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  1. I use LED's because they dropped in price and have improved greatly to the point that LEDs now off a better range of lighting options and quickly become more economical than bulbs based just on their life, span. Add in the electric savings on your mothly bill bill costs and one is way ahead of the game. The trick was getting.to mass adoption which made them the default bulb and thus economies of scale and store shelf space kicked into make them smart from a $$$ point of view. Apply that to whatever technology we adopt for cars - once we get to mass adoption costs will drop and infrastructure will increase (mass adoption vs. infrastructure is a chicken and egg issue). Getting some "liberals" to cough up some more cash for your kids' future will happen but nowhere near the standards of mass adoption. Most people aren't thinking about this stuff - sort of like the Buy American ethos.
  2. That all makes sense except Government setting standards pushes innovation. If not for President Bush signing off on the lightbulb/appliance standards we would still be using incandescent bulbs. Why risk investing in innovative technologies to increase fuel economy if your competitor is not, and thus able to undercut you now. The Focus transmission debacle is proof that not even Ford always looks at the long term effects of hitting the bottom line goals even if it the long run it is a bad decision. I suppose one could do increased government subsidies to the consumer to encourage adoption of new technology - but setting a standard to I believe places more of the decision making in the hands of auto companies, which is good. Ford officials have always said they can deal with the benchmarks as long as it is a level playing field for all competitors. Personally I think gutting the fuel standards is plain and simple pandering to the oil industry and it sets us back in the electrification of the fleet which i turns sets us back in the fight to minimize climate change.
  3. I read this article https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ford-respirators-ventilators-face-shields-125700742.html , the link above doesn't get me to an article. This Yahoo article says that the fans from the F150 seats are for the "new version of 3M's powered air-purifying respirators " and the 3d printed parts are for the plastic face shields that are being made at the experimental /test assembly plant and that plan to make 100,000 of these plastic face shields a month. Frankly plastic face shields are pretty basic. There is no information on the ventilators other than they are working with GE Healthcare to build a simplified version of one of their ventilators - Ventilators is what I'm asking about as I believe that is one of the major challenges.
  4. Since much of this social distancing to "flatten the curve" is unfortunately necessary despite it's severe consequences to the economy is based on the lack of ventilators, I would love to know what exactly goes into ramping up production of ventilators. For instance, -does Ford build these on an assembly line or which factory/facility do they build them in, - when will Ford actually start building Ventilators? days? weeks? months? - How many ventilators will Ford be making a week? at the start, after 2 weeks, at full speed? Medical equipment and Car manufacturing doesn't seem connected, or perhaps they can use the ecoboost technology to blow air into our bodies.......In which case this could be a great brand loyalty builder.... 20 years from today you'll have a Dad saying "Son if it wasn't for Ford's Ecoboost technology you wouldn't be here today" Seriously though - if Covd 19 won't have a vaccine for a year (assuming they can develop one) this sounds like a big piece of the long term puzzle (and we should have started this effort 2 months ago once we saw what was happening in China).
  5. True on the lack of impact on the Stock Price - but I've always thought these were more about building awareness and excitement about a future vehicle so that sales start off strong when the car is introduced. Do an introduction now and it's hard to see how it will break through all the Covd 19 news coverage and or get people excited when they are probably stressing over staying healthy and hoping their retirement savings will bounce back. Not to mention some forecasts are that unemployment claims will rise to 30%. It is mind boggling that all this economic destruction and disruption of lives is caused by a relatively small % of the population that will require hospitalization, because even though that % of the population that will require hospitalization is small it will overwhelm our healthcare system . . . . It is just now that we are getting more companies to start building desperately needed ventilators and masks when back in December U.S. Intelligence agencies were reporting that China - despite their public comments - was facing a pandemic that could happen here?
  6. Further to the point - after a Senate Briefing on Jan 24 my Georgia Senator started dumping her stock - that is almost 2 months ago! Maybe she should have focused on getting testing equipment/kits for her constituents instead of going along with the downplaying of the risks while liquidating her positions. https://www.thedailybeast.com/sen-kelly-loeffler-dumped-millions-in-stock-after-coronavirus-briefing The Senate’s newest member sold off seven figures worth of stock holdings in the days and weeks after a private, all-senators meeting on the novel coronavirus that subsequently hammered U.S. equities. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) reported the first sale of stock jointly owned by her and her husband on Jan. 24, the very day that her committee, the Senate Health Committee, hosted a private, all-senators briefing from administration officials, including the CDC director and Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institutes of Health of the United States, on the coronavirus.
  7. Yes, I am confused about why one can't go outside if they stay at least 10 feet away from non household members. Politico had an article today about the Senate head of the intelligence telling a group in early February that this Covd B was super contagious and like nothing seen since 1918. Yet this was before Trump said it would go to zero in a week or two, 2 weeks after the senator told the group about this. And guidance has been that if you stay 6 feet away from others and don't touch anything - or your face that it wouldn't be transmitted. Yet my employer was working all last week on a work from home plan as if they knew what was coming before Trump did. I guess I am wonder 1. How do some know the truth? 2. And what is the truth about how COVD B is spread? https://www.npr.org/2020/03/19/818192535/burr-recording-sparks-questions-about-private-comments-on-covid-19
  8. Yea I was wondering the same thing. I understand some people can be a broken record or disagree too harshly - but the 1 or 2 percent-ers don't ruin my day. Kind of like dog doo left on the street by an inconsiderate owner, as long as I don't step in it, it won't ruin my day.
  9. Nice vehicle - my biggest "meh" is the dashboard - I guess I like a center stack and am just not ready for having everything on a large tablet that is bolted to the dash with a Samsung 10 mounted horizontally for the speedometer. .
  10. According to their website CCN.com was formerly known as CryptoCoinsNews.com. I don't know that I would call this opinion piece Fake News. Fake news to me is news presenting false facts - this article is an opinion piece - Granted not a well reasoned one. While most of the Facts presented seem accurate the analysis supporting the authors conclusions is weak at best. If he is a day trader that puts a big question mark on his motivations. The author fails to grasp Ford's true leverage position and if Ford goes to zero, it means something pretty bad has happened to our country and our economy. Clearly it is hard to see what the bottom will be, we still don't know exactly how this virus will effect people. If we slip into a recession we also are facing the problem that the easy monetary policy pursued by this administration doesn't leave a lot of room to lower rates more. And our deficit spending is already at record levels so can we increase government spending? I would call this article Click Bait - definitely the headline of Ford possibly going to zero is click bait. My prediction? Ford won't go below 4 and it could go back to 10...... At least i hope it goes back to above 10.
  11. Fordowner

    Ford Puma Review

    The only thing better than that Puma is that guy's voice, pronunciation and delivery. I would buy that car rather than have 2 Mustangs in the family - 1 Mustang and 1 Puma. That water proof well in the back is a great feature for expanding capacity and would be great for tailgating. .
  12. Fordowner

    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    So that link is comments by Dr. James Phillips (who serves as the George Washington University School of Medicine's operational medicine fellowship director.)- and it is a Fox News story. Dr. Phillips says : 98 to 99% of people who get coronavirus will 'do just fine' (sounds like he is saying the death rate is 1-2% vs. the flu that is only .1%?) and Dr. Phillips also says "Most of us are going to get this virus. It's undeniable." Considering the Flu has a much lower death rate and most people do not get it thanks to the vaccine this seems very alarming. Finally what does Dr. Phillips and others mean by you can't contain it? Dr. Phillips says that but then he says strength of the Corona virus depends on one's proximity to and amount of time around it. That sounds like limiting our exposure to the virus (containing it) does help. Where I work they constantly ask people not to come in when they have the flu so that others don't catch it. It seems reckless to say all we can do is take a deep breath and accept it.
  13. Fordowner

    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    All valid points. We need less baseless fear BUT we do need to be very aggressive in fighting and people need to hear about common sense practices to stop the spread of this disease because scientists believe this can spread fast and without a vaccine will be deadlier than the Flu on a percentage of those catching it basis. The bungled screening here also is contributing to any false perceptions because it seems only the severe cases are being identified. It also could cause a faster spread because people who have it have not been diagnosed or identified as having it. I also note your references to news articles - true tabloid journalism and TV news often sensationalizes - but rational reporting, such as NPR, is abundantly available. But heck apparently a 1/3 of people polled said they won't drink Corona beer because of the Coronavirus and look at all these people attending rallies (partially funded by tax dollars) to hear complaints about toilets, lightbulbs and non exploding dishwashers - a lot don't take the time to understand. But back to the point - or relevance to autos - supply shortages potentially may not be the big problem if this spreads we may have a demand problem like China is now experiencing. " According to China Passenger Car Association, new car sales in China plummeted 80% year over year in February 2020. This marked the biggest monthly plunge on record as coronavirus concerns kept showroom traffic very low." https://finance.yahoo.com/news/auto-sales-china-log-biggest-140402126.html
  14. Fordowner

    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    Unnecessary hysteria???? Did China's state run media force the closing of their plant? Of course more people die from the flu than have died from from the Coronavirus, but all indications are that the Coronavirus has a higher death rate than the flu and definitely more than the cold. If the Coronavirus spreads too far and too fast then you could have real hysteria. True we don't have good #'s yet but indications are that Coronavirus has a 3% mortality rate vs. a 0.1% mortality rate. That difference becomes significant if Coronavirus spreads like the flu - which it appears to do. So true some are overreacting but this certainly is not just another flu strain. And the truth about coronavirus? “I don't think that we are going to get out of this completely unscathed,” he said. “I think that this is going to be one of those things we look back on and say boy, that was bad.” https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/03/anthony-fauci-trump-coronavirus-crisis-118961
  15. Fordowner

    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    True the news over sensationalizes things like this, but heck that is nothing new. On the other hand - its irresponsible to write this all off. This is potentially far more dangerous than the flu - for one thing we don't yet have a vaccine for it. And just getting the testing or screening out there has not been handled well. I saw a story last night that South Korea has set up drive through testing facilities. Bottom line, yes even if it spreads the Walking Dead is not about to become real - but as I said - IF THIS gets a foothold in the U.S. it will be more dangerous than the flu. That is why most countries (apparently not Cambodia) are being so aggressive to contain this new virus strain. If we do that it will NOT get a Foothold in the U.S. and it will just be a lesson learned for supply chains. It is nice to see the Governor of Georgia taking this seriously. It does appear that many specialists in this area do think we are past the point of containment in part because it is not as deadly as the past events like the Avian Flu. So a vaccine is the long term answer. As one article stated the " “cold and flu season” could become “cold and flu and COVID-19 season.” https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/02/covid-vaccine/607000/