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  1. The 27-inch touchscreen would be nice, it wouldn't surprise me if the Limited on up included it (hope so) - good to here the "bones" are good !
  2. NW Houston here, howdy !
  3. computers on wheels aka automobiles
  4. 2023 Corsair ActiveGlide & SYNC4, nice !
  5. From what I can tell the stealth AWD package lives on for 2022 Escape SEL, yea ! https://www.ford.com/suvs-crossovers/escape/models/escape-sel/
  6. Any 202x owners with the 1.5 - any problem(s) or has this issue been solved for good ?
  7. It is Interesting packaging, (12v battery in the back) thanks, Happy New Year (bring on the 2022s) !
  8. Any luck with your (2021 ?) Raptor - Merry Christmas !
  9. Different subject, why is the 12 volt battery in the back (where the spare tire goes) of a 2020+ HEV, are the PHEVs the same, is the stock 12 volt battery too big to fit under the hood ? (I don't have a HEV but am doing homework)
  10. Tnx for the link, 8.6 out of a possible 10 for the GT, not bad ! I had a 2010 Fusion hybrid which had pretty much the same atkinson 2.5 and the biggest ‘problem’ I heard from others was that the ICE was loud, and it was compared to EV mode, nothing out of ordinary IMO - I’m waiting to see whats new for the 2023s ...
  11. Glad to hear about the 2023 refresh, ill be in the market about then
  12. rfruth


    When do you hope to take delivery of it, anxious to here what going from a Taurus to a Focus is like
  13. Would assume (but you know what they say) you can get a deal on a plain ole 2014 SE as well ?
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