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  1. Schpark

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    I just wish people would stop quoting him. Would be nice if the ignore feature would disable the display of his quotes.
  2. Schpark

    EVs and Their Drawbacks

    Great Plains, areas with little to no trees was the joke, not the trips. I always enjoy road trips through less populated areas.
  3. Schpark

    EVs and Their Drawbacks

    I have been through ND many times it was a joke.
  4. Schpark

    EVs and Their Drawbacks

    There are trees in ND?
  5. Schpark

    GM will be Exclusive Electric by 2035

    Yep he did. Been over a year now since he passed. Listening to Signals right now. What a legacy he (and Alex and Geddy)left.
  6. Just started a few days ago where you here a pop sound in the door speakers when turning on the audio system and then they cut out with no sound coming out of them. There appears to be sound coming out of the "bass" speakers in the trunk but no sound comes from any of the door speakers. Is the amplifier built in to the MyFord touch screen unit or is it a separate module. Is there a DIY solution or just bring it in to the dealer and bend over? This is my daughter's first car that I helped her pick out so she is distraught and "needs" her tunes. Thanks for any help.
  7. Schpark

    2016 Fusion SE 2.5 L

    Yes that is already the plan. Found one we are interested in but one thing came up that is of concern. During test drive at one stop while car still in drive my daughter could feel vibration in the steering wheel. Does this mean it needs the 6F35 "Party pack"? Paging YTS90. If so what's the cost to fix it, or should we keep looking?
  8. Schpark

    2016 Fusion SE 2.5 L

    Just looking for any input on purchasing a 2016 Fusion SE with the 2.5 L for my daughter in college. Was thinking this would be a more reliable bet than the eco boosts. Is this a solid vehicle? Are there any things I should check specifically on this model before purchase? Finally decided to get rid of the 2003 Taurus (Tom to my daughter) due to rust and 140K miles. Thanks
  9. Schpark

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    Not without a $2500 option package including leather seats. I love the fact that the Badlands can be had with heated cloth seats. Why stick a cheap ass plastic steering wheel on an otherwise upscale edition. I do not want leather seats and I really want the 2.0.
  10. Schpark

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    That's not what the build and price says. Ford is really making it difficult for me to stay with the company. All my vehicles have been Ford's but since my 2013 Flex it is impossible to get the basics of what I want; heated cloth seats and a leather wrapped steering wheel.
  11. Schpark

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    Really liking the Bronco Sport but agree on the review that the steering wheel on the Badlands is cheap. For me this would be a reason not to purchase. So I went to the build and price and found there was a heated and leather wrapped steering wheel option. Clicking on the little i button it has the statement "Standard on Outer Banks, Badlands, and First Edition.". So that would be great, except when you click the + saying you want it, it says you have to get the leather seats. So which is standard or locked to leather seats which is a dealbreaker for me?
  12. Schpark

    2021 F150 Adds Power.

    Maybe they should call it the F175?
  13. Since it is a "Bronco Warthog" shouldn't the emblem be a cross between the two?