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  1. chassisgroupleader

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    Wow! this is very informative! Let me get this right Decker, to receive 100% retirement benefits you have to have 62 years old and 30 years of service? I was planning on retiring at the age of 56 and 31 years of service. But i was counting at $3,077.84 , is that wrong? Your Pension Benefit excluding Monthly Supplements Monthly Supplement $980.19 $2,097.65
  2. chassisgroupleader

    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    You don't have to stay! You can leave right now!
  3. chassisgroupleader

    Ford, UAW reach tentative agreement

    I am voting YES with a big Smile! This contract better pass!
  4. chassisgroupleader

    Ford, UAW reach tentative agreement

    This is just too comical. Who are you to be getting lectured? Do you have any power or authority? Second, you have several retirees in your family? Have you heard about diversifying your investments? Same things works out for family employment, if some of your family retirees worked at other industries they would still be complaining to you because they would be getting even less of a pension. Vote as you wish, that is your prerogative , but I think the unpleasantry runs in your family, and soon the Lectures will be given by you to your other family members. And after you vote no and keep complaining you and your family keep bringing your offspring to work at Ford....and now they are complaining and complaining and complaining....and lectures...and unpleasant family gatherings.
  5. chassisgroupleader

    CAP is not a problem - Everything is going to be Ok

    You are just a worthless disgruntled and restricted medical Lazy. You won the lottery by getting hired by ford and being protected by the UAW, yet you badmouth both. You bite the hand that feeds you, you can't get a job anywhere else and want a nice separation buyout! If it was me I would give you the buyout because you are a cancer of everything that is wrong in Chicago. Bye bye Crybaby!
  6. There is nothing wrong with this plant. launch problems happen in every North American Plant and are being handled precipitously. So just bring the contract to the table and lets ratify it! $8000 bonus minimum, keep everything else as is and I'm good, you can call me Eazy-E! Lets do this!
  7. chassisgroupleader

    GM contract highlights

    This is the one from 2015!
  8. chassisgroupleader

    Signing Bonus

    $11,000 Signing Bonus for GM employees! Ford better match it or I'm voting no!
  9. chassisgroupleader

    Signing Bonus

    I could care less about these temporary workers. Give me my bonus and fund my Pension!
  10. chassisgroupleader

    Signing Bonus

    I hope these UAW idiots don't mess up my signing Bonus! $8,000 will come handy dandy!$$$$$$$$$$
  11. chassisgroupleader

    Signing Bonus?

    No more rumors about signing bonuses! I'm beginning to think they're going to say we getting such a great contract, there is no need for a signing bonus!
  12. chassisgroupleader

    Social Security Raises vs Ford Retirement

    another disgruntled employee! If you had any pride you would just quit!
  13. chassisgroupleader

    Moving Allowance

    I don't understand your question, what is your goal?
  14. chassisgroupleader

    Signing Bonus?

    What did you give up for me you lazy piece of lard? I have 28 years seniority!
  15. chassisgroupleader

    Signing Bonus?

    Yes! the ones eager to strike are all the lazies with seniority that are dead weight and somehow think that the world owes them something. Yet they are quick to criticize the millennial's work ethic!