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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. mustangchief

    '22 Navigator Revealed

    I have the maps in my Audi, they were fun at first, now I don't use them at all. I'd rather get more information in the HUD.
  2. Got my reservation in, glad I have a half year to figure out what configuration. Right now it is just basic with extended range battery to use as a local everyday work truck. I normally don't drive more than 100 miles in a day so it will fit well in my driveway. I have an Aviator GT for long trips, so adding a dual charger is easy (already on a dedicated 50A circuit). The question will be how much luxury I want to pamper myself with for just local use and what comes on the basic model. The biggest question I have is the technology behind the whole house generator. My current generator requires a transfer switch between the metered circuit and the house to prevent back feeding the line when they are working on it. It is 150ft to my ATS from the garage charging station, hopefully they provision for a control wire. #8 copper aint cheap any more. Probable the biggest complaint people will have is the $$ to put in an ATS.
  3. mustangchief

    2020 Aviator Check Engine Light

    It is not storing the code and it was not in the history. I have changed my charging circuit at the house and haven't had the light for a month now. It has been in the 30's this week, so I have my departure time set so everything is nice and toasty before I leave. Previously it was the air, so come to think of it, I have not had the light on cold days. I also see a 30% reduction in battery efficiency now that it is cold. I'm sure the seat heat and wheel has a lot to do with that.
  4. mustangchief

    2020 Gt500 order sold to someone else

    Also anything you put in writing (emails, blogs, texts to friends) around the date you put down the deposit as to the price discussed would be to your benefit. If everything is oral, they will say you agreed to the ADM, didn't pay and it's so long GT500. The DORA shows they ordered the car for you true, but does not show the price. My DORA was signed by the GM and myself and the agreed ADM clearly written out.
  5. mustangchief

    Trade in Raptor for Aviator Black Label GT?

    I think the early depreciation you see could be attributed to the crappy roll out. But pretty most all luxury cars outside limited exotics depreciate quick. Raptors are part of Ford Performance and not mainstream, so just like Shelby's they will do better. One thing I did not mention is the acceleration, it can get you into trouble. My second week I was tootling along at 70 trying to get around a car, my cruise was set at 80. I got the opportunity to pass and very slowly (I thought) went around him on the right. I had an on ramp coming up on my right and looked down the hill only to see a state trooper coming and noticed the big 95 in my windshield (and it wasn't I95) He started to tail me so I knew he was running the plate, so I pulled over to save him some trouble. We had a nice chat, about the Aviator and he let me off with a warning to carefully modulate the throttle in the future.
  6. mustangchief

    Trade in Raptor for Aviator Black Label GT?

    I'm at 7500 miles now, I drive to and from work in conserve, I'm at about 95MPGe, overall since taking possession I'm at 35 MPG for gas usage. I fill up every 5 weeks but am no where near empty, usually add 12-15 gallons. I have a 40 mile round trip 5X a week. I get a check engine light for regulatory after some charges, but goes away. A few glitches that were one time happenings. I also drive a 500HP Mustang, Audi Q5, BMW X3 rarely now. I planned to keep the miles low on the Aviator to trade up in a few years. It is so much fun and comfortable to drive I ditched that idea. I rarely drive any of our other cars. I only have one long trip where I was hybrid most of the way, I got 27 MPG on the interstate and close to 500 miles. I have a slightly heavy big toe that tips the throttle occasionally. I traded in my F150 Platinum for the GT, best decision for me. It tows my Mustang just fine. Dealer washes vary by dealer, mine has a hand wash crew. It takes about three hours to charge on 220 and eleven on 110. Both connectors come with it.
  7. mustangchief

    2021 Lincoln Aviator Production Information

    Adaptive steering is my most used "didn't know I need it" option. After long days at the hospital, it keeps me centered on the drive home. On nights I have the Audi, I realize how much that system does for me. It isn't perfect, but it sure does work well for me.
  8. mustangchief

    news coming....

    That white will be cool for anyone who wants to stay anonymous..lol
  9. mustangchief

    Identifying Build Issues on the Lot?

    Hmmm, don't tell that to my car, He thinks he is the boss over the two Germans. Oh wait he is, I have not had any problems, no bad paint, no gaps, and thinking about ditching the Q5 and getting him a sister. I've counted 51 horror stories between here and the 2020 Aviator FB page. That is actually a pretty low number. The Aviator was a master piece for Lincoln and some bean counters pressed it and lost. Most of the really big issues I've seen have nothing to do with installers, there were a few pinched drain lines and such at the beginning. Ford admitted to issues and said they totally blew the roll out. You don't hire thousands of new workers and think they will be skilled experts after watching some training films and standing beside an experienced installer.(unless you live in a glass house)
  10. mustangchief

    Aviator Black Label GT Feedback so far

    I guess I should feel very fortunate to get a good one. Sorry to hear about your issues. How many miles were on it when you picked it up? I had about 52, I'll give them the benefit of using those to get everything right.
  11. I would never have believed I could go 1 month on a tank of gas, let alone two plus. I think the hybrid reviewers have a bad tester. I've taken people on rides to show them the transitions between modes. They are totally blown away. Note: If you mash the peddle to the floor there is an obvious jerk when you go from either single mode to hybrid. I'm a fairly aggressive driver and am used to torque from my Mustang. Maybe the reviewer drives a Prius as a daily driver😁 I'm at 3240 miles right now, here is a screen shot of my lifetime MPG
  12. So far, it has been better than anticipated, I love every bit of it. I have a quip, but it is merely that, not a complaint. When towing an empty trailer you can really hear it back there bouncing around. I think they did not focus on the road noise from the back. The good news is it does tow very well, and towed effortlessly pulling 5K lbs. So far my all electric range has increased by about 3 miles. I have 19.6 miles to work, and usually have 6 miles of range left before a quick top off (2 hrs). I have two areas I kick it hard to go from 25 to 80 on short freeway on ramps. The engine runs about 2 minutes total. Since February, I'm averaging 85 MPG, thanks to COVID I haven't done any recent trips out of state. I am getting better with the brakes, which helps with the electric range. I average 85 to 120 MPG on normal traffic work days. If I drive exactly the speed limit on the freeway, I get about 140MPG lol. I've been really good, still using my last fill up in March with 190 DTE.
  13. mustangchief

    Decision Time, Aviator or not?

    I doubt they will be readily available at the end of summer, but are you sure school is going to reopen? With the wave of protesters doing their thing, we will either have a large COVID outbreak or a CDC with egg on their face.