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  1. Moosetang

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    I don't know why, but I got serious Chevy vibes from the stacked headlights under the camo.
  2. Moosetang

    New Ford Puma

    Going to be one of those rare ones where I like the tail better than the front. The perched-on-top look for the headlights is going a long way towards throwing off the nose.
  3. It's interesting how the Jeep interior reviews. Lots of praise for character, sorta mixed positive comments on comfort, but definitely smaller and noticably more cramped than Ranger. Gonna be a lot easier for Ford to add character than for FCA to add space.
  4. I'm fairly close to a Ford dealership, even though this seems to be Honda country most days. Seen 2 Rangers in the wild, haven't seen one sitting on the lot when I've been by.
  5. Hadn't seen that statement, interesting. I guess we'll see what comes.
  6. Ford's said their BEV F-150 is still based on the F-150 chassis so some of the mules were certainly Fords. I wouldn't be shocked if Ford's F-150 mule and Rivian's F-150-bodied mule look pretty different, considering one is trying to hide it's Ford identity while the other is trying to hide that it's a Rivian by using a Ford body.
  7. All else equal, I prefer "maverick" to "bronco scout." That said, if they're attempting to make Bronco a brand-within-a-brand it's a pretty decent option and I much prefer it to "bronco II" or something like that. Maybe the Maverick name will end up appearing on the new "affordable nameplate."
  8. Interesting news to be sure, and an extra layer on this is that Ford seems to have passed up the option to do some sort of investment/partnership with Lucid. Rivian must have really impressed, and/or offered enticing terms.
  9. Moosetang

    2020 Ford Explorer

    The fascia isn't as bad as I was expecting, but it's still got issues. And I still don't exactly love details here and there around the rest of the vehicle. Oh well. Maybe it will grow on me, maybe I'll just ignore it until the MCE. The Lincoln still looks damned good.
  10. Hmmm...no, sir, I don't like it. I'm holding onto a bit of hope for when I see this finalized and in the flesh, but so far I'm pretty let down. The Aviator is just completely great execution of the things Lincoln wanted to do with their vehicle while this....isn't. The front has a derpy face, the sides are poorly executed, and the center stack looks like GM designed it. Woof.
  11. Well done to FoMoCo, Lincoln, and everyone who has their hands in this vehicle. Looks amazing, and great specs. I eagerly look forward to reviews.
  12. Moosetang

    GM to close Oshawa (Canada) plant

    Given the state of affairs, there' essentially 2 things politicians could do to impact GM's plans here. One would be to drive materials costs down by ending the tariff war, the other would be to offer infrastructure/recapitalization loans (or at least gov-backed loans) to pay for modernizing and retooling the plants to produce the vehicles GM needs to sell. Since neither is likely (and both would probably need to happen for it to work), finger-pointing is what we get. Tax breaks and photo ops with His Orangeness aren't gonna keep those plants open, and nobody's going to quasi-nationalize the company by passing laws forbidding the closing of plants.
  13. Moosetang

    2020 Explorer Spied

    Knee-jerk reaction is the nose looks, well, bad.....though not disastrously so. Certainly a let down compared to the very good Lincoln (concept) nose and the baby Bronco. Rest looks decent. Completely willing to believe the final product will come across better. Still, was hoping for a home run and I'm just not seeing it.
  14. Lest we forget Ford designed some nearly perfect rideshare/new mobility electric cars years before such things were a thing.
  15. Moosetang

    Ranger starts production

    All-new frame is interesting, it brings me to wonder if the "Made more like NA wants" Ranger coming in a few years might be re-using that frame (maybe adapted for things like Vs). Seems like a large investment for a short run if not.