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  1. Hi tt. I gave the North of the Mason-Dixon line, non chain gang version. πŸ™ƒ
  2. Oh jeez Allen...don't make me work harder than I need to. Sometimes I think we have just met. Once again, "What we have here...is a failure to communicate". 🀣 I am not referring to his already punctured tire. Of course a tire with a sidewall puncture (and in the tread within ~1"-2" of the sidewall) can not be repaired. I am referring to what he was told by the tire rep about the new tire he had just purchased, "When they unpacked the tire and saw the foam insulation inside, they told me these tires can never be plugged/repaired by them.ο»Ώ You have to buy a new tire every time it gets punctured!", and run-flat versus non run flat tires in general. Simply letting him know that run-flat tires can not be repaired according to Pirelli guidelines. But a conventional tire can. So he just needs to be sure his are run-flats and/or he was given the correct information about his particular tires. Good luck old buddy. πŸ™‚
  3. Hi hbalek. Are your tires run-flats? It will state "Runflat" on the sidewall. If they are, that is correct and they can not be repaired. If they are not run-flats, they can be repaired. Good luck.
  4. bbf2530

    2019 fusion 2.0

    Hi Giotal. Look here: https://www.dtcdecode.com/Ford/P2450 Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  5. bbf2530

    Ford TireCare

    Hi bdn. Just as an FYI: That is a large gouge/puncture, not a manufacturing defect. Experience would state it was caused by some sort of relatively sharp object that was loose on the ground, not a curb/pothole etc. Your wife probably ran over whatever it was just seconds before she parked. Being a sidewall puncture/gouge, she would never have even felt it, just as she told you. The object just caught the sidewall and punched right into the tire and stayed on the ground close to wherever it was laying. Happy to hear it was taken care of and good luck.
  6. Hi gang. For those who have had trouble accessing SYNC updates through the Lincoln Owners website for the last month+ (as I did), it is back up at the moment. I was able to check for updates just now. Good luck.
  7. bbf2530

    Goodyear Duratrac

    Hi Shane. In addition to the opinions and recommendations you will get here, I would also recommend you use the Tire Decision Guide and other resources available at The Tire Rack: https://www.tirerack.com/content/tirerack/desktop/en/homepage.html Just click on "Tires" under the "Tire Rack" banner. Good luck.
  8. bbf2530

    2019 Mustang Ecoboost

    Hi Shane. Okay, now i see you did also start your own thread, so here is my advice from the other one: A Mustang EcoBoost, or any Mustang for that matter, would make a fine daily driver (unless your daily drive is off-road πŸ™‚). I would say go ahead and get one. Let us know how you make out and good luck. ο»Ώ
  9. bbf2530


    Hi Shane. You would have been better off starting your own thread for your question, instead of posting it in an old thread about Mustang concepts, but here goes: A Mustang EcoBoost, or any Mustang for that matter, would make a fine daily driver (unless your daily drive is off-roadπŸ™‚). I would say go ahead and get one. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  10. bbf2530

    Need advice on buying used Car

    Hi Christopher. Same advice as over on the Lincoln Forums. A used Nautilus can be a very good vehicle choice. However, you need to do all the things required when buying a used car. Here are some suggestions: Have the Dealer provide you a CARFAX report. They do not chow everything, but any reported accidents should be on there. Inspect the vehicle closely. Inside, outside and under. Check the fluids. Check for leaks Take it for a long test drive (or more than one), on all types of driving environments, such as highway, stop and go etc. Be sure it drives/handles correctly, the transmission shifts properly, no rattles etc. Modern vehicles are loaded with electronics/electrical systems. So sit in it for a long time and make sure all the electronic/electrical/audio/SYNC 3 systems operate properly. I would also recommend taking it to a shop/mechanic you trust and having them do a full vehicle inspection. Better to catch any problems up front than after you buy it. After you negotiate the price, have them throw in a pre-purchase oil change, since you do not know the service history and it may be due for one. To help you get acquainted with all the systems, you can download the PDF version of the Owners Manual here: https://www.fleet.ford.com/parts-service/resources/owner-manuals/ Those are just some recommendations. I am sure others will jump in with more advice. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  11. Hi gang. Yes, except they do not look like tall sedans. They are tall station wagons. That is what CUV and SUV's are. They are essentially tall station wagons with more ground clearance and AWD/4WD in some cases. Sorry if it seems like nitpicking, but sedans have a separate trunk (not a hatch), along with other obvious/overall shape and "tophat"/window differences. I admit they have their advantages for those who need or like them them. And most are still attractive vehicles. Just not attractive enough for me. Being a kid in the 60's and riding around in a station wagon was fun. Now I don't ride in the way-back anymore, and I like the style/looks, comfort and handling of a sedan or even a coupe. I simply wish Lincoln/Ford were not getting rid of all cars/sedans (excluding Mustang). And I get the whole ATP/profit margin thing. But like all fads and cycles (see station wagons long ago, or minivans more recently), I believe it will come back around to hurt Lincoln/Ford. And this is from a dedicated, lifelong Ford/Lincoln owner and fan (literally). Okay, personal CUV/SUV rant off. πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚ Good luck.
  12. bbf2530

    iPhone stopped working with sync

    Hi Fj. Knowing your vehicle and phone info would be helpful, as jcartwright mentioned. Can make a blind Internet guess that it would not normally be due to an "update issue", although updating both SYNC and your phone would be a good idea anyway. Something else you can try would be to delete you phone from SYNC and vice-a-versa, then re-pair your phone to SYNC. If that does not work, then try a complete SYNC reset. Instructions for doing that would be in your Owners Manual. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  13. Hi Allen. Were you asking me or NJRonbo? If you were asking me...My wife, and especially I, have driven all the models over the years and recently. Escape, MKC, Corsair, Edge, MKX, Nautilus, Explorer, Aviator, Navigator. I don't recall driving an Expedition They are nice vehicles, just not what I like. Do not ride as nicely or handle as well as their corresponding car equivalent. I could have purchased an MKX or Nautilus for my last two vehicles, but the MKZ was far and away a nicer riding and handling vehicle. I simply prefer cars, as my long list of Mustang GT's and others cars I have owned reveals. And due to my personal reasons and brand loyalty, every single one has been a Ford, and more recently Lincolns. If you weren't asking me...forget everything you just read and disregard. 🀣 Good luck. πŸ™‚
  14. bbf2530

    Has Lane Centering Changed?

    Hi John. Not sure about your car, but my 2018 MKZ has always only needed one hand on the wheel to avoid warnings. Good luck.