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  1. People here get really triggered if you say anything that paints ford in a bad light.
  2. No, it doesn't compare at all... I have a 1996 bronco. When properly equipped, you can fit 6 adults inside. The new 2 -door can only fit 4. The bed is also much smaller than my bronco. The new bronco may be wide due to much bigger tires and fender flares, but the interior space doesn't match the large exterior unfortunately. It's cool that the new bronco is the perfect size for you, but that is irrelevant to this discussion. The new bronco is not fullsize, and that's an objective fact.
  3. The problem with using such imprecise terminology is you're spreading a false size expectation. Lots of posts on 6G by people who went to the Bronco demonstrations only to be disappointed by the Bronco's small interior space. These people are probably coming from a big bronco background, and it probably doesn't help you prepare for the size reduction when you see people calling it the fullsize Bronco. Remember that the last bronco could fit a max of 6 people, so if you start throwing around the "fullsize" descriptor you may be inadvertently setting people up for disappointment.
  4. I'm starting to think this bronco brand was a mistake. You just used every word possible to describe and differentiate the 2 vehicles except the most important one...bronco. Plus the real bronco isn't actually full-size.
  5. You're not wrong with the last part either... but it definitely doesn't help support the argument that the Sport is a real "Bronco". I'm just so thankful someone at Ford saved us from that actually being the Bronco . Give...that...man...a RAISE.
  6. I can't fault your logic here, though a small part of me feels like if you're going to use the Bronco name on a vehicle... then regardless if it's just the "Sport", then you really gotta deliver. Just like in the article, "Would you do it in a normal vehicle?" Doesn't really cut it when you use the Bronco name. I'm torn on this one.
  7. We have a police F-150 at my work, but its a year or 2 old now, not one of these new pursuit-rated trucks. I love it. A beast in the snow, nicely featured, and seems like a durable interior. It was a huge upgrade over our previous 2000s F-250.
  8. True, however the whole market is walking back today so I'm not too worried. Once the new vehicles start pumping out and if the economy opens up, ford should be good to go. The biggest problem I foresee for ford is rising gas prices hurting demand for their trucks/utilities, and more jobs slipping away oversees. If people can't afford new cars due to inflation, depressed wages, and more lost jobs then that could be a problem.
  9. And I shall name him Super Bronco, and he shall be mine!
  10. Maybe they want to debut it at an actual auto show, with real people and a real truck?
  11. As a white car owner, this is definitely true. The real problem however, is dem bugs. Anytime I go out towards the woods where my parents live, those bugs just splatter all over my front end like paint balls. Looks disgusting after just a trip or two.
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