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  1. This would be a lot more impressive if they didn't need a government bailout to make this all happen... Fords survival is far more impressive. They are the last American automaker standing in my book.
  2. I work in security, so I have some experience with patrol vehicles. Hot swapping is incredibly difficult on the cars. They can end up running nearly 24/7. I don't know if it's cheaper or more expensiveto share vehicles, but I don't think you save as much as you'd think when you try to share them between officers . I think you'd have the same problem with shared AVs. In addition to the motor and the AC constantly running, you end up with broken and worn out interiors pretty quickly.
  3. probowler

    Who`d a Thought....

    This quote reminds me of a story from a few years ago. A Chicken produce factory was raided by ice, and a ton of illegal immigrants ended up getting arrested and (I'm guessing deported). You know who took those newly open jobs? Local, black Americans. This creates multiple benefits for our country: Our own citizens now off or taking reduced welfare... being productive and contributing to the economy.... and in turn paying taxes to support the system. It sucks those immigrants lost their jobs... but we have to take care of our own citizens first before we take care of other foreign peoples. What does it say about our country if we're willing to let Americans go unemployed, while we import undocumented labor to work under the table, below the minimum wage?
  4. probowler

    Who`d a Thought....

    Speaking of skateboards, it's actually cheaper to ship American wood to Asia, have it crafted into a board, then shipped all the way back across that great ocean to sell in America, than it is to just pay an American in America to perform the work. Makes it hard to justify local manufacturing jobs... butt that's what happens when you allow foreign governments to dump cheap, slave-produced product into your country without trade protections.
  5. probowler

    Return of the Thunderbird?

    It's definitely an odd statement. Unique implies something either incredibly rarely done or taken at face-value never before done. Natural gas hybrid? BEV+Fuel cells? A fucking wind sail? I wanna know!
  6. probowler

    Return of the Thunderbird?

    God please no. I think a thunderbird revival would be great, and going electric makes too much sense. Hopefully ford has more respect for the name than to pull another fusion whitespace or mustang mach-e type vehicle
  7. Found on bronco6g This is super sweet. I think a hardtop version would look better, but so far I like!
  8. Out of curiosity, if one received such a promise from the dealer but later the dealer backed out of that promised x-plan or invoice pricing, would the customer still be on the hook to purchase that car? Would the customer lose their deposit if they decided not to buy after the dealer changed a verbal agreement on them?
  9. probowler

    Bronco Pickup Sketch?

    Gotta get a Regular F-150 based Bronco first... But if they did go that far, I don't know why they wouldn't go a bit farther and also make a 4-door super duty version.
  10. probowler

    Bronco Pickup Sketch?

    My Idea for a "Bronco Truck" Is actually just a Regular Bronco with special parts. A Special removable panel encloses the cabin, creating a separate bed. Available tailgate to replace the swing gate. You can either buy it already in truck configuration, or buy the "Truck kit" if you want to convert your regular bronco into a PU. Front and rear mounting points allow you to enclose the cabin before or behind the rear seats depending on how big a bed you need. Mega bonus points if the tailgate has a power rear window and a compatible SUV Top. If this is too hard or otherwise impossible, they should just look at the old Big Bronco that was a Pickup with a removable top. Make the seats super easy to remove, give it a tailgate and call it a day.
  11. probowler

    2022 Ranger speculation

    It's starting to look like a truck. About time.
  12. > When you run out of gas in the wrong neighborhood.
  13. probowler

    GM's new logo

    All they need to do now is bring back the classic fries and chicken tenders. I still have fond memories of those as a kid.