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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Yikes. Pretty harsh response for an honest assessment, IMHO, especially with no explanation.
  2. Because hybrids are low-volume compliance products. Nobody has ever queued up waiting for Ford's hybrids like y'all are doing with Maverick. Overall production of them is minuscule relative to other powertrains. It's simply not profitable for them. They sell them because they boost CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) ratings, so they can sell more profitable large SUVs and trucks without paying penalties for doing so. Ford sees EVs as the future. Hybrids, not so much, not even really for the short-term future, at least in the US anyway. So, when they set out to launch Maverick, they did the math to determine how many hybrids they could currently build and how many they needed to build in order to meet their targets. 23MY, much like 22MY, has them right about a 1:2 ratio of Hybrid to EcoBoost, by design. They don't see the ROI on increasing production to decrease unit costs as that production capacity would only be used for a short period of time. If they could sell the 200,000 additional units annually that you claim, then they would do so because at that rate it would likely be profitable. But there isn't actually that much demand, especially long-term. Long story short: they'd rather you switch to the 2.0L EcoBoost.
  3. Some plants' window stickers have the BLEND date at the top of the window sticker. Some don't. It just depends. A Louisville-built Escape will have it while Hermosillo-built Mavericks and Bronco Sports won't, for instance. At the top middle of the window sticker would be a section like the following. Note the blend date of August 1, 2022, on this one.
  4. j2sys

    Widening Tires

    Yep. The OEM tires on my 22 Escape SEL FHEV (non-plug hybrid) are Michelin Primacy A/S, which they do market as a Low Rolling Resistance tire. From a quick scan of reviews, it looks like an Escape PHEV would likely have the same. 23 Escape PHEV comes standard with the same 18" wheels that I have, as well. That said, what are you looking to gain from going to a wider tire? https://www.michelinman.com/auto/tires/michelin-primacy-all-season
  5. With an upside-down flipped-over-horizontal-axis N !
  6. j2sys

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    That's not entirely true. Yes, there is no invoice until shortly before production begins. It's my understanding that the dealer cannot go back in WBDO (the ordering system) to find the original X-Plan pricing; they'll just see current pricing. However, they could have included the X-Plan pricing on the Order Preview (what many erroneously have been referring to as a DORA, that's something else). This would've displayed the X-Plan price at the bottom of that sheet next to MSRP. If the dealer had printed a copy of that and saved it with their records for your order, that would be their record of the original X-Plan price. This is what I received from a dealer that facilitated paying the A-Plan price up-front. Of course, they would only do that if you specifically mentioned that you were looking to buy the vehicle on X-Plan, and they agreed, and knew how to display Plan pricing. At this point, as @akirby notes, unless the dealer has documentation of the original X-Plan price, your only option is to pay the X-Plan price on the invoice, and then wait for a price protection refund check (after the dealer receives it from Ford). Believe that's been quoted as taking up to a couple months. It would look like this: Photo source: https://www.f150forum.com/f129/how-does-x-plan-work-custom-order-522543/
  7. j2sys

    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Yep. There's no benefit to Ford to let you know which specific parts they're short on for any given week. It doesn't really help you. The "here's an update every 45 days" is literally just them saying "hey, we still have your order in the system, and it's still not been scheduled yet we'll let you know when something changes or repeat this message in 45 days". Except many have actually received that email even after their vehicle was in production.. Commodity constraints get shared with dealers who can work with you to make changes to your order, but many would rather wait for what they chose, anyway. Reality is that they'll let the consumer know when there's a change in the order status - nothing more. They'll send you an update when there's a meaningful update. Meaning when the order is scheduled for production, any changes in the scheduled week/date, when it's in production, when it's built, when it's expected to be delivered, and again any delays along the way. Any other emails aren't very informative anyway. Unfortunately, it's just a waiting game, hoping that your order will be one of The Chosen Ones any given week.
  8. j2sys

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    It is at the dealer's discretion as to whether the amount charged to you at time of delivery is: 1) the X-Plan price in effect at the time of order, or 2) the X-Plan price in effect at the time of delivery. If the dealer charges the higher X-Plan price based on the final invoice, then they are required to pass along the price protection funds once received from Ford. In the end, you are supposed to pay only the original X-Plan price, though that may require paying more and receiving a refund.
  9. Feel free to delete it if you need to.
  10. Couldn't say when production began, but based on 2023 Escapes in inventory showing as in-production this week, they indeed have begun.
  11. Remains to be seen how well integrated Blue Oval City will be, unless those details have already been released. Even on-site production will likely largely be by suppliers (e.g. BlueOvalSK).