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  1. Jqa1824

    2021 EcoSport Production Information

    Thanks, Ice-Capades, for the info.
  2. Jqa1824

    2021 EcoSport Production Information

    Does anyone know when the 2021's will start reaching dealers? It looks like most of the dealerships are clearing our their 2020's. I'm also curious as to when the 2021 Build Site shows up. Thanks!
  3. Jqa1824

    Ecosport redesign

    I'm pretty sure the Puma will not show up outside of Europe...but plans change. My hope is that Ford adds two crossovers below the Escape (as Jeep, Chevy, Hyundai, and Kia have in their lineups). One would start maybe slightly cheaper than the current EcoSport and stay about the same size, whereas the second one would be bigger (think Jeep Compass) and be priced directly inbetween. I think this is also an opportunity to make one of those vehicles fit in within the standard Ford design range, but have the other one be more adventurous and funky. This is how Jeep and Kia do it. The Renegade and the Soul are a bit more adventurous design-wise, whereas the Compass and the Seltos are a bit more mainstream.
  4. What I don't understand is...between 2003 and 2011 (essentially with Bill Ford ran the show or started some of those programs), Ford really turned their reliability around and produced some rock-solid products (2004-2011 Focus, 2005-2012 Escape, 2006-2012 Fusion, Edge, etc), many of which became the most reliable cars in their segment. But then we got a bunch of products that Ford of Europe had a greater hand in....and reliability took a nose-dive. If I was in charge of Ford I would hammer home that the company's ONLY priority is to make the most reliable cars in the world, with the best value in their segments. Everything else is a distraction.
  5. In the next year or so I will probably replace my Mercury Milan with a new-to-me used car. My Aunt and Uncle used to lease a 2013 Focus and I really liked that car and it would serve my needs really well. However, I am aware that the reliability of the 2012+ automatic Focuses are pretty bad. However, I have heard that the I3 EcoBoost Focuses use a different and far more reliable automatic transmission...perhaps the same one that went into the Fusion. Is this true? Are the automatics used in the I3 EcoBoost Automatics reliable? Thanks for the info.
  6. Adrenaline actually would be a cool name for the Ford electric CUV. Wasn’t there a performance Explorer SUV concept callled that in the mid 90s? I also remember that name was going to be used on an SVT version of the 2nd Gen Sport Trac.
  7. Don’t underestimate the Outback. It’s reliable, fairly affordable, has good interior and cargo room, and has remained consistent in its message and execution...I.e. it’s a great product. The gravy on top is that AWD is standard and barely adds a cost penalty to a similarly sized and equipped competitor that is FWD only. If Ford made a true Outback competitor with all or most of these virtues, it could sell really well, especially if it looks good.
  8. I could see a ‘Big Bronco’ that shares a platform with the F-150. It would use a front clip from the F-150 or Superduty but modified a bit to align with the other Broncos (perhaps unique front bumpers, headlights, etc). Then it would have two full size doors shared with F-Series but with two half doors ala an F-Series supercab and then an enclosed bed which might include a removable top (or for simplicity’s sake just an enclosed bed. I would guess this vehicle would be niche but I could see Ford selling 30,000 a year easily or more and it could command high prices, particularly if there was a Raptor style SVT version. This would leave us with three and half Broncos: Bronco Scout (C-sized 4 door) Bronco (2 door) Bronco (Max?) (4 door) Bronco (?) (full-size) But should this possible model be called?
  9. At first I wondered if this was the affordable “approved in 12 weeks” vehicle that was hinted at recently...but now I doubt it. I’m excited though, as both announced Rivian products look like potential winners. I wonder if this program will be a Lincoln? It seems to me like a skateboard platform would make for a wonderful EV sports car or sedan.
  10. I LOVE this name, if this is indeed the name of the smaller/cheaper/more civilized “Baby Bronco.” The name isn’t a dreaded alpha-numeric addition (exp: Bronco XS) or the meaningless ‘Sport.’ To me the name fits with an outdoorsy theme, and sounds fun, adventurous, and optimistic. It’s not in your face, trendy, or obnoxious. Plus, it’s a name you can say in isolation. “What do you drive?” ”A Scout.” ”What kind of car is that?” ”It’s a Ford SUV. It’s the brother of the Bronco. Bronco Scout.” Well done, Ford!
  11. I sure hope so. I love the Zephyr name.
  12. Yesterday on the highway I was driving amongst an uncamoed 2020 Escape and a camoed Corsair. Both looked fantastic. The Escape looks so sleek, sporty, and optimistic in character. So many vehicles released over the last 5+ years look so busy and ‘over designed’ in my opinion and this Escape is such a breath of fresh air. The only thing I don’t think is ‘perfect’ is that I wish that the rear end was a bit more interesting, compared to the front and side profile. It was also in that bright blue color which really captures the personality of the design theme. The Corsair looked great too and very similar to the Aviator...but perhaps a bit better because it looked like there is less of a ‘sag’ in the roofline. You could tell the Escape and Corsair were the same basic size, but boy do they look different in proportions and character. These two vehicles should be massive hits just based on looks alone.
  13. I saw this on Autoline’s Facebook page. It appears to be the Chinese version of the new Escape. I wonder why they get a different front bumper? I still think I prefer the NA/EU version, but this looks great too.
  14. I saw this on Autoline’s Facebook page. It appears to be the Chinese version of the new Escape. I wonder why they get a different front bumper? I still think I prefer the NA/EU version, but this looks great too.
  15. Wasn’t there a rumor of a more powerful EcoBoost I4 coming? Maybe a version making 340/350hp would make a nice upgrade model between the I4 and the GT?