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  1. So I have a Bronco reservation...and a few weeks ago I received the "Congratulations" email that your dealer is ready to place your order. My dealer contacted me for my build specs and got me a quote...problem is they can't place the order until I confirm on the Ford website that I want to order with my dealer. I get to the pop up box below and it just hangs when you select "Continue". This has been happening for 2 weeks! I called Ford 3x and first they said try back in 24 hours....then by weeks end. When that didn't happen now they tell me they are still aware of the problem and trying to fix it...try at the end of the week again. I have been in the IT field for 30 years, and there is no way this could take this long to fix the website. The resources Ford has this would should be fixed in hours not weeks. My only guess is they don't want to take anymore orders right now....and that's fine but just say that and not play stupid games. Listen I know in the grand scheme I won't see this thing in like forever...it's just the principle.
  2. J-Hop

    $1000 Retail Bonus and PCO

    You can usually trigger a Private Cash Offer from requesting information on Ford's site about a new vehicle. Sign up for email updates and request a brochure and usually a few months later one will pop up in your email or regular mail. I have also gotten one when browsing Fords site and it came in the form of a pop up. I'm thinking they may take a break from offering them though until the inventory levels get back to normal.
  3. Does anyone know if the $1000 retail bonus incentive being offered will stack with Exclusive Cash Rewards?
  4. Well I called back and the lady I spoke with agreed with me but said I needed to speak with someone in the Customer Relations Center so she transferred me. The lady I got on the line from this group was clueless as to why they transferred me there so I hung up and called the plan admin number again. The gal I got this time also agreed I was right but again transferred me but this time I got someone from the awards program. This lady was super nice, but again had no clue about X-Plan....so she stayed on the line and got someone from general customer support. This guy didn't know anything of how the plan worked either and kept trying to tell me the dealers are independent and they don't have to honer X-Plan. I kept telling him I agree with him a dealership doesn't have to take X-plan but if they agree to take X-Plan they have to follow all the rules, but he was just over his head and didn't get it. I asked to speak to a supervisor so he transferred me back to the plan admin number. Sigh.....I give up!
  5. I'm going to call back again tomorrow and ask for a supervisor and see what they say about it.
  6. I called the plan admin, but I didn't feel the lady I spoke with really gave a rats ass. Honestly I was super nice but she really left me with a bad taste in my mouth with her condescending attitude. I quoted her the following rules, specifically regarding the part about if you are in a state that all customers must be charged the same, dealers may charge the $100 and indicate additional fees have been paid by Ford. She said since it says "may" they can charge whatever the state allows as long as everyone is charged the same. I also asked her about the bed liner and wheel liners, but she didn't seem to want to hear about it.....her advice was "If you are not comfortable with this dealer find another one". I am actually sitting here still in shock as to at how the conversation went, so much so I'm considering canceling my retail order and buying something other than Ford. I'm ok with being wrong, and if that what is is...so be it. It's just the lack of respect I felt through the entire conversation was very disappointing. Unless otherwise provided by state or local laws or regulation: In states where dealers are not permitted to charge as much as $100 for doc fees, dealers would be capped at the lesser amount as provided by the state. In states that permitted more than $100, dealers would be permitted to charge the Plan customer $100. In states that permitted more than $100 and also required that all customers be charged the same amount, dealers may charge the Plan customer $100 and indicate any additional fees have been paid by Ford Motor Company or Lincoln Motor Company as part of the AXZD-Plan Program dealer reimbursement on the buyer's order
  7. I was looking at a truck from a national dealer with 300 dealerships so they tell me. I asked if they wold take X-Plan and they said yes, but when I received the quote there was a $250.00 doc fee and a $50.00 convenience fee. I told the salesman it was my understanding there was a flat $100 doc fee and under plan rules they couldn't charge more. He said I was dead wrong and even he has to pay it, so I looked up the rules and sent them to him. In response I received a message this from the sales manager. "In response to you question regarding the documentation fee, AXZD plan rules allow a dealer in Ohio to charge up to $250. The convenience fee was recently added due to additional Covid expenses. I hope this information helps." I then sent him direct quotes from the X-Plan rules from 5-1-21 that says the exact opposite.....and his response was this.... "John, I understand, but we have been charging $250 as a company across the board for all AXZD plan customers. We are very careful to follow the rules as a publicly traded company. We also are required to be fair and consistent to charge everyone the same amount as to not make exceptions from one to another. The decision to purchase is entirely yours and if you feel that it would not be in your best interest to move forward we would fully understand. Regards XXXXX XXXXXXXXX Sales Manager Retail" Am I reading the X-Plan rules wrong? Between this and the fact they insist I pay $299 for wheel liners and $499 for a bed liner I don't want I have decided to just stick with my retail order and wait it out but his just leaves me scratching my head. cust# 81908367
  8. J-Hop

    Private Cash Offer

    The current round of PCO's end July 6th, so usually right around that time the next offerings will be sent. That being said with the current climate and vehicle shortages I would not be surprised if they took a break from offering PCO's for awhile.
  9. J-Hop

    21 F-150

    Thank you sir, I really appreciate it.
  10. Part of the problem is not many companies make the needed chips. There was a very informative 60 minutes about the chip problems and none being made in America that can be used in cars for the most part. Intel for instance who makes 25% of the Chips being sold in America lacks the ability to make them. They are dumping money in R&D and think they can catch up but they are are least 2 years behind. The current company Ford uses from Taiwan is actually building a facility in Arizona, but the concern is if China takes over Taiwan the US could be in a world of hurt for chips. At this point it's becoming a national security concern.
  11. J-Hop

    Improve Communication w/Dealers

    I agree with you..but they are still Zebras. 😃
  12. If not too much trouble would it be possible to get a status on my order? Wondering if it has been pushed with plant idling. 1FTEX1EPXMFB92379 Order# 3505 Dealer Code: F44083 Thanks in advance.
  13. When my truck was ordered my dealer said my PCO and incentives were 'Locked in" but I had the choice to take the 'Locked in" ones , or the available incentives when I take delivery. My question...can the PCO only be used with the locked incentives when or ordered or can I use the PCO along with the incentives available at delivery if they are better?
  14. Not to sound too stupid, but what is the "Days Won" mean ?
  15. J-Hop

    Improve Communication w/Dealers

    I agree to a point but many times the dealer is at fault as well. I never hear from my dealer unless I call them for an update, and even then I feel like I'm being a nuisance. I was told I'll contact you the moment your truck gets a vin# but I never heard a peep. Hell I called them with the Vin# and that was 3 weeks after is was assigned. I've learned your dealer can run a Vehicle Visibility Report and get you updated information but the don't unless you ask. Can Ford do more..sure but I'm just saying the dealers don't go out of their way to keep you informed either and then blame Ford when you get frustrated.