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  1. I am expecting Musk may take a swing at the Police market with the cybertruck if their new factory can build enough.
  2. People sometimes buy RAM for non financial reasons?
  3. sullynd

    Goodbye Continental

    It’s not just the cost to redesign them (though that is part of it) but also where do you build them? Would flat rock have enough capacity to be the lone Mustang/Fusion/MkZ/Continental plant? Without adding capacity Ford could not continue Fusion/Focus and bring us Ranger/Bronco/Bronco Sport/Maverick. Adding capacity is risky.
  4. sullynd

    news coming....

    Placed my order today (reserved in November). Changed from White to Red. Can’t wait! (Hoping Bronco doesn’t change my mind)
  5. Does Caddy have a bigger dealer footprint? If I were a Lincoln buyer my issue would be the only dealer nearby is inside the Ford store I drive thirty minutes away from to avoid.
  6. SYNC 4 will have wireless CarPlay. Mach-E, F150 up first.
  7. We’ll see who pouts if Buick brings the Envision open intact. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/06/29/2021-buick-envision-interior/
  8. sullynd

    Mach E Order Guide

    Yeah, it was hypothetical. If the Mach isn’t shipping until late 2020/Early 2021 I wonder if the GT won’t just skip the 2021 model year.
  9. sullynd

    Mach E Order Guide

    Will the GT be a 2022 model?
  10. sullynd

    news coming....

    If Ford turned Mustang into a brand (think RAM) could Ford dealers stop it, and could they (Ford) then set prices based on new franchise agreements? (Ala Saturn)?
  11. sullynd

    news coming....

    They can incentivize dealers to try and avoid it - it was suggested in this very thread they were going to do that, did it not materialize?
  12. sullynd

    news coming....

    And so it starts... Ford dealers are marking up Mustang Mach-E by as much as $15,000 https://electrek.co/2020/06/23/ford-dealers-marking-up-mustang-mach-e/
  13. According to the order guide the Mach-E ships with the Self Driving “Prep Kit” but it will be a separate upgrade and cost, which won’t be available until third quarter 2021.
  14. sullynd

    2021 Mustang Mach-E Order Guide

    Thank you!
  15. sullynd

    news coming....

    You had to select your dealer when you reserved, can you change at this point without repercussions (place in line though it’s not clear there even is such a thing)? I’m not too worried about my dealer, but I was hopeful there would be a program as described in this thread to make it closer to X-Plan for all or TESLA. ADMs could be bad publicity. If my dealer does one it may be enough to push me to a Model Y instead, or jump to the Bronco. The good thing for me is I don’t NEED the car, so I could wait too if need be.
  16. sullynd

    news coming....

    Have you heard any more on this? I’ve seen posts that some people getting hit with ADMs. Worried it’ll tarnish the launch if they do. “Tesla’s sales model is so much better” stories will practically write themselves. I wish Ford had a public plan for this and made it more clear what a reservation gets you. Curious to see how the process goes to complete my order.
  17. Exciting. Got an email from Ford about completing my Mach-E order, first time I’ve heard from them in months.
  18. Isn’t Ford somewhat production constrained? That’s part of what killed Focus and Fusion right? Seems like negotiation ploy to me. There’s too big of a gap between the Escape and Explorer in my opinion and I don’t think Broncos fill it.
  19. Yes, communication has been disappointingly minimal. Original we were supposed to “lock in” in May I believe? My assumption is changes will be possible when the order is confirmed(they’ve added colors, so at a minimum I expect you can change that). Reserved white, leaning red.
  20. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2020/06/08/100-mpge-all-new-ford-escape-plug-in-hybrid.html Impressive! Beats the RAV4 Prime in efficiency and cost! Wish the Bronco Sport has Hybrid/PHEV.
  21. Really? I’ve never looked on any of my cars. Backing out of your driveway, a parking spot, three point turn, you have to look at what “gear” you are in? For me only when I had a car with a rotary.
  22. Three point turn with a dial or push button is a pain. Does self parking shift for you when you have electronic shifting? My Edge self parks, but you have to shift it (2015 - Prerotodial.)