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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. FloralIndustries

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Several Ford forums show the following for Ramp Code CM1K CM1K Ramp = New Boston, MI (36800 Sibley Road,New Boston, MI 48164) Rail Carrier from KTP to CMK1 = CSX Transporter to dealer =TDSI? So your truck can be tracked via CSX rail carrier when you have a railcar number from your dealer or Ford Support (Online chat or Phone). I'm not sure there is a tracking portal for TDSI or if they are still the transporter to the dealer.
  2. FloralIndustries

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    It's a huge misinterpretation that "Convoy" on the WS means the shipping will be done solely via a "convoy" transporter. You would need to ask Ford what constitutes/decides Convoy vs. Rail on the WS. My observation over the last 7 months of having an order in process and watching 3 Ford Super Duty related forums, is that true "convoy only deliveries" usually happen when a dealer is within a ~ 4 hour drive from the plant. Beyond that radius, the trucks are shipped via rail to a regional ramp & then delivered via a transporter.
  3. FloralIndustries

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    If it's going to Granger Ford from the KTP plant then it is a 99.9% chance it will be shipped by rail from the Shelbyville ramp (8P) to the Kansas City Volts ramp ("Ramp One" box on your Window Sticker = CA6P) & then trucked by a transporter to Granger. The shipping for Super Duties to Granger seems to be running about 6 - 8 weeks lately.
  4. FloralIndustries

    "In production" but "produced"

    If Ford wants to do the "direct to consumer" for their EV line of vehicles, then they need to significantly improve their customer communication & order status processes. The communications are abysmal at best for their current custom orders.
  5. FloralIndustries

    BAP without spray in bed liner

    " Expand the disclosure section on the tracker site: 2. Vehicle images displayed are computer generated graphics and are not photos of the vehicle ordered. They are only a facile and may not exactly represent your vehicle.
  6. FloralIndustries

    F450 Extended Warranty - Should I get one?

    Highlighted in Red above is not true for most reputable extended warranties since they are refundable (on a prorated basis). If you sell, total, or have your vehicle stolen before the bumper to bumper expires, then you simply ask for the extended warranty be cancelled and the balance of the policy money be refunded. There is usually a 30/60/90 day full refund (depending on the contract), and then a $100 admin fee to cancel after that. READ YOUR CONTRACT!!!
  7. FloralIndustries

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I have a plain, manual cloth seat XLT on order & the Multi-Contour Seat Delete shows up on my Accessories list. It's probably similar to some Tremor entry listed earlier this year where it was just an error on the WS as it was being built.
  8. FloralIndustries

    Should I risk adding AS ?

    IMHO, after watching the flow of orders across 3 different Ford truck enthusiast forums, AS is the kiss of death for getting built in a reasonable amount of time (less than 6 mo.). I would not add it to my order if I wanted the truck before late fall.
  9. FloralIndustries

    Seeing more blue window stickers at dealerships

    Perhaps the dealers that are getting stock orders had additional/excess allocations that weren't filled by customer's retail orders. I believe in that case, a stock order might be picked up for production.
  10. FloralIndustries

    I'm gonna get a new truck every year.

    Have you tried other dealers, Carvana, Vroom, etc.? There are a multitude of car buying companies out there that will likely pay you a great deal more than you current dealership. Shop it around and then let your current dealer meet or beat your highest offer, otherwise sell it to the highest bidder.
  11. FloralIndustries

    Allocation Question

    Thanks for the advice. I've been researching on numerous forums. Here, FTE, Tremor, etc. All the forums have pinned topics on the ordering process. I've read them all. I'll admit that I haven't read the 1000's of posts in the threads are are attached to those pinned topics. I've searched the buzzword terms and read the results. I apologize for wasting the moderator's time here. Given that the ordering threads are by far the most active on any forum site, it seems kind of odd, that this information is so "transparent" yet everybody struggles to wonder why they aren't getting their orders picked up. Anyway, once again my apologies. I'll shut and go away. Have a great weekend.
  12. FloralIndustries

    Allocation Question

    Perfect! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I think that's one of the big misunderstands for most people with pending orders - once the dealer sets the priority, the factory decides what gets scheduled to build & when. The dealer is somewhat out of the equation.
  13. FloralIndustries

    Allocation Question

    Ok, that clears up 90% of my confusion. Thanks in advance! But.. The last little bit is - a dealer still only has 50 allocations for this month, but 100 orders. How would a typical dealer determine which of his 100 orders get into those 50 allocation slots? By the already assigned priority? Re-juggling the priorities? or Reviewing the commodity restraints themselves and improving the priorities on only those orders that can be built?
  14. FloralIndustries

    Allocation Question

    So once a dealer puts them into the COVP system, it is out of their control and the allocations are automatically determine by Ford's system?
  15. FloralIndustries

    Allocation Question

    So let's say a dealer has in his hand 100 open customer orders for Super Duties. The oldest one is 6 weeks old and the newest one is 6 hours old. He's entered them all into the COVP system since has the customer's DL & deposit. The customer has received the order email from Ford. The dealer gets notification that this month they are being allocated 50 Super Duties. He looks at his order stack. What would be the typical or logical process for the dealer to fill those 50 available allocations? Look at the commodity restraints & enter in those that don't have any based on the oldest order date? Then prioritize them from 10's to 19's based on order date? Allocate them based on just the oldest order date regardless of the commodity restraints, knowing that these fluctuate week to week? I think from all of my research, those are some of the granular details that are causing a lot of frustration on - is it my dealer, or is it the factory or is it both that are picking the "build lottery winners". For me anyway, it's obvious that once a build date is determined, then it comes down to commodity restraints that may cause the date to bounce around. But failing to get a build date is where the lack of visibility induces the continuous frustration.