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  1. TrailGaiter

    sub pay W-2

    They put it all on one W-2
  2. TrailGaiter

    2019 Ford Ranger supercab

    There are some supercabs on the line as of today.
  3. TrailGaiter

    Ranger Keypad Delaying Builds?

    No I don't think a keypad is holding up orders.
  4. TrailGaiter

    Ranger Keypad Delaying Builds?

    We are building close to 200 on a good day now and that number should climb quickly.
  5. Why would you think they would close Delta? It's the newest of all the GM factories if I recall correctly.
  6. TrailGaiter

    Ranger Keypad Delaying Builds?

    I haven't heard anything specific about the keypad. We finished MP1 build today and production number will be ramping up slowly starting Monday.
  7. I was told today that the rangers we are building now are going to customers. Hitting our build number of 20-25 per day usually by lunch.
  8. TrailGaiter

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    We are scheduled to run 14 a day and slowly ramp up from there.
  9. TrailGaiter

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    Your better off in stamping.
  10. TrailGaiter

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    We had 2 weeks to build the 122 trucks and we finished Friday.
  11. That's it pffan. thanks for posting it! It seemed to be that the wheel well area was just a little different but other than that it's damn close..
  12. I tried my best but of course they wouldn't share the picture with me 🙄
  13. I work at MAP and I'm fortunate that I know someone pretty high up on totem pole that showed me a picture of the new bronco. The picture was taken from a cellphone snuck into a meeting that it wasn't supposed to be in and was a picture taken of an image on a conference room screen or some such but it was very clear. If anyone can recall the rendering from road and track it is almost spot on. I was also told it will have a removable top and some other cool options such as built in removable coolers and such. I really like it!
  14. TrailGaiter

    Average New Car pricing

    The last cars are always all white.