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  1. mustangchief

    2020 Aviator

    Sorry Cyber, don't mean to jump in but wanted to answer "whatever the heck vehi ship is" They are one of the transports and storage company, you can call them at 888-328-3986 and see if they will tell you the status of your Aviator. They held my 50 year Limited Mustang for 38 days after Ford gave it to them.
  2. mustangchief

    Aviator GT MPG

    There is a weighted calculation to get the hybrid MPG. The electric and/or Hybrid numbers are only estimates, how much of the power consumers like heat and air you use play a large factor.
  3. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    I haven't ...yet, It is still in production, so it isn't at the shipper. Off Site in production status, is either a detailed QA inspection (which I wouldn't mind) A track test inspection ( a letter will be on the seat to explain the 50 or so extra miles) or it had an issue that needed to be sent to an off site repair area (rare) If it is just an inspection there is hope of getting it by Christmas. It is coming by Convoy, so it will roll in around 4pm if like the other explorer and Aviator deliveries. The even rarer off site is it was selected for crash testing, then I will get a new production date next week.
  4. mustangchief

    Aviator GT MPG

    The official numbers came up on the EPA site today (regular gas) 22 City 23 Combined 25 Highway, 56MPGe, (Hybrid) 30 City/ 34 Highway
  5. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    Mine followed the same timeline until eta end date instead status changed to "shipped offsite" Maybe it has been selected to be a crash test victim? Glad to see you got an ETA
  6. mustangchief

    Aviator GT MPG

    Most likely due to the MPGe. My son has a new RAV4 Hybrid and it gets 10 MPG better than the non-hybrid. The sticker says 23 combined gas only, so I could see those numbers running in hybrid mode. Driving it like you stole it won't get you those numbers.lol
  7. mustangchief

    Aviator GT C/D Review

    This is another one of those "fake" media stories. It appears they plagiarized from MT SoY tests. Just a bunch of opiniated sound bites from a pre production model.
  8. mustangchief

    Grand Touring Sticker

    Here is my GT sticker for those who stick shop.
  9. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    The scheduled to Day is the day it is bucked and runs down the line. It only takes a few hours to build. The PHEVs are unique in that the chassis are being built a mile away and the body/interior is done at CAP. Day/shift it goes down the line is tracked in case someone installs something wrong, or a machine/welder produces bad welds. It will make it interesting since they are being assembled apart. Just wondering out loud if it will have two dates, or they are trying to run them at the same time. slipping is normal if a commodity doesn't arrive or doesn't pass quality checks, it is why I don't get wrapped up in the stress of "OMG, my date slipped, what is going on Lincoln" LOL those people drive me crazy.
  10. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    Mine has slipped to 24 Nov now. I'm not sure how they are doing the build date, whether it is the top half or the bottom half, this should be interesting. It may just be the final assembly day.
  11. mustangchief

    2020 Aviator GT

    Good morning Cyber 2020 Aviator - VIN 5LMYJ8XY2LGL18538 Thank You
  12. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    Sunday is usually the build week date, mine was scheduled for the week of Nov 10, then when the orders get sent to the plant for that build week they have a "build to day". This is so the commodities and paint schedule can be sorted for the week. I did not look at the "to the day" date. I don't want to get too wrapped up in it. I did that with my Mustang and it was pure torture checking every day and not seeing it move. I'll probably check tomorrow to see what day it was built and what shipping ramp it went to. I'm cautiously optimistic I'll see it by Christmas, but I was at a Lincoln event last week and overheard someone say they would not be getting any GTs until their power center was installed in December. My dealer doesn't even have tracking on his power center equipment.
  13. My wife spends 15 minutes trying on a new dress, if there is a fitting issue, she does not buy it. I spend hours at tool stores, going over the ergonomics of each brand before paying a couple hundred bucks. Why on earth would you not inspect a 75K car before handing over a check? Mine is being built as I type, the New Car manager already knows I will take a day or however long it takes to be satisfied before any paperwork is signed or money changes hands. I drove an aviator for a few hundred miles and saw a few minor issues. I can't remember buying any car that did not develop issues. What you described the car as having when you left the dealers lot should have been caught in the acceptance inspection by you. Dealers do not do complete inspections, never had one done, besides if I am forking over the money, you bet I do the inspection . I do appreciate you detailing issues you have, helps the rest of us look at possible problem areas during our pre buy inspections.
  14. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    I haven't looked at the build day yet, the sticker won't populate until after the car is built and released from production to shipping. I just returned from my Daughters wedding. It was pretty amazing. I have to catch up on some work I delayed and then will check on the status.
  15. mustangchief

    New Owner Impressions

    Very curious about the Western PA winters. My family is from central PA, and I'd like to be confident it will do well on winter trips.