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  1. I don't think they are new powertrains until "later in the decade". That's when the electrified SD hits. 2026 MY would coincide with the expected refresh of the SD. Maybe it'll be delayed a year, or maybe OAC will just get them a bit later, in early 2026.
  2. If there is anything Ford knows, it's their truck owners. They aren't going to produce a product that does what you say. I have faith in Ford not screwing up the Super Duty.
  3. Agreed. I think a BEV Super Duty is a non-starter, at least with the current battery state. However, a range extender series PIH (similar to the new Ram) is perfect in my opinion. You have the drivability of a BEV without the range anxiety. I'll start saving my pennies now!
  4. This is great news for OAP! I'm intrigued about the electrified and "multi-energy" Super Duty! The end of the decade will be the time to replace my '22... How does that affect it? Different plants. KTP and LAP.
  5. I've had rain sensing wipers on my last two Super Dtuy trucks and they work perfectly (well, about 99% perfectly). I rarely touch the wiper switch at all. I love them, right along with the automatic headlights. On our '20 Escape, the rain sensing wipers sucked, so that's likely why they got dropped. They sucked and had to be used manually on the Escape, so why keep it.
  6. And priced in the 30's, they'd lose money on every one they sold. Or, if they did make money, it wouldn't be worth the small amount of profit compared to what they could make on other things. That's why the Fusion was discontinued.
  7. We ordered ours in February. Said to expect delivery in July, and that's what it still says today. Not a big deal for us as we have only charged outside of the home twice in the 7500 miles we've had it, but it will be nice to have the flexibility when the charger finally arrives (if we can get the Mach-E to update to the latest version to be able to use it).
  8. Ford won't cover the floorplan interest anymore, so dealers are going to be more proactive (ie better deals) to move stock.
  9. I'm in central Missouri, just outside the "capital city."
  10. Interesting...my dealer used to be known as Capital City Ford (2 owners and probably 25-30 years ago).
  11. Pretty sure that's a cover for where the Pro Power Onboard goes if you don't have that option. No idea what it's called. Maybe I should get the dimensions and start 3D printing and selling them...sounds like it may be an oft-replaced piece!
  12. That's an 8' bed. All duallies come with 8' beds.
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