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  1. rampagex7

    Dynamic Handling package

    The air suspension works great on my Aviator GT as well, or at least as designed at the factory. My main complaint is that there is no button or touchscreen setting to manually adjust the suspension height without either changing the drive mode (requiring the engine to come on, which is unnecessary for a PHEV when the vehicle is parked) or by opening the liftgate. I found it really annoying when towing my boat and the vehicle stays at "ride height" after you park it and I just wanted to lower the back end a couple inches to make it easier to couple the trailer and had to either turn on the engine and put it in excite mode or open the liftgate to lower the back end. Conversely when launching my boat, I wanted to raise the suspension a few inches to make sure no water went into the tailpipes and again had to change the drive mode to "deep conditions" mode to get the extra height which ofcourse forces the engine to turn on (again unnecessary in a PHEV with the battery charged). Definitely would have been nice if they gave the driver separate controls to raise/lower the air suspension on demand (without changing the drive mode or requiring the engine to be on). IMO one of the biggest advantages of having air suspension is to give the driver some control of the vehicle height as needed. I think it was CoolScoop who also figured out that the Easy Entry/Exit doesn't quite work great either as it only lowers on entry not exit.
  2. rampagex7

    aviator gt engine bay

    It's a GPS tracking device for our fleet management software. I'm leasing mine through my company and we have fleet management software that tracks all our company vehicles to get instant location, trips, mileage traveled, etc. for tracking and audit purposes.
  3. rampagex7

    aviator gt engine bay

    Got the two side covers off and some more photos for you, also tried to shine my fla shlight at the same time to make everything more visible.
  4. rampagex7

    aviator gt engine bay

    Here are some photos of my GT engine bay, albeit with the plastic covers still on:
  5. It's great that they are updating the Nautilus interior to the new Lincoln theme, but what I don't get is why they are keeping the existing Nautilus steering wheel and not updating it to the same style as the Aviator. My boss has a 2019 Nautilus and I hate the steering wheel in it, the leather wrap feels cheap and fake and the button placement is awkward compared to the previous MKX steering wheel and is no comparison to the new Aviator wheel. I love my Aviator's steering wheel with the illuminated buttons that fade out when not in use and the dual 4-way control sticks work fantastic. I don't understand why they would put the Aviator steering wheel in the new Corsair interior but not the updated Nautilus interior? Isn't the Nautilus supposed to be higher in the pecking order and therefore should get a better steering wheel?
  6. rampagex7

    Lincoln Aviator Gas Tank issues

    One of the reasons it's a big deal to run out of gas completely is because most modern vehicles today all have their fuel pumps inside the tank itself so the pump needs to stay submerged in a certain amount of liquid fuel to stay lubricated and work properly. If you run the tank dry, the pump is also dry and could burn out and get damaged not to mention all the other components of the engine that could have problems from running out of gas. That's why the "empty" mark on the gauge always leaves you a bit of a buffer and now you are bombarded with pop messages, warnings and beeps to sufficiently annoy you to gas up before you get empty. Your new Aviator will also automatically find you the nearest gas station and offer to navigate you there.... Although I'm sure with all the fancy electronics they put in vehicles today it will probably shut everything down before it lets you run the tank completely dry to protect itself. I've never gone much less than 1/8 of tank on my Aviator GT yet so I can't say for sure how close it will let you cut it, so far the most gas I've pumped in is 65L (about 17gal) at Costco. Being a PHEV I'm more concerned with finding Ethanol free gas than squeezing every drop out of the tank, although theoretically on mine if you ran out of gas as long as the battery still had sufficient charge you could switch to EV mode and still get where you're going. Ironically, just like you can't run your gas tank completely dry, on the Aviator GT you can't even run the high voltage battery to absolute zero it always maintains a small reserve of charge and will turn on the engine to charge the HV battery as needed. The battery capacity is 13.6Kwh and I've been using EV mode and charging mine regularly since I got it 6 months ago, the longest charging session I've logged on my Juicebox charger was 13.2Kwh. I've noticed now in the summer when I'm using A/C all the time (and since the A/C system is fully electric) it keeps a higher reserve charge on the battery as my regular daily charge sessions are shorter at about 12.7-12.9Kwh.
  7. rampagex7

    My Aviator experience

    Congrats on your new Aviator! Looks great, is that Magnetic paint? I don't think I've seen one in magnetic before but it suits it well.
  8. rampagex7

    2021 Aviator Wheel choices

    Not sure if there are any changes to the 2021 wheel designs, but of all the 2020 designs I like the 21" ones I have on my 2020 Aviator GT the best (see below). They go really well with the Blue Diamond paint, but I understand they are getting rid of Blue Diamond and changing to a new blue color on the 2021's. The 22" wheels on the Reserve with the alternating black spokes are kind of cool too.
  9. rampagex7

    Delivery Time for Aviator

    I couldn't get any incentives on my GT either and dealer was not able to discount the price, even though I'm leasing it through my company and we have leased 16 previous Ford/Lincoln vehicles from the same dealer. The dealer was eventually able to able to get their Lincoln factory rep to authorize a $1,500 loyalty bonus discount for me when I took delivery of the vehicle but that's it. But in my case it wasn't just a problem with lack of incentives, our dealer was only allocated ONE GT model for the whole year so when the order bank opened in July 2019 the sales manager called me because he knew I was interested in an Aviator GT and said if I wanted it I had to put the order in on the spot or he would either offer it to another customer or order their sole GT for inventory stock and it wouldn't be the colors or options I want.
  10. rampagex7

    oil separator for grand touring?

    I have an Aviator GT and can confirm the secondary small coolant reservoir is definitely for the battery cooling system as it is liquid cooled. You can hear the coolant pump running and see coolant flowing in/out of the reservoir whenever it is plugged in to the wall charger and charging the battery. I don't have an oil separator installed on mine and am not sure why you would need one? Overall it's a great vehicle and I'm very happy with mine, I've made made numerous previous posts on experiences with mine to date if you're looking for more in depth info.
  11. rampagex7

    Mach E Order Guide

    I didn't see anywhere on the order guide an option for a tow package. Does anyone know if you can get a factory tow package and/or what the towing capabilities will be (if any) on the Mach E?
  12. rampagex7

    Identifying Build Issues on the Lot?

    Couldn't agree more. I love my Aviator GT and other than some initial issues with the PAAK when I got it (which were later solved with a software update) I haven't had any problems with the mechanics or functionality at all. I still can't believe I've put about 5000km on it and I'm still only on my 4th tank of gas. I've been taking it on long weekend trips back/forth to the cottage lately and the comfort of the seats with gentle massage and cooling combined with the concert hall quality sound from the Revel audio make it such a great experience I actually look forward to the trip in the car. I definitely would not put much faith in all the negative reviews out there complaining about the PHEV powertrain and a "lack of smoothness" either, as I've commented in previous posts mine is so smooth and seamless in transition from EV to engine if you were not staring at the screen to see the current status or looking at the tach to see your rpm you would never know if the engine is off or on as everything is quiet you can barely hear anything. My best suggestion is try to find a dealer that has a GT model in inventory (hopefully a later build) and try and test drive it, you will be convinced.
  13. rampagex7

    Aviator Black Label GT Feedback so far

    I'm also waiting for a software update that was promised by my dealer and a Lincoln Canada rep that will fix the issue with the EV DTE range not showing up in the HUD. I was told it would be addressed in the next update and so far there have been no updates released. So if they are going to defer it until the 2021 comes out then we will have to keep waiting a while.
  14. Surprisingly using the A/C does not have that big of an impact on the EV range. On our 2019 Fusion Energi our employees drove it last summer with the A/C on full all the time and we didn't notice any significant impact on the EV range. Heating is another story altogether and will drastically reduce the range if you need to heat the cabin while in EV mode since it has to use a resistive element to generate the heat which sucks a lot of power. In the winter, if you're calling for heat and the electric element can't provide sufficient heat to meet your set temp in a preset time the engine will come on for 2-3 minutes to warm up the engine coolant and heat the cabin. The A/C system on the Fusion Energi is all electric. The compressor is powered directly off the high voltage battery and it is very efficient.
  15. I have a 2019 Fusion Energi and I can get mine up to 120km/h (75mph) in EV mode no problem, BUT, driving at high speeds for a sustained time will drastically reduce your total EV range. It is much more efficient to drive in hybrid mode at highway speeds it will use the engine to assist the motor and it still gets excellent milage, in fact I'm pretty sure the OM specifically recommends driving in hybrid mode on the highway. Even when driving in hybrid mode it will seamlessly switch back and forth from hybrid to EV mode for short periods of time if there is sufficient charge in the battery or if it is feasible to do so (ie. coasting on flat level road, going downhill) You have to use the KW output gauge (I think it's called the Engage or Empower screen) to see how much total power you are drawing from the motor, if it is anything higher than 50% draw it will cut down the range. At anything over 80km/h (50mph) the motor will be at almost 80-100% power draw. My Aviator GT PHEV performs much better in EV only mode, having the benefit of a bigger electric motor, bigger battery, and full 10speed transmission instead of CVT like the Fusion. The Aviator can reach highway speeds faster in EV, can sustain them effortlessly and driving at high speed in EV doesn't impact the range as much.