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  1. Didn't mean to offend anybody. Just my take.
  2. Of those I like the Explorer ST, but still won't buy one.
  3. I guess I'm in the minority, I won't buy a crossover. The modern day soccer mom mobile.
  4. Well then those little Korean built Encore motors must really suck without it.
  5. What was that a 1.2 turbo? her 2.0 turbo escape got 17-18. I don't think start stop helps much in stop and go. While waiting for a train, or a long light it will help more.
  6. Wife had that on her 2018 Buick Encore with it's puny little engine. Result was 18.7 in the city. LOL. She had an 16 mile commute that took 60-75 minutes.
  7. It wouldn't get that city driving in my area. Way too many stop signs, red lights and traffic. You'd be lucky to get 12 around town here.
  8. My last truck was an F150 5.0. I certainly don't want or need a full size truck now. It got about 10 in the city, and up to 27 on the highway. It's always the city driving that sucks up the fuel. Sounds like your driving is more open suburban type driving if she's getting 23 mpg in an Escape. My wife's was consistently 17-18 mpg in city driving. My 99 E150 has a 4.6, but at 5,000+ pounds, it's just too heavy to be efficient. Makes a good camper van though. Maverick hybrid getting 4 times the city mpg, and more than twice the highway mileage will save a lot of gas over 10 years. Almost enough to pay for itself. This is my current daily. I bought it 5 years ago for $2,500 with 76K miles on it.
  9. I want a Hybrid for city driving and road trips. My E150 Club wagon work van gets about 9-10 MPG in my short stop and go commute, and about 16 on the Highway. My 2018 Mustang (Supercharged to 900+RW on E85) gets about 6.8 MPG around town, and 14 Highway. Getting 40+ MPG on my daily commute, and 35 or so when taking those long or cross country trips a couple times a year would be great. It can easily handle the Go Fast Camper, to minimize any hotel stays needed. Ecoboost in direct comparison gets about 17-18 local driving MPG in my area, which is based on my wife's 2.0 Escape numbers. The EB just doesn't make much sense for my needs.which 95% of the time is all stop & go low speed driving. That is why I only want a Hybrid. Otherwise I will keep the E150 as a daily.
  10. I certainly wouldn't buy an Escape or Bronco Sport. It's Maverick Hybrid (could buy a Sienna Hybrid though, but I don't want too) or keep what I have. One Lightning battery pack sacrificed is enough for what 75-80 Maverick packs? They are adding a 3rd shift to build Lightnings.....
  11. I hope it is, that the one they are way behind on, and with shipping the HEV Maverick to Brazil this year, it SHOULD be the reason for it.
  12. I see Ford is adding a 3rd shift to build more Mavericks in July. Does this mean Hybrid capability is increasing? Or will the Hybrids still be unicorns well into 2024?
  13. Yet dealers seem to have plenty for retail sale. That's not right.
  14. Sorry, I just want the damn truck I've been waiting for for 2 years. This increases my chance of getting it built.
  15. Maverick is my first choice, but I don't need a truck. I have a E150 Van which I use for my hauling and simple camping needs. It's not very efficient on longer trips though (or around town). I could also buy a Toyota Sienna Hybrid van, Which would be a compromise, but could do the hauling and camping needs (getting creative) while getting 36mpg combined. Maverick is 37 combined, so no real difference. I'd just be driving a foreign brand which I really don't want to do. The Maverick I ordered is just over $25k. I'd go with the go fast camper at $8,000 for $33K total. Sienna starts at $35K with no camper needed, so not much more. Both would get about the same mpg. Ford doesn't offer the Transit connect as a hybrid, so that's out.