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  1. Simple answer. What is going to sell in numbers enough to justify releasing this vehicle? A four door. The two door is still there for the purists. The Wrangler folks cried for 5 minutes when the 4 door was released and now it outsells the 2 door at least 3 to 1. Sales of the four door will keep this vehicle alive and not make it a one generation flash in the pan. I mean, they did replace the 90's fullsize Bronco with a 4 door (which is still around).
  2. Drip feed indeed. Itā€™s been exactly 3 years and 6 days since we were given this:
  3. That camera angle is almost even with the top of the steering wheel. I would hope none is sitting that low.
  4. Anthony

    2021 GMC Yukon

    Good lawd that dash looks straight out of a 1979 full sized car.
  5. I love driving my Ranger on a cold morning. The clutch fan hasn't warmed up yet and it sounds like a B-52 Bomber getting ready for takeoff. RRRRRRRROOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR
  6. Certification costs are not cheap and most likely not worth the expense of a low volume vehicle that would only be around for a year or two. Automotive certification is a huge cost factor when deciding what ends up on the dealership lots. When you make changes to engine output and body panels, you have to consider development, crash and epa certification costs, not to mention funds for additional advertising and marketing for this new model. What seems like pennies is far from it. Low volume vehicles need to amortize just like high volume ones.
  7. It won't. That's why (if this report is accurate) Ford is sending it out to a 3rd party company to do it. My guess is one of three things: 1) The report is just not accurate. 2) They are mixing up this with the next gen truck 3) Hell has frozen over.
  8. I've met plenty of people who thinks the Ranger looks good. Me, and everyone who sees mine. šŸ˜Š
  9. Bought these off of a member on Ranger5g back in February of last year and put them in storage immediately thereafter (I bought them to eventually replace mine when they needed to be replaced). I changed my mind and decided when my factory tires are ready to be replaced Iā€™m going to go with a lift and bigger tires. They are in perfect condition and have maybe a few thousand miles on them (?). The TPMS sensors and center caps are there just as Henry Ford intended. No scrapes or gouges. They are basically brand new. Just looking to get what I paid (which was an incredible deal). $500. Not going to do shipping (sorry). Local pickup (Southwest Connecticut / Fairfield County) or will deliver to within a hundred miles for a reasonable fee. Original thread where I bought them: https://www.ranger5g.com/forum/threads/i-guess-ill-get-this-started.1956/ Pics from today (they could use a bath):
  10. Which instructions did you follow? The ones from the site I linked or something else? I'm wondering if the update I linked is specifically for the F-Series or something and why Rangers are having issues. Looks good!
  11. Looks great! You are going to love it!
  12. My Ranger sends me a vehicle health report every month. Plus it does let me know by email and in the app if there is an issue and what the general problem is. I assume this is only for modem equipped vehicles now though whereas the old version worked through your phone. edit: this obviously does not change the fact that Ford removed this feature from older vehicles after the time of purchase (cough my old Focus cough)