the road and in parking spaces that the growth can't go on much longer. I've never been a fan of growing vehicles out of their class. The Ranger should have remained a compact truck and if Ford wanted a true midsize truck, they should have made that the Maverick or called it an F-100. It's so silly how large the Ranger and explorer have gotten, only for their original incarnations to have been replaced with new smaller nameplates.
  13. I like the way this guy thinks!