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  1. New Ford Edge for China https://www.elcarrocolombiano.com/autos-del-mundo/ford-edge-nueva-generacion-primeras-imagenes/
  2. Could Otosan be involved in saving India's operations with EVs? I wish they had interest to do the same in Camaçari and adapt B2 towards cheaper BEVs. It was an interesting announcement, the European puzzle is much clearer now. The plan seems good, but not very cohesive, involving their very own products (Mach E), and two partnerships (VW with ID.4 + ID.5 cousins and now Otosan with vans + Puma).
  3. passis

    Cryptic Lincoln Post

    Would the North America MEB be a "Chattanooga choo-choo" (built by VW)? If so, I could see a sort-of-entry level car (Escape?) with the VW platform, coupled to a European version (Kuga?); but not a Lincoln or a Mustang (as a sub-brand), as ventilated in another occasion.
  4. It would. FCA's counterpart has been a big success for the last five years. A shame that corporate did not allow Brazilian engineers to develop an Ecosport-based trucklet a decade ago. This could have saved their local operations just like the Ecosport did around the year 2000. PS: Also, Aegentina could be buidling Mavericks and Bronco Sports in the former Focus line.
  5. Would it be too costly to increase production in Hermosillo (considering they secure supply of components)? They are not bringing a lot of Bronco Sports and Mavericks down here - only in expensive higher trim levels. If they had more output in Mexico, entry versions could increase their volumes here.
  6. Probably, with Ecosport and Edge going away...
  7. https://fordauthority.com/2021/12/ford-files-to-trademark-capri-cortina-escort-granada-orion/ Just keeping the names or MEB EVs bringing back some iconic nameplates?
  8. I see the logic of Ford using MEB technology in European plants (and even to have outsourced VW vehicles in South America eventually), but in North America they should go all in with GE/GE2/TE1 architectures and components.
  9. I wouldn't count on an imported Amarok here, at least not in Brazil, due to tariffs. Also, VW is preparing production of the Tarok (a Maverick competitor) for around the same time the Amarok leaves the market, in 2024 or so. I guess VW will settle with only one (MQB) trucklet.
  10. In an effort to be optimistic (...), I think this might have to do with the fact that production in Argentina is not expected until 2023, probably as 24MY. Before launching the Ranger they tend to publicize other new products here, such as the Mach E - possibly the F150 (for Brazil) and the big Bronco (very few of them) too.
  11. Ford Brazil introduced today an advertisement campaign alongside a new slogan. Being in English, I wonder if this will be picked up elsewhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuxqmvpFE0E
  12. I think you're right about considering only North America numbers, but I had the impression the Cologne facility was getting ready to produce MEB ev's.
  13. FORD MAVERICK: ‘NOT REPLACING’ FUSION SEDAN, ‘MAYBE’ ROOM FOR SMALLER TRUCK https://www.musclecarsandtrucks.com/ford-maverick-not-replacing-fusion-sedan-maybe-room-for-smaller-truck/ Maybe room for a smaller-than-Maverick truck? I don't think so, considering Ford's very US-centric upcoming portfolio. But a newer version of the Courier/Bantam could make sense in many places where Ford is turning off the lights.
  14. Exactly. Ford is not developing B cars, so those plants become useless and need shutting down... unless Ford had interest in converting them to something else: Maverick, CX758/Escape and Bronco Sport are not so low-margin in underdeveloped markets, au contraire... And they could live on for many years after EVs kill ICEs in developed countries.
  15. I think Thailand fits into the Ranger scheme, alongside South Africa and Argentina. Now - with Russia, Brazil and India gone, as we had predicted - the Ecosport is officially dead (it has been a dead horse since it didn't get a new generation around 2018) so the Ranger should be Ford's global vehicle - God knows for how long...