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  1. probowler

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    GOOD,i love it! 👌
  2. probowler

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    As is customary for our Broncos! And would be the necessary placement if you featured a spare tire in the traditional spot.
  3. I can't believe how well done that is. And how much time and love someone spent on a wrecked EDGE...
  4. I don't understand how the Bronco Scout (not calling it adventurer) is set to be revealed before the Bronco.... AKA the one that was announced first?? Why must Ford torture us so!
  5. Well shit... I knew the ranger was a big boy but I didn't realize it got THAT big 😲
  6. Ford couldn't be that stupid... right??
  7. It just looks soft. It's boxy, but it's very smooth. Not feeling it.
  8. 2022: Fullsize Bronco Pleeese Ford? ❤️
  9. probowler

    2020 Porsche Taycan Finally Debuts

    The interior is quite excellent... love it. The exterior, ehhhhh. It's well done, and has a very high quality look to it.... but it's a very boring, uninspired quality. 4/10 WOW factor.
  10. I like the idea of external storage, keeping it inside takes up valuable space. Although this might be less of a problem in the 2-door version if the doors can go up against the interior bedside. However, that might interfere with the spare tire?? Maybe if the doors could go on the roof...
  11. probowler

    Fiat 500 cancelled in US

    1 Down, 3 more to go!
  12. You know, if you're buying a new car that is so similar to your old one that you don't need to test drive it, you have way too much money |:-| What a bizarre , highly atypical case.
  13. probowler


    I would think if possible you'd like to manufacture as much stuff in-house as possible, obviously that has its own challenges but you save a lot of money when you're not buying it from someone else who has to make a profit.
  14. probowler

    Rear steering 2.0

    That is freaking awesome. It's amazing with how expensive trucks get we haven't seen this on a Mark LT/Platninum type truck yet.