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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Yes went back 19th we ran 250 to 300 that week. The following week did the same until Wed. Short shift Wed and Thurs and no production fri. The VP came to the plant and stop production due vendor issues with quality of parts we have received. Gave the vendor this present weekend to solve the issues we are having for the units to pass pre-roll. As for this coming week I haven't received any information at this time for production to be delayed yet again. The linc in the new red color and black out package will knock your eyes out. Very sharp and st line escape major improvement. They are very sharp as well with the 20inch wheels, inside and out.
  2. We run usually 87/hr, so usually on 8hr day 600 or so per shift
  3. Still receiving robo text ( message from labor not to report to work) say it b next week before any production will occur. A lot of programming issues going on so waiting for the ok from Detroit to start production.
  4. Only ran 500 so far that was right after Xmas brk. We where supposed run 300 per shift this week but been getting robo calls daily. Thinking software and other issues.
  5. I agree since this contract going be mostly about pay for active and retired employees. Ford going use every Trump card they have. Personally I think escape needs total mak over. Like the BS looks like the old escape body style with bronco on the grill. It's works tho, people want suv look., set little higher bigger tires, slick look but yet rugged. Think that reason why the bronco and BS took off so well. The mav, well it the price on it. New truck under 30k with great mpg. For a first car for young adults no brainer.
  6. As of right now we not slatted for any product after 24. I say be something they use during contract. Rumors floating around about over flow even bringing bk the explore. I can't see them shutting down the fastest production plant in ford system but who really knows.
  7. The linc going to Canada in 23 and escape is going Mexico 25. 2024 is our last model change for escape here in Louisville unless contract goes diff way.
  8. I work at Louisville assembly plant, little difference in appearance on 23 but not much. A total body change supposed be in 25 but that when it goes to Mexico.
  9. Shanej830

    2023 Escape plug-in hybrid production date?

    November is when 23 launch is scheduled what I was told the other dsy
  10. I gotta agree, dealerships tech has no idea on some of stuff goes in to repairing these. Charge ford arm and leg for process which would only take few minutes to do.