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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I believe this is an issue with high mileage engines. Below is a solution from FordTechMakulloco: Is Walnut Blasting the Answer to Ford’s Ecoboost Carbon Issues? German Auto Works in Wichita, KS also has a video regarding an 2008 Audi S5:
  2. RickinLA

    2023 Nautilus Order

    Please note the last production update from “ice-capades” lists the following. 08/05/2022 - 2023MY Order Bank Open Date 09/15/2022 - 2023MY Scheduling Begins 12/13/2022 - 2023MY Job #1 Date All dates are subject to change. Since retail sales are not the first to be produced, in my opinion you may have quite a more time to wait. I ordered a 2016 MKX in April 2015 right after the order bank opened and had to wait 19 weeks for the vehicle to come through. When I ordered my 2019 Nautilus in March 2019, I had to wait about 16 weeks for the vehicle. Hope this helps.
  3. RickinLA

    Battery Status

    When I had my '16 MKX, the battery was dead after six months in service. At the time the fleet salesman who ordered the car for me said "Lincoln said you were getting a battery, but they didn't say how good it was" If you weigh the factory battery vs the Motorcraft replacement you see that the replacement is far heavier because it contain more plates. The replacement in my '16 lasted about two year and then that one went bad. AS for my current '19 Nautilus that battery lasted two years then went south.
  4. I'm going to run right down and kiss my June 2019 built Nautilus Reserve. Absolutely no problems (with the exception to check seat wiring recall) only in to Star Lincoln for every six month maintenance. Twenty two months and twelve thousand five hundred miles and this is the best of the three MKX/Nautilus I've owned.
  5. Recently read (and I don't take this as gospel) in Wikipedia that: "The plant is planned to produce electric vehicles and assemble batteries, starting from 2025, after a major retooling from 2024. Government of Canada and the province of Ontario are responsible to contribute a total of C$500 million." https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/ford-oakville-electric-vehicles-1.5733943 So with that, Is there a future for these models after 2023?
  6. RickinLA

    vehicle taxes in your state?

    DMV fee's here in California for my '19 Nautilus were $640.00 The killer was the California sales tax $5334.00
  7. RickinLA

    Actual build time experience?

    That actual time from ordering to delivery on my '16 was nineteen weeks. For the '19 Nautilus is was just a bit shorter. Ordered on March 8th, Built on June 18th and delivered on July 5th
  8. When under heavy acceleration (NOT FLOORED) merging into highway traffic or passing another vehicle. The interior of my NEW Nautilus fills with the rotten egg smell of exhaust. This is the exact same problem I had with my ’16 MKX and even after the dealer preformed the recommended procedures in Technical Service Bulletin 18-2057 which supersedes TSB 17-0035 the problem was less but was still present. This is one of the reasons, plus a few more that I got rid of the MKX and ordered a new Nautilus. NOW I find out that I spent $63,000 for a vehicle with the same problem. When in the hell is Ford/Lincoln going to get their shit together. The vehicle was built 6-18-2019 and delivery on 7-5-2019. Current mileage is 1800
  9. RickinLA

    2016 Ford and Lincoln JOB1 Production Dates

    I ordered a new 2016 MKX last week to replace my 2010 model with was totaled in an accident on April 13th Has job one been completed and is Oakwood producing models? I was told the car should come through in mid to late July. In the meantime I'm driving my '86 Mark VII which I purchased new.
  10. RickinLA

    Remake of Hawaii Five-O

    He was a cop in 1968 driving a $5700. dollar Mercury in today dollars that's about $35,000 today. BTW, I own a 1968 Mercury Park Lane Brougham.
  11. RickinLA

    Hood Prop Rod

    When is Ford going to eliminate the prop rod on the hoods of the Edge and MKX? Spending that kind of money, especially for the Lincoln MKX, to discover that the hood has a prop rod is a deal breaker for me.