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  1. Thanks. I had seen that report you mention. But to be honest, Im still curious about this Russian C2 and how it differs from a proper C2. Would it be something like Toyota and Dahiatsu tnga and dnga architectures?...
  2. Yes, it seems that it is not a baby Bronco truck. Its code P758 (or something similar) is paired up with a crossover CX758 whose code is different to baby Bronco's CX430. My guess is that this could be an US replacement for the Ecosport and slot between Territory and Escape in South America.
  3. http://fordauthority.com/2019/09/ford-and-vw-eye-second-ev-using-vw-meb-platform/
  4. Ford India planning to sell Gujarat car plant due to low sales? The plant currently has a low capacity utilization. https://www.rushlane.com/ford-india-gujarat-plant-shut-down-12323856.html
  5. I wonder if the SYNC 4 coming to Mach E has the same vertical look as shown in a photo leaked, months ago, in a Chinese car
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. Can you say something about Baby Bronco's dimensions?
  7. passis

    2022 Courier/Ranchero for NA

  8. I think (if I remember correctly) Ford do Brasil, as a whole, would lose some fiscal incentives if they close that plant in Ceará. So, despite being small, it has some financially strategic reasons to exist
  9. CAOA is reportedly negociating with Changan to produce possibly SUVs in that plant. CAOA already makes Hyundai and Chery vehicles in other two plants.
  10. I was hoping Ford would replace the Ka/Fiesta for an Argentinian Escort, built on the existing C1-tooled plant in Pacheco. Most competitors are growing in size in South America... but I guess the B platform is finally admitting longer wheelbase. And thanks a lot for sharing all these interesting pieces of information about the Chinese models! It's really hard to find certain things about them
  11. Does anyone know a bit more about Ford's "emerging markets" products, such as NG Ka/Figo/Aspire (Project B680-S) and crossovers (many codes I came across: BX563, BX744, BX745, BX755, BX775...)? Also, does anyone know if/how the platform used by Yusheng S330 / Territory is related to a proper Ford platform? It seems, from what I found, that JMC vans are based on the Transit platform and Yusheng S350 is related to the Everest (Ranger). Is that so? Has the Territory anything to do with T6?
  12. I also get an Evos vibe from Model/Mach E, which is a good thing imo