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  1. If anybody should sue, it’s blues clues
  2. T-dubz

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    https://fordauthority.com/2021/07/left-hand-drive-2023-ford-everest-spotted-in-dearborn/ Everest spied in LHD. Is the current Everest offered in LHD?
  3. https://www.motor1.com/news/419918/hyundai-santa-cruz-leaked-photo/ body looks pretty good. I thought they’d tone it down a bunch from the concept but apparently they didn’t.
  4. I can’t see them doing that. Basically giving away a free top plus the added expense of shipping the hard top to the dealer seems like it would cost too much.
  5. Yep, Hyundai sold 108 Velosters in June compared to over 14k Tucson’s. I’m surprised they are keeping it at all.
  6. So what’s the plan going forward with the MIC roof? I saw over on bronco6g premierdrum say the mod top was already given to a new supplier. Is the MIC top staying with Webasto? if the design of the MIC is too complicated, would a new supplier even fix the issue?
  7. Got to sit in a 2 door badlands today. Seats were comfortable. Materials seemed good to me. Yeah, the dash is hard plastic but it didn’t feel cheap. Felt like it belonged on this type of vehicle. MGV seats were better than I was thinking they’d be. It’s definitely nothing like the vinyl seats you’d see in a work truck. The optional 33’s looked great. Overall it looks to be a great product. only real complaint was that my head would hit the cross bar when sitting in the back seat. You’d have to be sitting straight up for it to happen, like if you were trying to put your head on the headrest, so it’s not a huge deal because most people don’t sit like that, but on some bumpy terrain I could see someone accidentally hitting their head. I wonder if the 4 door has this same problem or if it has a bit more room?
  8. T-dubz

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    I’ve been wanting a 2 door bronco from the beginning. I actually got to sit in one today and it’s awesome, but getting in the back was a pain for me and my kids. I remembered getting into 2 door vehicles not being that big of a problem, but I guess being older and bigger combined with the higher step in height makes it a bit more difficult. So now I’m down to a 4 door bronco and a ranger. I really like the bronco, but the ranger probably suits my needs better, not to mention it should be less expensive. It’s good to hear there’s some exciting things to look forward too.
  9. Ford Authority reports that the 2021 Lincoln Navigator Special Edition package gives the full-size luxury SUV a body-colored mesh grille and mirror caps, along with a blacked-out roof and roof rails. More importantly, the new package gets a set of 12-spoked 22-inch wheels with an Ebony Black finish and Lincoln Star Hub wheel ornaments. https://www.motor1.com/news/445709/2021-navigator-special-edition-report/ No pictures yet, but that grille sounds interesting.
  10. https://www.motor1.com/news/365045/ford-ranger-fx2-package-revealed/ sounds like it’s basically the fx4 package but on 2 wheel drive trucks. Doesn’t seem like a bad deal for $595.
  11. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/05/26/ford-debuts-2020-edge-st-line-250-horsepower/ I’m glad to see the st line starting to make their way over to the USA. Hopefully ford will apply it to more vehicles.
  12. https://fordauthority.com/2021/06/ford-caught-benchmarking-c8-corvette-stingray-around-dearborn/ Anyone know what this is about? The article mentions a Thunderbird trademark that was filed earlier this year. It would be cool to have the thunderbird as a corvette competitor again.
  13. T-dubz

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    Hopefully we can see the Everest/ranger uncovered a bit more. I’m ready to see what the front end is gonna look like since what we have seen seems to differ a bit from the renders. I’ve always been a fan of the Everest. I’d like to see it come here. I know there is a market for an off road vehicle with a fixed roof. It could be a true competitor for the 4Runner. Maybe ford thinks the timberline explorer will fill that void?
  14. Just saw you can add some “accessory” wheels on build and price. These appear to be the same wheels on the STX package for the ranger. If you add the wheels, then they show up as the wheels from the black appearance package on the ranger. When added to the outer banks, I really think they improve the appearance. Now if I only knew what wheels you’d actually get lol.
  15. T-dubz

    The Bronco Has Landed

    I haven’t had my start stop come on in years. Just turn on max ac, which I pretty much need all the time anyways, and you’ll never have to worry about it.
  16. T-dubz

    2021 Bronco Reviews

    Recently had a new Jeep Wrangler rental. I liked everything about it except for the steering. If the bronco is even slightly better, it’s a win. I know we have a few savage geese fans here, here is their review. Their only complaint seemed to be the 2.3.
  17. It sucks that ordered are delayed even longer. Used vehicle prices are so high right now that I’d want to buy my vehicle ASAP to ensure I got a good deal on my trade in. But the bronco looks really good with the color matched roof. That’d be hard to pass up if you were set on getting it.
  18. T-dubz

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup thread

    Honestly I’m surprised to see this even offered. I rarely see these on full-size trucks, and I couldn’t tel you the last time I saw one on a midsize or smaller.
  19. T-dubz

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup thread

    Here’s a full view of it. Looks pretty bad
  20. Apparently this black diamond has already been picked up by the customer. This is possibly the exact build I will get eventually. Saves me 5k over sas and still looks very capable. what is the opinion of the MGV seats in the black diamond? I’ve heard everything from “it’s better than the leather” to “it feels like the vinyl seats in a f150 work truck.” Anyone here have any actual experience with it?
  21. Finally saw a wildtrak at my local dealer. Man it was nice. I’d like to see a non Sasquatch version though as I think it will be plenty big.
  22. https://fordauthority.com/2021/01/2022-ford-fusion-crossover-prototype-spied-testing-for-the-first-time/ Cant get the pics to load for some reason. It looks to have an interesting shape. There’s some fake cladding on the back to disguise its shape, but you can see some of the camo underneath that. I kinda think it might have a 4 door coupe styling more than a wagon. This looks to be a different vehicle than what we saw last week. edit: I thought this was different from last weeks pic, but maybe they are the same and it was the angles of the pics that made it look different.
  23. T-dubz

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup thread

    Exactly. And why would the maverick get any available chips over $50-70k Broncos and f150s?
  24. I’d buy the next gen Everest if it looked like this. It would be a good 4Runner competitor, but I don’t think there is room for it with the bronco and the explorer timberline.