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  1. If I'm remembering correctly the GT was only supposed to run for 2-3 years as well, but demand stayed so they kept going.
  2. Please, take my money to get rid of the ads 🤣 @akirby can you get someone to see this that makes those decisions? (if it's not you)
  3. Ford seems scared/confused and just throwing shit at the wall hoping it sticks. Starting to lose faith in Farley.
  4. Me and gf have a game where we count the number of Teslas we see on our commutes (her actual commute, my work route). I hit a record of 48 last Monday in ~70 miles. Anecdotal, I know and a lil weird - keeps the day interesting though, but has me wondering if the .99 APR offering on the Y this month had a big impact. Record before that was mid 20s, I drove by the local supercharger to make sure I beat her for the day when we were both in the low 20s 🤣
  5. Have you guys considered a paid subscriber option to get rid of the ads? I know it costs money to run a website and forum traffic is declining, but the ads are getting overwhelming, especially that one that comes up from the bottom. I'd pay a few bucks a year not to see them.
  6. Zephyr seems like a good idea that could generate the margins they want and help utilize the plant, but I suppose not if they aren't doing it.
  7. Are they still doing Ruby Red? I liked that one on the mustangs. Painted my '95 F350 deep impact blue, but I think that one has been gone for a while. '96 F350 got hok brandywine, but it's similar to what ruby red was/is, maybe a touch darker, but similar flops in sunlight.
  8. This is the concern I've voiced a few times on calling things commodity when the new wears off of them, sounds like Bronco and Bronco sport are turning into commodity products already if they can't command a premium anymore. Obviously the economy is playing a big part here, but if Ford can't keep the product fresh and "gotta have it" they aren't going to be able to generate the margins they want unless they can find more efficiency on the engineering/production side. Not saying the sky is falling or they're bad products or anything like that with a small amount of data, but it is a little concerning.
  9. Weight would certainly be a drawback, but I imagine it's not of much consequence in the class truck they're building them for. Few hundred extra pounds is a drop in the bucket paid off with higher dependability and longevity. I think it's more about making these things survive in this weight class, all that extra weight aids in cooling and rigidity under heavy load. Diesel heads are usually pretty limited air flow wise at higher rpm (where gas engines usually live), but looks like they are mimicking the same or very close rpm range between gas and diesel with this one. All conjecture on my part, but it is an interesting engine.
  10. I don't know if anyone has tried making a diesel engine a gas engine before, but it sounds like a way better idea than trying to make a gas engine a diesel. Diesel engines are way heavier duty, so should make for a very strong/reliable gas engine I would think. The hp/tq curves and the rpm they make them at are pretty crazy for a gas engine.
  11. ecoboost v6 would probably start to create an issue with it being faster than the v8, especially in a light car where the tune can be a little happier. The 4 banger has more hp than the gt did until the coyote debuted, I think it's fine for the base model.
  12. I've always had at a minimum an aftermarket cat-back on everything I own, but things started to change after I bought the completely stock 64 continental a few years back and just left it alone.. the quiet/smooth was really nice. I had plans of cutting it up, putting on air ride, big hp engine, etc. Cut to present day and I just added probably 100 lbs of sound deadening and insulation to my 96 F350 I'm almost finished restoring. Also converting all my mowers/weed eaters/blowers to battery for my lawn care business because they're quiet (well, and save money/good for the earth and whatnot). Also looking to swap out the 6.4 sooper poopy for a BEV pickup soon. Maybe I'm getting old 😅 Still like riding with the windows down when the weather permits though in the older ones - the new ones are trying to give you an ear clap when you try. I do agree that you rarely see people with their windows open on the road anymore, maybe some fresh air would help some of them not be so absorbed in their own bubble and stop being so oblivious to what's going on around them.
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