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  1. Dequindre

    FCA and PSA in merger talks

    Spin-off independently, or sell to someone else? They can barely stay afloat as it is with the backing of FCA.
  2. It didn't help that the interior was plucked straight out of the Escape. It was essentially a worse looking, slightly less capable version of a vehicle they already had.
  3. I hope Ford isn't blind enough to try and close Flat Rock in 4 years. GM took quite a bit of flack for their plant closures.
  4. Dequindre

    Romeo engine closure

    As a former Oakland Township resident (right along the Macomb/Oakland County line), I find this very sad. I guess it's good that everyone who wants to keep their job can though.
  5. Dequindre

    FCA and PSA in merger talks

    Can they make it stick this time? FCA has shopped itself to so many brands that now they're circling around again.
  6. Dequindre

    RIP: Ford Flex

    That's kind of sad. The Flex was a bold attempt at a more stylish crossover. Perhaps it was about 5-10 years ahead of its time.
  7. A question for some of our insiders.... What is Lincoln's role and internal position like in the Hackett/Falotico era? Are they planning on pushing the brand aside like Mulally, or are they planning to continue to increased investment and return to relevance started under the leadership of Kumar Galhotra and Mark Fields? The news of a Rivian-based Lincoln crossover gives me hope that Ford is serious about investing in Lincoln again, but I was hoping that the insiders have some insight on the internal strategy for the brand. Lincoln is making many new brand-enthusiasts with vehicles like the Navigator, Aviator, and Corsair, and I hope to see that momentum continue.
  8. Dequindre

    2021 Chevrolet Colorado Revealed

    Did GM learn nothing from the nearly universally-hated redesign of the Silverado and (especially) Silverado HD?
  9. Dequindre


    Auto industry sales are tanking because of the switch from sedans/coupes to utilities. Look how many units Ford lost in sales over the past year due to the discontinuation of the Focus, C-Max, and Taurus. It's thousands of units.
  10. Dequindre

    What is this Ford SUV

    It's not a bad looking vehicle...
  11. Good to hear! Bringing in an outsider would have definitely thrown Lincoln's design language into a new direction. Continuity is best.
  12. More food for thought: What happens in the event of natural disasters or terrorist attacks where the grid is down? You can store gasoline. Storing a massive amount of charge may prove to be more difficult.
  13. And those stops have what, potentially two chargers a piece? That is no where near enough to support a nation with millions of EV's. Charging isn't like "gas and go"... it takes longer.
  14. I can't understand how these automakers expect the U.S. to take on millions of EV's within a relatively short time frame. I live in Central Pennsylvania (which has a few highly traveled Interstate Highways), and EV charging ports are still a rarity. Those of us who live outside of places like California don't have access to chargers. The infrastructure simply isn't there yet. Will there be any move in that direction? I'm not seeing many more EV chargers being installed.
  15. Dequindre

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    FIN is just a bunch of Ford fans spouting off what they hear from elsewhere on the internet. There is nothing "inside" about it. That's why I prefer posting at BON now: this site has real insiders.