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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I'd agree if we're talking about Tesla that already has the volume and supplier issues figured out, but Ford can't turn a profit on the EVs they're building now. Hopefully they can get things ramped soon and start making money. I don't see a low price compliance looking product being that path (again, based on a covered car, could be amazing looking when they take the cover off). I guess we'll find out soon enough if Farley took enough notes from Elon. Also found out my MKC is recalled today and might burn my house down so I'm a little salty at F right now 🤣
  2. Yeah, I get that, but thought we were getting away from volume low margin things and moving to desirable high margin product at Ford? The story is all over the place. Killing commodity ICE to replace with commodity EV doesn't compute. They managed a desirable product at a low price point with Maverick, I just don't know about this thing. But, it's all speculation until we actually see it, hopefully it's not that silver thing from the last page lol
  3. Obviously need to wait until we actually see it, but looks "weird" under the cover. I've thought that Ford's main advantage in the BEV space so far has been making the vehicles look "normal" and not like some space age thing. Lightning, Transit, and even Mach-E look manage to look like a normal ICE vehicle that just so happens to be powered by a battery. Tesla manages good aero without going over the top and making them strange looking (cyber truck excluded, but I'd guess that's bad aero just for the sake of being weird/"futuristic"). The GM EV products are weird just to be weird and prove they're different it seems like. I guess there's a market for that, but personally don't think Ford needs to be there.
  4. I'd mostly be interested in the pro power thing with a PHEV, the extra power is cool too. If I was concerned purely about efficiency I'd probably be looking at a BEV, though options are still fairly limited.. but that will be changing quickly over the next several years. The F150 phev is intriguing to me for my superduty replacement, but I have concerns about longevity pulling my work trailer putting it at close to max capacity while the superduty is probably much more comfortable around 10k lbs, especially every day. Not really interested in making compromises on power with a hybrid to use less gas, personally. More power and a tiny bit more efficiency plus the additional features is cool, BEV would be ideal for me but sounds like Ford isn't interested in pursuing that in superduty class for some time. I don't really have any use for a ranger size truck, but my feelings would be the same if that's what I wanted.
  5. I bet for some time, we're 20 years into people questioning and doubting Tesla and they just keep on growing and proving everyone wrong. I was in the "will never work, they'll never turn a profit" camp at some point not that many years ago, but they always seem to come out on top.
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    Site Performance!

    Came here to see if anyone else was having this problem, thought it might be my connection.. but it is happening A LOT
  7. Tesla chargers are faster and always work because they're a decade+ ahead of everyone else on developing all of this stuff* *I don't own any BEV currently and this is my best guess based on a lot of youtube videos and reading articles
  8. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1eaJbrAPnBVJX?s=20&fbclid=IwAR0S12zJO2oZs0I5_R6IY4fMa3_OhLcBRDoFn3hvdUwf8AkmSkUKA3TFqKU
  9. Was curious how Tesla navigated this.. if I'm reading correctly, all of their cars come with Autopilot standard, but you can upgrade to Enhanced Auto Pilot or FSD at time of purchase (one time fee) or do a monthly subscription. If you did the one time fee with enhanced auto pilot, upgrading to FSD is 99/month, from standard autopilot to FSD is 199/month. One time fee for EAP is 6k, FSD is 12k. I believe all of their cars come with the hardware to make any of them work. Not sure exactly where BlueCruise falls feature wise compared to these, but I think equal with autopilot (hands free highway driving basically)?? One of the features of EAP they state is self parking, which Ford has had for years (before Tesla if I'm remembering correctly). https://www.notateslaapp.com/news/831/tesla-reintroduces-enhanced-autopilot-in-the-us-for-6k I agree with everyone saying subscriptions for heated seats and stuff like that is stupid and won't work... I do know the FSD/bluecruise type stuff requires an incredible amount of data and processing and programming, there has to be some way to pay for all of that computing power being used. Not smart enough on that end to know exactly how much it takes to make it work, but I understand the idea of a subscription to make it happen... unless they start pumping random ads into your car while you're driving lol
  10. 56 to 11 is just fine and dandy though (or 23 to 11 in same time frame) lol. Why you hate Tesla so much? They're driving the positive changes we're seeing out of Ford. I don't get it. and the small blip was down to ~100 when everyone was losing their minds about him buying twitter, it's only been up since then.. which was the great buying opportunity. 180 today!
  11. When did that happen besides the small blip when everyone lost their mind because he bought Twitter? (great buying opportunity, btw)
  12. I watched it when I got home last night, seemed fairly clear to me that he was referencing "model 2" and roadster .. but it was pretty late and I had some adult beverages while watching lol
  13. "we specialize in making the impossible merely late" I'm a fan of Elon and his companies, but Elon time is different than reality time. They have been very quiet about "model 2" though, maybe he finally learned his lesson with cybertruck and semi being so late. But he also said 1-2 months for next starship launch after it obliterated the launch pad, so.. maybe not 🤣
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    Ford Posts $1.76B Profit

    something about an old man, yelling, and clouds
  15. From a car guy enthusiast stand point: this sound really effin cool From a stock holder stand point: dafuq? Sounds cool, but is there really a business case for something like this, especially when trying to shift toward green/EV adoption? It's really hard to reconcile defending Mulally's boring profitable cars with Farley doing off the wall stuff like this in my brain, but so far it seems like pushing the boundaries has been working out with demand and profit on the "niche" products (beside the BEV stuff, but obviously that requires full ramping and volume before it starts making money). Time will tell I guess