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  1. bbf2530

    Wheel Offset and Fitment

    Hi Chris. Plug the information into the Wheel Offset Calculator I linked to. It will calculate and display the clearance differences between your stock and aftermarket wheels on the suspension side (inside) and the fender side (outside). Good luck.
  2. bbf2530

    Wheel Offset and Fitment

    Hi Chris. Th answer to that question generally depends on what you are trying to accomplish. I would recommend using this "Wheel Offset Calculator" to plug in the wheel sizes you may want and find out what offset or approximate offsets will work. Wheel Offset Calculator: https://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Wheel-Offset-Calculator Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  3. bbf2530

    2018+ cabin air filter

    Hi DCP. Only that the 2018 Owners Manual states "You can locate the cabin air filter behind the glove box." and "Replace the filter at regular intervals. See Scheduled Maintenance (page 552). For additional cabin air filter information, or to replace the filter, see a qualified technician.", on pages 156-157 of the PDF version. Good luck.
  4. bbf2530

    2008 Navigator sputtering at 3000 rpms

    HI KBH. Just to add to akirby's list of possibilities: The PCM could also be shot. And...driving with a flashing CEL for long is not good. You can wind up destroying the catalytic converters and other crate other costly problems. Good luck.
  5. bbf2530

    AC vent trim fell off

    Hi guys. The piece does not look damaged (as in blunt force contact etc.), so there should be no problem having it replaced under warranty, if you go that route. Good luck.
  6. bbf2530

    AC vent trim fell off

    Hi vipersinu. Is your Navigator still within the 4 year/50,000 mile New Car Warranty? I am assuming yes, so my advice: The best course of action would be to make a service appointment and have it properly repaired, or most likely replaced. Or have it taken care of on your next oil change. Perhaps stop by one day so they can take a look and order the piece if it is not a stock item, so it can be a one day fix. If outside warranty, or you just want to fix it yourself, I will leave it to others to give cleaning and adhesive advice. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  7. Yes...I also ran with the assumption kluger was grabbing the handle correctly, since he stated "Now all of the sudden one of the fobs won't activate the 'touch to unlock' door feature". So if one fob worked, it naturally seemed he was doing it right and the other fob was defective.
  8. HI Allen. Perhaps if you weren't out until all hours of the morning partying it up, the neighbors would not be asleep. πŸ˜‰
  9. Hi kluger. Happy to hear you were able to discover the "magic sequence" and solve your problem. And it didn't cost any money! 🀣 Good luck.
  10. Hi ncffs. As akirby stated, all that needs to be done/will be done under the prepaid Maintenance Plan is the regular scheduled maintenance listed in the Maintenance Schedule in your Owners Manual. And if you check that Maintenance Schedule, you will find that essentially consists of an oil/filter change, tire rotation and Multi-point check ("check this/check that"). In other words, "The Works" package. Until you get into higher mileages, there is not much else to do as far as routine maintenance. Oil/filter changes and tire rotations along with the Multi-point maintenance check every 1 year/10,000 miles. Then once you are further down the time/mileage road, you are looking at coolant flushes, plugs (at ~100,000 miles) and things like that. But for many owners, they will not even reach that type of mileage before their Maintenance Plan is expired. Now you can certainly perform some of those later maintenance items sooner, and I would even recommend it. But the Maintenance Plan will normally only do them on the Ford/Lincoln schedule. You can use The Quick Lane without worries. On a side note, only because you mention it: I would recommend not purchasing the Maintenance Plan in the future. As described, it is mainly only "The Works" and wiper refills until you get into very high mileage. And you can buy a lot of them at $39.95 for what you probably paid for the maintenance plan. On the other hand, I would recommend purchasing the ESP/Extended Warranty (although akirby will disagree with me and say to self-insureπŸ™ƒ), as it is an insurance type of plan, as opposed to a regular maintenance plan which you can do and pay for yourself for less money. Both sides (purchase the ESP versus self-insure) have their valid points. Good luck.
  11. Hi Kekparns. You have confused two very different functions. Auto Start/Stop and the Engine Safety Shutoff (EDIT -"Automatic Engine Shutdown") are two entirely different functions. Auto Start/Stop is a fuel saving feature which stops the engine temporarily when stopped at red lights etc., then restarts the engine when you press the accelerator. Its purpose is to save gas. You can temporarily turn it off with the Drivers Information Center. The Engine Shutoff (EDIT -"Automatic Engine Shutdown") feature is a safety feature that turns the engine off after it has been sitting idle for 30 minutes. Its purpose is to keep people from accidentally asphyxiating themselves (and others) by leaving the engine running when it should not be running (garages etc). It can not be permanently turned off and I believe you must be in the car to temporarily override it before the 30 minute time limit. Good luck.
  12. Hi kluger. If one fob works and the other does not, it is likely an issue with the fob itself. It is a brand new vehicle with a 4 year/50,000 mile New Car Bumper to Bumper Warranty. Notify your Dealer and make an appointment for service. Or just stop by the Dealership's Service Department and tell them about the issue. They may simply order a new fob, then notify you when it arrives so they can have you back to program it to your vehicle (if they do not have it in stock). Keep us updated and good luck.
  13. Hi jim What everyone else stated as far as PIN expiration dates. Good for 1 year from issuance date. 30 day rule is a forum rule only, for the reasons mentioned. Concerning Costco and Sam's Club member purchase plans: When helping friends with vehicle purchases, I have found that the Costco Buyers Plan pricing has been slightly lower than X-Plan. At least on the particular vehicles we were pricing. However, I forget if they also limit "Documentation Fees" to $100 as X-Plan does. So it can sometimes wind up a wash. I am not familiar with Sam's Club member pricing, so can not comment on that. I will add that using X-Plan, Costco etc. does work as a good tool to have a starting point to negotiate an even lower price than those plans offer. Yes, I have negotiated lower pricing than both of those plans using this strategy. However, this strategy will not always work, will not usually work for vehicles in high demand, and my guess is will not work for a new release, high demand vehicle like the Bronco/Bronco Sport. At least not this early in the release. Let us know how you make out, and good luck.
  14. bbf2530

    Thinking of buying an 2020 Edge - help?

    Hi LTBAF. As twintornados stated, you can ask, but expect a no. At least on that large of an ask. But it usually doesn't hurt to ask. Quality snow tires are not an inexpensive item. Four good quality snow tires would probably run ~$600-$800 (and you do not want cheap ones). So you are essentially asking your "preferred dealer" to meet the other Dealers low offer and then beat it by another ~$600-$800 (the cost of the snow tires). Yes, I realize their cost would be less than the selling price, but the comparison/equivalency is still accurate. A full tank of gas should be automatically given to you anyway, so I would say asking for an extra like mudflaps etc., would be a more reasonable request. Or ask them to throw in a few complementary oil changes/tire rotations. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  15. bbf2530

    Bluetooth call

    Hi Emilner. I had no complaints about your post. Black Label brought it up. πŸ˜› I blame it all on him. And Canada...of course. 🍁 πŸ€—