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  1. You read my mind! Yes, I think the Super Duty being added to OAP is also a “response” to the toxic UAW negotiations last year and the KTP being the first plant to go down on strike. That hurt Ford badly being the company’s single most profitable plant in the world. Ford had prioritized F-Series production to be exclusively in the US for a long time. I think Bill Ford and Farley felt personally burned by the UAW’s tactic to go after that plant first and this decision was a direct reflection of that. But the UAW can’t really complain as the added Super Duty production is going to Canada to a Unifor plant and not to a spot in Mexico. Ultimately Ford wins on multiple fronts here and so does OAP.
  2. This is phenomenal news!!! Congrats to the OAP team! Your workforce was too good to sit idle for 3.5 years. And adding Super Duty production is a great way to expand F-Series sales, getting it closer to that 1 million a year sales goal (one day). Yes, the 3 row EVs look to be going to the Cuatitlan plant. Which is where they were originally supposed be built before their major design / program changes. It does make me wonder why they didn’t just keep Super Duty production entirely at KTP and not move Expedition and Navigator to OAP.
  3. Very true but Ford wastes money on countless things without batting an eye. Take Michigan Central, a very noble cause to buy and renovate such a historic building to help rebuild a community but at nearly $1 billion total, Ford does not spend wisely on anything. $70,000 on a Cadillac to benchmark is nothing.
  4. In this case that won’t be possible as the glass now covers the c-pillar.
  5. Yeah I too was disappointed to see that they “blacked out” the body color c-pillar. That was a Ford SUV heritage design cue which every Explorer has had, every Expedition (up until 2025) has had, the Excursion had, and the first 2 generations of the Escape had as well. I get that it’s hard to make a model look different from generation to generation if that always stays the same but it was definitely an important design cue. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever.
  6. This is new generation with a new model code, not just a refresh. Yes this new generation uses the same “footprint” as the outgoing Expedition and carries over the exterior door panels and roof but virtually everything else on the exterior and interior are new.
  7. Yes, like the current Maverick, they will all have different grille inserts. Those are the new headlights every Maverick will have. This is the Lobo/ST with its own front fascia and grille insert. The regular Maverick XL, XLT, Lariats will have a face similar to the new Ranger.
  8. I can try and help answer this one. As you probably know Flat Rock has some physical limitations with how tall a vehicle is that they can build there. It literally has to be a car, coupe, sedan, wagon or something that doesn’t have a large height like an SUV. They certainly could have continued or added production of a sedan there. They could bring the Mondeo/Taurus or Zephyr and put it in there but Farley does not want to build commodity products. He does not want a vehicle that won’t provide a significant return on its investment, aka having good margins. That’s pretty much why. My guess is if vehicle height wasn’t an issue then something else (like a SUV) would get built there. If the Mustang didn’t exist, I’m convinced that plant would have been closed or Ford would have let Mazda keep it and not bought out Mazda’s half.
  9. There was/is a replacement for the Corsair but I don’t know too much about that one except that it was also supposed to be built at OAC as well not LAP. Everything that was planned out has either been paused, cancelled or is being rethought as we speak. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the company so thrown off the game. Personally based on experience and how things get handled I think the EVs destined for OAC are being scrapped or rethought yet again. I heard the original design was being reconsidered with better battery tech. This is the body style that looked more boxy like an Explorer originally to be built in Mexico alongside the MME at Cuautitlán Assembly. What scares me is how much capacity Ford is going to have when all these plants are finished. Whether they are capable of ICE or EV production, there’s just too much capacity. Ford needs to add more vehicles to the portfolio whether ICE or EV to take advantage of all this capacity.
  10. The Bronco Heritage came in 2 flavors, the regular Heritage and the Heritage Limited. It’s the Heritage Limited that’s being dropped after the 2024 Model Year. The regular Bronco Heritage looks to be continuing on.
  11. The 2003-2014 Volvo XC90 (Gen 1) split tailgate design should provide some clarity on what to expect…
  12. From what I have heard it is not being designed in Dearborn at all. It is being designed completely in California away from the “system” aka “Dearborn Disfunction.” It’s dimensions are supposedly very close to the current Escape.
  13. The low cost EV is a replacement for the Escape (or the next gen as an EV) however you want to look at it. I don’t believe they will co-exist at the same time.
  14. Anything is possible and subject to change. However it is publicly known that the first low cost EV priced around $25,000 starting will come out of LAP in Kentucky.
  15. Leadership has a major impact on a company like Ford. It really is amazing how one person can literally influence and control direction and strategy so much. I honestly have reasonable hope for Lincoln moving forward. There are a few different silhouettes that will join (or at least they were supposed to) in the next couple of years that should make the faithful much happier.
  16. This right here is the summation of why Ford is the way it is. It’s also why the Premier Automotive Group was disabled. Mulally saw the culture at Ford and knew it couldn’t manage that much. That is still the case today.
  17. The sad part is I would have never considered the first gen Edge as a commodity product by any means. The first gen was way more of a passion product. There was nothing else quite like it at the time outside of the Nissan Murano. Yes, perhaps the second gen is more of a commodity product. But its popularity is amazingly still pretty good for a decade old design. Only one person decided that the Edge was a commodity and it should be dropped. Farley really only loves the Mustang family, Bronco family, F-Series and Maverick.
  18. The odds are supposedly pretty good in that it will be used for the next gen Explorer/Aviator at the end of the decade. Beyond those two there is nothing else attached to CD6 yet.
  19. U760 was up for BOD review in March. It was red flagged. Which means it was reviewed and discussed for possible cancellation. I don’t know the outcome of that meeting or decision yet. There is a difference as U759 was delayed, U760 might have been shelved indefinitely. Lincoln has pretty much said they won’t go the EV route for the foreseeable future. I don’t think Lincoln’s customer would support and/or buy it. It’s a real shame as it’s definitely the nicer of the two.
  20. To be honest, while I do believe they are at a decision point, I also don’t think the plan has changed at all for OAC yet.
  21. No one seems to know the status of the the 7 seater EVs at this point. I have a feeling they are at a serious decision point about moving forward or not. Edge could get extended again but not likely. There have been some rapid program changes up and down the line. If you like non EV vehicles then you will be excited for the programs back in motion or added to the cycle.
  22. Bronco sales are drying up because of the ridiculous prices increases it has had since launch. Internally, some are sounding the alarm bells now going off because of the greed on raising the prices so much. When the Bronco launched the 2-door starting price was $28,995, it’s now $39,600+. Insanity! The greed doesn’t end there, they killed the Base trim levels so the starting price automatically goes up. Even though the Base trims aren’t huge volume, it’s still an attractive starting point. Especially for those who want a simple Bronco or even Bronco Sport and want to make it truly their own through lots of customizations. The Bronco Raptor came out at around $66,000 and its starting price is now $90,000+. All in less than 3 years. It’s beyond inflation or raw material prices increases. Most Ford dealers have an average Bronco stock of 15-20 units now and they are sitting. Jeep has been slashing their MSRP’s considerably. I hope we take the hint and stop this insane pricing that’s not sustainable and will kill product lines. The Maverick’s success and demand is due to its affordability.
  23. OAC will not be down that long. Job 1 is around March 2025.
  24. There is no Bronco Sport BEV in development, that was never going to LAP. The small SUV BEV going to LAP is still on plan for now. Again not a Bronco Sport. The Maverick and Bronco BEVs are what have been delayed until 2030+.
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