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  1. I sure hope you're right. I'm hoping everyone will want to get some entertainment but all I get from most people I see is stay the H away from me! Not that I can blame them. Thank God I don't live in NY or any other crazy hotspot! I went to Costco this afternoon. It was like dead. It's always a huge clusterbang so to see it with not even one person in line to pay was so weird. I feel like the Omega Man... (anyone remember that movie?). From what I knew, here in Oregon we were supposed to be somewhat locked down-stay-the-H-home until April 15th. But I drove by a big casino north of me in Washington (iLani) and they said they were opening back up April 9th. I don't know how they can open, but any venue that has bands needs musicians and sound/light people so the ball will roll for everyone when people get unparanoid and things flatten out. Better safe than sorry though, too many overseas just didn't get it. It seems so normal now to have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my cup holder. Squirt when I go in somewhere and bigger squirt when I get back in the car. When I do go somewhere by myself, Ive been taking my ELR and going electric. Today we took the Nautilus and I forgot how supple the ride is. I was digging it. Even on 21's... such a great car.
  2. I'm going out of my mind. I've got a high fever and it's cabin fever. I just can't get motivated to do anything except stare at my computer screen at things I can't afford... The only headway I've made is really getting back into playing my guitars and making them like new again. I think I've played more in the last 2 months than the last 5 years put together. Assuming that you guys have your own hobbies and have been doing things that perhaps you just didn't have time for earlier... For you that still have a job, I sincerely am super happy for you. In my world, everything even remotely connected to the entertainment business is quieter than a sleeping tumbleweed. So what's everybody been doing? Keeping that Lincoln waxed up?
  3. I hear you but there isn't a better time to point out that when you're in your own car, you're in your own space. When you're in a Uber, Lyft, bus, whatever - you're in the hundred people before you Corona corral. No thanks. I'll pay the money and have the satisfaction I'm escaping some moron that never washes their hands or sneezes all over the vehicle. 😒
  4. Deafsoundguy

    No Reserve II option on 2020 MKZ?

    Whatever you do, don't sit in a Black Label interior and then go look at Teslas. The Tesla will look like crap compared to the Black Label and then you will definitely have a lower opinion of Teslas..... Although with the Tesla you can play video games on that huge screen so there is that 😀
  5. Deafsoundguy

    No Reserve II option on 2020 MKZ?

    With the Corsair, I certainly agree..... It's pretty low...seems way lower than our Nautilus.
  6. Just thought I'd mention it for those that like to watch his videos. As usual, I learned something I didn't know about it, and as well he missed a few things. Most glaring is he complains the rear seat doesn't go back far enough and doesn't know it goes back like another 6".... Second, he goes through the modes, and then slightly complains the handling isn't super great but as far as I can tell he never switches to excite mode... who knows? Overall, you can tell Doug likes Lincolns. The red color of the one he's detailing looks great. If you look at how low he rates most cars then the "Doug score" is pretty good.
  7. Deafsoundguy

    Ford TireCare

    Well said! 😤
  8. Deafsoundguy

    Ford TireCare

    This is some great info. Sounds like it's worth it to me, those rims are spendy. I didn't even know about it. Which looking back I just realized that in all my new car buying experiences over the last 30 years, this is the first time (buying our BL Nautilus) I've never been led into the "office" while doing the paperwork and been offered all the different things you can buy. I mean they offered me nothing, not even extended warranties... It was the end of the night though, I think everyone just wanted to go home..... I would think one BL rim would more than pay for a tire/warranty package. Personally I've been super duper lucky and never bent a rim and I've hit my share of car swallowing pot holes 😬. There was that one though where I hit a concrete anchor "J" bolt laying in the road and it ruined a brand new Continental... Boy what a sound that was driving up the street with a J bolt sticking out 😒
  9. Deafsoundguy

    Went to the auto show and...

    wow that's insane that there was/is so many no shows at the Dallas auto show. I would be ticked if I went to the show and there were so many no-shows. Yes the show and venue is pretty awesome in Portland. If you're a Porsche nut, there's a HUGE Porsche display and tons of old ones to oogle over. I personally could care less about Porsches so it doesn't do anything for me, but they did a great job making it Porsche heaven for those that like them. Since by my earlier post about my somewhat disdain over Toyota parts/repairs/reliability I really tried to steer my daughter from any Toyotas even though she loves the 4Runner. I even tried the big Mazda display, since they really have a lot of sizes and types to offer as well as our past great record with Mazdas. But she hates the rear end of those cars for some reason. In retrospect, I really want her to check out the Corsair as it's interior is excellent (to me and the wife anyway) and AWD capability. I know the Lincoln stereo is going to blow away the Toyota so I may be able to coax her out of a 4Runner that way...these kids these days value their stereos pretty highly (as well as my lovely wife 😙). Since Lincoln wasn't there at the show I'm going to try and get her to the dealer. If she doesn't like the lower non tree climbing look of the Corsair versus the 4Runner, at least got her interest up in the Edge. She at least would entertain it due to it's cheaper price and nicer material interior. Can't understand how a big city like Dallas wouldn't have a better Auto show.... Great city. Last time I was there boy the food was great!
  10. Deafsoundguy

    Went to the auto show and...

    Now that's camping!!! 😉
  11. Deafsoundguy

    Went to the auto show and...

    Sorry, I thought I mentioned it. The Portland (PDX) Auto show
  12. I went to the Auto show last night. I couldn't believe it, Lincoln NOR Cadillac was there...so weird. I didn't see anything under 200k that I liked better than our Combo Nautilus/ELR . I don't care about vroom vroom super fast cars. I drive in the city everyday, I would never use the power nor would I enjoy paying the insurance on high-end cars. The biggest disappointment was the Lexus LC500 (the sporty low beautiful one). It's the only Lexus I can stand to look at with the Atomic bow-tie grill. I like the looks of that car. It was hard to get in and out of, would be hard to see out of and I thought the interior and especially the dashboard weird and very disappointing. It's like they just didn't know what the heck to do with it. The only thing that was great besides the rear lines was the seat. It was the most amazing seat I think I've ever sat it. I guess for over 92k it better be. The main reason I went was because my daughter is in the market for a new car. She has her heart set on an overpriced-for-no-reason Toyota 4runner. I just don't get why that car is so expensive. And she thinks it's cool looking - ugh. She's one of those people who think Toyota is SO reliable. I bought her a Scion XD 10 years ago. It has not even 80k miles on it and has had a lot of problems that should NEVER happen in under 80k miles. This last week it was a front wheel bearing to the tune of over $800!!! Last time I had a wheel bearing go out in a Chevy it was like under $100 to have someone else do it and the part too. Toyota parts and repair are a total ripoff. Personally I'd never buy one again, and that XD has had more problems than maybe 4 of our cars put togther. But all that is only part of the night. I persuaded her to go look at other cars. Really wasn't much to choose from, everything is too small or too big. We ended up at the Ford display. In my opinion the Ford Edge was the best car for the money. You get way more car and interior for less money than the Toyota. In the end, that Toyota would be a big car payment. The Edge would definitely be less. At least I got her thinking about it...
  13. Oops!!! Was thinking Nautilus... that's how it works in our Nautilus. The second it doesn't see the lane in ACC it dings and goes from green to yellow and back to green when it sees the line again. I guess they don't work the same. But it does ding (I think) if you take your hand off the wheel for a time, I know you get the display message anyway...
  14. You get a ding when the camera can't make out the street lines well enough and it can't lane keep properly. The display shows the steering wheel icon go from green to yellow and then back again when it sees a good enough line to start lane keeping again. Probably a total liability thing for those who think they can have tea and crumpets while driving down the road. I've heard rumor too, that you hear a ding every time an angel gets his wings.... 😉
  15. Deafsoundguy

    Where the heck are all the new Lincolns?

    HaHa there's justice at least SOMEWHERE in the US..... Where I live those things (bigmouth bass Lexus SUVs) are a dime a dozen. Truly astounds me someone would think that car looks good..... But they sell the crap out of them... a true head scratcher for me anyway. 🤔