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  1. mustangchief

    are new orders being accepted now

    2021 order banks open June 11. Other than color options, the only thing a MY20 will get you is a quicker devaluation. If you plan on holding it for 7 or more years, get a 20MY, if not I'd hold out for the 2021s around the corner. JMO
  2. mustangchief

    SIRIUS/XM Trial Subscription Change

    LOL, I wish they wouldn't install this anymore, like the mullet, XM radio is a thing of the past. They replay the same content over and over. It would be nice if they just had a really good app support firmware. I use the Lincoln plus Alexa app and it is far better for me than XM.
  3. mustangchief

    2020 Aviator Check Engine Light

    Yes. It came on three times for me when the charger was hooked up longer than 12 hours. Probably a software glitch. It always went away. I snap a pic and will let the dealer look at it. Take a pic and save it, so the dealer doesn’t give you the didn’t happen shrug.
  4. mustangchief

    First Quarter Update Aviator GT

    If you have a portrait mode, use that in bright light standing about 10 feet away, then crop it to make it look like a close up.
  5. mustangchief

    First Quarter Update Aviator GT

    You are doing pretty good, how hilly is your area. I'm pretty much flat with a few hills. Mine continues to get better as I did not use the electric for the first two weeks while I was getting the engine broke in. I wanted 500 gas miles before I took it on vacation. This virus ended that idea.
  6. mustangchief

    First Quarter Update Aviator GT

    Mileage on all electric varies just like gas. Under 40 around mostly flat town, with minimum red lights ( you use brake coach to teach how to only use regen coming up to a light) I get 26-28 Miles. On the freeway driving 80 or so, I get 18 and my normal mix to work is 19-23. It really depends on how you drive. It takes a tad over 4 hours on level 2 and about 10 hours on 110 (Level varies by what side of the garage I get) I'm planning on installing a Level 2 charger for two in the middle when the wife upgrades to the Mach E.
  7. No need, all our make up air is conditioned either from the fresh air vents or via the returns outside the negative air areas. Direct vent is necessary to get the dirty air through the HEPA system and outside without the risk of being returned to the whole building. Our long term patient survived and was discharged last night to a lot of fanfare. He was critical for a week on a vent but made it. All our other positives are either home cared for or already cleared.
  8. Exactly, It draws air from the hospital and pushes it through massive HEPA filers to outside, each room has a filter and exhaust to prevent air in the room from going out into the general hospital area. It creates havoc on the rest of the system and high winds at the fresh air intakes. Even in normal entrances the inbound air flow is significant. In a normal isolation room you run negative air, this is a first creating basically an entire octagon shaped pod on each floor (about 40 rooms) for the entire column, each POD had to be walled off to keep the air flow correct and balance the other 4 columns. We have 5 columns around a center column.
  9. OMG! Just hit 2100 miles today or should I say 2100 smiles. I have found my sanctuary to be everything I was hoping for and more. It is definitely not a quiet sanctuary, I use the Lincoln plus Alexa app to pull my favorite playlists and for 25 minutes each way to and from work folks must think I'm nuts. I might be belting out AC/DC or Elvis, who knows, who cares, it's my world. I find it fun to appear to be turning the wheel hard left and right as I dance my way down the freeway, leaving staying in the lines to the car. The seats are amazingly comfortable and after getting them dialed in perfect for my back, I get out refreshed and ready to catch fish without bait. If I had a house full of runaway children I too would retreat to my own little world and be very happy. You see that image of my fuel savings? Yeah, that's right $500 a quarter, $2000 a year in just gas I would normally use. 1600lbs of CO2 is like what my AC unit produces every 5 years. If this Aviator could just make Bacon and Eggs every morning it would be nirvana. Her beauty is easy on the eyes and interior velvety soft. The only issue I've had is it was two easy to hit 90mph and the c pillar obstructed my view of the State Cop coming on the on ramp. It was a minor issue due to a gentleman's agreement to withhold a little effort on the peddle.
  10. mustangchief

    Lane Centering / Lane Keeping

    Mine works very well, I use it every day. Sounds like maybe an alignment calibration. It does appear to hug the center line, but I dropped the mirror so I could see the lines and it was pretty spot on. It shows I was hugging the left lane too closely when I'm in control.
  11. Mine works every time as I approach, there are a few angles it doesn't do anything until I get to the door. One problem I had is my extra remote was hanging just inside the garage and it would pick it up. Once I moved it to the bedroom, everything worked again.
  12. LOL, I love the electricity for my Aviator, our power comes from Nuclear 1 up the road. I've been getting 93-133 MPGe depending on how I drive everyday going to the hospital. We have been converting an entire column (7 floors) to negative air to accommodate hundreds of positive patients. We have one today and have been up to as many as three. Thankful it hasn't bloomed into what they thought, but if it does we are very prepared. For those of us in engineering it has been lots of overtime and mind stimulating when they ask if certain things can be done.😂 Ask any engineer if it can be done and he'll say heck yeah, then they'll ask if you can pay for it. Thankfully they have the money to pay for what they asked for.
  13. mustangchief

    Aviator Running Boards

    PICS please, I'm thinking about them, just want to see them on GT trim. How are you liking yours?
  14. mustangchief

    Lincoln Aviator Gas Tank issues

    I ran mine down to zero miles left, cruised to the gas station (two miles) on zero and put 19.7 Gallons in my GT. I ran it down in preserve the whole time so I would not use any juice unless needed.
  15. mustangchief

    Aviator GT Order

    You can use a 20amp on either as coolscoop said. If you are running a new circuit, install a 50amp circuit for future multi car or a nice electric welder😉