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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Hi j2sys. Hmmm...that was odd. Thanks you for letting me know. I have edited my previous reply to include a better link. Thanks and good luck.
  2. Hi SpykeYs. Sorry to hear about your accident but happy to hear you and your children were not seriously injured. Another option is if you, your spouse or another member of your household works for a Ford X-Plan Partner Company. You can see a pretty comprehensive list here: https://www.oxmoorflm.com/ford-a-x-z-plans/x-plan-partner-companies/ If yes, get your Ford X-Plan Partner Company code from your HR department, and use it to generate a PIN on the Ford X-Plan Partner Company website here: https://www.fordpartner.com/partnerweb/login.do Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  3. bbf2530

    Shareholder x-plan

    Hi j2sys. Sorry about that...😉 Good luck. 🍻
  4. bbf2530

    Shareholder x-plan

    Hi j2sys. Sorry for being a pain here, but again, for clarity (because I know someone will get confused by it), a slight correction to the first example: - If you/your spouse are an employee or eligible retiree of Ford corporate? If a current Ford employee, you can use A Plan. And if you are a Ford retiree, you would use Z-Plan. And you can share X-Plan with "friends & neighbors". - Your friend/neighbor is an employee/retiree of Ford? They can share X-Plan with you. - You/your spouse is an employee of a partner company of Ford (suppliers or other eligible business partners)? You can get X-Plan through your employer. You can also share that perk with your spouse and any other legal residents of your same address. I'm not trying to be overly officious, just trying to ensure the correct information is out there. Because it will always come back to bite us all otherwise. Good luck. 🍻
  5. bbf2530

    Shareholder x-plan

    Hi gang. Just to add to j2sys's add...😉...for clarification: While Ford Employees and Retires can share X-Plan PINs with "Friends and Neighbors", Ford Partner Company employees can not share X-Plan PINS with anyone other than those who share the same legal address as theirs. Ford Partner Company employees can only use X-Plan PINS for themselves, or individuals who share the same official/physical residence and address. As an example...If my neighbor works for/is retired from a Ford Partner Company, (but I do not), they can not give me one of their two annual X-Plan PINS, because our legal residences/addresses are different. Just to avoid future confusion. Good luck. 🍻
  6. bbf2530

    Shareholder x-plan

    Hi cody. There is also the Ford Partner Recognition X-Plan Program. Take a look at this link: https://www.oxmoorflm.com/ford-a-x-z-plans/x-plan-partner-companies/ If you, your spouse, or another person who resides at your address works for one of those Ford Partner Companies, you can obtain up to 2 X-Plan PINS a year. If a qualifying company is on the list, check with the HR contact at your company to get the Ford Partner Code, then use it here: https://www.fordpartner.com/partnerweb/login.do I will also add...The Partner Company list I linked to above is not an all encompassing/full official list (I am not aware of an official list, unfortunately), and new Partner Companies are added all the time. So you can find more Ford Partner Company lists by Googling "Ford Partner Company X-Plan" and similar phrases. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  7. bbf2530

    Factory Screw-up

    Hi RobN and welcome to the Blue Oval Forums. Due to the pandemic induced parts and commodity shortages, the deluxe center console was not available for some time, and was being deleted at the factory and unavailable to order for some time. Just guessing, but perhaps your order was placed and accepted before that occurred. However, someone dropped the ball, because you should have been notified of the unavailable feature in your order and given the choice to reorder later, etc. I hope the Dealer reps told you about this before you purchased? Or did you discover this on your own afterwards? That would have been unacceptable. Although it was a mistake/oversight which should not have happened, you made out pretty good by getting a $1,500 discount though. Hope it does not take away from your enjoyment, and good luck.
  8. Hi gang. $3.35 per gallon for 87 octane regular at our Costco in central NJ. Must be a member beginning back in July. Good luck.
  9. bbf2530

    2022 Mach 1

    Hi coupe3W. As a 5 time owner of factory ordered Mustang GT's and a lifelong Lincoln/Ford buyer who loves to get his cars fully loaded, here is my opinion: The handling package is not worth the price or necessary for a street use only vehicle which will not be used for some sort of rally or other racing. For strictly street use (which is how I used all my Mustang GT's), it will simply be an added cost, good for nothing other than a slightly rougher ride in every day use, and possibly some sort of worthless bragging rights that "Yeah...and It has the handling package too!". 😉 Again, just my opinion. Let us know how you make out and good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  10. bbf2530

    HVAC issue

    Hi chicken. While this is probably not the cause of your low air volume issue, I figured better to play it safe and mention it: If the climate control system settings in your Navigator is similar to my MKZ (I would think it should be), there is a climate control setting to limit the highest allowable fan speed during AUTO AC use. It can be set to limit the system to a low fan speed, allow a medium fan speed, or high (no fan speed limit). If you have it set to low, the AC system will only use a low fan speed while set to AUTO, no matter the temp setting. It will not use a higher airflow setting. The situation you are describing sounds as though it may be a case of the AUTO Fan Speed setting being set to low. So before you bring your vehicle in for service, give it a quick check to be sure you do not have the AUTO fan speed setting set to the low limit. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  11. Hi BigVette. Yes, seems very odd to me also. There are usually clear screen protectors which are easy to peel off. I was hoping that would be the case, since it would be the easiest remedy for you. Well, although it was more difficult than it should be, at least you were able to remove it. If I could make one suggestion: Call Lincoln Concierge and report it to them. Politely inquire if there is anything they can do to compensate you for the trouble. Never hurts to ask. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  12. Hi BigVette and congratulations on your new Navigator! Just regarding the stickers on the rear entertainment system: You probably checked, but just in case...Is it possible that the clear screen protector (for protection during shipping) was not removed from the screen, and those stickers are simply stuck on the screen protector? Best of luck.
  13. Hi j2sys. No, you are not crazy. Well, at least not concerning this subject. 😉 And I agree. I would fight it for the principle. And the money...😂 I could not find a publicly viewable link to the newer AZ-Plan rules, only the newer X-Plan rules (as of 3/1/22): https://www.fordpartner.com/partnerweb/jsp/howitworks/fordpartner_rules.htm#faq Although I took a quick look for a link, I will also state that while I am relatively sure that the Documentation Fee cap was raised to $100 on all plans (AXZD), it is possible I am mistaken on the AZD and perhaps it is still $75? It just goes against my latest information. If I find a link to the updated AXZD-Plan rules, I will post back. The Ford AZ-Plan number to call is 1-800-348-7709. Ford Customer Relations is 1-800-392-3673. Definitely keep us updated and good luck.
  14. Hi j2sys. Sorry you had issues, but some Dealers are simply not completely honest. So several points: First...There was a Plan change made some time ago, and current AXZD-Plan rules now allow a Documentation Fee of up to $100. Next...The rules are perfectly clear. The maximum allowable Documentation Fee is (now) $100. Even in states that have some sort of equal treatment laws. In those states, the Dealer states on the paperwork that Ford will be paying the difference between the $100 and whatever they charge other customers. As it clearly states...""In states that permitted more than $75 (now $100) and also required that all customers be charged the same amount, dealers may charge the Plan customer $75 (now$100) and indicate any additional fees have been paid by Ford Motor Company as part of the AXZD-Plan Program dealer reimbursement on the buyer's order." It is clear as day. Not up to individual interpretation. As far as the "Ford would've audited them and caught it, so since they've been getting away with it for years, it must be allowed." argument? Well, that makes as much sense as stating "I guess if someone keeps shoplifting for all these years and no one has ever caught them...It must be legal". Ford only audits a very small percentage of AXZD-Plan sales. Therefore, the customer is primarily responsible for knowing the Plan rules, holding the Dealer to the rules, and reporting them when they don't. So I would recommend you contact Ford Customer Relations, provide them copies of corroborating paperwork, and file a formal report. And according to how important that ~$130 is to you, I would not let it go until you receive a refund. If it were me, I would pursue it aggressively, if only for the principle. In my experience of helping ~40 family and friends with Plan purchases over the years, plus my own vehicle purchases, I only met two Salespeople, at two different Dealerships, who were completely honest about charging the correct "Documentation Fee". And that even goes back to when Ford capped the Documentation Fee at $0. As crazy as it sounds, every single other Salesperson attempted to overcharge for Documentation Fees. And it often took some lengthy debate before the Salespeople and/or Sales Managers would *magically* discover that yes, they were "mistaken", and finally admit/relent to charge the correct Doc Fee. 🙄 Inform Ford about this Dealership breaking the rules, and fight for a refund, if it matters to you. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  15. bbf2530

    Black Label Service

    Hi Emilner. The Dealer is simply trying to make a few more dollars off having you get an early oil change. Especially when charging ~$100. That is a high price, unless the price is for full synthetic oil (not synthetic blend). Have the oil changed when the IOLM tells you too, unless you like to change early (nothing wrong with that either). Concerning whether your Black Label Premium Maintenance Plan has expired or not (again, highly doubtful if you only have ~40,000 miles and have oil changes performed when the IOLM indicates)...Call your Black Label Lincoln Concierge. Do not go by what your Dealership tells you. Let us know what you find out and good luck.