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  1. I kinda have a thing for red ‘69s, love the Mach in you’re circle.

    Honestly Carroll was one of my hero’s as well as a nice guy. I meet him at  lime rock raceway many years ago he didn’t disappoint.

    BTW there’s a ‘69 GT350 convertible hiding in the stable as well

  2. Love the 1970 Shelby. I worked for Shelby for several years and Carroll had a Royal Maroon GT500 (1970).
  3. Since Ford has filed for the 'SKYLINE' trademark for new usage on autos, we've decided to add a forum for it, which can be found here: https://blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/forum/160-skyline/ Alternatively, the Facebook group page is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fordskyline
  4. Here's the link to the Ford Skyline Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fordskyline
  5. Ford filed for the "Skyline' trademark on 12 July 2021, which is certain to create some confusion since there's already a Nissan Skyline. However, Nissan never filed for an international class 12 trademark like Ford has. Let the speculation begin! You can join the Ford Skyline Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fordskyline
  6. Parts of Ford seem separated from other parts of Ford. BOF doesn't pose a trademark issue for Ford, so it will all work out over the next few weeks. Nothing to worry about here
  7. Yes, we are having issues with Ford. They wish this and other sites to be closed down - not to worry because we're not going anywhere. More updates on this as we progress.......
  8. Shelby GT500KR VP1 / Verification Prototype #1 The Shelby GT500KR program was the last program between Carroll Shelby and Ford. This vehicle is currently owned by a former Shelby American employee. Verification Prototypes Made Ford made four specific GT500KR verification prototypes: VP1: EPA Certification Program Vehicle. This is the vehicle for sale. VP2: Durability Certification Vehicle. Scrapped by Ford. VP3: Not used for GT500KR program. VP4: Buck Vehicle. Reportedly scrapped by Ford. Features • This vehicle was used by Ford and Shelby to certify the Shelby GT500KR for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and receive an Executive Order (EO) in order for vehicle to be publicly sold, • GT500KR E.P.A. certification by Mercedes Benz - includes data book, • Built on 29 August 2007 - this was the first vehicle produced specifically as a Shelby GT500KR. VP2 was produced on 31 August 2007, • Includes white DOT Goodyear experimental tires, • Ford Racing adjustable front suspension (not production GT500KR), • Ford Racing suspension (not production GT500KR), • Roush prototype GT500KR carbon fiber hood, • Roush prototype GT500KR splitter, • Roush prototype rear deck spoiler, • Fuel gauge inoperable for E.P.A. testing procedures, • External fuel lines *, • Emissions exempt declaration certification *. Deleted Items • Over the hood stripes deleted (only KR with such), does have GT500KR side stripes, • Performance mufflers with chrome plates tips replaced with E.P.A. specific test mufflers, • Ford Racing short throw shifter and shifter ball (uses stock GT500 unit), • Mirror skull caps, • Shelby GT500KR 18" forged aluminum wheels (uses stock GT500 wheels). Notes * This is an actual verification prototype test vehicle. Due to the liability associated with prototype vehicles, these vehicles are scrapped by Ford. On the rare occasion that a prototype vehicle is sold to the public, it's done without a VIN and is not registerable - a bill of sale only. However, VP1 was incorrectly sold with a title and can be registered legally for use on highways. Buyer will have to sign a waiver of liability by seller before purchase. Liability for this vehicle falls back to Shelby and the Ford Motor Company. This unique Shelby is meant to be shown in a museum rather than in a private collection. The hood featured in this photograph was used for the Shelby GT500 Terlingua program and isn't correct. The correct prototype GT500KR hood (gray) will be installed. The GT500KR black wheels shown are also not correct - the correct GT500 wheels and prototype tires will be installed. This post will be updated with more details as to sale date and location.
  9. Nice GT500KR. I worked at Shelby in Las Vegas during the build - one of our pool cars was a Torch Red GT500KR 0051, which I abused on a regular basis ?
  10. From reading Telluride sites, the first year models have been plagued with a lot of problems (since were pointing out those found in the early Explorers). The exterior palettes between the Telluride and Explorer couldn't be more different.
  11. There isn't a week that goes by that I don't see a Telluride on the road here in Fla. . .I saw two today. Although, the south is chocked full of imports. Going back to 2019, Ford sold 30,000ish +/- Explorer Police vehicles per quarter.
  12. Lincoln has indeed been neglected for a long, long time. I spoke with someone at Ford about this four years ago and they centered it around Ford's desire to grow their Premier Auto Group (PAG), which consisted of Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo over Lincoln-Mercury. Ford hasn't been consistent with Lincoln and never desired for it to be a global brand like Audi, Lexus, BMW, etc. are.
  13. The thing about those dinosaur Toyota products is that they've been proven out over time and offer a lot of reliability. I know many people here in Fla., that would never consider leaving Toyota and go back to purchasing anything else due to that reliability. What's the sales ratio of Ford Ranger vs. Toyota Tacoma fleet sales? I don't see Toyota truck products in government and rental fleets, however I see Ranger and Explorers stocked up at virtually every city government.
  14. Another question: Will these former Ford passenger car owners opt into a CUV/SUV (Ford or other), or continue purchasing passenger cars? Other manufacturers (Asians and Germans) are adding new passenger cars and updating current ones, so they are for the moment choosing to remain in that market. Ford has to bank on the CUV/SUV demand not dipping - ever.
  15. I think they were selling 30,000 Explorer Police units (does this figure include gov't Explorers too?) per quarter in 2019.
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