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  1. I haven't driven a 2.3 but how is the idle for those that have? When ever I bring my MKZ in for service I tend to get a 2.0 MKZ and I can't get over how rough the idle is on those cars not very luxury car like IMO.
  2. Andrew L

    Ford F-100 Eluminator

    same thing lol
  3. Andrew L

    Ford F-100 Eluminator

    I am pretty sure the Econoline still uses the I Beam as well. Granted it's just a cutaway these days but that platform and suspension have not changed in forever.
  4. Andrew L

    Ford F-100 Eluminator

    Those are all nice trucks I will throw in a weird but related one
  5. Andrew L

    New Escape With No Camo

    Don't forget the Topaz and Villager as well
  6. lol I remember a few years ago when I bought my first MKZ I tried out the Fusion Energi too at a separate Ford dealership and the salesman knew NOTHING about the car I kept telling him the things I would want like cooled seats and such and he would look at me and say "I will have to see if that's an option on this vehicle". The lack of trunk turned me off and I ultimately ended up with a lightly used CPO MKZ Hybrid which had everything I wanted minus a sunroof but worked out for me way better.
  7. Andrew L

    Guesses on 2023 Aviator changes?

    If both were downgraded to 10 it might have been passable but 4 way passenger? That's insane... does it have manual recline too?
  8. Andrew L

    45 yr Ford Customer Dallas

    I can't imagine how crazy it must be for you guys. My cousin works at the Jeep plant in Toledo I need to reach out to him to see how he's doing. I work in IT myself and the parts shortages are affecting us real badly too. We cannot get docking stations to safe our life we have orders that are piling up for new employees and PC refreshes that are going back pretty far now. Dell tells us the soonest we can get our docks in September at this point but it's already been pushed back a few times. I've had a few of the accounting people scream at me too and I just have to calmly remind them that I am not Dell and I don't control the parts flow lol
  9. I went through some complete and utter BS before I bought my BL MKZ. I still cannot get over the dealership I dealt with in Orlando that promised me they would fix the small chips in the paint on a MKZ I was looking at and fix the curb rash on the rims only to backtrack and tell me "it's a used car you buy them as is get over it" then on top of that proceed to take more off my trade in because of "added miles" from going to and from the dealership in 2 days. They lost an easy sale there. And for what it was worth it was a CPO MKZ with around 15k miles no reason they couldn't have fixed those minor imperfections he made it sound like it was a 10 year old used car with 100k miles.
  10. I wondered over at GMI if part of it has to do with Bronco Sport being in the same class as Escape. Granted the 2 different styles probably bring in different customers but is it worth it to have 2 very different styled vehicles in the same class? I think it works the way it is but maybe not.
  11. Andrew L

    Buick Electra X Concept

    It's another crossover. It's alright design wise but I expect it to be toned down quite a bit in production form.
  12. Andrew L

    Buick Wildcat Concept

    I think it looks pretty good overall. Not a fan of the tail lights though don't like how they go up would prefer if they were just horizontal. Also I think several websites have confirmed this is just a concept and won't actually get built which is to be expected but a shame.
  13. I have had it over a year now and it's been flawless the 3.0TT still hits hard when I need it to. I did take it on a business trip to Atlanta and back and I managed to get 31 MPG on on the way back from Atlanta thanks to cruise control. Set it at 72 MPH and just coasted home and thankfully didn't hit much traffic. I got just shy of 500 miles on that tank around 493.
  14. That miles to empty is based on driving habits it changes on the fly a lot. My MKZ constantly changes on me but I usually am able to get around 400 a fill up. On a road trip from Atlanta to Tampa I got just about 6 miles shy of 500 and next time I filled up my Miles to Empty read a very optimistic 525 to Empty. Obviously that fell very quickly as I started driving.