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  1. fordmantpw

    2020 F-350 specs ???

    Look at the numbers for a 2019. The payload will likely be essentially identical on a '20 as on a '19. Fifth wheel tow capacity may be up slightly, but doubtful much difference (if any) on a SRW. But, don't buy the truck due to the increases over your '15, but the truck because it is miles ahead of the previous ('11-'16) gen trucks. Seriously, it's amazing how much better the '17+ trucks are.
  2. It is an issue, but It's not as bad as your phone because they manage how the batteries are charged and discharged, and they have a cooling system to protect them from heat.
  3. To Ford's credit, this is an entirely new platform, in a completely rebuilt plant. I expect hiccups at launch. I'm not excusing it, just trying to explain how stuff happens, and how it takes a bit to make things right. Ever heard the saying "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"... So you had problems with a 2011 (first year model) and you decided to do it again?
  4. fordmantpw

    Chevy Silverado 'Invisible Trailer'!

    Well, in a way, Ford has this. They have a camera you can mount on the back of your trailer. It serves essentially the same purpose, but you just can't use it while you're driving down the road.
  5. fordmantpw

    I got your full-size 4-door Bronco right here,,,,,,

    Well, if it had a 3rd door on the street-side, then it would be a 4th door, right? 😂 Sorry, got called out for a production problem at work at 4:00 this morning, so I felt like being a smart a$$. I didn't even realize the B-100 exists...very cool!
  6. fordmantpw

    August Sales?

    Well said!
  7. fordmantpw

    August Sales?

    What has more (relevant) competition? F-Series or Tacoma?
  8. fordmantpw

    August Sales?

  9. fordmantpw

    Next Ranger with 2.7L V6 ?

    It definitely IS a substitute for the way many pickup trucks are used in fleets. Can it replace ALL uses? No. However, it can replace MANY uses of pickup trucks, and can probably replace 75-80% of fleet-use Rangers.
  10. fordmantpw

    Sync3/Waze Speed Issue?

    It's a Sync 3 issue. Supposedly there is an update for it out there (non-official) that fixes it, but the latest official release from Ford doesn't fix it. I haven't tried the non-official release yet. Try this and let me know if it works so I know if it's worth the trouble https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1590204-waze-mph-incorrect-how-to-fix-2.html#post18810789
  11. He's also a published author on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Richard-Jensen/e/B00PXNAA9A/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0
  12. And that, my friends, is how you spend $1B in 100 seconds.
  13. fordmantpw

    2020 Ram EcoDiesel sneak peek

    You mean you didn't find the sound of a stationary, relatively quiet, V6 diesel revving to 3k RPM to be stimulating? Yeah, me neither.
  14. fordmantpw

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    That was really my point. If you were going to build this for high HP in a car, wouldn't it be a helluva lot easier to start with the Coyote as opposed to a big, heavy, truck engine? If you were going to look for a marathon runner for your marathon team, would you start looking for a body builder who can bench press a small car?
  15. Here's a thought...let your wife drive it and see if she likes it. If she does, buy the damn thing for her. If not, move on to something else.