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  1. Lefty205

    Seat Harness Recall 20S37

    I took my 2016 MKX to the dealer today. They gave me a ride home, did the recall & returned the car to me at home in about 4 hours. The worksheet references recall for "wiring harness", and the mechanic said that there's an access hatch to get to the area. There's no change in appearance in the interior. Very quick & convenient.
  2. Yes, odor in the cabin. Thank you-- great checklist, hope to find a cause.
  3. Periodically my 2016 MKX will very strongly smell of raw gas right after starting, backing out of the garage & continuing for a time after driving away. The dealer has been unable to identify the cause, although by "tightening things up" in the engine compartment it will be ok for a while. Does this sound familiar? Has the cause been found? Great car other than this annoyance!
  4. Lefty205

    Exhaust fumes in new Nautilus

    Sounds as though you're getting high sulfur fuel-- try top tier from a major supplier with high turnover of fuel. My 2016 MKX has never had that problem. My only problems have been an exterior temperature sensor, replaced under warranty & a raw fuel smell on start up corrected by the dealer tightening up everything under the hood.
  5. Lefty205

    Navigation update worthwhile?

    A Feb 11, 2019 'letter' from 'The Lincoln Motor Company' said that a new map update is available for the SYNC system in your 2016 Lincoln MKX. It did not reference Sync2. However, now that you mentioned it, on the back of the sheet there are FAQ's with an asterisk that, in small print, says it will work only with MyLincoln Touch SD card navigation. Oops, should have turned it over. Still, the letter should not have been sent to Sync3 owners.
  6. Lefty205

    Navigation update worthwhile?

    I went ahead & ordered the update, which came as an SD card. I was unable to find an SD card slot anywhere in the car, so called the Lincoln support #. The representative had no idea about it so transferred my call to the company that Lincoln retained to do the updates. That rep said yes, that Sync 3 needs to be updated at the dealership, there is no SD card slot. He gave me a FedEx code for return of the card & said they would refund my credit card. So far the refund has not appeared, but I'm hopeful. Too bad Lincoln doesn't know its own product well enough to avoid these issues.
  7. Does anyone have info on which areas of the US were updated on the 2018 navigation update? My driving is mainly Midwest & update would not be worth it if Midwest was not in the updated maps.
  8. Lefty205

    Ordered 2016 MKX

    Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  9. After spending several months researching 2 row SUV options for a comfortable ride and up to date options, we settled on a Black Velvet MKX with many options, including the Eco-Boost, all wheel drive, driver assistance & technology packages, climate package, Revel 13 speaker system & 22 way adjustable seat. We should have delivery by mid-October & are looking forward to learning the Sync 3 system. I downloaded an owner's manual, but for the infotainment system it has the My Lincoln Touch instructions. Other than the videos on Sync 3, has anyone been able to find the manual? Any tips on features that might be "hidden"? Thanks!