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  1. Has any one got this update yet ?
  2. sonyxbr

    Engine Oil, Need Your Opinion

    Or you could log on to FORD OWNER & all your service info will be listed in the Service Summary
  3. sonyxbr

    MFT Update 3.5.1

    me to, no issues works awesome & i like getting texts on mft (iPhone)
  4. sonyxbr

    2013 Escape impressions after 11K miles

    i do believe that as soon as the car turns off the call goes back to the phone.
  5. Try removing sync from both iPhone & mft, then sync again.
  6. phone has to connected to sync for @ least 5 min before the option will show up
  7. sonyxbr

    MFT Home Screen

    the streets displayed have not come back @ all, & know what you mean about the EDGE 2 screen display, for the ESCAPE if you click any of the other 3 corners the nav corner will display the street you are on, but when you go back to home screen the compass is the only thing there. weird I liked knowing the streets sure hope there's a fix for this.
  8. sonyxbr

    MFT Home Screen

    when on the home screen the nav corner had the street you were driving on displayed like this now the home screen nav corner looks like this, no street names displayed. does any one know how to get it to display streets names again (i know this pic is from a mft with no nav, my does say navigation)
  9. sonyxbr

    Information Display - What do you display?

    I show distance to empty, I wish ford had put the dual display in the Escape like in the Edge
  10. sonyxbr

    DRL's on 2012 with factory HID's

    DRL are the amber signal lights