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  1. Yep. Chihuahua Engine Plant builds: https://corporate.ford.com/operations/locations/global-plants/chihuahua-engine-plant.html Lima Engine Plant builds: https://corporate.ford.com/operations/locations/global-plants/lima-engine-plant.html Cleveland Engine Plant No 1 builds: https://corporate.ford.com/operations/locations/global-plants/cleveland-engine-plant-no-1.html Valencia Engine Plant is listed as building: https://corporate.ford.com/operations/locations/global-plants/valencia-engine-plant.html
  2. The plant is down the first two weeks of July. Annual July 4 / summer shutdown. See here: https://blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/72412-plant-scheduled-down-weeks/&do=findComment&comment=1185606 Same here. Was scheduled for next week, now pushed back to July 18. 7 delays totaling 9 weeks, and counting. Beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to receive it.
  3. j2sys

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    To confirm, when you placed the order, you received a copy of the preview order sheet with invoice pricing at the original PL215, but the dealer didn't print the Plan pricing on that sheet? So you're trying to reverse-engineer what that would've been? Build & Price for Escape showed a destination charge of $1,495 I must've missed in the updates in this thread. For a while (months?) window stickers were still reflecting the prior $1,245 charge on my order. Just checked and they're now reflecting the higher $1,495. So I have the same question as you - is the destination charge covered under price protection?
  4. Did think about it and called it odd, but that's as a software engineer, not a powertrain engineer or whomever was working on this unit. I don't know if this is a normal thing but I haven't seen it before in the spy cam shots of other prototypes I've seen over the years. It just seems awfully specific in the details scribbled down for something meant to be leaked. Also don't really see the engineers being in on a plan to leak vague details of a product in development. Marketing, maybe, but product development?
  5. Anything is possible. It's odd to me seeing any of those specs scribbled on a box attached to the exterior of a vehicle roaming around the streets of Dearborn. Same time, I don't really see the engineers doing something like that as a misdirection (2.1L vs. 2.0L like the last gen FHEV Fusion or 2.5L like the current Escape/Maverick/Corsair FHEV).
  6. I don't. I make no claims here, only observations, thus I'm not sure what I need to defend. Don't know what the base weight figure includes exactly, don't know what the current setup is on the prototype. Do know that there is the topper on the back, which if factored into the weight figure, easily adds a couple hundred pounds. The wheels are aluminum vs. the base steel wheels, how do we account for that? 1790 kg per the # replacing the crossed out one in the picture is ~3946 lb, vs. the 3,674 lb stated for the Maverick FHEV FWD on the market today. 272 lb added. 3,675 lb == Maverick FHEV FWD on the market today ~3946 lb == 1790 kg (updated weight replacing the crossed-out version on the door of the prototype in the photos) 271 lb == added weight in the prototype 3,563 lb == Maverick 2.0L EB FWD 3,731 lb == Maverick 2.0L EB AWD 168 lb == Maverick added weight of AWD 3,534 lb == Escape FHEV FWD 3,668 lb == Escape FHEV AWD 3,870 lb == Escape PHEV FWD 134 lb == Escape added weight FWD to AWD 336 lb == Escape added weight FHEV AWD system Make of all this what you will.
  7. Yep, the site was not built to (scale to) meet demand. It's now been updated to say:
  8. When read closely, it's FHEV, the close up makes that very clear, vs P758 above it, code for Maverick. FHEV is Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle, as opposed to a mild or plug-in hybrid, a term very much used by Ford. It's even on my Escape Hybrid order: Also used to describe Maverick on the tech specs PDF: Source: https://media.ford.com/content/dam/fordmedia/North America/US/product/2022/maverick/pdf/2022-Ford-Maverick-Technical-Specifications.pdf
  9. Believe so. Anything is possible and it could be that Dearborn is adding capacity for a new variant of an existing engine (e.g. 2.1L Atkinson Cycle hybrid engine). They haven't announced the exact details. Or a 2.1L FHEV could be separate from that, maybe even joining or replacing the 2.5L in Chihuahua, MX.
  10. That's supposed to be an existing engine currently built in Spain. Technically Valencia does build the 2.5L hybrid powertrains for European Kuga, they also build the 2.0L EB that is used in some NA factories. Source: https://www.michiganbusiness.org/49c2df/globalassets/documents/msf-board/msf-board-packets/june-special-msf-packet.pdf
  11. If it's a PHEV, why does it say (what looks like 2.1L) FHEV on the box on the door? Current Maverick has the 2.5L FHEV FWD standard.
  12. j2sys

    A/Z Plan Cost

    Not since at least October 13, 2018, though I don't believe it was new then, either. Source - AZ-Plan program rules: https://www.myplan.ford.com/myplanweb/jsp/howitworks/myplan_az_rules.htm
  13. j2sys

    A/Z Plan Cost

    A dealer can choose to participate or not, choose which vehicles in inventory/retail orders to participate on, and, apparently, choose which customers they'll participate for, according to one sleazy dealer who would've sold an Escape under A-Plan, but not to me.
  14. It's one thing to say that Ford's future lineup of EVs will be purpose-built EVs, not just adapted versions of current ICE models. It's another thing entirely to say that there won't be a vehicle in the same class with the same general size and model name, with some design features that may carry forward. It's entirely possible to build an Escape EV from the ground-up on a completely new electrical architecture and everything, with no provisions for any form of ICE powertrain, better aerodynamics, etc. Maintaining the branding, the overall interior dimensions, etc. Designed around a "skateboard" platform unlike the current Escape. As opposed to F-150 Lightning, where they're literally building F-150s, that are about as aerodynamic as a brick just like an ICE F-150 with the same dimensions from bumper to bumper. Doesn't mean Ford needs to exit the category or call the replacement model "Cucumber".
  15. j2sys

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    Oh, great. I thought I'd heard otherwise (e.g. changing trim level or package options).