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  1. I see this trim as being more suitable for the Maverick than anything else. That is the vehicle meant to appeal to younger active lifestyle buyers.
  2. Dequindre

    Lincoln zephyr concept car revealed

    It's not a bad looking vehicle, but I'm not overly impressed either. In this model, I don't see that retro 1960s vibe that the American Lincoln models give off. I hope that our domestic Lincoln models continue to have that retro flair.
  3. Is Ford rationing chips for Bronco production, or will the chip shortage cause a delay?
  4. You can't go wrong with the Navigator or Escalade. I'm just glad to see American luxury automakers dominating at least one segment.
  5. I'm a fan of the horizontal screen alignment. It was kind of surprising to see the new S-Class ditch their horizontal screen for a more vertical alignment; the S-Class was one of the earlier vehicles to adopt the horizontal screen.
  6. I'll pass if it ends up looking anything like that... It reminds me of a Hyundai.
  7. How will Ford make the transition to all EVs without a reliable nationwide charging network?
  8. Dequindre

    GM Q4 2020 Sales Figures

    I'm surprised regular Encore sales were so low last quarter. My local dealerships seem to have an endless supply of those things.
  9. Dequindre

    GM's new logo

    I actually like that. Their new 70's throwback branding is kind of neat.
  10. I'm not sure why this particular trim would be attractive on the retail market. Many people like having a third-row despite using it only occasionally. At this price point, it's expected nowadays.
  11. The Maverick will be a huge hit in areas with snowy climates. Some people buy larger trucks or SUVs specifically for winter-duty. The Maverick looks like it will be an affordable way to deal with winter snow without much sacrifice in terms of fuel economy or interior space.
  12. Dequindre

    GM's new logo

    That's laughably bad. This is a cringey attempt to look hip in the social media age.
  13. Dequindre

    Ford/Mahindra partnership ends

    This probably makes sense for the time being. The lower cost of Indian vehicles probably leaves small profit margins. Ford may want to reassess as India continues to industrialize (and become wealthier as a result) in future decades.
  14. I hope the proportions are better than the Grand Commander. That thing is basically a stretched Cherokee, and it shows. They should be able to extend the wheelbase of the Grand Cherokee if it's on a RWD platform.
  15. The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been spied testing in three-row guise with less camouflage than any time before. Unsurprisingly, the new Grand Cherokee bares a resemblance to the Grand Commander that is sold exclusively in the Chinese market, as well as the new Grand Wagoneer. The similarities are particularly obvious at the front end where there are very similar headlights, although those used by the Grand Cherokee are slightly thinner. We can also see part of the seven-slot front grille. https://www.carscoops.com/2020/12/2022-jeep-grand-cherokee-scooped-with-striking-new-design/