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  1. rampagex7

    Battery Range on Corsair Grand Touring

    I can't even hear the alert noise on my Aviator from inside unless I have a window open. Although it is a very well insulated cabin and I believe even the side windows are laminated for sound so that probably makes it harder to hear it also. The must have made it louder on the Corsair if you can hear it inside.
  2. rampagex7

    Battery Range on Corsair Grand Touring

    Bear in mind that the official rated EV range and the projected range on your screen is always an estimate and will vary wildly depending on your driving conditions, outside temperature, use of climate control, etc. My Aviator GT has an official rated EV range of 34km (21miles). I normally average about 35-40km on a full charge with normal city driving; but I've stretched that to as high as 67km in ideal conditions and driving on hilly roads where you can get lots of regen braking. But in the winter when it is cold and you are using cabin heat the range will drop significantly to about 20-22km from both the temperature extreme which affects the battery and even worse if you're heating the cabin electrically. Curious to see how you make out with the Corsair GT, please update your experience after you've driven it for a while.
  3. rampagex7

    Battery Range on Corsair Grand Touring

    That is hilarious! My company just recently leased two 2021 Toyota RAV4 Primes (PHEV) back in February and I could not agree more! The "pedestrian alert" EV noise when you put it in reverse is awful and ridiculously loud. I don't know what engineer at Toyota came up with their stupid EV noise but it could definitely be improved and lower the volume as well. There is no way to disable it and I've can't seem to find a fuse for it to pull out either. Thankfully the EV noise on my 2020 Aviator GT is much more subtle and soothing. How is it on your new Corsair GT? I would think they probably used the same speaker and sound as the Aviator.
  4. rampagex7

    2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring in Burgundy Velvet

    Wow! I'm not normally a fan of red on a car but your Corsair looks awesome in that burgundy velvet! What color interior did you go with? Would love to see pics of your interior as well.
  5. rampagex7

    Home charging stations

    I have 2020 Aviator GT, have had it for about 18 months now and love it. I've written posts in other Aviator forums about charging and the most important thing I would point out to you is that no matter what method you use to charge your Aviator (either the Lincoln OEM charge cord or dedicated charging station) be aware that the vehicle itself has a small 3.7KW on board charging module (which is the part that actually charges the high voltage battery) and no matter what you plug it into it is not capable of charging any higher/faster than 3.7KW (about 16A at 240V (Level 2)) and takes about 3.5 hours to charge fully. I put a charging station in my garage at home and I have one outside my office at work as well. My top recommendation would be the JuiceBox Pro 40: https://evcharging.enelx.com/store/residential/juicebox-40 The best thing about the JuiceBox chargers is they have built in wifi and a companion app which is amazing, it gives you so much information and stats about your charging, voltage, amperage, electricity usage, graphs, etc. They just revamped the JuiceBox with a new design earlier this year that is much better than the old one and they also redesigned the charging cord to be much lighter and more flexible as on the old model the cord was heavy and could get very stiff especially in the cold. My second recommendation would be the ChargePoint Home Flex https://www.chargepoint.com/drivers/home/ I have a Chargepoint unit at work and I would have to say that the charger itself is slightly better than the JuiceBox in terms of design, aesthetics and function but I find the JuiceBox app a bit easier to use than the Chargepoint. Another benefit of the Chargepoint is that it's capable of higher charging current of up to approx. 52A if it is properly hardwired to a 70A breaker. That wouldn't be useful to you now with an Aviator GT which can only handle 16A but it is great for "futureproofing" if you ever upgrade to a BEV in the future. As for general tips for installing a charging station you definitely need to plan and consult with an electrician if you're not knowledgeable about electrical stuff. You also should check your local electrical codes as to what is and isn't allowed based on the capacity of your incoming electrical service from your utility if you have 100A or 200A service. Where I live in Toronto the electrical codes set by Ontario Electrical Safety Authority are quite strict when it comes to EV charging stations. When my electrician installed the charging station at my house he ran into some problems with the inspector because I only have 100A incoming electrical service coming from the street and I have existing loads in my breaker panel for an electric range and electric dryer so because they are worried about overloading the panel they would not issue a permit for the charging station unless the charging current could be restricted to no more than 32A on a 40A rated circuit (with #8 wire) even though the JuiceBox charging station I bought is capable of a max charging current of 40A on a 50A rated circuit (with #6 wire). The good thing is the Lincoln OEM charging cable (actually made by Webasto) that comes with the Aviator GT is rated for 240V 16A which is the max charging rate the vehicle can handle anyway so if you don't want to incur the cost of installing a dedicated charging station you could just use that all the time and all you need to do is install a 240V 20A NEMA 6-20R receptacle in your garage which shouldn't cost much. See my previous posts about charging and related stuff in the other Aviator forums for more info.
  6. rampagex7

    Aviator Accessories - Floor liners

    Unfortunately neither of them fold but the WT one is pliable enough that in a pinch where I needed to use the 3rd row I was able to kind of bend/roll it upward to allow the 3rd row seats to come up. The OEM mat that came with mine only covers the small cargo area behind the 3rd row so it works perfectly to use with the 3rd row up. That's why I actually have both the WT and OEM cargo mats so I used the WT 90% of time as my main mat with 3rd row down and on the odd occasion I need to use the 3rd row I take my WT mat out and replace with OEM mat.
  7. rampagex7

    2021 Aviator Software startup time

    My 2020 Aviator GT has not had this problem and I’ve had it for over a year now. Generally the startup delay is about 3-4 seconds for the screen to load initially and occasionally I notice a slight delay of about 1-2 seconds to load a specific screen like maps or audio. But I’ve never experienced the kind of delays you’ve mentioned. Is your Sync software up to date? Mine just auto updated itself a month or so ago to version 3.4.20136 so I’m guessing that is the latest version. (See photo below)
  8. Hey guys, I don't mean to detract from the thread topic on the F-150 Lightning (especially since I'm really interested in it and just put in a reservation for one this morning) but all the discussion on PHEV pros/cons peaked my interest. As a current 2020 Aviator GT PHEV owner (plus my company now has 3 other PHEV vehicles in our fleet) I could spend hours talking about PHEV's but most of the important points have been covered. I just wanted to share one specific thing about my own experience with the Aviator PHEV that has blown me away (aside from the performance and environmental benefits) and that is the cost savings! Since I picked up the Aviator over a year ago in January 2020 I have been tracking my exact fuel and hydro consumption with a detailed chart and the overall result is impressive. (See chart below) To date I've traveled about 17,000km (10,500mi) and overall spent just over $1,500 in gas and hydro combined! That is less than half of what I would spend in a year on just gas on my previous 2017 MKX which had cost me about $3,800-4,000 a year in gas for the similar distance of about 16,000km/year and it was a smaller, lighter ICE vehicle. My average fuel consumption on the Aviator worked out to 6.27L/100km (37.5 MPG). Also the PHEV powertrain on the Aviator has no issues at all towing my 3,500lb boat, which it can handle even in Pure EV mode when the battery is charged, whereas my previous MKX with the 2.7L EB V6 had a bit of hard time with towing. I have no complaints about my PHEV. 2020 lincoln aviator PHEV fuel log.pdf
  9. rampagex7

    Speedometer Display-Help??

    My 2020 Aviator GT has always shown the numbers both in the middle and around the perimeter of the gauge (see photos below). Maybe this is something they changed for 2021MY?
  10. I just got a disappointing call from the sales manager at our dealership on Friday, apparently they have been advised by Ford that there will be no leasing programs offered on the new 2021 Mach E through Ford Credit here in Ontario. When they finally arrive you will only be able to purchase or finance them. Apparently he said this looks to be the case in all provinces Canada wide, except Quebec because Quebec offers an $8000 EV rebate so you can lease them in Quebec but nowhere else. We have two Mach E's on order for our company with one of them supposed to land very soon and the plan was to lease them as we have two 2018 Escapes coming off lease soon and am really not interested in purchase or financing for various reasons. I really hate to walk away from such an exciting new vehicle but if Ford wont lease them to us it looks like we have to walk. Has anyone else heard about this? I'm curious if anyone else can corroborate it somehow. Is it just the Canadian market affected by the "lease ban" or are they able to be leased in the US?
  11. rampagex7

    Rearview mirror wiring?

    Thanks for posting the pics @ColinAviator I was thinking of maybe installing a dashcam on my Aviator as well so now I know there's easy access to wiring under that panel.
  12. rampagex7

    Rearview mirror wiring?

    My Aviator GT has the frameless auto dimming mirror and it definitely works well and turns on when you get headlight glare from behind so I will agree that it is electronically powered. It also triggers the driver's side exterior mirror to dim at the same time. I've never looked behind mine to see if there's a wire harness but I'm pretty sure the wiring is all built in or routed through the mounting bracket because that whole area behind the mirror also has the forward facing camera on it you can see it from outside the windshield so there would be wiring behind there. You may need to pull the headliner or remove some trim pieces to get at the wiring.
  13. Definitely not normal. We have a 2018 Edge and 2019 Nautilus in our company fleet both with the same 2.0 4cyl turbo engine and they both drive excellent. 2018 Edge has 68,000km on it and the 2019 Nautilus has about 20,000km and have not experienced anything like what you describe. We're in Toronto so our vehicles get lots of cold usage as well. I agree with akirby sounds like a problem with the turbo, throttle or maybe mass airflow sensor. Is your check engine light on? Usually something that bad performance wise would trip a sensor and cause a trouble code.
  14. rampagex7

    2020 Aviator Check Engine Light

    Yes, when I brought it in the code had already cleared by itself so they really didn't do anything. They checked it with their scan tools and couldn't find anything wrong with the modules, so they cleared the code from memory. It has been working fine ever since so I guess it was a momentary glitch. While I'm sure it's unrelated, I did notice that my Sync 3 software updated itself a couple weeks ago as well.
  15. rampagex7

    Lincoln Aviator 2021 Colors

    Damn, I thought Ford Infinite blue was the same as Lincoln Flight blue (at least that's what the dealer told me) and now after seeing your post I just looked it up the paint codes myself and you're right they are different. I was expecting our Mach E to look like the Corsair in Flight blue now this Infinite blue/Ocean Drive blue (AB code) is going to look completely different. I found a video of an Explorer ST in Infinite Blue: