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  1. 1TonOFun

    Customer service number for order status

    They will ask for your sales code and order number as well as a bunch of personal information.
  2. 1TonOFun


    I’m pretty sure the dealer can look it up but if you are up to do the legwork for them I would definitely email the numbers to them. That way they’ll know you are aware that you have a PCO. You might want to get that info. to someone other than the salesperson.
  3. 1TonOFun


    You can call Ford Marketing and they will tell yo what you have as well as give yo the PCO number.
  4. 1TonOFun

    Used Truck Values

    I have seen the tracking spreadsheet. Lots of good information but it basically shows what has been shared on this forum; that who gets scheduled when seems random to an outsider like myself who knows nothing about the process.
  5. 1TonOFun

    Used Truck Values

    @JHForman812 I asked the dealer about that because I was a little shocked to see them. He said they only put stock trucks on his webpage, they don’t list retail orders. They put retail ordered trucks out on the lot until they are picked up so people can see them but don’t put them on the website. He said they have sold several 2021 models before they hit the lot because people want them bad enough they don’t want to lose out so they buy them sight unseen but again those were dealer stock not retail orders. The window stickers don’t pull up yet so I have to go by his word (he’s a straight shooter so I believe him).
  6. 1TonOFun

    Used Truck Values

    I’m not sure about this anymore. I know that is what the folks in the know have said but my dealer has two 2022 F250s showing as “coming soon” on his website and both have VINs. If I read the info on this forum correctly having a VIN means it’s scheduled for production. I ordered my F350 on 4/30 and am still sitting at unscheduled-clean.
  7. I have a Lariate Ultimate Black App (no adaptive steering) priority 10 ordered 4/30 still sitting there Unscheduled-Clean. A friend ordered an XLT two days later from the same dealer and he has a build date so I don’t think it’s all about higher trim/profit trucks being built. It’s frustrating for all of us. I’m sure the scheduling process is extremely complex, especially this year, but it would be nice to have some idea as to the rhyme or reason behind it.
  8. 1TonOFun

    2022 F350 Lariat Black

    Thanks for your help.
  9. 1TonOFun

    2022 F350 Lariat Black

    Would you please check on the status of my order? Order Code: C784  Sales Code: F72519 Thanks for your help.
  10. 1TonOFun

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    @Latebraking sorry for not being more clear. I was referencing the Ford Vehicle Tracking page you mentioned in your post.
  11. 1TonOFun

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    @LatebrakingThe Ford Vehicle Tracker page is very effective. Read the rules at the top of the page and you’ll understand why you are having trouble.
  12. 1TonOFun

    2022 Super Duty Build And Price

    @jdmonroe9One of the issues I had on the build page was when I picked what looked like should be the Lariat I was getting the King Ranch. Choose the build and price box for the XLT and see if you get the Lariat options. As I said the site is still buggy.
  13. 2022 build Super Duty build and price is up and running Here. I found a couple of glitches but it’s up! They do still show the Tremor option on XLT so it obviously will be updated.
  14. 1TonOFun

    Ford US ESP at Cost

    When I bought my 2018 F150 it had more technology and gadgets than any vehicle I had ever owned by far. I got a little nervous about what could go wrong so got a price from the dealer for the extended warranty. He gave me his price but then basically said the same thing as @akirby. They figure what repairs are likely to cost (with a safety factor added) then build in profit for the underwriter, Ford and the dealer and the finance manager. He said if not having a warranty would keep me up at night then buy it for piece of mind. If not, don’t bother. I bought a smoker with the money instead and enjoy it every week.
  15. 1TonOFun

    2022 Tow Guide and Tire Options

    @Mirage Flatter I’ve been towing for 40+ years as well which is why I don’t understand why that one tire gets a significantly lower rating than the other two for conventional towing. My point about fifth wheel towing was the guide didn’t downgrade it for fifth wheel but significantly downgraded for conventional. I agree with @chadstickpoindexter that it’s probably a typo.