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  1. Got no problem with Ford putting them in timeout for awhile. Not saying cut'em off forever, just make it plainly clear you expect better.
  2. Moosetang

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    Overall, a good looking truck. But I just can't get there on the front. The pouty grill shape and huge headlight housings just don't work for me. Totally subjective, though, I'm sure plenty will love it. And I've been on the outside looking in since the 2-bar thing became the norm, so I clearly don't represent any large slice of the market.
  3. Moosetang

    Hank the Third

    Wall Street doesn't like the family control, the lack of aggressive union-bashing, and what they see as too much focus on the cars vs the profits. That likely never changes while Ford stays Ford (and modern Wall Street stays itself). So maybe it is time to do what once seemed like an oddball, fringe notion: have the family take the company private for a bit while it weathers this crisis and gets itself sorted so it can do so without needing to focus on dividends and beating quarterly profit forecasts.
  4. I dearly love the Mach 2. Actually a bit surprised no kit car maker like Factory 5 ever made it a real thing.
  5. Wasn't too long ago that certain fat radio hosts were screaming that the hole was a hoax and that it was our duty as Americans to use CFCs or some such. I swear, there would be pro-asbestos scarf and pro-lead fingerpaint websites today if there were any money in it.
  6. Moosetang

    Ford and VW partnership

    Ford's wise to block Amarok in NA, the premium-trim truck models are a sorely-needed income stream and while VW's truck likely wouldn't be anywhere in the hunt for the segment sales crown it could absolutely take away a chunk of those premium sales. Ze Germans would have to put up quite an enticing deal to make that something Dearborn would agree to.
  7. The company was waiting for the "perfect" reveal moment for Bronco and ended up getting caught waiting for something that will never come. They absolutely should not try to tie it to anything with the Pandemic, it should just release the videos they shot for the reveal and publish the specs.
  8. I rather like the look, for what it is I think they did quite well.
  9. I dont discount the possibility of "two Jims" or some of the other stuff in Pete's article, but the way he hand waves away any notion that Farley should get any credit for Ford of Europe's turnaround is a pretty big flag that his sources, and he, all have too much axe to grind. Let's not forget that Pete was positively glowing about Mark Fields taking the helm. I'm willing to give Jim a shot, even if he is a bit tyrannical, especially if HTT is there in the mix making sure the product is done right.
  10. Man, don't bring the Mach 2 in here you'll make me so sad they never went forward with it.
  11. Moosetang

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    I don't know why, but I got serious Chevy vibes from the stacked headlights under the camo.
  12. Moosetang

    New Ford Puma

    Going to be one of those rare ones where I like the tail better than the front. The perched-on-top look for the headlights is going a long way towards throwing off the nose.
  13. It's interesting how the Jeep interior reviews. Lots of praise for character, sorta mixed positive comments on comfort, but definitely smaller and noticably more cramped than Ranger. Gonna be a lot easier for Ford to add character than for FCA to add space.
  14. I'm fairly close to a Ford dealership, even though this seems to be Honda country most days. Seen 2 Rangers in the wild, haven't seen one sitting on the lot when I've been by.
  15. Hadn't seen that statement, interesting. I guess we'll see what comes.