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    Site Problems?

    You're exactly right. We're working on the traffic issues at this very moment.
  2. robertlane

    Site Problems?

    I think the server is under too much stress/traffic. Going to move some sites off of it tomorrow to a different server.
  3. robertlane

    Site Problems?

    Figured out the Ajax loading issue and I think that it's been solved. Has this been an issue for a while?
  4. robertlane

    Site Problems?

    Will look into this. On other sites, which are on this same server and are running the same software/version, this is not happening.
  5. Ford Motor Company Sales Reports (2012-Current) 2019 / 2nd Quarter United States 2019 / 1st Quarter China Europe United States 2018 China Europe United States 2017 China Europe United States 2016 China Europe United States 2015 United States 2014 United States 2013 United States 2012 United States
  6. Ford is planning to have special Bronco models named after former drivers.
  7. robertlane

    2000 F150 Made in Wixom, MI ?

    Ford sent it back as being made in Wixom, but I think they made a mistake because I've never heard or seen one made there.
  8. 2000 F150 Made in Wixom, MI ? I have a 2000 F150 and noticed that it was made in Wixom (VIN Y). I don't ever recall F150s being made there, only at Wayne (MI Truck - code W). Does anyone recall the F-Series being made at Wixom? ? ?
  9. Here's a summary of November 2018 / some haven't reported their sales yet and GM only reports quarterly now: http://www.autonews.com/article/20181203/RETAIL01/181209939/ford-toyota-honda-sales-drop-on-weak-car-volume November 2018 Sales By Manufacturer Table: http://edit.autonews.com/section/usdcsales&nocache=1
  10. FCA sold 181,310 vehicles / 25% fleet Ford sold 196,303 / 25.9% fleet Driving FCA are Jeep and Ram, which is why Ford wishes to be more like them. http://www.autonews.com/article/20181203/RETAIL01/181209930
  11. https://marketrealist.com/2018/12/f-series-sales-fell-again-requires-fords-immediate-attention
  12. Not sure what the Thunder will be, however Ford did have a Ranger Thunder test vehicle years ago. One the of people on the team drove it to my house in Dearborn.
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    We need to fix this. All of the permissions changed - again with the new version.
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    There's a 15-minute time limit to edit a topic / post. Note sure that if that's long enough?