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    That's the point of my post. If you use the touch screen once a week, good for you. Don't need to be talked down to, by telling me to read an owners manual.
  2. Rifle


    Redundant controls are always simpler. The F150 is much better.
  3. Rifle


    That's the problem. I know how it works, and it's not as user friendly as other vehicles! Like I said, it was just a suggestion on the wish list thread. Didn't ask for your 2 cents!
  4. Rifle


    It was just a suggestion. Thanks for the advice on how to operate it. Maybe it should be set at the factory, and tell the owner, not to adjust it.
  5. Rifle


    Driving a 2021 Edge with the big screen. I hate going through all of the gyrations to work the climate controls. I see the 2023 Escape with the larger screen is the same way. PLEASE bring back simple radio and climate control knobs!
  6. Bring back dual horns on the Escape and Edge.
  7. Um, I don’t recall a trade assist rebate. Can you tell me when that was, and the dollar amount? Thanks!
  8. It’s beyond me, why Ford didn’t get ahead of this, by offering a trade assistance rebate, toward another Ford product, years ago!
  9. I think that the purchase and renovation of the old train station in Detroit is a great thing. I've noticed however that World Headquarters is in desperate need of a renovation. The cement on the top of the building looks stained ant dirty (maybe needs to be sandblasted) idk. Also, the glass, looks like it needs replacing. Jmho
  10. I sure hope that the product line coming, has been properly thought out. I understand the reasoning for dropping sedans, but then I look at the Transit Connect, CMax, and EcoSport. A lot has to be done in a hurry! The Ranger should have been out five years ago.
  11. I would like to see more creative designs on Ford Division instrument clusters. The Expedition, F150, and Mustang are great, however I noticed that even the Ranger will have the same design as my previous Taurus, Edge, and Fusion. This design has been around forever! Lincoln has the right idea on it's new products.
  12. Is it just me, or do the current wheel selections for Continental and Navigator put you to sleep? Hopefully some new exciting designs are on the way!
  13. All of this is great, but after attending the Mustang show at the Glass House, I was shocked at how shabby that building has become. New glass would be a good place to start, and then maybe at least sand blasting the cement. It's a shame that it could get that bad. Ford needs to get it's priorities straight!
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