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  1. Hi soxfansam. What akirby stated. Here is my opinion: Assume the best. And if you have any unfortunate issues after the work is performed, have the Dealership address the issues. If they can not be corrected to make you happy, then decide if you prefer selling it. Or if you are still within the Lemon Law stipulations of your particular state, take advantage of that. There is also the BBB AutoLine Arbitration program, which is outlined in the Owners Warranty Guide you were given (if you purchased new). So you can also take advantage of that program, if you do not with to use the Lemon Law, or are outside of the Lemon Law regulations in your state. Keep us updated and good luck.
  2. Hi Lefty205. What model year? Is the vehicle still within the 4 year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Warranty period, or an ESP that covers electronics? If yes, schedule a service appointment so the issue can be properly diagnosed and corrected. When you state they told you they "are not familiar with the issue", were you talking to them on the phone, or did you bring it in for inspection? Not much can be done until the service department and a tech has the vehicle hands-on. I am sure others will also jump in to help so keep us updated and good luck.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! ?
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ? Stay safe and good luck! ?
  5. Hi ljnelson. I understand why you are asking here...However, I would reiterate RedHoncho's advice. Schedule a service appointment and let the issue be properly diagnosed and corrected under warranty. You can certainly try to check fuses etc, but even if you find a blown fuse and replace it, the probable underlying issue which caused the blown fuse will still be there. So in my opinion, schedule a service appointment. Keep us updated and good luck.
  6. Hi HofstraJet. As akirby stated, a "Documentation Fee" is "normal" for Dealerships and hat $800 is certainly on the high side. In the neighborhood of ~$300 plus or minus is more the norm. And yes, it is a "garbage fee" which Dealerships add on their own, for their own profit. No matter the amount. It is not a Lincoln/Ford required fee. It is simply an extra fee/charge invented so Dealerships make more money off the customer. And the Dealership most certainly does not charge their employees an $800 "Documentation Fee". And if they wished, they could charge you less than $800 if they felt like it. It is a corporate policy of that Dealership alone, not a Lincoln/Ford Corporate policy. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  7. Hi ncffs. Sorry, but what is the "ESourceBook". Can you elaborate as to what it is/contains? Never mind...lol...I found information! Sorry I can't help with the ESourceBook. Perhaps another member will be able to help. Good luck.
  8. Hi jniffen. Our vehicles do have a break-in period. I am not sure whether the current Owners Manuals state 500 or 1,000 miles. However, I would not have any issues taking a new vehicle on a long trip, as long as the break-in period restrictions are followed. As akirby stated, try to vary rpm/speed on long highway trips. During that break-in period: Do not drive at high speeds. I would recommend not driving over 70-75 mph (yes, over that is considered high speed) And as akirby stated, do not drive for long periods of time at the same speed. A good rule of thumb is to vary driving speed by at least 10 mph every 10 minutes during highway driving. No prolonged periods of steady speed driving. And do not use it to tow for the first 1,000 miles. I would also add...Even if not towing, I would not load down the vehicle with an abnormally heavy load...i.e. 5 passengers plus loads of luggage, rooftop cargo etc. However, a normal trip of you and say 2-3 passengers and luggage should be no problem, if you follow the rest of the break-in requirements. Hope, this information helps, have a nice trip and good luck.
  9. Hi P1. It certainly does look very nice. Good luck. ?
  10. Hi gang. Not sure if this helps in the discussion or not, but the information can certainly help others in the future: When an order is placed, the Dealer can and should provide a copy of the VOC (Vehicle Order Confirmation) to the customer. On that VOC, the Dealer has the ability to print (or delete) the price boxes for the AXZD-Plan pricing. That VOC can be provided immediately upon placement of the order. In fact, the Dealer can provide a preliminary copy of the VOC to the customer, with the correct plan pricing, before they even place the order. Unfortunately, many Dealerships are either ignorant of this fact, or they feign ignorance in order to play pricing games later. Good luck.
  11. Hi Legacy. It is understandable to look for online help. However, since it is a brand new vehicle with a 4 year/50,000 mile New Vehicle Warranty, the best course of action would be to make a service appointment with your Lincoln Dealership, and not to try any self-help or DIY fixes you may find online. No "Master Resets" or battery disconnections etc. etc. The reason for this is simple: If something is not working properly, there is usually a deeper cause which needs addressing. Unfortunately, many/most DIY fixes (i.e. system resets, battery disconnects etc.) will only temporarily "cure" the problem (if at all). Often just long enough for the warranty to expire. Then the vehicle owner will need to pay out of pocket for it to be repaired correctly. Also, if you will need a Lincoln complementary loaner, let them know when you call, so they will reserve one for your scheduled appointment date. Also, in the future you may want to post your questions in the Lincoln Navigator sub-forum, located further down the page, instead of here in the general "Lincoln Motor Company" sub-forum. In that way, you will get more attention from Navigator owners. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  12. Hi zyaaaa. Things happen, and although not anywhere near a widespread problem, a small number of owners do report this issue occurring. It can usually be corrected with a simple module reprogramming or replacement if necessary. Call the Service Department at your Lincoln Dealership explain the situation and make a service appointment. If you will need a complementary loaner, let them know when you call. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  13. Hi mkalbarc. Congratulations! I will take a guess that they are the cameras for the 360° view display. I am sure others will jump in if I am mistaken. Also, your new Navigator is loaded with all sorts of great features. So I would also recommend you take a quick look through the Owners Manual and Quick Reference Guide, to get acquainted with your new vehicle. Otherwise you may miss quite a lot of great stuff. ? EDIT- Oooops...BL and I were typing our replies at the same time...lol Best of luck with your new Navigator!
  14. Hi UD. Yes, I understood what you were saying. But unfortunately, that is the way they work. If they are left on when the vehicle is turned off, they will be on when the vehicle is started again. However, they do have a ~20 minute timer and will turn off (for safety reasons). Concerning the recirculation feature: It will not stay on because it is programmed not to for various safety reasons. For example...To ensure it is not left on too long, which would lead to condensation on the windshield of the vehicle, due to the air becoming too humid. Also to ensure fresh air is eventually brought into the vehicle, for occupant safety. Therefore, recirculation is an as needed selection, and not left on by default, or as last selected etc. In fact, even when recirculation is chosen, it will sometimes turn itself off, according to the interior humidity readings the sensors report. We do understand what you wish the vehicle settings were capable of, but it is not possible with the factory programming and settings. Hope that makes my reply more understandable. Good luck.
  15. Hi UD. What akirby stated. The heated seats do not come on by default. Only if the Climate Control option (in the Vehicle Settings) is set to "AUTO", or you left them on when you last turned off the vehicle. If yours come on in other circumstances, there is an issue. Keep us updated and good luck.
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