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  1. Back to the Ranger PIH. 362 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque out of the 2.3 is amazing. I'm amazed at the power the 2.3L makes now every time I drive it, but dang, that's insane and I love it!
  2. Anthony

    Ranger Interior

    I'm not sure on that start button because it seems to be in a place you cant see very well, its not like you can see the base of the washer stalk from the driver's position.....but hard to say without sitting in one which we won't be doing for a while. Definitely is unique. Might be to make panels the same for keyed or keyless models. That is a nice looking steering wheel though. Super meaty and look at the inside stitching and thumb rests. Nicer than the current leather wrapped wheel in the Ranger.
  3. That's all you had to write, the rest makes sense now.
  4. Since when does the Bronco offer a 5.0? Let alone a 470hp one? Using that comparison, the Raptor should only cost a few thousand more than a 2.7L F-150, right? Add in a couple thousand for the unique body panels and we shouldn't be at the premium it currently has over a normal F-150. Apples to Apples. Wait to see what the normal models cost before blowing your top.
  5. The Bronco Launch Edition started at $60k. Throw in a 470hp V8, a factory lift and whatever other goodies and that certainly isn't far off. Again, there will be cheaper versions of the V8 after the Launch Edition just like there are plenty of cheaper Broncos. This isn't any different.
  6. The "Launch Edition" starts at $74k...that comes with fully decked out and a 2 inch lift over the regular Rubicon. So, we have to wait to find out what the regular ones will cost. Edit: Update topic name to reflect updated info.
  7. Anthony

    Genesis GV80

    I saw a bunch of these are the Hyundai / Genesis dealer last weekend when my wife was checking out the Santa Fe. They really have a presence and look much better in person than pictures (tell me what vehicle doesn't these days?)
  8. Anthony

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

    I actually really like that. Side note on Hyundai. My wife's Edge lease is up in October, so this past weekend we decided to go and look around at similar sized vehicles to see if she wanted to go Ford again or not. We looked at the Grand Cherokee and the 2021 Santa Fe just to compare to the Edge. I was thoroughly impressed by the new Santa Fe (it has an all refreshed interior & exterior for '21). The interior in it is worlds ahead of my the Edge. She really liked the exterior styling too. (another side note: she owned a first gen Santa Fe which was totalled when she was 8 months preggo and she <and baby> got out with nary a scratch) The Grand Cherokee was very traditional in comparison (not bad, just simpler) and getting back in her Edge felt like going back in time. I don't think a 10 inch screen can help the rest of the interior when comparing it to the competition. It really should have gotten the full new dash like the Nautilus. I don't tell her what to buy, so time will tell where she ends up.
  9. Anthony

    Drivers side footwell cold

    Not related, but this is a very common complaint for the current-gen Ranger (nothing broken, but engineering flaw). Driver's side lower heat is almost non-existent. Your legs are cold while nice warm heat comes out the upper vents. I know they these things in the cold and I don't understand how that made it past their testing.
  10. Glad the Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKC, Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Impala and the Dodge Caravan are dependable vehicles! I'm going to run out to my local dealer and check them all out! (Yes, I know this is based on MY 2018 vehicles, but still kinda funny)
  11. I like everything about except the front, way too much of a rake on the grille. Needs to be just a smidge more upright.
  12. Anthony

    Dodge SRT officially dead.

    That didn't sound anything like it was dead, just integrated deeper into the engineering team of the company as a whole. It sounded more like the author reading into things. Here's the statement from Stellantis:
  13. I think Jeep likes to think that the Compass as a baby Grand Cherokee (though who knows). There's a lot of overlap in the smaller vehicles in Jeep's lineup that they need to figure out. I imagine if the Bronco Sport takes off, you may end up seeing a mini-quasi-Wrangler or a much better off road version of what they have.
  14. New interior for China Compass, most likely making its way here soon. Nothing impressive per se, but better than it was.
  15. Anthony

    2022 Ford Fusion

    I must be the only person on earth who likes that design.