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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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  1. skilled one

    2024 Ford Maverick Order Bank Opens Up In July

    I understand the process. However, as an Ambassador for the Company (Employee), it's hard to explain to the General Population why their orders are taking so long and yet, the company will be taking more.
  2. skilled one

    2024 Ford Maverick Order Bank Opens Up In July

    Pathetically entertaining. Much like the production issues/delays of the '22 MY bumping into '23 orders, here we are again with the same issue. I ordered my '23 on Sept 16 and still don't have a build date, but yet, gonna start taking orders again (???).
  3. skilled one

    Diagnosing Taurus no A/C

    Check the Air Blend Actuator?
  4. skilled one

    A-Z Plan tire pricing

    FYI - This Program is still active as I just called and got a Pin #.
  5. skilled one

    2019 UAW Ford Highlights

    UAW.org Click "Members" Click "Auto Bargaining" Click "Ford"
  6. skilled one

    Signing Bonus

    The Bitterness of No Raise remains long after the sweetness of a Bonus is long forgotten - Ben Franklin (well sort of...)
  7. skilled one

    Union Dues?

    Try looking in the UAW Constitution... Article 16 Section 2(e)
  8. skilled one

    dtp new product

    That's why Rouge Office Building is being torn down...
  9. skilled one

    wizards ego trip

    If the wizard is legit - as it seems - wouldn't you want a heads-up? ... a chance to prepare? ... better than being blind-sided, don't you think?
  10. skilled one

    Hey Wizard - Rouge Area?

    I guess not having seen anything on DT&D at this time can be perceived as a bonus... in a positive way... considering the plant was on the table for closure during the 2003 contract negotiations.
  11. skilled one

    Hey Wizard - Rouge Area?

    I understand the broad picture of the company as a whole. It seems as if the Wizard has the details of what lays before us. Simply meaning - specifics, and that is what I am attempting to find out, if at all possible, as is everyone else.
  12. skilled one

    Hey Wizard - Rouge Area?

    Kind of a broad statement... Can you please elaborate? skilled one
  13. skilled one

    Hey Wizard - Rouge Area?

    Wizard? ...anyone?
  14. skilled one

    Hey Wizard - Rouge Area?

    Since DEFTP and DDMP seem to be toast, What is the fate of Dearborn Tool & Die? or the DSP? or Fuel Tank? Thank You, Skilled One