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  1. Ford Employee / Retiree: Use a Profile Icon If you'd like to use a Ford icon as your profile image, you can easily do it in under one minute - here's how: 1. Go to the upper right corner and click on your current profile icon - after the new page opens, click on the profile icon. 2. Click on the "import from URL" an then cut/paste your image's URL from the two choices below and then click save! https://blueovalforums.com/forums/icons/badge_fordemployee.jpg https://blueovalforums.com/forums/icons/badge_fordretiree.jpg
  2. robertlane

    Energi and Hybrid Forums Down

    The C-MAX Hybrid site will be up and running later this evening (26 Dec 19)
  3. robertlane

    Energi and Hybrid Forums Down

    Hopefully we'll the C-MAX Hybrid site back on 26 December.
  4. robertlane

    Lincoln Aviator Roof Leak

    Just as a note, Ford does NOT manufacture vehicles based on their VIN numbers sequentially. Thus VIN 8700 could be made before VIN 0013.
  5. robertlane

    Energi and Hybrid Forums Down

    The Ford Fusion Energi Forum is back online. We're working on major design and functional changes now, but it's live during the process. https://www.fordfusionenergiforum.com/ The Ford Fusion Hybrid Forum will be online next
  6. robertlane

    Mach E First Edition Sold Out !

    Mach E First Edition Sold Out ! MachENation. com - When Ford introduced the Mach E in Los Angeles on 18 November, they rolled a "First Edition" model, which would offer an exclusive Grabber Blue exterior paint option as well as other appointments. Ford specified that the First Edition would only be available in limited quantities and urged anyone interested in a Mach E First Edition to reserve one right away. While the First Edition was available in other colors than Grabber Blue, most reservation holders that registered their Mach E chose Grabber Blue while Rapid Red following close behind. You can registered your Mach E Here | Check out Mach E Registration Stats Here. Ford recently updated their Mach E Build and Price website with one model missing - the First Edition. According the Ford's website the Mach E First Edition is already sold out! Now, the only way that someone will be able to purchase a Mach E First Edition is if a reservation holder cancels their order. You can still reserve a Mach E Select, Premium, California or GT model. To build your Mustang Mach E, go here.
  7. Ford Trademarks Mach E and "E" Logo After unveiling the Mustang Mach E on 18 November in Los Angeles, Ford filed a trademark at U.S. Patent and Trademark office on 19 November for the Mach E's official logo. It's the same exact logo, which appeared on the Mach E when introduced at the L.A. Auto Show . The logo itself is somewhat of a subtle throwback on the one used on the 1970 Mustang Mach 1. What's more interesting, however is that Ford also filed a separate trademark for the "E" logo, which appears at the end of the "Mach" script by itself as a stand alone. This seems to suggest that Ford is dropping the current-generation "Energi" logo that appeared on the C-MAX and on the current generation Ford Fusion Energi. LEFT: Ford's new "E" mark for electric vehicles. RIGHT: Ford's current "Energi" plug-in logo.
  8. robertlane

    Mustang Mach E Registry Statistics: 22 November 2019

    I was going to have someone help me color-code the chart, however nobody was around to help. . .I cannot distinguish certain colors. 😕
  9. This is from the MachENation.com This is the first release of the Ford Mustang Mach E Registry. It includes registry data through 22 November 2019 entered by reservation holders. If you wish to add your Mach E to the registry, please click here. contents COPYRIGHT © 2019 MachENation.com
  10. robertlane

    Site Problems?

    You're exactly right. We're working on the traffic issues at this very moment.
  11. robertlane

    Site Problems?

    I think the server is under too much stress/traffic. Going to move some sites off of it tomorrow to a different server.
  12. robertlane

    Site Problems?

    Figured out the Ajax loading issue and I think that it's been solved. Has this been an issue for a while?
  13. robertlane

    Site Problems?

    Will look into this. On other sites, which are on this same server and are running the same software/version, this is not happening.
  14. Ford Motor Company Sales Reports (2012-Current) 2019 / 2nd Quarter United States 2019 / 1st Quarter China Europe United States 2018 China Europe United States 2017 China Europe United States 2016 China Europe United States 2015 United States 2014 United States 2013 United States 2012 United States
  15. Ford is planning to have special Bronco models named after former drivers.