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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. DavzinSoCal

    $50K SRI is Not a Record

    Yeah my dad took the $140K with no health insurance when Ford took away his janitor classification he had 42 years at the time. $150K would break that record and sure would be nice Lol! But “additional incentives” could just mean more of the same; like after 2024 those members who will reach 30 years credited service during 2025 may be offered $50K ( or anyone with 30+ ). The pattern has been take the SRI or wait til next contract but that last sentence sure sounds like there will be more offers. I’ll be at 40 years and $40 an hour in 2028 unless they make a better offer. Time will tell.
  2. DavzinSoCal

    $50K SRI is Not a Record

    The topic of the attached letter is SRI: Special Retirement Incentive and the last sentence states “additional special incentives may be offered”. The current offer is $50,000 and you have to retire by the end of 2024. After that I bet they raise it potentially every year because $50K is Not a Record. Their slogan is Record Profits equal Record Contracts. Wishful thinking? Read the last sentence on pg. 73C and understand the language gives them the flexibility to offer More at any time during the entire length of this Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  3. DavzinSoCal

    2023 Contract

    Agreed! It’s time! When I hired in “1988” our contracts were 3 years and we received 3% raises Every Year which equaled 9% then they changed em to 4 year contracts with 3% raises every other year which equals only 6%!!! Also COLA would roll over into our base pay and since we voluntarily gave that up to avoid bankruptcy that should have been given back without a fight! Even if we received cola, $600 Christmas bonus etc etc those wouldn’t even be gains because we already had em before! We are now trying to make up for all we’ve lost over the years while seeing the company record profits every quarter!!!
  4. Sound obvious but here’s the math. The proposed 20% increase upon ratification would be $6.40 times 40 hours would equal $256 which is exactly the same as an 8 hour day times our current $32 pay rate. You may think that’s a good trade: we get an extra day off but the raise makes up for it. Not True. It’s an illusion because if you only work 32 hours times that $6.40 you only get $204.80 so we actually lose money. Losing a day a week is 4 days a month which is almost like losing an entire paycheck per month. If this goes through you may be excited to see $38.50 per hour but confused why your check is less. Hope this helps.
  5. DavzinSoCal

    Mask mandate

    No one replied, so i will. We stopped wearing em on Friday 3/4. I’m assuming everyone else did too
  6. DavzinSoCal

    More Harm than good

    Not being able to enter your workplace without a vaccination is clearly a work related topic so hopefully this doesn’t get deleted regardless if the issue has been politicized. Countless doctors worldwide have something very different to say than what you hear on tv. Besides informing our membership my hope is that those in high places within Ford and the UAW are aware before implementing any policies that will cripple our business. Watch the entire video “More Harm than good” then share it with your loved ones. And remember channel surfing on tv is not research. This is what “following the science and data” really looks like. May God help us! https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/
  7. DavzinSoCal


    I would expect our daily survey choices to update to: 1) Vaccinated or 2) Exempt. And yes, medical exemptions too. Probably lose the “prefer not to respond” option. I’ll attach the letter:
  8. DavzinSoCal


    According to the 5 page letter all locals received this weekend there will be accommodations for religious exemptions. That will save Ford all the lawsuits and loss of employees we’re starting to see elsewhere. So here’s a couple sites providing templates to help you help them. Forunitedsolutions.org Perk-group.com AmericasFrontlineDoctors.org
  9. DavzinSoCal

    Why Is it I can’t get an answer?

    I suppose i can answer this since no one else from an hvc has. After 20 years in the body shop at Wixom Assembly Plant i transferred to the hvc in southern California and can verify what Decker says about it being “less physical” even “fantastic”. Especially since im on a hi-lo now. You will not get burnt by sparks everyday Lol! So there’s the answer to your work environment question. However i may never have transferred had i known there is no day shift. Really. I was told to start at 5pm and figured i’d bump to days. Lol! 33 years seniority and i’m stuck on nights unless i transfer back to an assembly or parts plant, which you could do. Not sure if that’s the “lateral” move you inquired about but Ford has plants back east working 6am-2:30pm. That’s early but geting off early is worth it. The hvc shift does change periodically. Like 2pm-10:30pm, but the closest to a dayshift we had was 10:30am -7pm. So this is a shipping and receiving job. Ya unload automotive parts into the warehouse and ya pick parts to ship out to the Ford Dealerships. Some parts are light and small so it’s like grocery shopping while others are big and heavy like tires and axels. Management tries to make ya keep up with their 20 minute cycle times, which is how long they’d like it to take to pick and spread an order, but contractually they can’t enforce a production standard. But if you’re behind they can write ya up for going to break early or talking to much. I believe ya start at about $15 or so and takes a few years to get to full pay of about $31 ( these aren’t exact #z ) And yes somehow we lost pensions for anyone hired after 2007. I truly don’t believe any of us would have voted for that and still have no idea how that happened, but you wont get a company paid pension here anymore. You will get good health benefits. Plus we work plenty of holidays, voluntarily, which are tripletime days or you can convert em to use at a later time. As to your question “do people love/hate it” my reply would be: depends on the person. Happiness is a state of mind. You will find both here and everywhere. Look closer to see are they positive or negative? Are they a good worker or lazy because these things are directly connected. If you’re thinking this is a union job so i won’t have to work then you’ll always be behind and feel pressured. I have always kicked the jobs ass instead of letting the job kick mine. Well you wanted some answers and didn’t give up so i hope these help. If you choose to join us i believe you will be happy! GOD Bless the UAW and Ford Motor Company!
  10. DavzinSoCal

    Vax added to daily screening

    Heard they’re updating the questionnaire we are required to fill out before entering work. Now it will ask if you’ve been vaccinated, but to avoid hippa violations you can choose to “not disclose”. Be Careful with that! It’s probably a simple “yes or no” question to begin, but I saw a video of a guys workplace with 10 questions that seemed like it could be used to declare him mentally unfit or insane! It asked reasons for vaccine hesitancy: i think the vax might not be safe it was developed to fast not fda approved But then it went on to: i don’t trust the cdc or government it causes sterilization to depopulate there’s nano technology in it they wanna track everyone etc So Never answer those type of questions even if they might be true Hahahaaaa!
  11. DavzinSoCal

    Ford Vaccine Survey?

    My chair says Ford will be posting a survey for our membership to fill out online. Every “case” we’ve had go out on quarantine has returned to work and new “cases” continue the same revolving door routine. It will be impossible to give informed consent to vaccinations without hearing from the medical community at large. Decide for yourself after you’ve researched sites like these. If you wholeheartedly trust the government and tv then disregard, because these doctors challenge the fear being used to control the masses. worlddoctorsalliance.com ukmedfreedom.org Freedomplatform.tv/plandemic gbdeclaration.org americasfrontlinedoctors.com standupx.info ACU2020.org freedomalliance.co.uk aier.org
  12. DavzinSoCal

    GM Workers Garunteed $12,500

    You forgot the "e" and apostrophe for "You are" as in "You're" an idiot. LOL
  13. DavzinSoCal

    GM Workers Garunteed $12,500

    What's really interesting and actually pretty Funny is the guy accuses someone of not being able to spell But Mispells the first word of his little seven word sentence! Hahahaha!!! Mr Spelling Bee; it's "You are" or "You're" an idiot! LOL That's called an "Apostrophe". Look it up. Oddly enough, he used an apostrophe in the word "can't". (for Can Not) Anyways, this really did make me Laugh Out Loud!! Thanx :-D