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  1. Edgeoffroad04

    Early Broncos On The Move

    What is the name of the restaurant and town name? Always looking to rescue another one!
  2. Edgeoffroad04

    2021 F-150 Production Information

    Any idea when the 2021 build configurator will be up?
  3. Edgeoffroad04

    Enjoy today, Boys. it's Bronco Time

    Really like the Bronco's design and option list for offroad capability. As an Early Bronco owner they did the legacy of this vehicle justice and I can echo this sentiment of other fellow EB others from other sites. My big issue is the towing capacity. I really cant flat tow my EB behind this Bronco. Are there any tricks up Fords sleeves with the 2.7v6 to have a higher 4k+ towing capacity?
  4. Limited slip allows the transfer of up to ××% to the other wheel that isnt spinning. Majority of applications this is sufficient. Depending on your needs LS may not be able to transfer enough power to the wheel with traction to move the vehicle. I.E. rocking crawling with a wheel up in the air. Look up Detroit Truetrac as a reputable LS and how this helical gear LS works.
  5. Edgeoffroad04

    2021 Bronco Sync start up screen?

    Im not a fan of the intro. Being this is such a big vehicle for Ford I would expect more (and a shorter intro)
  6. Edgeoffroad04

    Unknown RAM/Jeep Mule Spotted

    Im no insider for jeep but yes it feels it should of been out years ago. It will be interesting to see if this makes it to market and how it does against the expedition/navigator.
  7. Edgeoffroad04

    Unknown RAM/Jeep Mule Spotted

    I think these are the rumored Wagoneer mules based on the Ram chasis...thats what the mopar guys were stating.
  8. Edgeoffroad04

    Today's Bronco Non news story

    Is that a hint at the use of aluminum? Or wishful thining?
  9. Wont Bronco be a 2021 model year? If so we dont have any direction yet from the 2020 oil chart.
  10. Hybrid vs. Plug in hybrid I do believe. Imagine conceptually the fusion hybrid vs. fusion energy
  11. Edgeoffroad04

    Bronco mule

    My thoughts too on the track. After sitting in a new ranger making the next gen slightly wider overall would be plus. Those in the know, I keep going back to this but should we expect the same IFS setup found on the Ranger today?
  12. Edgeoffroad04

    Bronco mule

    Not married to needing an SFA....any insight into the IFS setup being used under the Mule?
  13. Edgeoffroad04

    Bronco mule

    Does anyone know if ford has decided on front suspension style? SFA vs. IFS? Curious if they are still testing or if that ship has sailed and what we see in the Mule is it.
  14. Edgeoffroad04

    Bronco mule

    I love the short overhang for rear departure angles with off roading. But what should we expect for storage area behind the 2nd row of seats? The 4 runner has a sizable area for gear or "stuff" that I can appreciate.
  15. Edgeoffroad04

    Corsair Engine Info

    Doesnt the Nautilus compete with the likes of the Q5? While MKC competes with the Q3.