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  1. bbf2530

    2020 Monochromatic

    Hi nik. turbo2424 stated in his post with the photo that he "... vinyl wrapped the top black". If the mirrors were not white from the factory I assume they were also vinyl wrapped. Good luck.
  2. Hi PoisonIvy. I understand what you are saying. However, I have explained several times what I mean by "bootleg". I used the term only to describe unofficial Builds of SYNC 3 (not ForScan), either loaded onto SYNC 3 hardware or simply floating around on the Internet. These "bootleg"/unofficial SYNC 3 Build versions are causing issues for many DIY'ers, because they are often EU/overseas versions which are not compatible with our US versions. ForScan is not illegal and not "bootleg". And as you advised Andrew, the eBay seller should take care of this...if they will. Again, hope this explanation is clearer. Good luck.
  3. bbf2530

    Pimping out my Nautilus wheels!

    Hi Deaf. I understand what you are saying. And yes, there will always be exceptions. However, if you read my previous post carefully, it simply states to try and sell your vehicle privately first. Then trade-in if a private sale is not successful. It does not eliminate the option of trading it in at the end. However, selling a car through Carmax is the essential equivalent of trading it in. As you stated, a lot of "...morons offering offering us stupid lowball offers". And yes, a Dealer may offer a nice trade-in offer when they are charging the customer a premium for the new car purchase. As in your case, "newest model year and special orders - no breaks...no incentives". Or as akirby aptly stated, "They can go to the auction and get a dozen vehicles just like yours so why would they give you more than auction price unless it's being subsidized by the new sales?" Far too many people simply trade-in their cars because it is easy, then complain about the low price they get. So the main point I was making is to exhaust all options to sell our used cars for the best price before trading it in. Get the trade-in price the Dealer will give when we order our new car. Then try to sell it privately with "For Sale" signs (how I have actually sold all my used cars). put up flyers in the supermarket. Advertise if on Carmax is one wishes to. Do (or don't do) whatever we wish to. Then if we can get a better price selling it privately, sell it privately. If not, then we can still trade-it in when it is new car buying time. Don't just automatically trade it in. My advice does not eliminate the trade-in possibility at the end. It simply gives more options beforehand. Hope that makes the information I was providing clearer. Good luck.
  4. Hi all. Some additional information which I forgot to mention, which may help to make this issue more understandable: US Ford/Lincoln vehicle owners obtaining problematic, non-official updates from online sources and vendors is not new. Others have purchased these types of SYNC upgrades before. Many times (too many times), they are EU market updates (with newer Build numbers) that are then applied to the US Build version. Although they are a newer Build number, they are not completely compatible to the latest US Build versions. Others have wound up with Swedish speaking SYNC units, German speaking SYNC units, French etc. And so far, the only way to fix it was to revert back to the correct, US Build number. This is why I am trying to warn other members. Hope that information helps. Good luck.
  5. Hi Andrew. I thought and hoped what I wrote was pretty clear. I did not state you got yours from a Russian website. My statement was directed to what PoisonIvy had replied, that is why I directly quoted him/her. I don't t know and it does not matter now where your vendor got his update files. All that matters is it seems you received incorrect files. And non-factory simply means something the car did not come equipped from the factory with. The parts may be Ford marked, but they are still a non-factory upgrade to your car. And a "bootleg" version is any version obtained from a source other than the Ford/Lincoln Owner websites, or a Ford/Lincoln Dealership where your car is being serviced, for that specific car. I am not implying you did anything wrong. I am simply warning others to be careful where they get their updates, both software and hardware from. The fact that there seem to be no English voice files in your update (according to you) makes it very possible that it was an EU update, not meant for the US. That is what I am warning others about. In other words, my replies are related to your problem in a tangential way, but are actually meant as a heads up to others. I hope that makes my replies clearer and hope you can get your situation corrected. Good luck.
  6. Hi PoisonIvy. Non-factory hardware, programmed by a stranger with software you have no control over. In this case, possibly an EU SYNC version. That is essentially one definition of "bootleg", since many of these SYNC update versions are EU versions floating around on the Internet, many from Russia based websites. I did not mean the OP did anything wrong or illegal, simply that it is non-factory. As I said, "Is it a "bootleg" version, for lack of a better term?" The questions need to be asked before intelligent assistance can be offered. Hope that makes my questions and information clearer. Good luck.
  7. Hi Andrew. Did you get the SYNC update from the Lincoln Owners website for your vehicle? If not, where did you get the update from? Is it a "bootleg" version, for lack of a better term, that was floating around on the Internet? If yes, it was probably an update meant for the EU and you now have a problem. If it was a non Lincoln approved update, you will need to try and find the proper US update for the hardware you installed in your vehicle. This is why it is not a good idea to install random software updates destined from the Internet. If you installed an update that you properly obtained from the Lincoln Owners website for your MKZ, contact Lincoln Concierge and see if they have a fix. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  8. bbf2530

    Pimping out my Nautilus wheels!

    Hi Deaf. On a related note: If we want to get the best resale value for our vehicles, never trade the vehicle in to a Dealer. Assuming the vehicle is well maintained, always try to sell the vehicle privately. Negotiate a trade-in price when you order your new car, then you can always trade it in, if you are unable sell it before your new car is in. Of course, this assumes the new car is not a "I have to have it today" sort of purchase. By selling my old cars privately, I have always been able to get far more than the trade-in offers. As much as $3,000+, even taking the sales tax hit into account. Taking trade-ins is not a favor that Dealers perform for new car buyers. It is a money making service (for them) which they provide. While a Dealer will tell you the upgrades don't matter when they buy your used car from you, they will still up the resale price to the next buyer for the same upgrades they told you don't matter, if they can. Just something to think about and another option for the next time we are purchasing a new car.
  9. bbf2530

    2019 Nav. inside door panel removal

    Hi fuzzy. Brain cloud! Did not even occur to me about the all-aluminum body on the Navigator. 🙃🤗 Save your money, Jeff.
  10. bbf2530

    Hi from Wisconsin

    Hi Jeff. Congratulations and good luck with your 2019 Navigator. Have you registered on the Lincoln Owners website? If not, you should: https://owner.lincoln.com/ Did you receive the Owners Manual? If you did not, you can download the PDF version from the Lincoln Owners website after you register. Click on "Support", then "Download owner manuals". There is also a lot of good information, service special coupons etc, available on the website. Good luck.
  11. bbf2530

    2019 Nav. inside door panel removal

    Hi Jeff: Just some advice: If you wish to "rust proof" the fenders, rocker panels, body underside etc, go ahead. However, trying to "rustproof" the inside of the doors will likely cause more issues than it might prevent. My recommendation would be not to. I am sure others will jump in with more advice and opinions, so good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  12. bbf2530

    WIFI over the air system updates?

    Hi Husker. "SYNC 3 updates" are updates to the SYNC 3 operating/infotainment system. They do not include NAV updates. NAV updates are not currently available via WiFi and are obtained from a different website (here): https://syncnavigation.com/lincoln/home Good luck.
  13. bbf2530


    Hi Escape17. Generally speaking, Incentives are usually not known until they are publicly released. They also can vary be region. An educated guess (which has as much chance of being wrong as right)? Don't count on them increasing that quickly, unless new Escape sales are not meeting expectations. Good luck.
  14. bbf2530

    New Mach-1...no, not the Mach-E

    It may cause a little less confusion for some people (or then again, maybe not 🙃), but unlike the "Mustang Mach-E", the "Mustang Mach 1" never had a hyphen, and still does not have a hyphen. Hopefully they will not change that as part of a branding exercise. As I said, it may help to distinguish things for some people, or it may not. Good luck all. 🙂
  15. A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of our members and their families! Drive safely and enjoy! 🦃