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  1. LSchicago

    Cobra Jet All-Electric

    They should've called it the Cobra Jolt.
  2. Still working 6 days a week. A bit more limited hours.
  3. Pretty sure this was a development Mule for the 1967 Mach 2 concept car. The front end structure is already curved down. Back end shortened. Probably early on in the rebody process.
  4. Still working. A bit more limited hours.
  5. Ford and Willys both came out with GP vehicles at the same time for WW2 also.
  6. Yea the 2018's are bad to the bone. Mine ran 11.92/118 without the performance pack, 100% bone stock on P Zero tires. And that was when I weighed 340# too!
  7. For $40K, they are taking a stripped down F150 RCSB 5.0 and slapping a Supercharger on it. Outside of power, it has none of the appeal of a Real Lighting. No special looks, interior, handling, etc. Not even close to the same thing.
  8. A real Lightning would retain more value, and be a better engineered truck.
  9. Not buying a dealer built truck. Otherwise I'd build my own. I'm waiting for Ford to build another in house.
  10. This Lightning was mine. I'd buy a real Ford built Lightning today if they built a new one!
  11. This is the right idea for a performance truck.
  12. LOL, no 5.0 RCSB bone stock did 13.37 in the 1/4 mile.
  13. LSchicago

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    My fords that I've owned (and driven regularly over the years are as follows. 2 1968 Thunderbirds 2 1970 Thunderbirds 1971 Lincoln MKIII 1975 Pinto pickup, pro built custom. 1987 Escort wagon, loaded with moonroof and stick. 1989 F Superduty 1994 F Superduty 1999 E150 Club wagon (current) 2000 F150 Lightning 2000 F450 2003 F450 2005 F450 2009 F550 2009 Fusion (Wife's car) 2011 F550 2013 F150 2013 Escape (wife's car) 2013 F650 2018 Mustang GT (current)