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  1. Captainp4

    Interior Lighting Issue

    Any notices on dash about any of the doors being open? Saw something pretty strange on a newer F150 the other day... hood was closed and latched, but apparently wasn't closed hard enough to trip the sensor.. remote start wouldn't work until he opened the hood and slammed it back down because truck thought hood was open. Might not be it, but easy enough to go all the way around and make sure everything is closed all the way.
  2. While I would like to see a solid axle option as a trail rider/rock crawler (and owner of a 78 bronco on one tons).. The fact is that anyone doing things hardcore enough to require one is going to one tons anyway and at that point it doesn't much matter what it came with because you're cutting it up and fabricating mounts anyway. IFS has come a long way since the early days and is just as strong in comparable setups... and is a better option in go fast/desert situations. I don't see it affecting sales in any measurable way and the aftermarket will take care of those that want to spend 35k+ to bounce a brand new truck off trees and rocks.
  3. Captainp4

    New light & medium duty news

    We have a couple 6.2's in our landscaping fleet. While they have been as reliable or more so than the older v10s we had, they are absolutely gutless down low. Even the old 6.4 psd will walk away from it with a heavy load. Hell, my 7.3psd will walk away from it (not stock). You can definitely tell when there's a load behind the 6.2 and we're almost at sea level here. I wouldn't want to venture into the mountains with 12-13k on a 6.2.
  4. Captainp4

    2019-20 6.7 dyno pulls

    While they didn't mention it in the video, I imagine they corrected the numbers for the gearing difference on the 19... Regardless, the numbers are still impressive
  5. The tech is really coming along and the numbers are getting very impressive. Very excited to see Ford getting out ahead of the other automakers on this. Was just curious where they were on longevity and replacement costs. It's a great time to be a Ford fan with the extremely diverse product line unfolding over the next few years.
  6. Out of curiosity, what is the battery life and replacement cost like on these newer hev/phev/bev? I remember when they were first coming out the replacement cost long term was usually more than the vehicle was worth.
  7. Captainp4

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Depends if you're trying to turn or not I guess lol. This engine might make sense to the 1/4 mile guys if there ends up being any aftermarket support. I do agree coyote will be better in most circumstances though.
  8. Captainp4

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    99% of 429/460 engines use the same exact heads for their year. CJ/SCJ, Boss429 (block and heads different), and Police Interceptor are the exceptions. 460 was available in F100-F350 in 2 wheel drive models 73-79 and was the same engine available in the cars of the same year. 460 was always 4bbl. some 429 were 2bbl. We regularly build 460s in the 450hp/550tq range on regular ol' cast iron d3ve or d0ve heads (trucks and passenger cars). Granted we aren't concerned about emissions or fuel economy (though we do average 12-14 out of the 460s we build)... but to say a big cube engine can't be made into a performance engine because it was designed for trucks is pretty silly. You're likely a cam and spring package away from some pretty healthy numbers and rpm with this thing. All that said, it's not going to happen from the factory with coyote around.
  9. Replace the thermostat....
  10. I guess it depends on what they're going for with the end line up. A gt350 with a turned up 3.5 ecoboost would be interesting. Lighter weight, big power possible. I think that would only work if the GT500 lived on with a bigger v8 and turbo/supercharger. I'd like to see the 5.0 or 5.8 get the ecoboost treatment, but I'm guessing that is too expensive from what I've read on here.
  11. So is the gt350 replacing the gt500 or just being added to the line up? Light weight n/a gt350 would make sense if there's still a huge power gt500 available... If not seems like the gt350 should have more than the 450 or so the 5.0 can crank out n/a..
  12. Captainp4

    2017 Super Duty Spied

    Ford has been using the sterling 10.5 since launch of super duty. I'm also pretty sure they went to 37spline axles within the past few years on F350. The sterling is a stout rear end.
  13. Captainp4

    Ford powered toys?

    '78 Bronco 460/c6/205/sterling10.25(welded)/d60 front, ~4" lift, roll cage, 39.5" boggers, etc.. woopow!
  14. I think the design was more or less the same, but the 2 and 350's used thicker materials. Not 100% sure on that though.
  15. Is there any word on when superduty will get a redesign? I realize they've been doing upgrades here and there for years, but it is still the same basic cab structure and I don't think the frame has changed much if at all behind the firewall. Seems like it might be time to upgrade with the new heavy duty trucks from GM and Dodge.