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  1. http://fordauthority.com/2019/09/ford-abandons-trademark-application-for-bronco-scout/ I really wonder who’s making the decisions at ford sometimes. I don’t think there was a better fitting name than Scout for a small rugged vehicle. The article says scout hasn’t been in the running for a while now and that adventurer and sport are the front runners. Let’s hope they wise up and choose Sport.
  2. Well the transmission in my 2013 fusion crapped out on me this week and the cost to replace it is almost as much as what the car is worth so it looks like I’m getting a new ride. Now normally getting a new vehicle is a pretty exciting time, however none of ford’s current products really excite me knowing that so many new and refreshed vehicles are coming out in the next two years, but I need a car so I gotta pick something. I thought I had it pretty much narrowed down to a ranger lariat with black appearance package, but my local dealer didn’t even have a lariat for me to sit much less test drive, so I went up there to drive an xlt they did have. I liked the truck. It drove nice although it felt a bit floaty. The engine was great. Loved the ride height. Its biggest downfall for me was the interior. It just felt cramped and old. Now if I didn’t have a family, it’d be perfect. While at the dealership, I saw they had some new 2020 explorers so we decided to drive one just for fun. We test drove just an xlt with no options. For being the “base” model, the xlt is surprisingly well equipped, and the interior design looked great (much better in person) and the materials used felt nice. I believe the engine is the same 2.3l ecoboost that’s in the ranger with a different tune. It felt noticeably slower than the ranger of the line, but still felt adequate. Acceleration felt better in passing situations though. My wife really liked it and the interior just felt so much better than the ranger. So it looks like an explorer is in our future. Just waiting on the dealer to get the one we want shipped in. Hopefully they get it in tomorrow and I’ll have a new car this weekend.
  3. T-dubz

    Getting a new ride

    I’m gonna surprise the wife and let her have the explorer and I’ll use her escape until some of the cool stuff comes out.
  4. Save yourself the $100 and just plug your phone in to the car and use google maps.
  5. Thats good news, I had a vinyl floor in my f150 years ago and loved it.
  6. I liked the interior..and the diamond plate...and that’s about it. I mean the old designs were awesome, they could have at least used some inspiration from the older models. .
  7. does the baby bronco just look “rugged” or will it actually have something to back up the looks? Does it have the rear seats that slide back 6” like the escape? Anything about the interior that you can describe?
  8. The problem is what do you call the vehicle the sub brand is named after? Is the bronco going to be the bronco bronco? 😆😆😆
  9. http://fordauthority.com/2019/09/ford-patent-shows-slick-modular-grille/ Thought this patent was pretty interesting. Basically it lets you swap out parts of the grille and add accessories. Sounds perfect for police, construction workers or anyone that needs to add lights or other electronics to the grille. I wish they’d take this a step further and allow complete customization of the grille. The grille can completely transform the look of a vehicle. Giving people the option to buy additional grilles to easily swap out doesn’t seem like a bad idea and an extra way for ford to make money.
  10. Thanks for the info. Any more info on the baby bronco? The bronco logo is one of ford’s most legendary logos. I feel like this should be featured prominently just like the mustang logo is. I’d like to see a plain black grille with the bronco emblem either centered or offset to the side like the cobra emblems on the mustang. I think that would look pretty cool. I don’t need “ford” or “bronco” spelled out in the grille. I know exactly what it is by seeing the logo.
  11. Cool, my “local” Lincoln dealer is a bit of a drive, but I might go and check it out this weekend if they have some.
  12. They would probably look a lot better if it was a ford authorized grille swap instead of some autozone special.
  13. when should the Corsair start showing up on dealer lots? Usually customer orders come in after the dealer gets a few cars right?
  14. T-dubz

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    Exactly. The design of the grille on the American version just looks old already. If you flip the grille on a 2015 focus upside down, you basically have the 2020 escape grille.
  15. T-dubz

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    Hell yeah. Talking about cars and getting paid for it? Can’t beat that.
  16. T-dubz

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    I’m probably one of the escapes biggest critics on here and even I don’t think it’s bad enough to get a facelift after one year. In fact, it doesn’t look half bad when it’s blacked out.
  17. T-dubz

    Rear steering 2.0

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motor1.com/features/239238/cars-four-wheel-steering/amp/ looks like Ike there are still quite a few vehicles with this feature. Appears to be mostly luxury vehicles though.
  18. This seems strange to me. It wasn’t too long ago that ford was using all the touch sensitive buttons in its vehicles. Nobody liked those and they had to add back in physical buttons.
  19. This is my fear too and it’s the only downfall (for consumers, at least those looking for the rugged looks) of the two vehicle strategy.
  20. https://www.motor1.com/news/365045/ford-ranger-fx2-package-revealed/ sounds like it’s basically the fx4 package but on 2 wheel drive trucks. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal for $595.
  21. Does it have a steel front bumper like the ranger? I remember ford making a big deal about that when the ranger came out. Looking at the leaked pics of the baby bronco, the front bumper seems to have a similar vibe to the magnetic gray bumper on the ranger sport package.
  22. I think everything in the red outline is fake. You can see the shape of the roof line and the rear door through the camo. The rear is probably taller than a sedans trunk but not much.
  23. stole this from jpd80 on another thread, but maybe this side profile of the Evos concept is similar to what it might look like.