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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Obviously Elon speaking and Elon time, but looks like Tesla is scaling up to move even further ahead in this sector https://insideevs.com/news/633112/tesla-targets-500-gwh-annual-production-4680-cells-in-nevada/amp/
  2. I stared at it for quite a while trying to find something, all I could see was the tops of the front fenders... but the bronco has that too if we're reaching that far.
  3. It is my understanding that even IF BEV were 100% powered by coal electric generation, it would STILL be cleaner than ICE. Nowhere is 100% coal and renewables are expanding at a fairly substantial rate. I might be misinformed, but it is really hard to find any non biased source on either "side" Also curious if someone can provide some insight. Makes sense to me that the first step is making the cars BEV as the power generation transitions and catches up. But I'm far from an expert, just what I've gathered reading various articles that don't seem too click baity and extreme over the years.
  4. I know the dealer guys here don't like when we talk about it, but my gut really says the old dealer model's days are numbered. Tesla seems to be doing well with their format. Franchise laws and dealer markup BS over the last couple years has soured a lot of people on that form factor.
  5. wow, that's wild. He should put as much effort into finding a therapist.
  6. Can we start a vote on banning the ps guy? Everyone else is pretty reasonable in this discussion even if I don't agree with them 🤣
  7. I think GM was the only other one to use up the incentive, then their junk started catching on fire so
  8. Check Tesla's sales numbers when the old incentives ran out for them. I agree on principle .gov shouldn't be involved, but it doesn't appear to affect much of anything.
  9. Especially pandemic percentages and ramp up for the newcomers with smaller overall numbers, but still thought it was worth seeing. Percentages of segment probably more useful in these times.
  10. Saw this on twitter this morning, wonder what it looks like if only showing EV? F had the largest growth in EV I think
  11. Remind me, how much does Tesla spend on advertising?
  12. As a counterpoint to that, I'd point out current EV offerings that were in development and on market before any mandates or guidelines that "force" EV were being talked about or implemented. I mean, if there were no standards would we all still be driving around in 200 hp 10mpg carb'd big blocks with no emissions controls? I'd like to think the market in some part forced efficiency and power gains. That's fair on current EV, it doesn't meet my use case either at this point in time mostly because no one makes a BEV in the class truck I need for work. My point was mostly in regards to the people, like someone in this thread, that make things up and claim it as fact while ignoring real data about where the market is going.