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  1. ...right into the hull of Ford's quality ratings. Mazda first, Explorer Worst.
  2. ZanatWork

    New Fusion rendering?

    As an unabashed wagon fan, and Flex fan, I'm all for that rendering being accurate. I was just fine with my Flex's "normal" liftover height when I was lugging amps and other music gear in and out of it, and its AWD was great for the often-slimy roads of the Northwest. Plus, in a vehicle that I don't need to have off-road capability, I enjoy the lower center of gravity that I wouldn't have in an Explorer or similar CUV/SUV.
  3. ZanatWork

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    I admit that I'm largely concerned/curious about the ride/handling/feel, as that seemed to be where the outgoing truck lost points against the newer competition.
  4. I'm all for another Excursion, people still look for the 7.3 models regularly.
  5. Why the screaming hell did Ford give NA the "differently abled" nose, and give the better one to other markets? For that matter, who the hell signed off on the junk snoot we have here? Fire their ass(es)!!!
  6. I'm just gonna throw this out there: the restyling was/is...a major failure. The previous generation had the Aston Martin face, while this one looks like a kid that eats all the paste in kindergarten. That front end is just...bad. It''s very hard to get past that, at least for me. As far as the test went...yeah, C/D didn't do much for the credibility of the test and/or its author, but their remarks also repeat what's been said since this Escape came out: it's absolutely mediocre. I've yet to see anyone rave about it, really, in any way...it's just known to be a market-demanded CUV stepping in to be the replacement for both the Fusion (for the moment) and the Focus. Ford didn't put their best work into the little beast, and it's shown.
  7. ZanatWork

    Time for Something Fun...

    Mercury for me. I'd also love Merkur, maybe as a way to get our ST/RS Fiestas and Focii back....
  8. I really like it in pics so far, I hope it's at least as good in person.
  9. That 2 door looks wrong, I can't believe the production model will have essentially NO rear overhang.
  10. ZanatWork

    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    Flu deaths in Washington State, for perspective See that? Several times more than the current media fixation, and more widespread...and, largely avoidable by the same means. I work in Seattle, and the quarantine center they're trying to put into Kent is essentially down the street from my apartment. This is a hyped-up mess of ridiculous proportions...but no, it's not "just ok that it kills old people". It's got a fraction of the awful stats that the flu has, but gets exponentially more press. Hygiene and common sense can go a long way toward containing this, much more than hoarding Charmin and Lysol will.
  11. The Ram's popularity also is partially due to its coil-spring rear suspension, which may not be as spec-sheet impressive as the typical leaf rear springs, but the Ram is supposedly better driving/riding than the F-series in everyday use. As much as the bigger screen will attract some plebian truck buyers, the driveability in no/light load situations is a bigger deal.
  12. Maybe because you're being an insulting twink about it? Cars/trucks have changed. The computers have elements defined by laws, look 'em up. Bitch at your representatives. Maybe, build a '78 Bronco with manual everything, throw out your computer and other devices, and subsist entirely on bacon and beans until your arteries give up the ghost...maybe that'll make you feel all manly and what-not. Meanwhile, the functional people can have a modern vehicle, and build a classic, and appreciate each for what they are.
  13. ZanatWork

    Fusion styled crossover?

    I tell ya what, if they nail the styling and the features, that could find a ton of homes out here in the Northwest. One of them could be mine.
  14. Thanks for your efforts, on behalf of some of us that geek out on sales numbers...!
  15. Many companies failed to give wagons much push, again with Subaru as the exception. When's the last Ford Flex commercial you saw? How many years back?