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  1. Partial to 2 of mine, Kona Blue and Atlas blue. Really like Eruption green too. Not a fan of any Grayscale colors.
  2. But they shouldn't be failing at 20-30K miles. They should be recalled, because if it fails in traffic, it can be a safety hazard. Needs a stronger replacement.
  3. Plenty of stock trucks had failures too, usually between 20-30K miles. Bad design, or just bad quality.
  4. The Maverick Hybrid is 7.5-7.6 0-60. Which I think is good for a 4 banger truck that is designed for gas mileage. My 68 Tbird with a 429 I thought was fast in 1982 did 7.7. But my 2018 Mustang rips to 60 in under 3 seconds. All what you are used to.
  5. At 75MPH in the Maverick, fuel economy is 35-38 MPG. Maybe 5 MPG more than a no hybrid. In-town local driving can easily be 20-30 MPG more than a non-hybrid. That is where Hybrids shine. 335-345 days a year, I drive locally. 20-30 days a year, I hit the highway. Hybrid makes a lot of sense in my case. Yes the Hybrid was designed for economy, but 15.7 in the 1/4 mile is not bad for a truck that has the best fuel economy of all trucks. It's not the slowest pickup at all.
  6. Well if it did come as a Hybrid, I doubt it would be the 1 L Eco. Plenty of small delivery vehicles needed here. Auto parts stores, Floral shops, Pizza and food delivery, and tons of other small businesses. No need to haul plywood for 90% of buyers. My Maverick can, but last time I bought plywood was in 2006. Still have a few new sheets in my garage. They can bring the Custom too.
  7. Hopefully they bring a hybrid version of this to the US. That would sell like crazy.
  8. 90% of US citizens could not use Trains or Busses to get to work. I am in a major metropolitan area and I couldn't.
  9. 3 weeks ago I bought a little camper trailer in Nebraska. It was snowing and windy the whole trip. The FWD Hybrid did amazing. Never used slippery mode. There was over 100 wrecked and abandoned vehicles on the way there. I do have snows on my hybrid.
  10. Funny you mention per week fill ups. Now that I have the Maverick Hybrid, I fill up about every 6 weeks when road tripping.
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