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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Good for Florida. EV owners have long neglected paying their fair share for our nation's necessary infrastructure improvements. The sheer weight of EVs is a strain on our physical infrastructure.
  2. Source: Carscoops.com "The state of Florida might soon impose a new tax specifically aimed at EV owners. Those in the state who drive internal combustion-powered vehicles already pay a state tax when they fuel up. Florida would be one of more than 30 states in the USA to implement such an EV tax should the legislation pass. Senators from the state’s Committee of Transportation met on Tuesday to discuss the fee for EV owners. “The assertion is that electric vehicle owners may not be fairly contributing to the cost of constructing and maintaining public roads through payment of traditional registration fees,” said the Chief Legislative Analyst for the Senate, Cindy Price." https://www.carscoops.com/2023/01/florida-senate-discussing-tax-hike-for-ev-owners/
  3. Dequindre

    What happened to Fordinsidenews?

    FordInsideNews was always a slow forum (which is why I have always enjoyed BlueOvalForums much more).
  4. Awesome story! Sometimes a project needs a fresh set of eyes like that to recalibrate things (for the better).
  5. Dequindre

    Auto exec losing faith in electrics..

    I tend to agree with them. There is no way to reach cost parity with ICE vehicles in the near future with the rising cost of batteries and raw materials. It becomes an equity issue at that point. This "all-in EV" strategy hits the lower and middle classes the most, despite with some in the political sphere want to admit.
  6. Dequindre

    The hand built Cadillac flagship:

    It's kind of reminiscent of the ELR - immediately hampered by out-of-date performance. It does look good though.
  7. Policies that favor EVs are policies that disproportionately impact middle and lower class Americans. How are the middle and lower classes going to afford EV vehicles with the volatility of battery pricing?
  8. Isn't the platform on which this is based also capable of using ICE powertrains? I imagine that Dodge will still offer ICE powertrains in the "legacy" cars, even if the EVs are marketed as the higher-end performance powertrains. Dodge isn't a brand where the traditional buyers will convert to EV buyers that quickly. That perception may change over time, but it's not just a flip of the switch.
  9. Dequindre

    Dodge Hornet Debuts

    I honestly wonder if this is a trial run for discontinuing the Alfa Romeo brand and just rebadging them as Dodges for North America. Depending on the success of the Hornet, a similar strategy could be deployed for the new Guilia successor (Dodge doesn't currently have a compact sedan in the lineup).
  10. I love the shape of it, especially the roomy looking rear seats and hatch configuration. It shows that coupes can still be somewhat practical. I hope the production couple retains those attributes.
  11. Dequindre

    Dodge Hornet Debuts

    The exterior design is just "meh", but I think the package as a whole is compelling. It is difficult to find a mainstream compact crossover at that price point with that much horsepower (I was looking in this market not long ago).
  12. Dequindre

    Lincoln's Twitter Posted This

    When is Lincoln's next production vehicle slated to drop? It would be neat to see the general shape of this concept influence the rumored large EV crossover (or better yet, an actual production sedan/couple similar to the Celestiq).
  13. It looks shockingly similar to the prior generation Honda Civic.
  14. Dequindre

    Titan Is Being Axed

    Nissan could have made the Titan viable if there was a value proposition, but it really isn't that much less expensive than an F-150/1500/Silverado/Sierra.
  15. Why not make it a Lincoln instead? The Lincoln brand could use something like this to generate positive press.