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  1. bebe1852

    dearborn complex

    Has anyone heard anything about when dearborn truck stamping and diversified will be returning to work
  2. Has anyone heard when dearborn truck or any plant in the dearborn complex will be going back to work?
  3. bebe1852

    F250 kentucky truck

    is there anymore down time scheduled for kentucky truck i was told of a slow down anyone have any information about that.
  4. bebe1852

    Dearborn diversified

    What are the shifts at dearborn diversified and how many days do they work
  5. bebe1852

    Focus end at map

    Do they even need all of the cars they are building i see lots in ypsilanti belleville with focus and cmax just sitting there
  6. bebe1852

    Focus end at map

    Antone have any information about when they are going to stop building the focus and cmax at map. snd eill the start lowering the production more and more as that time comes near.
  7. bebe1852

    layoff at MAP

    Shutdown is the first 2 weeks of july. Both weeks are together
  8. bebe1852

    layoff at MAP

    Does anyone have any information on if map will still be working 5 days in june. Heard the fridays may be cancelled.
  9. bebe1852

    65 people to ISA

    What is isa
  10. bebe1852

    layoff at MAP

    Does anyone know if map will be going down to one shift in oct in preparation for the focus leaving
  11. bebe1852

    layoff at MAP

    So no one knows anything about the layoffs at map.
  12. bebe1852

    Profit sharing

    How many more layoffs are scheduled.
  13. bebe1852

    senority date for Map

    Are they sending people to livonia now.Is that why they are calling people back.And are they going to have more layoffs at map this year since its supposed to be the last year for focus and cmax.
  14. bebe1852

    senority date for Map

    April 2 2012
  15. bebe1852

    senority date for Map

    Got a call to come back to work at map.For 2/29 Anyone else get a call to come back to work.