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  1. My guess that incentives on the Lightning will be non-existent. There's enough of an electric push to make the first real full-size all-electric truck sell without the need for incentives...at least for the first year or so. My guess is that this will also be much more than just an F-150 with an electric powertrain. See the teaser photos with different body panels makes me think we are in for quite a treat on the 19th. Different interior too?
  2. TBH, there hasn't been a Lightning in 17 years. I'm fine with this as the naming could not have fit better with an electric vehicle and having one already tied to the F-Series is the frosting on the cake.
  3. Faster than the original Lightning (as if we didn't think that would be the case)
  4. Looks like the 2.7L (and the 2.3L) got a little bump in specs for the Bronco. The 2.7L is going to be a beast.
  5. You guys realize whoever gets their Bronco first has to let all of us drive it. It's the BON way!
  6. Anthony

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    That ain't much of a configurator....no pricing, limited packages. I'm not sure why they even have that there....EDIT: nevermind, it's just so you can reserve one, it's not an actual pricing configurator.
  7. I've seen quite a few Sports on the road around here in CT. I may get flamed for this, but I expected them to have a bit more "presence" in the flesh. The ones I saw kinda blended in with most of the other CUVs out there even though it is a bit blockier. They aren't unattractive by any means, just not as distinctive as I thought they would look in person. Regardless, a very nice-looking vehicle from Ford. I know the Big Bronco will satisfy the "presence" itch I apparently have. lol
  8. A buyer from your own stable is not a conquest sale. 😉
  9. If we think most Bronco conquest sales will come from Jeep Wrangler owners..... How long until we start getting this? 😂
  10. Anthony

    2022 Honda Civic Debuts

    I think it is a HUGE improvement over the last generation. It looks mature and dare I say, upscale. Who cares what the Honda forums say, they'll be buying it. Most people on forums that own an existing model of a vehicle never seem to like the next generation because the one they have is the "perfect" one. Then once the new model becomes the norm, it becomes the perfect one and the cycle begins again.
  11. Anthony

    Spray in Bed Lining Timing

    My factory spray-in is good. I hear people complaining about it often, but they must be hauling boulders or something. I've had no issues and I use my bed to haul around plenty of stuff.
  12. It is quite nice looking. I imagine a lot of the sculpting along the bottom profile will be toned down as well as some of the front for production. Very nice!
  13. Reminds me of the Polestar 2. I like it.