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  1. TBirdStangSkyliner

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I don't love the grill and the curvature of the windshield, but everything else is nice. The windshield reminds me too much of the outgoing generation, which should be sent-off with a serious exorcism of any assembly plants involved during its tenure. Styling niggles aside, This new one looks good enough to do well if the platform is as much improved as the specs and details indicate.
  2. TBirdStangSkyliner

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I hear it all the time in my office. We have a large fleet of vehicles and no one ever wants to end-up wit an "Exploder".
  3. TBirdStangSkyliner

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I like this so much better than the offal thing they saddled the Explorer name with for the last few years. Maybe the term "Exploder" can now start to be forgotten. This one looks nice and hopefully has the chops to be more than a high riding Taurus station wagon.
  4. https://autoweek.com/article/car-news/ford-will-build-all-vehicles-five-platforms A bunch of outlets are indirectly reporting that the current Mustang platform is on its way out. It isn't in the five anounced by Ford for its future. Something better is coming in CD6. Yes, a muscle car platform could eventually, with enough investment, be modified into anything, but why double, triple down on something that wasn't designed under the modern paradigm of light, rigid, efficient modularity. Coupes made by all the luxury makers fit various combinations of great handling and comfort for a couple of people. The Mustang wasn't designed or invested in for the fulfillment of either of those purposes.
  5. Glad I could amuse you fuzz, but there is no direct luxury coupe analog to the classic American Muscle Car. The Mustang platform is a perfectly fine competitor to the Camaro and Challenger, but unlike the GM platform, it wasn't designed to be as readily modular for other uses. Go to weekend events at any road course venue and you will see that even with the IRS, Mustangs are universally considered the most ill handling cars in attendance (Challengers usually don't show and Camaros are just slightly better). Most club sport guys loath their attendance. The sport segment of coupes made by luxury makers isn't going to be in the platforms lexicon without a lot more investment than could ever be recouped (pun intended). Also, drive some coupes weighted towards luxury by luxury brands and you will discover the same magnitude of difference in ride, comfort, visibility, etc.. Unless you think a Lincoln coupe needs to be little more than a rebadged Mustang with a Continental kit trunk and RWD only, there isn't a niche where it could be competitive with rival makers.
  6. A Lincoln on the current Mustang platform would be totally inappropriate. This platform's ergos, build quality potential, AWD limitations, and NVH, are just too far behind what Lincoln needs to be. CD6 should lend itself well, though, for building a really memorable Mark X. I've always liked Mustangs, but they are just real far behind what luxury sports coupe now offer in both luxury and sport.
  7. I agree and disagree. CUV's that don't look like real SUV's seem to be picking up plenty of steam in sales. I like sedans and recently saved 34% off MSRP on a fully loaded one that was almost two model years old and still unsold. Three box mid-sizers just aren't selling in high trims. Good for those of us swimming against the stream, not good for car makers, though.
  8. The issue with the thesis of this thread is that cars and SUV's aren't cross-shopped. Cars and CUV's are, though, and the lines have become so blurred that he only definitive distinction is the third box in the shape of the typical sedan. Redesign the Fusion with a couple of inches extra drive height, make it a wagon without exactly looking lke one, shrink the ridiculously enormous "A" pillar, barf up some cladding on it, and voila - it will sale again.
  9. TBirdStangSkyliner

    Ford giving up on Fiesta, Focus and Fusion

    Three things seem apparent, 1) Toyota is the behemoth that can stay in every segment they desire through cyclical changes in tastes and fuel prices. 2) Soothsaying posters are more full of BS as the voracity of their statements increase. The mostly departed Mr Jensen berated, for years, anyone who suggested that there could be rational business cases made for new generations of; Expeditions, Navigators, Broncos, Rangers, RWD's, and for the platform we now know as the CD6. 3) Having flexible enough platforms to adapt to shifting market demands and energy prices is smart design and economics.
  10. TBirdStangSkyliner

    2018 Expy

    As a current Expedition EL Limited owner, I really like this new one a lot. I'm only at 60K miles in the I own. But, in about three years I'll be a happy buyer. I particularly like the new one's front end. The side treatment is nice, too. The interior looks great. Well done, Ford.
  11. TBirdStangSkyliner

    More F-150 refresh spyshots

    I like the revised front treatment a lot better than what the current model wears. It is much more in scale and looks more styled and sophisticated.
  12. TBirdStangSkyliner

    Lincoln Navigator Reignites Bold

    I see it that way too, but it is hard to tell for sure. The single door and change in wheel size and greenhouse proportions all mess with the overall comparisons.
  13. TBirdStangSkyliner

    Lincoln Navigator Reignites Bold

    This makes way more sense to me than those who are predicting the inverse. A short wheelbase with an extended rear seems totally dorky and the exact opposite of what Lincoln would want for ride quality and second row room. From my travels across the western 5/8ths of the country (I have hit every state in this region, except New Mexico, in the last year), I just don't see many SWB Expy's/Navi's new enough to carry the redesigned grill-work. I don't know the sales figures, but the shorties seem to be waning out-west. Less room and a choppier ride for almost the same cost and fuel mileage isn't a very appealing equation. Any enhanced offroad capability for the short Expy's is, at best, murky or irrelevant to most buyers. It's not like anyone equates this class of vehicle to the Bronco's of 45 years ago.
  14. TBirdStangSkyliner

    Lincoln Navigator Reignites Bold

    I am moderately surprised at the number of comments wanting this vehicle to be something other than what it is. It is a full-sized, truck-based SUV. From a guy who actually buys these, this concept easily projects to a desirable production vehicle.
  15. TBirdStangSkyliner

    Lincoln Navigator Reignites Bold

    I hope the production version has a more ample greenhouse. I'd also lilt to see the full-length character line look less like the Suburban's. Otherwise, I like it a lot.