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  1. Not true. As BEVs become more mainstream, cost will play more of a factor, and Tesla's "technical superiority" will be diminished.
  2. fordmantpw

    Next gen Mustang to go full EV

    The struggle for road tax money is real. I hate taxes as much as the next guy, but this is one area that has been declining for years due to better fuel economy for cars, and something needs to be done. My wife works for the transportation department and there's constantly issues with funding and finding ways to pay for road projects. Bridges here in MO are horrible, but there's just no way to pay for fixing them. Gas taxes don't pass because people just don't get it. It's only going to get worse as fuel economy increases and more BEVs make it into the wild. I don't have a solution, but the end result is going to be painful as it's going to be an all-in-one payment ($xx at registration time) instead of $3-4 at every fill-up.
  3. fordmantpw


    Welcome aboard! Best advice: try not to get addicted to all that torque, otherwise your pocketbook will feel the pinch from buying all that diesel fuel! Seriously though, just try to avoid short trips (5-6 miles) as much as possible as it will cause more regens and it won't be able to complete a regen. Change your fuel filter regularly (15-20k mile intervals), don't accidentally put DEF or gasoline in the fuel tank, don't idle it too much, and put a load behind it now and then and it'll treat you well for many miles! Don't stress about it much and just drive and enjoy it. No need to baby it. Forscan is cool. Do some research on that and find ways to enable/disable lots of stuff for fun and usefulness. Oh yeah, don't forget to try out the exhaust brake. It's awesome, both with a trailer and without. I use mine when driving in town unloaded as I don't use the brake pedal near as much and it gives a feel of driving a manual without the hassles. Check out the diesel form at ford-trucks.com for lots of info. I'm over there as the same username...drop in and say hi.
  4. Must be the same as the '14 Escape latches...just go our recall on it Saturday.
  5. Ditto. I've also got the small DeWalt shop vac and it works great (along with the drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw and flashlight). Thinking about the small chainsaw for limbs and possibly the weed eater as well. Love the DeWalt battery-powered stuff.
  6. There were a lot of newer technologies that looked promising for nuclear power, but security and spent fuel storage are still big issues. They're definitely not insurmountable, but I don't expect to see any new nukes built in the US.
  7. I LOL'd at 'La Ninja'! 🤣 It's a shame the liberals have poo-pooed all over nuclear power throughout the years since it's about as green as it comes. Of course, maybe I'm biased since I work at a nuke plant...
  8. Use your exhaust brake. Makes a world of difference. Add in tow haul and manual downshift as YT90SC mentions and it’s even better.
  9. fordmantpw

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    They were planning for the worst, therefore the suspension of the dividend. The exact date doesn't really matter...they could see what was coming and decided to be proactive.
  10. Agreed, if it's available, do it, but it's not a make or break situation (IMHO).
  11. I've never had an issue with 4x4 and not having a locker. My Super Duty is worthless in 2wd, but put it in 4x4 and it'll go anywhere, even without the locker locked.
  12. fordmantpw

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    I fully expect the dividend to come back soon. If earnings are well enough, maybe even a special as they've done in the past.
  13. You really only need the locking diff if you are going to do some serious off-roading. The lockable diff will automatically unlock at (I think) 25 MPH if it's the same as my Super Duty. It's not for use on the highway or at highway speed. It's an actual locker and not limited slip, so you don't want it locked on pavement.
  14. fordmantpw

    Hummer EV unveiling this fall (spy pic too)

    I wasn't comparing it to the new truck. rperez based it solely on price how it compared to the original H1. That didn't do anything to move the needle enough to keep Hummer alive and well, so how is it a good indication it's going to do that now based on price? The Bronco went away for many reasons, mostly because it wasn't true to it's roots, and what it had become was no longer a viable product. I think it's cool they've revived Hummer, I just don't think this is going to do anything (financially) to help the company. The Bronco on the other hand... The Hummer here is a toy for the rich and won't sell enough to make a difference. The Bronco is going to print money for a few years.