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  1. Thanks but I didn't take it that way at all. Though trust me I wouldn't have been offended if you were, my 2007 was sitting on the dealer lot well into the 2008 model year for a reason it's like someone found some long forgotten trim packages from the 70's. On the front fenders the side trim says "Fastback" totally unnecessary but a throwback that my warped mind likes.
  2. True, it is definitely not the Mustang being discussed here and i probably like tape jobs more than I should (that's a tape job that includes the word "fastback" and oversized spoiler on my 2007 Mustang that dealers were selling.) Still the idea of a Mustang sub brand would be interesting if they came up with an affordable compact sporty vehicle - or will that be the Bronco jr.?
  3. While that trim pattern is undesirable - the Mustang II wasn't that far off the mark as a "modern" return to the 64 mustang which due to the fuel crisis was necessary as the Mustang had gotten very large. I had a 73 Mustang and looked down on these cars, but in hindsight there were a lot of trim packages that made them look like a good interpretation/evolution of the 64's which after all was a "pony car" aka. a reasonably priced compact sporty car. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a20101486/its-time-to-bring-back-the-mustang-ii/
  4. I agree, it may be the camouflage tape/skin and/or as others mentioned the low angle but it looks very uninspiring and to put a the Mustang Logo on that i think would be a mistake for the Logo and for the Mach E itself - if the Mustang connection isn't strong enough putting the horse on it will come off as a gimmick.
  5. Fordowner

    Ford Q3 Earnings

    Many articles are citing the problems with the Explorer launch that has reduced sales. I sure hope they have resolved these issues and we see a dramatic rise in Explorer. Likewise, hopefully the new Escape launches more smoothly. If so, $8.55 a share is a good deal for Ford Stock - though who knows when the bottom will fall out in the Market caused in part by unsustainable deficit spending and loose monetary policy.
  6. Will these charging stations have different plugs for the brands? Or are have car manufacturers settled on a standard plug. As I understand it Telsas are unique and thus only Telsas can charge at Telsa charging stations? Will plugs change over time as they have with Androids and Iphones? That would be a bigger issue with cars since unlike phones most cars aren't traded in every 1 or 2 years. Bottom line, I don't see how an Electric Mustang wouldn't be a superior performance option to combustion engines especially in urban and suburban areas where acceleration, breaking and handling (turning) comprise more of the driving time. A great charging network addresses the main drawback to electric cars.
  7. Is that a mini ice bucket in the rear seat console? The coach doors are cool.
  8. Fordowner

    What is this Ford SUV

    ..., which is nice.
  9. My statement above is not well said. I should have said I agree that those who want to ban Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) probably fall under the no planes and no meat category - but again that's not on the table. we are talking about CAFE standards to provide benchmarks or incentives to industry to improve efficiency. And I think the science that vast majority of scientists (not funded by the Oil Industry) support says global warming/climate change is happening and man is contributing to it. Government officials who say otherwise are ill advised or worse.
  10. I've heard of people that want to outlaw flying because air travel proportionally contributes a good amount of pollution per person served, same thing with meat eating. But I've yet to hear of any serious proposal to institute legislation limiting air travel or meat eating. That's a pretty far out there idea that as they say is going no where fast. Per https://www.ucsusa.org/global-warming/science-and-impacts/science/each-countrys-share-of-co2.html on a per capita basis only Saudi Arabia and Australia contribute more . And on a total Carbon Dioxide basis only China contributes more. So as one of the leading contributors and as leader of the Free World - what we do has a huge and important impact.
  11. "climate change alarmists" always love labels like that it, it speaks volumes. Problem is those who throw this term around apparently are referring to the vast majority of the scientific community that believes global warming is happening and humans are contributing to it? But hey, I'm sure some of those folks have uncles that were scientists so their superior knowledge of Earth Sciences is baked into their blood which sure beats disciplined analysis based on proven scientific principles.
  12. Auto manufacturers, including Ford, have stated many times that they as long as the fuel/emission standards apply to everyone they can meet the standards. And its not California setting the standard for the rest of the Country or even the group of states representing 40% of the car sales. Auto manufacturers are free to sell different versions of their cars. But they negotiated a deal on auto efficiency that they can live with and at the same time it moves the needle forward on efficiency, which is a good thing! Trump's claim that it brings in the new fleet quicker is short sighted. Ultimately the fleet is going to turn over - but the true, long term fix is advancing the technology to provide alternative propulsion systems for our cars and Trucks. And continually raising the efficiency - MPG/Emission - standards in a manner that the auto industry can live with is the way to do it. Granted slashing regulations will likely provide a short boost in economic activity - but isn't his record deficit spending enough to accomplish that. The Administration after Trump is going to be facing a huge challenge when the next recession hits - with interest rates already being pushed down and record deficit spending happening during the growth cycle, what tools will be available to stimulate the economy when it needs to be stimulated? Trump's administration on this is being guided by a mix of interests such as support from the fossil fuel industry, pandering to those that don't believe increasing CO2 concentrations or other pollutants in the air is a problem, and perhaps those that want cars to be made solely from steel and as body on frame with carburetors. I mean we are letting a man who believes the reason he looks orange is not because of his make up but because of LED lightbulbs and that Windmills are folly because when the wind stops blowing the emergency rooms at hospitals will not have power! And now his people want to "make washing machines great again"
  13. I bet the Pony on the grill adds at least 10 hp! Though seriously that Mustang Pony on the Grill does make the Focus look better, but that's because when I see the Pony on the grill It probably triggers my imagination of exterior elements and interiors designed with american affordable sports car philosophies. Though I don't think they will actually be putting a Mustang on the Grill of the upcoming electric.
  14. Fordowner

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    Chinese market escape looks like a hundai or kia and not in a good way. I have to see it in person but our Escape looks more agile or sleek than the small SUV's trying to be something they are not by slapping on enormous plastic grill (that is mostly blocked/non functional).
  15. Fordowner

    Hennessy Ford Bad, Mustang LED Taillamp repair

    Nalley Ford Service in Sandy Springs called Tuesday at 3 to tell me they had gotten the part in and the repair was complete. I picked the car up Tuesday before close. So they were done even before the estimated 2 days to get the part. I asked if they had been getting many of these warranty repairs they said no - stating their rule of thumb is once a certain type of repair starts popping up they will stock the part. Anyway a far far better experience at Nally than at Hennessey Ford in Chamblee - and while i'm hoping i don't have to get into the car market soon, Nalley will be the first place i go and where I go for future warranty repairs.