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  1. I think the wheels are similar in size to the escape aren’t they? Wonder how it compares to the older escape with a similar shape.
  2. Wonder what real world mileage will be? I don’t ever get anywhere close to the epa numbers. I’d guess 19-20mpg is not out of the question.
  3. more can be seen here https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/spied-ford-maverick-interior-first-look.12/ The off-centered screen is interesting. Hopefully that’s an indicator that there will be a larger horizontal screen available.
  4. Your probably right. I think what I’m seeing is a cap for one of the power points.
  5. Is that the push button start below the ac controls? That’s a strange place to put it. I mean your hand will normally be in that area anyway so it makes sense, just haven’t seen it there in any other vehicle before.
  6. T-dubz

    2021 F150 First Drive

    The hybrid sounds like a real winner.
  7. It also helps that it shares quite a bit with the escape and sport. That should help keep costs down too. Is maverick scheduled to be a 2022 MY vehicle?
  8. Ranger already starts at $24,410 so it does seem feasible. I’d guess closer to 22k though. For reference the bronco sport starts at 26,660. I’d guess the maverick will be standard 2WD and your not paying for the bronco name so it should be cheaper than that too.
  9. At some point wasn’t there a rumor that the maverick would start around $20k? Even with some options, that would make for a nice daily driver that can handle the occasional trip to Home Depot for some larger items in the bed at a very affordable price.
  10. I’m liking that sport with the custom wheels and larger tires. Hopefully it looks just as good in real pics. The real bronco at sema didn’t look as good as these drawings in my opinion.
  11. I think this interior looks better than the escape or bronco sport.
  12. https://www.motor1.com/news/452563/ford-ranger-t6-facelift-thailand/ isnt the next gen ranger supposed to come out in 2022 for the rest of the world and then the following year here in the US? I was surprised to see a facelift.
  13. I think that orange ranger isn’t the current version, it was the model before the current one. Here is the current wildtrak and xlt.
  14. This would be my perfect vehicle. The new fx4/variant or ST in this set up would be pretty nice.
  15. https://www.motor1.com/news/445901/mustang-mach-e-gt-0-60/ It’s pretty fast. The article says it matches the model Y. I know the model y is it’s direct competitor, so that’s probably what they were gunning for, but with the mustang name and the much sportier looks, I was hoping it would be faster.
  16. In my area Ecosport SE’s have 5k in incentives and escape SE’s have $5500 ($4500 + 1000 trade in assistance). That’s the highest amount I’ve seen on an escape but I’ve seen stories over at Ford authority where the Ecosport had up to $7500 in incentives.
  17. https://fordauthority.com/2020/10/2021-ford-explorer-xlt-sport-appearance-package-price-revealed/ Exterior Unique Carbonized Gray-painted 20-inch wheels, plus matching Grille Skid plates Hood lettering Dual chrome exhaust tips Interior ActiveX Light Slate two-tone seats with accent stitching, matching The center console lid and door trim panels package is $1595.
  18. T-dubz

    Genesis GV70

    saw this first pic and thought it looked pretty good, then I saw that C pillar...
  19. It probably helps, now they can say “best in class” in basically every category if they are going up against subcompacts.
  20. Does anyone know when the build and price for 2021 models will be up? I’m sitting at my dealership now waiting for an oil change and they already have several of these 2021 explorers with the sport appearance package on the lot. I like the wheels and the interior. Grille seems to be the same as the xlt but just in all carbon gray. The only options on this model were 202a and the sport appearance package and it was right at 40k.
  21. Ford calls it a subcompact on their website. It is the length of other subcompacts on the market as well, however with its raised roofline, it has more cargo capacity than others in the segment. Someone in another thread had posted some metrics used to determine the segment and the sport fell into the compact range. I’d say it’s a “tweener” vehicle. Small compact or large subcompact. for comparison, its roughly the same size as the new trailblazer but with a taller roof.
  22. Those fenders look worse than the Mazda Cx30. It looks ridiculous to put that much plastic on a vehicle.
  23. T-dubz

    Genesis GV70

    If that c pillar was black with no chrome trim, it would completely change the look of the vehicle.
  24. carbonized gray looks pretty good when everything matches.