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  1. Edgeoffroad04

    Today's Bronco Non news story

    Is that a hint at the use of aluminum? Or wishful thining?
  2. Wont Bronco be a 2021 model year? If so we dont have any direction yet from the 2020 oil chart.
  3. Hybrid vs. Plug in hybrid I do believe. Imagine conceptually the fusion hybrid vs. fusion energy
  4. Edgeoffroad04

    Bronco mule

    My thoughts too on the track. After sitting in a new ranger making the next gen slightly wider overall would be plus. Those in the know, I keep going back to this but should we expect the same IFS setup found on the Ranger today?
  5. Edgeoffroad04

    Bronco mule

    Not married to needing an SFA....any insight into the IFS setup being used under the Mule?
  6. Edgeoffroad04

    Bronco mule

    Does anyone know if ford has decided on front suspension style? SFA vs. IFS? Curious if they are still testing or if that ship has sailed and what we see in the Mule is it.
  7. Edgeoffroad04

    Bronco mule

    I love the short overhang for rear departure angles with off roading. But what should we expect for storage area behind the 2nd row of seats? The 4 runner has a sizable area for gear or "stuff" that I can appreciate.
  8. Edgeoffroad04

    Corsair Engine Info

    Doesnt the Nautilus compete with the likes of the Q5? While MKC competes with the Q3.
  9. Also interesting to note 200lbs lighter.
  10. Edgeoffroad04

    Great looking 75 Bronco..

    Love the steel wheels. Those have come back in style on the resto mods. Now to get my 73 "completed". Egarly have been awaiting the return of the Bronco since I bought my EB 13 years ago. I still remember first seeing the Bronco concept giving me hope...and waiting. Would love to have 2 in my stable.
  11. Edgeoffroad04

    Ford Motor Company 2015 Q1 Results

    Sounds very interesting. I have been waiting for Ford to bring out an SUV smaller than the Explorer that has more capability than the Escape/Edge. Any timeframe you have heard for this vehicle platform to launch? I am also surrpised we havent seen spy shots of the MCE for the Escape yet.
  12. Edgeoffroad04

    New Edge - When will it Arrive on Lots?

    I know I am getting off subject, but have we heard/confirmed if the Escape will get its MCE this year(2016 MY)? If so any debut timing and job1 dates?
  13. Edgeoffroad04

    Chrysler sales DOWN 8%

    What is up with people pissing on Chrysler? If they fail it puts the whole industry and the State of Michigan further behind. Well duh, there is a reason why Chrysler/Fiat isn’t showing any new product. They were left with nothing in the product pipeline from Cerberus and even Daimler. In regards to Chrysler not being vocal about their “turn around”, hasn’t Marchionne said this many times? Chrysler is working on updating their current and future line up and hence no need to have media days at the auto shows until new product is available to show case. To be successful they do need to find a way to market their current "aging" line up until the new vehicles come. Also they badly need to make it known to all they are out of bankruptcy court. Not enough has been done about this so far. I Have ties to all of the "big 3” I grew up a ford guy and still bleed blue. But, just remember this, not too long ago Ford was in the dumps and everyone thought Ford was about to go under. I'm not saying Fiat will get it right and make Chrysler "THE” American car company, but I am willing to wait and judge until the updates and next generation vehicles roll out. Until then, I will be mute and hope Chrysler goes get it , for the state of Michigan and the Auto industry. Edgeoffroad04
  14. The biggest limitation is not batteries. It's two things: Limited availability of transmissions, and avoiding loss. While Ford has specified the design it's from the Aisin hybrid transmission line and Toyota is first at the trough. Second, cost of batteries and transmisions exceeds the $3000 incremental cost they charge for the Hybrid option. Too bad the traditional Ford infighting kept them from in-housing the Power-Split transaxle.. Batteries and warranty were originally very expensive but with total industry volume and Toyota's experience with original Prius batteries still having enough power and energy at 10 years in service means the warranty cost provision should go down.
  15. Edgeoffroad04

    Compact Pickup at Livonia Trans

    Wescoent, I dont know how accurate your info is, but being an Early Bronco owner, this deff makes me happy and many others if its true. A real off roader will be great. It would bring alot of jeep/ H3s owners back to the ford brand. Even if this bronco sold 50,000 a year it would be successful. I also would love to have an f-100. Perfect size that can tow confidently 6,000 lbs(ranger could do it, but not safely) Also being able to get above 20 mpg on the highway consistantly would be great for me. I cant wait to see if or when these trucks will be out. I know Id love to have a 11' bronco sitting next to my 73' in my garage :D