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  1. passis

    New Fusion rendering?

    And Puma tail lights
  2. passis

    2021 Ford Puma ST

    Since they're making the MME there, I think it would be sensible to produce the Transit EV (oversimplified logic). I don't know this plant's capacity but -even then - I imagine there could be some space for an entry level crossover.
  3. passis

    Unifor contract update

    I meant extra capacity for the future. GM will be building Nikolas...
  4. passis

    Unifor contract update

    Interesting question. I could add Rivian to It.
  5. I also understand the Fusion and cars situation in the light of limited financial resources. However... I believe at least in some markets Ford caused this fall on puropose by: announcing a couple of years ago the model would be discontinued with no replacement, then stopping imports and removing the car even from the website about a year ago. In markets where resale value is important, these decisions are pure poison.
  6. Thanks! Any chance of going to Europe or any other market? Or any other info regarding its mechanics (eg, is it a real Ford or a JMC?)?
  7. It occurred to me now that the spy shots in this thread could also be of BX784... The grille fits the description of NG Ecosport (BX755) so maybe that's the family face for emerging markets crossovers...
  8. Six months later, we haven't seen or heard anything more about this vehicle... Although the grille looks different to Escape's, we now have a new suspect that was not known back then: the "Grand" Escape
  9. passis

    Three Row Ford Escape?

    Maybe the supposed cancelation of CX758 also has something to do with this Grand Escape.
  10. Exactly. Maybe also not a whole general platform, but just a project, which usually has this alphanumeric structure.
  11. But they replace older generations of the same vehicles, not Fiesta/Focus/Fusion, that's what I meant as replacement for the cars. In a weird but comprehensible way, Ranger replaced somehow the Focus. In other markets, where the Ranger was already available, we only see cars being abandoned - period.
  12. And to a certain extent, retiring them (Fiesta, Focus, Fusion) before having 'replacement' at the dealerships. It seems that only the Ranger is out now. In the US. Elsewhere, there is nothing on the lots. That might explain constant sales decrease in international markets.
  13. It's good that NA production of Transit is not affected by VW. But I thought the EV versions would take the vans next to the Mach E. If they were smart regarding SA (a big if) they would bring Transits and try to replace some of the trucks market, which they left recently. As a side note, truck production here is in high demand, due to Covid-driven deliveries.
  14. Does anoyone what the projected annual production of Bronco Sport and Maverick (compared to Fusion/MKZ) as well as total capacity at Hermosillo are? Could Fusion active get squeezed in now that CX758 seems to be frozen?