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  1. I forgot about Wingsnut... he had some interesting info at times. Who was the GM-leaning guy that Wings used to fight with all the time? The GM guy was also a poster at MotorTrend Forums until he got banned and migrated more over to BlueOvalNews. I was a MotorTrend Forums refugee after it got shut down.
  2. Perhaps not directly related, but this is interesting timing given the allegedly lukewarm response to the designs of the mystery Oakville 3-row SUVs. Maybe he was pushing a design language that was not winning over potential buyers.
  3. I was a fan of Guard (I think that is gone now). My LEAST favorite Ford (and Lincoln) color by far was Ginger Ale from about 10 years ago. It looked terrible on all of the vehicles it was used on (I remember the Taurus, MKS, and Escape in particular).
  4. Charging is one of the best things about that company. Their charging network is WAY more advanced than any competitor.
  5. If there was ever an opportunity to bring back a Lincoln model that excites Lincoln enthusiasts, this would be it!
  6. The fact that the Hornet is very obviously a lightly restyled Alfa Romeo is probably hurting its cause too. It just doesn't have the muscular Dodge look that it should have.
  7. It may be hard to tell from your vantagepoint, but are these general structural changes to the plant that could benefit any future product lines? In other words, maybe Ford is proceeding with necessary changes to the building to get it up to modern spec without installation specific tooling for the 3-row EVs.
  8. I love how the PR people at Ford used the word "retiming" instead of "delaying". That's such a PR move.
  9. This may have been true in the past. It seems like 2015/2016 was a turn in the wrong direction in terms of reliability. I was just thinking today how many older Duratec V6 vehicles are out there still running around (older Edges, MKXs, MKZs, Flexs, etc.). That generation of Fords seems like a golden age for reliability.
  10. I get strong Mercedes GLS and EQS vibes from this.
  11. It's kind of cool looking, but as someone that gets a lot of Fortes and K5s as rentals, the base models are the ones that people will actually see on US roads.
  12. It's better than the parts bin prior generation, but the Navigator and Escalade will stomp this.
  13. My gripe with the Mach E's interior isn't the screen, it's the minimalism of everything else (I have the same gripe with the Tesla Model 3). If I am paying that much for a car, I expect a flashy interior.
  14. In addition to price, it just doesn't have that muscular Dodge look that dodge buyers have come to expect. FCA/Stellantis should have invested in some new sheet metal instead of just swapping grilles.
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