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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. LSchicago

    Maverick HIGH Demand for Hybrids?

    Does anyone know how many 2023 Maverick orders were placed, and what percentage were Hybrid/EB? The Mavericktruckclub forum poll shows 71-72% of members ordered the hybrid. With total builds of hybrids limited to just 35%, I'm just wondering if I have half a chance at actually seeing the Mav Hybrid I ordered. Did Ford accept a full year worth of orders (100,000+) or just 50,000 now?
  2. LSchicago

    Maverick HIGH Demand for Hybrids?

    We all thought the order banks would be open for 2-3 months at least. Glad I ordered on the 3rd day.
  3. LSchicago

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    I Wondered the same thing. I hope I get my 23, as it was too late to order a 22 hybrid. Who knows, if Ford doesn't come up with a plan I may not get a 23 or 24.
  4. LSchicago

    Maverick HIGH Demand for Hybrids?

    I only hope they figure out how to get supplies to build more. They grossly underestimated the hybrid demand. And so far, have done nothing to help for 2023 that I can see.
  5. Ford has said they can only build 35% of the years production available as Hybrids. Ford has now cut off ordering, and dealers and forum polls are showing about 80% of all orders received are for Hybrids. How will Ford ever catch up with demand? Or are we just going to have to order year after year in hopes of getting one? Many people didn't receive their 2022 Hybrid orders for this year, and I ordered a 2023. I have no idea whether Ford will build it or not.
  6. As a former Thunderbird owner, I often wondered why this wasn't done sooner. Not like the showroom queens of that ended in 2005 though. Those sold horribly because every dealer thought that they were worth $10-$20K over sticker. They were nothing special underneath. Below are pics of ones Like I had. These are same colors and body styles. Both had 429's, the 68 had a 429 CJ swapped in.
  7. LSchicago

    2023 Maverick Packaging Guide

    Perfect, thanks. So they will not be the XL seats as others have thought.
  8. LSchicago

    2023 Maverick Packaging Guide

    I guess you don't understand what I am asking. Some have said the upgrade will just be the same black cloth seats as in the the XL. I find it strange that they would put the same base seats in a XLT truck that first charges for upgraded seats, then charges more for an upgrade from the standard XLT seats. I was hoping they would be a real (even if minor) upgrade such as the sport cloth seats used in other models, or at least had different embellishments or piping. Why doesn't Ford give us a damn picture so we know what to order? If you are going to give the same answer, just ignore my question, and let someone who understands respond.
  9. LSchicago

    2023 Maverick Packaging Guide

    But will those "upgraded" black seats be nicer than the Base XL seats, or downgraded to base XL seats which are black onyx.
  10. LSchicago

    2023 Maverick Packaging Guide

    It shouldn't be the standard XL seats (Only trim with black cloth) in an XLT or Lariat.
  11. LSchicago

    2023 Maverick Packaging Guide

    Why hasn't Ford shown interior pics of the Black accent interior, specifically the seats? I'd like to know if it is worth it.
  12. Still dropping a couple cents everyday. In the City of chicago is higher, but cheaper in the suburbs where I live.
  13. LSchicago

    2024 Mustang Info

    This was my guess for quite a while too. It makes too much sense not to.
  14. LSchicago

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    I had a 87 Escort wagon once with a 4 speed and sunroof. That thing would easily get the speedo past the straight down position. Got 35mpg on trips too. I picked it up as a junk for $50. it was clean, with 218K miles. Just needed a fuel pump. I drove it for a year and a half, sold to my sister, then it went to a friend. he sold it to someone in Colorado. All it ever needed was brakes, tires, and clutches.
  15. LSchicago

    Maverick order bank opening pushed to Sept?

    Hopefully we get the order guide soon!