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  1. mustangchief

    Aviator Running Boards

    PICS please, I'm thinking about them, just want to see them on GT trim. How are you liking yours?
  2. mustangchief

    Lincoln Aviator Gas Tank issues

    I ran mine down to zero miles left, cruised to the gas station (two miles) on zero and put 19.7 Gallons in my GT. I ran it down in preserve the whole time so I would not use any juice unless needed.
  3. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    You can use a 20amp on either as coolscoop said. If you are running a new circuit, install a 50amp circuit for future multi car or a nice electric welder😉
  4. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    It is the relays and air suspension making adjustments, mine clicks a lot until it settles in.
  5. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    The dealer I ordered mine from just got in their first retail GT, they are asking 2500 over sticker because they haven't had another scheduled. They already think they sold it, someone is coming from 300 miles away to look at it. It is black on black, it looks nice, but will need some blackout to make it really cool. Mine still shows up on cars . com and they are going nuts because they get two or three calls a day, and dozens of e-lead clicks a day. They tried to order one identical, but could no longer get the Blue Diamond.
  6. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    Glad to hear it made it home. I did my first pure ev run today It is a lot of fun checking out all the features and discovering new ones. Finally got my charging outlet in this morning so no more trips to the Tesla station.
  7. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    Congrats, mine has been doing great (knock on wood) It was worth every minute of waiting. Hope you like it as much as well.
  8. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    The new Blue color will be close to Blue Diamond, it is called infinite blue. You can see it on the Mach E configurator.
  9. mustangchief

    No Brake!!

    Hmmm nope, never seen or felt anything like that. Did you show the dealer the vid?
  10. mustangchief

    Went to the auto show and...

    Dallas is about Trucks and Off Road vehicles mostly. They had very few sedans, but an over whelming truck/SUV presence. I think Ford had every F series in every trim on hand. They usually hand out truck awards during the show also.
  11. mustangchief

    Phone As A Key

    I had a glitch with my iPhone and had to delete it and Bluetooth connections, but it works as advertised. Just tried the kick open with PAAK and it works. Everything is the same as if you had a key fob.
  12. I have a GT and it goes into all electric at stops and sometimes just cruising. Very odd watching the tach go to zero and still hustle down the road. So glad I held out to get a GT, it does have many relays clicking and every time I pass by, it thinks it is the chosen chariot. (PAAK) I'm putting miles on to get it broke in and any anomalies worked out. When I start driving my beater again, I will have to disable PAAK. I find if you set the stereo on 8, you can't hear anything but great music. 😀
  13. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    Yes, 50.
  14. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    It did not show up, I did not try it in all electric mode as I was out of juice.
  15. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    I've only had that one hiccup, it worked well yesterday. I would not go hundreds of miles away on an important trip, but as much as it is an inconvenience if it would go out, I'm not footing the tow bill.