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  1. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-ford-mondeo-launch-2021-official-document-reveals?fbclid=IwAR3np2mnnrWdJ8Pmk5nfcE-Vo1kj0EOeB_kywAt_87CCnfCpBrX0-lxADHU
  2. I hadn't realized that a Bronco pick up was confirmed. Edit: oh, it's that pickup we've been talking about. I thought it was associated with a cheaper Cuv
  3. But should automakers worry about canibalization in the situation where platforms and architectures are common to all products? I mean, being relatively cheap to develop different C2 cars, shouldn't Ford cover more body styles and possible attract different consumers?
  4. Yes, quite similar. Even sizewise.
  5. So it looks like the shadow behind the orange baby Bronco in the iconic "teaser for dealers" leaked photo is indeed the new Bronco... Right?
  6. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/ford-fusion-stormtrak-trademark-rumors/ https://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2020/01/ford-trademarks-stormtrak-name-new-outback-rival-incoming.html
  7. I see. It's just that the T4 is, at the same time, so close to the Bronco and so disconnected from everything else at Ford that it's hard to see it in a big picture of the company.
  8. I wonder if the Troller T4 will eventually be replaced by the 2 door Bronco in South America... Producing it alongside the Ranger and Amarok could be viable
  9. Brazilian Ecosport indeed coming in 2021 as 2022 model year... Finally! Longe overdue https://quatrorodas.abril.com.br/noticias/segredo-nova-geracao-do-ford-ecosport-crescera-e-tera-traseira-de-mustang/ Other sources also claim there is the idea of producing in Bahia two other Suv/Cuv, possibly C2-based. I guess it has to do with the economical situation in Argentina. Others say the NG Ka could move to a subcompact Cuv, similar to current Ecosport, which will get bigger.
  10. Maybe they're just showing an "advanced concept" (a real teaser) of the Bronco, with no specs, at the debut event of baby Bronco.
  11. Is it possible to replace the PowerShift transmission in one's car by a commercially available wet dual clutch?
  12. By my accounts, the baby Bronco should be around the corner... Wasn't it supposed to appear +/- 6 months before the Bronco?
  13. Exactly. Agree on alls parts... Except the name: do you think Ford will name a VW based car with one of its most iconic nameplates? I have the impression that MEB Fords will be more compliance cars than the MME.
  14. passis

    Ford’s EV Truck Chassis

    A bit off topic and maybe discussed elsewhere (apologies if that is the case): any news/rumors about electrified versions of next generation Ranger? HEV?
  15. Ka and Ecosport (codes B680 and BX755) are said to be in advanced development stages in Brazil, with production investment to be announced as soon as some cuts are approved by the union in Bahia. Lauch is expected to be in 2021, so no C2 for those two before 2027. As for the Fiesta and Puma, I guess their next generation would be on C2 but that's also quite a few years away, maybe 2023.