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  1. Ford has order tracking for people who reserved the Mach-E (my dealer screwed mine up, but that’s for another thread) yesterday many people in the forums received emails letting them know their Mach-E, some due within days, would be delayed two months. Stuff happens, and I want this to be a good launch, but if I was expecting the car I reserved a year ago next week only to be told yesterday it’s two months I’d be pissed.
  2. Long time follower, first time not buying off the lot. Thank you for all you do for BON! Can you please track my Mach-E Premium Red AWD Long Range? Dealer Code 41064 Order Number E100 Hoping those are correct, as my salesman seemed a bit confused. Thank you!
  3. sullynd

    2021 Mach-E

    Thank you Cyberdman! I suspected there was something going on (I reserved the first night one could, and most were scheduled for January). If you have a chance can you please check again? Dealer Code F41064 Order Number E100 Mach-E Premium Red AWD Long Range Appreciate all you do for BON
  4. sullynd

    Mach-E Delay

    Except perhaps allow Ford to continue to offer a V8 coupe.
  5. sullynd

    2021 Mustang Mach E - Leasing not offered???

    (And they can be leased in the US, but terms aren’t favorable)
  6. sullynd

    2021 Mustang Mach E - Leasing not offered???

    Google Ford Options, though I’m not sure whether that’s offered in Canada.
  7. sullynd

    GM's new logo

    Brought to you by the number zero.
  8. sullynd

    Mach-E Cop Cars?

    One of the big concrete companies in our area converted to full CNG and has CNG stations at their facilities for refueling. I could see DC fast chargers becoming a feature at police stations.
  9. The 500x is a Fiat version of the Renegade, isn’t it?
  10. I wish the Bronco Sport just replaced the Escape. BS with all the Escape/Corsair powertrains (including hybrid/PHEV) would be great.
  11. sullynd

    2021 Mustang Mach-E Production Information

    First retail delivery. https://www.macheforum.com/site/threads/mach-e-retail-deliveries-begin-first-to-customer-in-dallas.2514/?fbclid=IwAR17Jq4L43nIIk9VTVbzditrshpByMlXVY7OJQcKejICAS03Q2HIktDOsBE
  12. I think the article author has a different definition of “striking” than I do.
  13. I love our Flex. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned. My Mach-E will replace it, but I think I’ll be keeping it as a third car. Ford does not need another Flex, and this is definitely not it. It’s too generic. I hope this is not planned for the US.
  14. If not for ROTW I could see Maverick as Ranger and Ranger as F100. (But having two Fusions was confusing enough)
  15. There’s also this one: My favorite comment on Facebook “Who would have thought Ford would hire Chevy to advertise a car!”
  16. I wonder, had timing been different, if Ranger wouldn’t have been an F-Series. It fits the idea of “Brand.”
  17. sullynd

    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    It was announced back in June, and has been discussed extensively on Mach-E sites (I have one on order). I wonder if Dean is/was aware of it, not a knock on Dean, but on Ford if not.
  18. sullynd

    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    Or have people use “Ford Options” instead of a lease. https://www.ford.com/finance/finance-options/ford-options
  19. sullynd

    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    Sounds like the Mach-E has reached OKTB.
  20. sullynd

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    Coupes and Sedans too. I’ve always thought it was cost. As vehicles have become so expensive (because even the most basic car has what would be luxury features a decade ago, plus the never ending drive to make them safer) people want the ginsu knife of vehicles, which is SUV/CUV/Four Door truck.
  21. I still have our first IBM PC (replaced an Apple lle) a 1987 PS/2 Model 30 with an MCGA display (predecessor to VGA, only used on two PCs), 720k 3.5” Floppy and 20MB hard drive. It cannot store one photo from my iPhone. It’s running PC DOS 5.0. The keyboard weighs more than my laptop.
  22. I’m wondering if the F150 BEV will be lower range, and if Ford didn’t decide to use the Rivian platform for a range topping truck instead of a Lincoln. BEV Truck is a more worthwhile battle for Ford than luxury BEV IMHO.