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  1. Boy, if you keep learning, someday you'll be as smart as snooter!
  2. It's not just the Bronco either, it's every-freaking-thing! Sheesh!
  3. I had to do it. It's gotten ridiculous lately...
  4. fordmantpw

    New light & medium duty news

    The F450 C&C has the gasser available, but the pickup does not. They're marketed to completely different folks. Oh, and BTW, this isn't 1980 any more...gassers go on well past 100k miles. I think you need to find a different hobby, dude.
  5. Wow, that thing is hideous! It'll never sell! Blech! </sarcasm>
  6. fordmantpw

    Future Edge Replacement

    We have a 5 ton unit in our house. The electric co-op wanted a 6 ton unit, but that wouldn't allow the zoning we wanted. The HVAC contractor assured us a 5 ton unit would work, but the co-op wouldn't honor the rebate ($750/ton) unless we went 6 ton, so we compromised and did 6 ton worth of loop for a 5 ton unit. This makes things more efficient. Our loops are vertical. I don't remember the depth, but I'm thinking 150' each, and I believe there are 4 wells? Vertical is typically more efficient, and we had the drillers onsite to drill our water well, so it was convenient enough to drill the GSHP wells at the same time. Cost between the two is similar, and fewer things to worry about with vertical loops. We also hit water fairly shallow, which is also more efficient. I have also seen place that put the loops in the bottom of a lake as well, but vertical loops is the most common around here. I honestly don't know the return water temp, but I would say we are at or above 50F. Ground temperature is typically 55 or so, and with about 1200' of pipe, I would say it comes close to that temp by the time it comes back around.
  7. fordmantpw

    Future Edge Replacement

    We have GSHP (aka geothermal) and we love it. We cool our house for pennies in the summer (plus free hot water), and the heat works extremely well here in central MO. I don't think GSHP would work well in the cold north of ND, though. When it gets cold (0 is cold here) our geothermal furnace will run nearly non-stop (22+ hours per day). It has to move LOTS of air to work well, but our auxiliary heat strips have never kicked in. Our thermostat gives us all kinds of information, and, when it's really cold, we heat our entire 2500 sq-ft (main level + 1500 sq-ft finished basement) house with about 1700 W, or just over the equivalent of an electric ceramic heater. This is keeping the house 71-72 degrees. The installation cost wasn't that much more than a comparable gas system, possibly even a bit less with rebates and tax credits figured in. NG isn't an option for us here, even though a major main runs through about a mile from our house.
  8. fordmantpw

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    LOL at those completely out of place looking vents!
  9. And the 4-door buyers is what will make the Bronco possible. If it weren't for the 4-door, it wouldn't be coming back, and it definitely would not stick around.
  10. Hi probowler, I'm nobody, nice to meet you! I would guess there are thousands of guys (and gals) like me out there who want a Bronco but need 4 doors for the family. I guess they are all named nobody too. Interesting...
  11. fordmantpw

    Future Edge Replacement

    We are all-electric and we don't have a generator or batteries...very few people around here do. In the 5+ years here at our new house, we've probably been without power a total of an hour or less. Electricity is very reliable here in our area. Induction cooktops are awesome! And I wouldn't trade my geothermal heat for gas heat at all (especially when it comes time to pay the bill).
  12. fordmantpw

    New light & medium duty news

    I would love to have the slightly lower height compared to my '17. It's just does not need to be as high as it is. Low class interior? 🙄
  13. fordmantpw

    Has anyone taken delivery of 7.3 yet?

    Nice truck @Coaster! I love the new wheels on the 2020 compared to the '17-'19.
  14. fordmantpw

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    Truck, yes. But we're talking Bronco here. I don't think the Bronco has EVER been offered in 4x2, has it (not counting the Bronco II)?
  15. fordmantpw

    7.3 Flowmaster exhaust

    That sounds great!