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  1. No problem I understand. I didn’t realize it was that secret since I saw other vehicles posted.
  2. I’ve seen other esourcebooks posted on forums for other vehicles. For example, I found one for the maverick. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/2022-maverick-esourcebook-released-41-pages-of-info/
  3. As op says. Looking to get more specifics for the 22 explorer st. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I was browsing some social media ST groups and there was someone who had a 22 ST that did not have the cup holder ambient lighting. Member stated he had the 401a package which includes the general ambient lighting. I chatted ford about this and they said the 22 ST should in fact have the cup holder ambient lighting. They couldn’t share me the internal documents that state this. can someone post or at least just clarify this? Did this guy get a build error or was this feature truly removed? thanks.
  5. Ok thanks. Yeah my build date was 11/16. The tracker doesn’t show a date for the ship date either but I received the shipped email confirmation on 11/19. it’s a 11hr drive from the plant to my dealer. well I hope you’re right! So excited to finally get this vehicle.
  6. Wait so how long did it take from “shipped” to arrival at dealership? Mine shipped 11/19 and they’re telling me 12/5-12/11. Going to PA.
  7. Same time frame for my ST. Built 11/16. Shipped two days ago. Going to PA. Hoping sooner!
  8. Yeah unfortunately. Not terribly surprised though. I wonder how long it takes once production to get to the dealer.
  9. Lucky you! Maybe Canada orders are quicker. I also have a ST on order. Seems like you ordered the 2.3L? I say that because that engine configuration is the only to get the auto start stop deleted on.
  10. US here. Originally scheduled for Nov 8 production but was moved back to nov 15.
  11. When is the refresh 23 or 24?
  12. No doubt it’s ridiculous. Quite pathetic for ford. But, sync 4 really isn’t anything special so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Plus it seems all the vehicles getting sync 4 are getting mostly touch screen functionality and very little analog controls. Which I’m not a fan of for driving. Tactile function of analog controls is a lot easier to manage while driving rather than all touchscreen.
  13. I don’t know what it is. But I’m getting it for 4% under invoice then likely $1k off with ford custom orders.
  14. My 22 was ordered at 4% under invoice. My buddy got a gladiator 7% under from same dealer group but obviously with jeep. They only did this with custom orders. They absolutely would not do it with anything sitting on the lot.