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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a43316157/2024-kia-ev9-revealed/
  2. LoveTaurus

    2023 Escape

    It does look handsome. When I saw the first revealed photos back then, I didn't like it.
  3. LoveTaurus

    Ford Sales - June 2022

    I compared to the chart from May of 2022, sale number was a bit lower in June than May.
  4. LoveTaurus

    '22 May Sales

    According to articles, during the pandemic, the auto manufacturers reduced orders of the chips. The chips manufacturers turned the productions to other products. Little did they know, the auto industry came back quick and in high demand. But then chips had been moved to other products with no extra available. Understand that chips are high tech item and require billion, billions investment to add manufacturing lines to ramp up production. Who are willing to put down this billions? Plus the US impost higher tax on import from China, the interest to spend more to increase productions will be low. Not to mention the US ourself won't be able to produce more chips for the similar reason.
  5. May had inspired by debut of the New Broncos. I saw once a day, someone were driving their Jeeps with doors removed. Once last night Saturday (12:30am Sunday) at a traffic light. A lady was driving it. Then today Sunday, while having lunch at home, someone blasting the music. I stood up looked out the window. Another Jeep with removed doors was passing by. I haven't once seen someone drove with doors removed in my life time, as far as I could remember.
  6. New York International Auto Show has been postponed to Aug28 to Sept6. Made me think that, the unveiling of Bronco and Bronco Sport plans might be affected in someway. May be Ford change the unveiling as an Online event instead?
  7. LoveTaurus

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    I believe you have misunderstand my thinking. I knew about the F350, semi truck or school bus, etc. That's why...... I like to see newly designed vehicles to not only adding protection to it's own occupants, but also include in mind reducing damages to other vehicles during crashes. p.s. especially Tesla owners might take a nap on the hwy with autopilot on. 😛
  8. LoveTaurus

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Is it going to have tough body panels? I am nervous they are going to kill people in other vehicles in crashes. May be they were showing just a concept. May be they will surprise public with something else more normal looking closer to the sale date !?
  9. LoveTaurus

    Have a AC issue

    When I have any problems, I will first do a Google search. Because you are not alone with the same problem others experienced. A few minutes search, someone said, "Bleed the AC high pressure line" would solve the problem. You can go ahead and search online. Or may be I can search some more when I am free.
  10. LoveTaurus

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I recently looked at the Aviator's specs, and was surprised by the 3rd row leg room and head room both inches less than the Explorer's.
  11. LoveTaurus

    2020 Ford Explorer

    They made a mistake saying the third row access on the Ford could only be through the split of the captain chairs. They should be able to flip or slide on the Ford. And they didn't bother judging the 3 rd row rooms too. I assume the Ford will be roomier. Verdict: Ford (?)
  12. LoveTaurus

    2020 Explorer Spied

    The overall massing resemble the Freestyle/TaurusX. The rear roof is so low (so is the Aviator), hopefully that won't compromise the 3rd row head room. Otherwise, it will be of my list.
  13. While the 2018 Honda Accord at the LX, Hybrid and Sport(1.5T) trims has 105.7cu.ft. of passenger volume, the other trims Sport(2.0T), EX, EX-L and Touring instead has 102.7cu.ft. Taurus, 102.2 cubic feet cabin, 20.1 cubic feet trunk, 122.3 cubic feet total Accord, 105.7/102.7 cubic feet cabin, 16.7 cubic feet trunk, 122.4/119.4 cubic feet total Fusion, 102.8 cubic feet cabin, 16 cubic feet trunk, 118.8 cubic feet total (The Fusion Hybrid lost a whole lot of space in the trunk space for battery.)