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  1. Hi flf. More information would be helpful. First, you say "(at least I think it is off)". So perhaps it would be helpful for you to check your Owners Manual and be sure you are actually turning the Climate Control system off when you "think it is off". In this way, we can rule out "User error". Next, what temperature do you have the Climate Control set to when you "think its off"? And what fan speed? It is an automatic temperature control system, so unless you physically turn it off by turning off the power button, it is still going to put out air at the fan speed selected, even if it is on low. And it may be warm air under certain circumstances (which are too numerous to list right now). Otherwise, if you have the system switched off and are still getting heat, or think something is wrong, make a service appointment to have it checked. Check your Owners Manual, get back to us with that information, and good luck.
  2. bbf2530

    Where Was Our 2021 Navigator?

    Hi 20Navigator. Just want to mention that in no way was I inferring you yelled at Lincoln Concierge or anyone else. My point was that you are not the only person a rep speaks to in a particular day. And while you may be polite, today's climate seems to have convinced some (many) people that they have the tight to be rude. Therefore, I am sure they (like many customer service reps in many businesses) get tired of being yelled at when they can not provide certain bits of information that a buyer may consider important, but they have no access to because Lincoln/Ford (or whichever company) do not consider it important enough to place into a readily available database to the at their level. And as akirby has mentioned, it does not matter anyway. There would be no sense or value in Lincoln/Ford providing a searchable database to Lincoln Concierge of exactly where/when a vehicle was parked while waiting delivery during these pandemic induced, extended storage and delivery times. Even in your case, it would provide no usable data as to when/where a mouse got into a vehicle. Yes, of course it could be searched out as to where it was parked and on what dates, but to what end? Just to be able to state that "Maybe the mouse got in at location A". Or "Maybe the mouse got in at location B". Or "Maybe the mouse got in at the railhead while it was sitting there"...etc...? There would be no way to know at which location it happened...or if it happened after delivery (no one ever has mice until it happens the first time). So while it is frustrating to us, data like that does not matter where the mouse got in, only that it got in somewhere. The information provides no value, would prove nothing, cost money to compile and input, and provide no value. I hope you understand that I totally understand your frustration. However, that frustration needs to be tempered with reality. Please enjoy your new Navigator and good luck.
  3. bbf2530

    Issues after carbon cleaning…

    Hi CREATURE. Just to add to akirby's good advice: You don't mention what type of "carbon clean on intake valves" you performed. However, Ford specifically warns not to perform intake tract cleanings (of the Seafoam, CRC etc. type) on the EcoBoost engines, due to the high possibility of damage to the turbocharger systems from carbon and other contaminantss breaking off into the delicate innards of those systems. This may not be the issue here, and we can not diagnose whether it is or not over the Internet, but you may want to keep it in mind in the future. Let us k now how you make out and good luck.
  4. bbf2530

    Where Was Our 2021 Navigator?

    Hi 20Navigator. It is an unfortunate reality right now that vehicle deliveries are delayed for a myriad of reasons. "Computer chip" and other commodity shortages, rail transport delays. lack of reliable truck transport, etc, etc. etc. So you are not alone in your frustration. And the mileage on your new Navigator is not unusual, especially in this pandemic era. Being shuttled between storage areas, possibly test driven for quality control before and after delayed parts installation, test driven by the Dealership before delivery to you (yes, they are supposed to do that). All of that being said, I do agree that your Dealer and Lincoln Concierge could have handled things better, even if they could not provide an answer. Sometimes people just don't know how to say "We (I) don't know the answer to that question, and really don't have the resources to find out". Or are tired of being yelled at when they day they can not provide the answer. And to be honest, even if they could offer a minute by minute schedule as to where a vehicle was while it was waiting for delivery, it would not tell us when or where a mouse may have entered, as akirby stated. I hope you can finally enjoy your new Navigator and have many happy, safe and trouble free miles! Keep us updated and good luck.
  5. Hi ice-capades. No, I did not mean or imply that at all, and would hope you know me better. 😉 No ulterior motives at all. What I was referring to, or wondering, is whether "Baddestt" thinks the Window Sticker/Monroney price is also the "Invoice price". I have seen it happen before, as I mentioned. As you know, due to the pandemic induced commodity shortages, many/most auto dealers are charging window sticker price and above, not giving "$1,000 off Invoice", even with manufacturer rebates/incentives. And yes, there are exceptions and I hope this is one of them for Baddestt. So I was simply hoping Baddestt did not get confused about the pricing, so therefore inquiring about it. And when I referred to "back-office Dealer paperwork", I simply mean the paperwork that many (and possibly most) buyers usually never see, because it is in the "back office". In other words, the Dealer paperwork containing the Invoice pricing, A/X/Z Plan pricing etc. etc. I was not referring to "fake documents" or inferring there are/were "fake documents". I am simply hoping Baddestt did not confuse "$1,000 off of the Window Sticker/Monroney price" as being the same as "$1,000 under Invoice price". Again, because I have seen cases of buyers believing that the price on the Window Sticker is the Invoice price. No salesperson or Dealer honesty insults, no implying fake paperwork etc. Just asking Baddestt how he/she obtained the "Invoice price' and determined they got "$1,000 under Invoice". Hope that makes it clearer and you will not feel the need to ignore me in the future. 🙃😉
  6. Hi Baddestt. Congratulations! Sorry if this question seems silly, but we have seen it happen in the past so I am just curious: What exactly are you referring to as "$1,000 below invoice"? What "invoice" are you referring to? Are you describing the window sticker (Monroney) price as "Invoice"? Or did the Salesperson show you the actual, "real" invoice price on the back office Dealer paperwork? Again, only asking because similar situations have happened before. Good luck with your new Explorer!
  7. bbf2530

    Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring

    Hi RH. Yes, the mute button that displays on the touch screen while on a call is to mute the call itself, so the person on the other end of the line can not hear you talking to your passenger...or yourself. 😉 Good luck.
  8. bbf2530

    Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring

    Hi gang. I can add this: My 2018 MKZ has a physical "Mute" button on the steering wheel. However, it is not necessary to press it when answering a phone call for the phone that is connected/paired to SYNC, since SYNC automatically mutes the audio system when I answer the call. Does this not occur on the new Corsair? The Climate Control system also turns the fan to a lower speed when answering a call on the SYNC connected/paired phone, if it is on high. Of course, a mute button does come in handy for other situations, such as my wife getting a call on her phone, or simply needing to mute/turn down the audio for one reason or another. Good luck.
  9. bbf2530

    X Plan PIN and Partner code

    Hi 22F350. Your HR department needs to contact Ford X-Plan Partner headquarters to find their company code. Alternately, a good/competent Dealership salesperson can find out the company code. I know from personal experience. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  10. bbf2530

    First Oil Change.....2022 6.7 Diesel

    Hi Graham. As Baddestt stated, that chart only shows that Amsoil themselves say they "recommend" it for the particular Ford requirement/API standard. However, it is not API certified to meet the Ford standard. Therefore, if you should have any warranty claim that can be connected to the oil (even remotely), that Amsoil oil would not meet the Ford warranty requirements. And therefore, Ford would be within their contract rights to deny the claim. Even the "Product Warranty" section is a nice bit of legalese wordplay. In the real world, very few things actually "void" a vehicle warranty. So of course, using their oil doe snot "void" your warranty. However, many things can lead to a warranty claims denial, which is different than a voided warranty. Using an oil that is not API certified for the use required would be one of them. Hey, Amsoil is not the only company to play legalese word games. Just be aware that is what it is. I'm not telling anyone not to use Amsoil. In my opinion, would it probably meet the API certification, if Amsoil spent the time and money to have it tested? Yes, probably. However, "probably" will not help if an owner has an engine failure and Ford asks for oil change receipts. Just be aware of the pros and cons and make your best decision. Good luck. EDIT- In reality, very few modern vehicles ever have an oil related engine failure due to the oil itself... unless it is due to improper maintenance, neglect, oil pump failure etc. However, using an oil that does not meet the manufacturer required API specification (this goes for any/all manufacturers), can give the automaker an excuse to claim an engine failure was caused by or lead to by our choice of an incorrect or non-API certified oil. If the oil we use is an approved oil that meets the proper manufacturer certification, and we follow the maintenance schedule, we followed the maintenance requirements in our warranty contract. So in my opinion, the best bet is to use the correct specification oil, have our receipts, and don't give them the chance to use it as an excuse.
  11. Hi Fred. This sub-forum is for the "GT (Ford SuperCar)". The Ford GT is a several hundred thousand dollar (minimum...lol) "SuperCar" with no relation to the Mustang/Mustang GT. There is a "Mustang & Shelby" sub-forum dedicated to the various Mustang models. You may want to re-post your question in that "Mustang & Shelby" sub-forum, where it will probably get more looks from other Mustang owners who may be able to help you better. EDIT- I also took a quick look at your Owners Manual and the Quick Reference Guide. My Internet guess is your Service Writer was not far off. I believe it is the engine/tachometer "redline". Not a warning light or over-rev light, but the actual engine "redline". Which is why it is always lit/visible. The tachometer "redline" needs to always be visible. Yes, I agree that "redlines" are usually out by the tach numbers, but in this case, it is where it is. Again, this is my Internet/Owners Quick Reference Guide guess. Good luck.
  12. bbf2530

    Worn Chalet seat

    Hi 2018blacklable. Just curious still: What products have you used on the seats to clean and condition the leather since you've owned it? And is your Navigator still within the 4 year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Warranty? Defects in material and workmanship are covered under the 4 year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Warranty. You need to ask them why it is not covered under warranty. So if your Navigator is still within that 4 year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Warranty, there needs to be a clearly stated reason why they are denying the claim. So unless they are claiming that is only dirt in the creases, there needs to be a reason why it would not be covered under warranty. Are they claiming it is normal wear? Or are they they claiming the damage is due to due to abuse, negligence, lack of care, etc.? These are the questions you need to ask if you want this covered. Otherwise, your option is to ask Lincoln Concierge for more compensation and see what they say. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  13. bbf2530

    Worn Chalet seat

    Hi 2018blacklable. What was the reason you were given by the Dealer that it would not be covered under warranty (misuse, negligence, chemical contamination...etc...)? If they did not give you a reason for a warranty denial, ask them. You said you "called HQ"...Have you called Lincoln Concierge? If you have not, try opening a case file with them. Also, how long have you owned your Navigator? Are you the original owner, or did you purchase it used? What products have you used to clean and condition the leather? Get back to us and good luck.
  14. bbf2530

    Worn Chalet seat

    Hi 2018. What exactly is/was "no resolution". What did the Service Department say? What was the reason they gave for not covering the repair/replacement under warranty? Let us know. Good luck.
  15. bbf2530

    Good News Bad News

    Hi aerodrum. A quick look a the 2022 Aviator Dealer Order Guide shows that the Black Label comes standard with the mini console. The full console seems to be option "68D". Was your Aviator ordered with option "68D". What does the purchase order that you signed state? While I did not spend too much time poring over the Dealer Order Guide, I did not see another way to get the full console other than option "68D". I do not want to say that mistakes never happen. However, unfortunately, if it was ordered with a full rear console, it probably would have come with a full console. On the other hand, if it was ordered with option the full console/option "68D", and you paid for it/did not get it, Lincoln needs to do something to rectify the error and make you happy. At this point, your best course of action would be to sit down with the Sales Manager at your Lincoln Dealership and go over your order to see where the mistake was made. Let us know how you make out and good luck.