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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. LSchicago

    Why Ford, Why?

    I was eagerly awaiting the "Congratulations" email that my Maverick was picked for scheduling today again, and Ford sends me a BS email advertising a Lightning truck that they can't build either. How about we focus on one thing, that's building existing orders from last year. Stop trying to sell me more crap you can't build. Rant over.
  2. LSchicago

    Is Flat Rock Idle?

    An LS with a supercharged Coyote would be cool.
  3. LSchicago

    Is Flat Rock Idle?

    Sad that he couldn't understand that a shorter stroke yields less displacement. Common sense is no longer common. Just like how people still think the 2018 and up 5.0 is still a 302 because it's a 5.0. Bigger bore changed the size.
  4. LSchicago

    Is Flat Rock Idle?

    Well Assuming everything else is the same, the shorter stroke engine would rev quicker, and to a higher RPM, and would have a higher HP compared to TQ. The Longer stroke engine would have more Torque at a lower RPM, and through the range, but rev slightly slower and to a slightly lower RPM peak. Shorter stroke is better for a car, longer stroke is better for a truck. Think of the Old 429/460's.
  5. LSchicago

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    That's a nice article to explain it.
  6. AM is good for Range, static noise, sports and wack jobs. Nothing else.
  7. LSchicago

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    Smoothing the airflow. Take it off and MPG will suffer as air crashes into everything underneath.
  8. LSchicago

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    Oh it's not just me. When you hundreds of people on a small forum asking for the same things, it's a small percentage of actual buyers, but a large percentage of that small group. I have bought over a million dollars in new Fords, but am getting discouraged with the way things are going at Ford.
  9. LSchicago

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    Those with an extra $10,000 to pay over sticker who need something today I guess. They sure don't build orders in a timely fashion anymore, but can have 50-100 F150's in top trims that most people don't want. Ford builds a Lightning EV with a promised $40K start price. Builds like 3 of them then raises the price to $60,000 while building 90% of them in the $80-$100K price range. Then make those with orders wait 2 years to get a lesser optioned truck.
  10. LSchicago

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    Ford NEVER listens to what we want. They build what they think we want. Even on things as simple as an extra color.
  11. LSchicago

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    Minimal effort should be Ford's new motto. Ford doesn't give a shit what consumers want.
  12. $3.83 to $4.29 in the west Chicago suburbs.
  13. Yep, we grew up in a family of 8. It was all cram into Mom's Fleetwood Brougham, or ride in the back of dad's Regular cab truck. 99% of the time no back seat was needed, so my dad never bought a truck with one. The Caddy was the family car. My wife and I are empty nesters, so we only need 2 seats.
  14. Sad but true. Everyone wants a status symbol, not a work truck.