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  1. fordmantpw

    Goodbye Focus, hello Flex

    Congrats, and welcome to the Flex family! See ya next Tuesday according to Premier!
  2. fordmantpw

    Which fifth wheel hitch are you using?

    I have the same hitch and love it!
  3. fordmantpw

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    You don't have to be first to market. It helps, but in the end, it's the product that makes or breaks you, not your trophy for being first. Take mid-size SUVs back in the late 80's for example. Who was first? Jeep with the Cherokee. Who won? It's hard to argue that Ford won with the Explorer. First-place trophy's don't pay the bills.
  4. fordmantpw

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    You can't be serious.
  5. fordmantpw

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Don't you have to make a profit with it before you 'have it made?'
  6. Few fun facts for number geeks like me (assuming zero losses of course): 75kWh of energy = 270MWs(econds) Discharge rate of 1 MW Means 270 seconds at max discharge (assuming full to 0% charge). 1HP ~ 750W 900HP = .675 MW That means with the proper electric motors, this thing is capable of 48% more power, for a total potential of 1333HP. 1MW @ 800V is 1250 amps.
  7. fordmantpw

    New light & medium duty news

    KTP doesn't have the capacity.
  8. fordmantpw

    New to me F150

    Congrats! I always loved that generation Ford trucks!
  9. They don't look bad on the outside in real life, but they sure don't deserve the Blazer name.
  10. Do you believe that global warming / climate change is caused by man? Do you believe that we can do much to really stop it? If yes, then you are saying that scientist believe we can anticipate, predict, and change what the world (which we have nearly zero control over) is going to do, but that scientists cannot anticipate and predict what man (which we have 100% control over) is going to be able to do. You can't have it both ways unless you are believing in what you like and not believing in what you don't like.
  11. fordmantpw

    Site Problems?

    I'm not seeing this issue at all, but I use an ad blocker. I think it has to do with the ads on the page.
  12. Exactly! We've been saying this for years, but nobody will believe us. A super-smart, well-known, successful software engineer says it, and nobody believes him either. Autonomous cars are nothing but software (with a little hardware thrown in for sensors). Why on earth won't people believe software engineers who have been building software for years when they say it just won't work. Your quote in the second post is spot-on and what we've been saying all along.
  13. fordmantpw

    Time to move on

    Best of luck to you! Thank you for all the times you've helped those on the forums, and glad to hear you're sticking around. What line of work you going into?