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  1. Anthony

    1979 Ford Bronco Sells for $64,500

    That truck is drop-dead gorgeous.
  2. A lot of sites do that over GDPR laws outside of the US. They don't want to deal with user-protection laws. Many of my clients do the same thing.
  3. I'll be the first to admit, the Ranger has the absolute worst HVAC controls of any modern vehicle I've driven. Trying to find a tiny black button in a sea of black plastic is a lesson in futility. I just use the touchscreen in place of the buttons because they are so bad. The same exact controls are in my wife's Edge but are positioned better (but still suck because the buttons are so tiny). At least the same buttons on her controls are broken up by a line of chrome. If those Bronco HVAC controls were in my Ranger, I'd jump for joy.
  4. Hey, it came back to above what I paid finally! I'm up a whopping 85 cents! woot!
  5. Headlights will be the same as the rendering, but the rest of the frontend will most likely diverge. See the center part of the rendering where the grille is integrated into the bumper, just like the current Ranger is overseas. I'd expect it to be a bit different for the US market and more "truck" with completely a separate bumper/grille.
  6. I would not expect the frontend to look like that in the States as well. That center bumper integrated into the grille is most likely ROW much like today's Ranger is.
  7. Bronco = Wrangler Bronco Sport = Cherokee / Renegade
  8. Actually I found it on the domain registration via ICANN. https://lookup.icann.org/lookup
  9. Anthony

    Another Ford in the driveway

    Congrats, great choice and best color! 😅
  10. This company runs the site: https://www.jacksondawson.com/
  11. Enough politics. This is a Bronco, Bronco Sport, and next-Gen F-150 thread. Bring your politics and any conspiracy theories to the off-topic section.
  12. The bigger news is that the Ranger now has the same market share as the Chevy Colorado. That is something comparable.
  13. Member of Ranger 5G posted about it: https://www.ranger5g.com/forum/threads/ran-my-ranger-at-the-track.7400/ Edit: I just noticed it has a tune. Still impressive. Here's the video (Facebook).
  14. I don't like the design of the dash, it looks dated and cheap (and that comes from a guy who has a supposed dated and cheap dash in the Ranger). Don't @ me.