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  1. Professor1234

    Aviator For the Weekend

    Haven’t driven one yet, but I have read the owner’s manual. Auto hold remembers the last setting, but A/SS reverts to ON at each start up.
  2. Professor1234

    201A reserve wheels

    The one behind it has the 22s which will be on mine. Oh man it’s going to be a long 3 months!
  3. Professor1234

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    I visited my dealer to set up my order yesterday morning but will wait until the first of next week for the summer rebate program before finalizing. I went with the new silver radiance with sandstone interior (I turned 40 a couple of months ago but chose old man colours anyway) fully loaded gas model with full rear console and floor liners. Just a hair under $87,000 CAD msrp. I notice in the online literature the engine output is now listed at 400 hp and 415 lb.ft. I recall it was 400/400 previously but I could be wrong. I also noticed on the order printout that mine will be a Job 2 which hopefully means all the features listed on the website as “available later summer” should be in-built. I’m hoping for mid-October delivery at this point which works out perfectly for my 2016 MKX lease end.
  4. Professor1234

    Canadian build&price is out

    I certainly don’t work for Lincoln.... Ford typically offers employee pricing to all, in the summer. In Ontario at least.
  5. Professor1234

    Canadian build&price is out

    Nice catch! When Employee Pricing comes in I will be ordering mine. MSRP of $86,435 is more than my dealer told me to expect. I’m not interested in the GT because I already have a commuter daily driver for fuel economy. Still a bargain compared to the $112,000 X5 I am also considering.
  6. Professor1234

    TFL 2020 Explorer ST mini review

    There is a new YouTube video posted by an auto dealer which confirms the Aviator has gas hood struts. The gentleman also pointed out (and I hadn’t noticed) the Audi-esque hood design - very nice. Now if I can only decide on an exterior colour I’d place my order!
  7. Professor1234

    A customer review

    Decisions, decisions. I’m partial to the silver but I want to see the blue in person. The Aviator in the video has the standard second row consolette. I think I’ll go for the full console which is a $700 option. It was the only ‘option’ question I had. For any Canadians out there, a fully loaded non-hybrid model stickers for just shy of $85,000.
  8. Professor1234

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Congrats! Jealous. I spoke with my long-time salesman on Friday and he wasn’t able to provide much insight into price and/or availability. Looks like I’m in a holding pattern until Lincoln Canada releases more information to the dealers up here. Might not be a bad thing.... I’ve been ‘burned’ countless times buying one of the first off the assembly line.
  9. Professor1234

    Lincoln Aviator 2019 revealed

    If they can get the quality up (from what I've experienced in 3 MKXs) this will be my next vehicle... 3.0L TT (hopefully) rear drive AND plug in hybrid! What more could a person want!! My current lease is up in November 2019 so the timing should line up perfectly!
  10. I'll be in the market next summer for a replacement to my '16 X. To be honest, I was hoping for more improvements to the interior (more wood!) than new stalks, frameless rearview and the digital cluster. Biggest letdown (not confirmed of course!) is that the rear badging doesn't say 3.0T. Edit.. I might be wrong about the rear view. No HUD either it seems. But it does look like both front and rear cams get washers - something that's been sorely needed for a while now. What is the button on the left side of the steering wheel denoting a little steering wheel between two lines?
  11. My '16 MKX turned one on the 21st (shame on me for forgetting!) and when I drove it on the 22nd I got a Change Oil Soon message, so time/oil age must certainly factor in. I rarely drive it (sits in the garage most of its life) but I just rolled up 4,100 km / 2,550 miles. When I do take it out, it's usually on a longer trip.
  12. Professor1234

    2018 Continental Production Information

    Pretty cool. I've never had the nerve to approach a fellow Lincoln owner - the age delta would probably be a quarter of a century! I didn't think his was a 3.0T but now that I think of it, it has the right wheels. I much prefer the ones that are identical (except 20 instead of 21") in design to the ones on my MKX. It is hard to wait for a factory order. I've had experiences all over the spectrum. My current X had its first birthday on the 21st (though just rolled up 4,100 km) - was ordered on August 2 and I picked it up on November 3. It took much longer than I was expecting! Hopefully the shipping process is quick for you....
  13. Professor1234

    2018 Continental Production Information

    hjr007, have you seen the Ruby Red Conti around town?? I'm from a little bit east of you but visit Cobourg often and have seen the Conti twice in the last six months or so. I have yet to see a single other one on the road. Lincolns seem rare as hen's teeth in our area. Who do you deal with? I'm assuming maybe Holiday since Fraser isn't a Lincoln dealer. I deal with Revell in Verona but it's quite a drive... Regardless, I you have better luck than I did on my last order... my 2016 MKX #2 was ordered August 2 (2016), built on October 21 and delivered November 3. Waaaaaayy too long for a custom order. My 2013 only took 6 weeks.
  14. Wow. Can it be that I paid $5,500 (well, less the 'cost' of the Revel Ultima) for headlamps that perform WORSE than the standard setup in my MKX?? Truth be told I don't drive in non-street-lit areas very much after dark, but I have never had the impression the MKX LEDs performed any worse/better than the HIDs in my previous '13 MKX or '11 Edge.
  15. Professor1234

    Auto High beam adjustment

    Does your Lane Keep Assist work properly, if you are so equipped? I have the opposite problem with a brand new MKX. My auto high beams work perfectly but my LDW/LKA is sketchy, pictorial lane lines flickering quickly from green to grey at times. It appears to work repeatedly on certain stretches of the same roadway but not at all on others where it should be able to see the lines. When it does work, it works great - not letting me stray over the line before nudging me back. Could there be a module that needs to be re-programmed? Hate to waste a day off work at the dealership just to get a 'working as intended' response. I also wonder what a 'calibration' entails. I know that for certain import brands (like Audi) there is an elaborate target that needs to be set up in front of the vehicle. It's quite a procedure.