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  1. When Ford can show that it can build and sell 300,000 Mach E's/month, then maybe it can replace Escape/Edge sales. Even then, the back seat of Mach E is on the tight side and cargo space is less than Escape and Edge. And Escape has a lot of powertrains to choose from. Lots of talk on here about 2 row Explorer, but I have not seen anything concrete from Ford on that other than possible Fusion Active to compete against Outback. Seems to me Farley has decided to go full bore into EVs so that every Ford ICE vehicle is a dead man walking. Big risk unless solid state batteries can scale up big time.
  2. Kudos to GM for offering a very affordable, multi functional BEV for under $30,000. And decent range.
  3. That is my argument.....keep the Escape and Edge nameplate and supply it to BEV if Ford can deliver on battery supplies. Ford will need an Equinox EV fighter, and Escape DNA fits the bill. BS has the off the road vibe, and not everyone cares about that ability. And as of now full electrics have that aero, sleek look, and BS is stubby and boxy. Escape is sleeker with smooth, curvy lines and gets better fuel mileage no matter what the power train.
  4. Raiti's Rides got his hands on a Lariat trim Lightning, and very impressive inside and out. I believe the sticker was $78,000, but we know dealers charge much more than that. Raiti took it out on road, and very impressive handler and figures above speak for themselves. Now the hard part....meeting demand. Also, it looks like Ford is not going to break out Lightning sales as for May they were included in FSeries sales. Ditto with Transit EV and Explorer cop cars.
  5. Probably my biggest problem with Ford over the years is how quickly the cut and run away from nameplates. Too many to enumerate and more than most.
  6. In Europe Ford makes the Escape ST, but for some reason not here. Ford could do a lot more dith the Escape if it was motivated enough. Time will tell, but Ford seems to barely me to mention the Escspe lately which does not bode well. However, Ford should be showing the 2023 Escape soon to get get a better idea.
  7. FordBuyer

    OHAP Major announcement

    So that means those who buy $90,000 Super Duties care about fuel prices?
  8. Most people are on budgets, even those with high 6 figure incomes. Add in high inflation, and those budgets are getting stretched.
  9. Weird how I see a lot of expensive, gas guzzling vehicles lined up at Sam's Club looking for cheaper gas and willing to wait 30+ minutes to do so. Crazy world.
  10. I guess Farley wants to turn Ford into a Jeep and Tesla copy brand in some respects. Big risk IMO when you consider the Escape and Edge nameplates have been big part of Ford brand for last 20 years or so. And looks like Corsair will end up like Escape and Edge. Any replacements may get all new names which makes no sense. Ford has spent a lot of time and money building those nameplates.
  11. I think it's more like they have no choice...either order and wait months or buy preowned. Where did that term come from.....non commodity? How is a hybrid, plugin Escape pigeon holed as expendable. It's the only non full electric vehicle Ford makes that sips expensive gas other than Maverick hybrid. Ford can sell everyone at full price no problem.
  12. The Bronco Raptor averages 15 mpg and the twin turbo Bronco isn't a whole lot better. So yeah, the Bronco could use a hybrid of some kind like Wrangler, and who mentioned Ranger?
  13. FordBuyer

    Next Gen Mustang Tomorrow?

    I would think Ford is saving the Detroit Auto Show in Sept. for a big debut of something. I would think Mustang since it's built nearby. And maybe another product built along side Mustang.
  14. I have heard it in various articles....plug in hybrid to compete with Wrangler plugin. Common sense says $5 gas means 17mpg doesn't cut it anymore. The 15mpg Raptor is painful to hear.
  15. Farley recently said Ford is going full bore on hybrids. We do know that the BS goes hybrid in 2024MY and supposedly Bronco and Ranger go hybrid also with maybe Mustang. Look for more hybrid models ..... more than full electrics possibly. Ford really hasn't proven yet that it can build more than 50,000 Mach Es, and half go to Europe. That is concerning since Ford can still build 150,000 Edges/year for N.A. I certainly would like to see a redesigned Hybrid Edge. It's the goldilocks segment for Ford....not too small a 2 row CUV, and not too big which is reflected in excellent sales volume. The Edge is a known good seller for Ford and deserved better.
  16. I don't think you will find a Mach E for under $60,000. First, 2022 MY is sold out and any dealer with any on lot wants big money over sticker. Ditto with Lightning....average guy in street won't be able to buy one at sticker for long time. Meanwhile, not that hard to find a new Edge with modest incentives for joe blow. Big difference. Ditto with Ecosport....lots to choose from and incentives. But all good things come to an end.
  17. I agree with most of what you said, but still when you see competitors month after month come out with redesigned or all new CUVs in all segments, Ford's lack of response other than ending strong brands like Edge is concerning. Have to wait and see what Ford has up its sleeve with Oakville, but sounds like lower volume, higher end vehicles so far.
  18. Trouble is....CR rates the Edge very high in reliability and most other ways. And gives its worse rating to Explorer. I'm not a big fan of CR, but sizable numbers are. And Explorer will not replace the volume sales Edge produces. That is why Ford's lack of new vehicle reports are concerning. Ecosport and more importantly Edge leaving soon and no news on replacements. Maverick is virtually sold out for next couple years making Ford thin in more affordable segment compared to the Asian manufacturers. Sorry, but Ford has to do better than Escape S in affordable CUV segment. Like it or not, Ford is still known as a more affordable brand. Now if Ford just wants to be known as a truck/van company, then keep on doing what they are doing...mediocre rated CUVs, no sedans, and mum on any new products in those very competitive segments.
  19. I get fuel at Sam's Club and is almost always .20+ cheaper. Secret for me is getting there before 9 am as by 10 the lines are long. Have never waited more than 5 minutes if I get there early. Luckily Sam's Club is only about 15 minutes away. Costco is 90 minutes away and not viable. BJ's just opened a new store close by, but to me they are all the same. But competition is good.
  20. Latest report is that tire particulate from heavier full electric vehicles emits more pollution into the air than emissions from modern ICE engine. OUCH!
  21. I'm really starting to wonder how Rivian or Lucid can survive, especially with worsening supply chain problems. Both are burning through billions of dollars every quarter with no end in sight. Lucid just had to recall all their vehicles with significant wiring problems. If there were no supply problems, maybe a 50-50 shot at surviving. With supply problems and venture capital now drying up, far less than 50-50 IMO.
  22. Just think how much power demands have increased in last 50 years. When I was a kid, we had one TV, not 4, a window A/C unit, no central air until 1974, no desktop computer until the 90's, no laptop until about same time, no smart phone until about 2009, and no tablet until a little later......all having to be charged up regularly. Most power tools like drills also have batteries that have to be charged even before we get to electric vehicles. Seems to me utility companies have kept up with increasing power demands no problem. Only problem seems to be extreme weather events and above ground power lines.
  23. You mean like Fukashima that is still uninhabitable. The back up diesel generators failed I believe.
  24. The biggest crisis out West is wild fires and WATER or the lack of. Hard to live without potable water. The drought continues out there with no let up. Factor in record heat waves and adaptability is what is facing us. Many believe it's too late to do much about global warming....just learn to adapt and hope for the best. I'm in that camp. Either adapt or not survive. Lots of future migrations coming.