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  1. Deafsoundguy

    Annoying reviewers!

    Totally agree. I've never even considered a Lincoln before, and the funny thing is the whole reason I even LOOKED at a Lincoln was for the stereo!!! Crazy as that sounds, I was sick and tired of listening to my wife complain about the Meridian stereo in her FPace. Being married to a sound engineer she's even more picky than me! So I researched what car stereo STOCK is great, and possibly even better when upgraded. And the first thing that popped up was the Lincoln Revel system! Okay... well let's look at that! So that led us to listening to the Ultima system in an Aviator and we were sold, at least on the reality that you can buy a really good car stereo stock. Next up was actually convincing my wife to test drive a BL Nautilus which was an act of Congress, but it worked and now we're waiting for our lovely car to be built. While we've always been Jag fans, the problems of Jags and LR's are steep. I was super interested in the new I-Pace, but you read the forum problems and there's just no way I'm going to consider that car. It seems like American cars for the most part are more reliable. My ELR is super reliable! I look forward to having all American cars again, Which will be a Lincoln, a Cad and a Dodge Promaster...
  2. I just gotta rant here! Why is it that there's so many reviewers out there that say stuff like "well it's a good car but you may want to look at so-and-so"? It is so biased. I'd say at least half there reviewers out there are biased dumbbells, who can't realize they are fanboys of another brand, and have to mother hen you about what car to buy. As a person wanting to spend tens of thousands of dollars perhaps on a new car, the reader is most likely a car person anyway, and is interested in the car being reviewed, not someone's bias to another brand and the reviewers attachment to it's styling or speed, whatever. I've read countless Nautilus reviews where the guy says the reader should look at "more desirable" other brands. Who says they're more desirable? Just because they're more desirable to the reviewer doesn't mean they're more desirable to a person liking the looks, styling and other possibly unique characteristics of the car reviewed. What happened to the good ol' days where you might just like a car's styling and not another "uh, desirable" car from someone else? Audi and BMW seem to be the worst offender of brands that I'm told might be "better" but it's like we're not allowed anymore to like a car based on our personal preference of what styling looks good, and personally the wife and I don't like the stylings of the mentioned 2. Nice to see American cars are looking very nice these days, at least to us. It would be great if the reviewers just stuck to good points of the cars and just point out anything bad like "the transmission is horribly jerky" or "very noisy ride" something like that. I could be wrong here but even in the Doug Demuro reviews, he seems to have pulled it back a little bit and gives praise where it's due and stays away from the negative more than he used to. I think it's a wise move.
  3. Deafsoundguy

    Doug DeMuro Aviator review

    Yeah before we actually signed on the dotted line and ordered our Nautilus, we went out to the dealer parking lot one more time. My wife REALLY wanted that deep red color. She finally was going to accept the darker real world color which would be the color most of the time in the grayer NW. We saw it in bright sun the first time and it still didn't look up the deep candy apple red, then on a dark day in which it looked drab purple, but that last day we saw it on a brighter cloudy day and it looked brown ๐Ÿ˜‘! It wasn't just me, my wife and saleguy even agreed that it looked more brown than red or purple, or the Burgundy it's supposed to be. So that did it for her, she ended up going with white. The new Pristine white of which we still haven't seen yet. I've never seen a color that looked so different in different light... My advice to anyone wanting the Burgundy is, if you want that color, don't order it unless you live in a really sunny climate.
  4. Deafsoundguy

    Black Label availability

    I hear you. I don't like the Tesla interiors at all and after talking to a Tesla mechanic and hearing how expensive suspension fixes are - no thanks! I actually am near the same page as you - I drive a Cadillac ELR PHEV, so I get my green, but gas when I want it, and I get 35 mpg when I do choose to run on gas or the battery runs out. It solves a lot of problems for me since I drive so much living in the burbs now. But the biggest reason I bought the ELR wasn't the fact that it was electric or gas, it's because of the luxury interior which is stellar. I didn't care really about ultimate power, it just needed to be as fast as the electric car it was replacing which was a BMW i3. As far as I know, at least at the time of buying my used 2016 at the beginning of the 2019, it is the only real luxury car that can get 40+ electric (I get near 50 in the summer) AND run gas whenever wanted. It does feel good whenever I'm stuck in traffic or at a long line that I'm just sitting there not using any gas. Really wanted to wait for the Corsair and the hybrid availability for the wife's car but she put her foot down and said no "Black Label - no Corsair" ๐Ÿ™„ after touching the interior surfaces of the BL Nautilus. That being said, I'd love to go green in a Lincoln but when a battery upgrade like to Grand Touring in the Aviator is going to cost $12,000 more, it kinda takes the wind out of the sails. I'm curious to know what it's going to be in the Corsair.
  5. Deafsoundguy

    Black Label availability

    Holy Cow!!! ๐Ÿ„ That looks freakin awesome! Well I uh didn't know you could get a Navigator like this! I never shopped for one so didn't know. Let me rephrase my statement - I am bummed that we couldn't order our Nautilus like that! Now I know it's just me, but for me the blackened Nav look way better -Love it!!!๐Ÿคฉ Thanks for sharing that!!! ๐Ÿ‘Š
  6. Deafsoundguy

    Black Label availability

    Personally I totally agree with everything you said, leave the tech stuff you expect to find on a high end vehicle - gotta come standard. But give us the option of the tow package that not a lot of people are going to use, and of course leave off the $1995 lincoln Play rear seat - let's have the soccer mom's with good car taste and kids to talk Dad in to that one... I have to say the biggest bummer about ordering the Lincoln products is the unavailability of ordering a black package like other manufacturers offer, It sells cars and there's a LOT of people who like the blacked out wheels, grills and overall chrome. We would have absolutely ordered our car like that and I have promised the wife I'll do whatever it takes to get at least the grill and wheels powdercoated asap. Especially that grill, I like the shape and size, but the brightness of it makes me think of someone smiling at me with gold teeth.... Probably just me....๐Ÿ˜€
  7. Deafsoundguy

    Black Label availability

    No offense, but that combo sounds odd to me ๐Ÿคจ, or at least not very saleable. I would bet that most people who want a luxurious interior like power to go with it. At the highest levels like Bentley and Rolls, they're known for luxury coming with power - lots and lots of it. I don't think there would be any of those customers expecting a small engine, although it would of course be true if you can afford those cars you probably wouldn't care about gas prices. And if you really had a bunch of money and really want to go green you're probably going to but a Tesla anyway. Alternatively, I bet there's not a lot of people buying a Prius who are pushing their salesguy for a luxury interior.
  8. Deafsoundguy

    Black Label availability

    I saw a white Velar this morning so close to what we're going to do, which is white with the black wheels. It is stunning. However, while the Velar interiors are nice, they don't ooze the quality level of the Black Label. I have sat in the Velar a few times. I also had a new LR Discovery sport as a loaner a few months back, and while quiet and nice, there's just no ooh-ah that raises the flagpole. Kinda boring, like it's just a nice machine to get me to one place from another. With the BL, I just get another level of enjoyment out of the leather, at least being in the one the dealer had. And the Nautilus just has a fatter cushier feel that we both enjoyed. Not for everyone like corner divers, but definitely for me and it won my wife over who is a hardcore Jag fan. Our lovely FPace went on Cargurus just a few hours ago.... ๐Ÿค‘
  9. Deafsoundguy

    Black Label availability

    Oh I forgot! So while questioning the wisdom of placing the smaller 2.0 engine in BL models where you want it to be your top shelf car, apparently the folks at Lincoln now feel the same way. I was told that for MY 2020, the BL Nautilus will only be available with a 2.7. So there you have it. ๐Ÿค“
  10. Deafsoundguy

    Black Label availability

    Funny thing happened on the way to the forum.... the wife remembers that because she's short, it's way easier to use roof rails to grab onto and stand in a door frame to wash the upper parts of the car. So we were about to order a pre-built car out of L.A., but it didn't have rails and all of a sudden she HAD to have them. We looked at the with and without look, and I had to agree that it looks better with them. So that blew off any chance of getting a closer pre-built car. The next closest was in Louisiana and that would be a big shipping bill, and as well adds a towing package and the extra charge which we would never use. We've never mounted anything on a car roof in 36 years of being together so rails are look and car washing ease only...๐Ÿ™„ So we bit the bullet and ordered a 2020 BL White (Pristine White) Nautilus with everything but the tow package. There's crap for incentives when ordering a brand new model year which sucks, but still, any European car is going to $5000 to $10,000 more for like equipment. And we just don't like the styling of anything else out there especially Asian designs (uh cough.. Lexus SUV grill.. cough). When the second the car is on the way it will go right to a local wheel shop where we will Powder coat the wheels in gloss black! There's no way it's going to be 6-8 weeks with the holidays coming on but I sure as heck hope I'm wrong. Hoping that it can be right about X-mas time and little elves will have chiseled a sweet looking tight lined car for us! ๐ŸŽ„
  11. While ordering our 2020 Nautilus yesterday, I couldn't help myself to sit in the Aviator once again and take it all in. The Black Label one right outside the salesguy door had the Chalet theme. I don't even like white interiors nor white really anywhere inside a car and yet it was so awesome and so impressive that I couldn't help wish I could get ANY of the Aviator themes (even white!) and look in the Nautilus. It's just so nice and so refreshingly different. While we love the Thoroughbred theme we're getting in the Nautilus, I really applaud the interior design efforts of the Aviator it's awesome. I consider myself lucky that they DIDN'T have one in the Destination theme or else our heads would have exploded ๐Ÿคฏ and knowing my wife she would have wanted to go into more debt and get the bigger Aviator even though she doesn't want a car that big!
  12. Deafsoundguy

    Ordered 2020 Corsair

    Great news! I am really curious to know how you like it, and how different it looks in person as compared to pics. The wife and I learned the Nautilus looks totally different (better!) in real life than it does in the pics. And it looks different and size seems to change as you go around the car, really weird, but cool.
  13. Deafsoundguy

    Black Label availability

    Yeah flying there was definitely an option within 1000 miles, IF my lovely wife deemed the Nautilus could compare to the FPace-S, and we could find a built one to her liking! And so as mentioned yesterday, we went to the local (thank goodness I'm that lucky to live close to one) and the wife drove a 2.7 BL Nautilus! So this whole time she's been really on the fence because she loves her Jag, and the look and power. Even though she's actually looked and sat in the BL she still has been on the fence. Trying to get her to test drive the Nautilus has been like pulling teeth! But I finally got her to do that. And here's the result - she came back with a big crap eating grin and 2 thumbs up!!! She was really impressed. The power: She is used to the biggest engine FPace and although there was a hair of turbo lag, she was totally happy with the power and acceration - and that's in Comfort mode, not sport mode! The ride : Totally blows away the FPace in ride quality but of course it's designed to be a supple ride so I understand that the FPace is designed to be more of a sports car and has to suffer with the stiffer ride to satisfy corner diving speed freaks. My wife thinks she drives like that but she doesn't. She was very impressed how it drove overall. Soaking up bumps: Totally killer ride for dealing with road imperfections. This is really amazing because unless my lovely wife gave me 2 thumbs up, I would find it super hard to believe that a 21" wheel could give a great ride... Kudos to Lincoln. Interior material quality: Well that's a given, the Thoroughbred theme tickles both our fancies and the leather quality is awesome and even more so the seats, of which she claimed were incredible and blow away the FPace seats, even though the Jag seats aren't bad by any means. Stereo: well it's going to be obvious that the Ultima version is going to rock and will silence FOREVER her complaining about the car audio. I will win big on that. Door look: Way nice, mainly because the leather is so good. I like the Aviator door better but she won't go down that bigger car road. Tech: She will enjoy the 360* camera and suspect it will be something she can't live without in the future. I'm not sure if she'll ever use the Park Assist, or even the ACC but I know it adds to resale value. I will say that I only gave this whole deal about a 50% chance and a weak one at that. But after test driving it she totally threw in towel and is onboard to get a BL Nautilus. She won't even consider the Corsair now (we still haven't seen one) solely for the fact that it does not have a BL tier model... yeah she's spoiled alright. So today we're going down to order one and have decided to build one and wait, and get get exactly what she wants. We'll save some money and not get the tow package. I think we're going with just about everything else and going either Burgundy or White. I'm excited for the wife, I like seeing her happy and I might even get to drive it here and there...๐Ÿค” I'd like an opinion, what do the masses think of roof rails? Hit or miss? Adds a good look or takes away from the sleekness? What color makes the most sense for resale - Burgundy or Tri-coat White? Thanks
  14. Deafsoundguy

    Black Label availability

    So I called the Lincoln concierge after posting and the gal I got was really awesome and very helpful. First thing I said was that I was frustrated that I couldn't search for a car for any more than 100 miles from a dealer, and for me to have to dig up zip codes and dealers and then have to look was a real PITA. She did confirm that that's the only way you can do it if you're a mere mortal, other than going to a dealer or having the concierge do it (which they gladly will). I also confirmed there was a very low number of BL Nautilus's anywhere near me ๐Ÿ˜ข. I gave her a short list build and she said there were plenty around so I decided to go the dealer and build one there and have him look. My lovely wife has now partially thrown in the towel and will possibly accept the tri-coat white instead of every getting a real red Nautilus so we found several white BL ones with the options we want and no tow package (why pay for it if you'll never ever use it?) within a respectable distance (under 1000 miles). Yes it will suck we'll have to pay to ship it, but at least it's something I can tell my wife, that there is a already built one waiting for us if she decides to make the jump from FPace to way nicer interior Nautilus. We both agree that the Jag wins the looks dept but can't keep up with the BL leather and door look. Plus, if we get a fully loaded BL then we also get the massaging seats, 360* camera and a stereo that sounds miles better than the base Meridian. Personally I love the Jag grill, but I like everything else about the Nautilus front end better (lights and bottom of front end). We will do whatever we have to, to blacken the grill out and powder coat the wheels too. While building would be preferred and save the secondary shipping, we don't want to wait and get a car in the dead of winter when we may need the AWD capability. I think it would be worth it to pay the money and get a car that's already done and almost dead on what we want. One dealer said real world 12 weeks to be safe, the other said 10 weeks to be safe... I would think that after finally getting a deal going and getting on the list and all the internal machinations aside that 6 to 8 weeks to Portland seems like cutting it close.... But anyway, today I finally have convinced my wife to actually test drive the 2.7 so today's the true test for her leadfoot and stoplight Gran Prix driving techniques. So we'll see. I spent a lot of last night reading about the Corsair and there's really a lot of respect from most reviewers for that car. I think any hard plastics are going to turn her off but then again, there's a lot in the Jag too so who knows. I'll know here in a few hours what the verdict is - can a sweet high-end Nautilus compare in it's own way to a FPace-S... ๐Ÿค”. While yes it would be nice to know they'll come and get the car and all, it is nice to know we're just a few miles away from the BL dealer here in Portland should my wife want to go over the wall. Thanks for all the posts locating more Nautilus's! ๐Ÿ˜‰