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  1. LHB

    2018 Auto Hold

    I think 2018 new models was first … I know it works on my 2018 Navigator but did not on my 2015 F150 (which as I recall, was first with adaptive cruise control but dropped out somewhere under ~20mph).
  2. LHB

    2018 Auto Hold

    The adaptive cruise control can be quite helpful for these situations also.
  3. LHB

    2022 Lincoln Navigator Revealed

    So, is 2022 ordering still mid Oct 2021 and production start mid Jan 2022?
  4. I would only consider Fords ESP (extended service plan). Shop on line … there a few Ford dealers that will sell on-line at very discounted prices and I have found when negotiating on a new Ford/ Lincoln your dealer will match or beat the price on your deal. I have done this on a 2015 F150 and on a 2018 Navigator Black Label (both were new). Somewhat pricy but if you check out cost of parts and repairs on these new hi-tech rolling computer networks many single failure possibilities could exceed the ESP cost.….. and should you sell or trade before expiration, it can be transferred to new owner or you can get a rebate on the unused portion.
  5. LHB

    Aviator Running Boards

    I agree, a handle on windshield pillar is much more useable than over the door … the Navigator’s are very well placed.
  6. LHB

    Aviator Running Boards

  7. LHB

    2018 Auto Hold

    Also should note that the little button on the end if the Turn/Lane Change signal lever turns the Lane Departure system off/on.
  8. LHB

    2018 Auto Hold

    I find that when the Lane Departure / Lane Keeping is ‘intruding’ on me it is telling me I’m about to cross into an adjacent lane unintentionally or without proper lane-change signal. I’m ok with the alert/reminder it provides.
  9. LHB

    2022 Lincoln Navigator

    “Grand Wagoneer Series III MSRP* Starting at $103,995” certainly puts it smack into Navigator Black Label territory ... looks interesting on internet and I expect it will be interesting to see in person this summer - but I am skeptical that it will measure up.
  10. LHB

    Interior Door Release Failure

    My perception is that if a problem can not be demonstrated/repeated for/by the dealer and there are no error codes that the dealer is very limited on what they are allowed to do. My experience with steering wheel memory setting not holding was such a case. After I sent a letter to Lincoln HQ a Lincoln rep got involved and apparently authorized the dealer to replace the BCM which seems to fix the issue.
  11. are you aware ... (from owners manual)? Applying the Electric Parking Brake in an Emergency Note: Do not apply the electric parking brake when your vehicle is moving, except in an emergency. If you repeatedly use the electric parking brake to slow or stop your vehicle, you could cause damage to the brake system. You can use the electric parking brake to slow or stop your vehicle in an emergency.
  12. If the button adjusts all the settings as they should then the settings apparently are not being lost. Do you have your FOBs set to profiles and the program buttons also set to the profiles?
  13. Perhaps the camera image data is streamed over the vehicle LAN in which case it may be some non camera related module saturating the LANs bandwidth at times ... in which case I hope there are some error codes being generated for the dealer to find.
  14. Kind-a looks like connection or vibration issue. Does it occur if not moving or seem associated with a bump/shock/vibration?
  15. From the service record - ‘REPLACED BCM AND PROGRAMMED.’ I think that is Body Control Module (?)