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  1. You got it. For a speed of 0.92 MPH with 37" tires.
  2. Looks like I was way off. 95:1 crawl ratio!
  3. Geez, what's the crawl ratio on that thing? Anybody know the ratio of first gear on the 7-speed tranny? What about low range on the transfer case? We're looking at maybe a 60-70:1 crawl ratio.
  4. Tremor and Raptor are 2 different slices of the off-road pie. Raptor is a desert runner, made for flying through the desert. Tremor is more for slow going, rock crawling, the stuff you need a winch for. The Super Duty Tremor is available with a winch. The FX4 just gets you hill descent (which you can add to a normal F150 / Supr Duty just by getting the switch and using Forscan to activate it), skid plates (which can be ordered on any truck), and electric locker (which again, can be ordered on any 4x4 truck). It's not much for substance.
  5. As many Tremor Super Duty trucks as I see on the road, I would say it's succeeding there.
  6. fordmantpw

    Those poor explorers..

    The sign would have to be more than a mile before the bridge for the conductor to be able to do anything about it. As Fuzzy mentions, this is all on the dispatcher, not the engineer.
  7. Agreed. I owned a Kubota, but now own a Deere, only because the size I was wanting (JD 2720) was perfect and the corresponding Kubota was just a tad small for my needs. I wouldn't hesitate to by either if they fit my needs. The green paint is a little pricey, but you get it back when (if) you sell it. Many smaller Deere tractors aren't made in the US either.
  8. I'm from Missouri so...the only real Kansas City is the state where Arrowhead stadium is.
  9. Where else would a Kansas City plant be?
  10. fordmantpw

    Doing some updates to my '75

    That's awesome! Love how she's coming together. Keep the updates coming!
  11. What'll be funny is if the 2.7L has more HP and torque than the V8 in the Jeep.
  12. fordmantpw

    F250 7.3L No trailer tow !

    ^^^^ This right here.
  13. fordmantpw

    F250 7.3L No trailer tow !

    XL comes with manual fold and telescoping mirrors. Power ones are N/A in XL. Not sure what’s up with trailer brake controller but I thought it was standard. That would be why it’s not mentioned as an option. TPMS and trailer camera I don’t think are available in XL either. Sounds like you’re more concerned with availability of options on trim level and not gas vs. diesel.
  14. fordmantpw

    F250 7.3L No trailer tow !

    Wait, the F-600 isn't available with the PowerStroke? That seems odd.