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  1. LHB

    Seeking Owner Input - Long Term Opinions?

    I have 2018 Black Label Burgandy Velvet and Destination Theme ... love it. It DOES have lane departure/lane keeping (2020 Aviator also has Lane Centering) and Adaptive Speed Control (20 Aviator appears to have enhancements to this for high traffic congestion situations). The park assist on the 20 Aviator is supposed to handle accelerator, brake and shifting as well as steering. I hope the 20 Aviator technology enhancements will be incorporated in 21 Navigators.
  2. My Navigator frequently looses my steering wheel vertical position memory. Service Advisor says known problem affecting positioning systems. Last couple months on startup radio comes on Sirus channel 0 (no sound) rather than the station it was on at engine stop. Once it came on an AM station. Service advisor said they turned off the AutoUpdate function for the Sync3 software as it is a known issue and did several ‘hard’ resets. I asked if they confirmed software version and updated to latest level if it was not up to date; he said they did (but did not say if any updates needed to be applied). My 360 camera view frequently is blurry where the front camera image is ‘stitched’ to the right camera image which is very disconcerting when manouvering into/out of garage or parking space. Seems especially pronounced when lighting at front is lower level than side (like when backing out of garage). Service advisor says their equipment not latest for the camera alignments/adjustments; attempting adjustment with their current equipment could make it worse; should wait until they have newer equipment. No estimate on when that will be. Has anyone else experienced any of these issues ... if so, what have you been told or found out about them? Does anyone have any additional information on these issues?
  3. LHB

    Programming a third key fob

    Found on eBay (seller remotewholesale) for $79.94 with blank key and free shipping. This fob is actually for the 2018 Navigator as the hatchback control button actually depicts a hatchback rather than a trunk lid like the other fobs I’ve found on line for reasonable prices. The programming instructions from the 2018 Navigator Owners Manual First Printing worked just fine. From 2018 Navigator owner manual 1st printing, page86; seems to be removed from 2nd and 3rd printing) *** You must have two previously programmed intelligent access keys inside your vehicle and the new unprogrammed intelligent access key readily accessible. You can purchase replacement keys or remote controls from an authorized dealer. Make sure that the ignition is switched off before beginning this procedure. Make sure that you close all the doors before beginning and that they remain closed throughout the procedure. Carry out all steps within 30 seconds of starting the sequence. Stop and wait for at least one minute before starting again if you carry out any steps out of sequence. Read and understand the entire procedure before you begin. 1. Remove the key blade from the transmitter. 2. Open the center console storage compartment lid. 3. Insert the first programmed key in the backup slot. 4. Press the push button ignition switch. 5. Wait five seconds and then press the push button ignition switch again. 6. Remove the intelligent access key. 7. Within 10 seconds, place a second programmed intelligent access key in the backup slot and press the push button ignition switch. 8. Wait five seconds and then press the push button ignition switch again. 9. Remove the intelligent access key. 10. Wait five seconds, then place the unprogrammed intelligent access key in the backup slot and press the push button ignition switch. 11. Once complete, the information cluster displays a message confirming the key has been programmed. The direction indicators flash and the horn sounds. Programming is now complete. Check that the remote control functions operate and your vehicle starts with the new intelligent access key. If programming was unsuccessful, wait 10 seconds and repeat steps 1 through 7. If it still does not work, take your vehicle to an authorized dealer. ***
  4. This uTube video review mentions he checked that the headphones were ~$50. I found the review very interesting considering all the negative comments I’ve been seeing.
  5. I see the Build & Price tool is now (01-24-2019) available ... seems to me to need a little work, but good start. https://www.lincoln.com/luxury-suvs/aviator/2020/
  6. These new hi-tech vehicles are actually rolling computer networks (several interconnected computer control modules). Have the alleged defective assembly’s been confirmed defective? If they were not actually defective you may actually have a defective control module or network connection issue throwing erroneous failure codes. I had 3 driver side headlight assemblies replaced due to headlight going out before they finally caught a headlight control module failure code and replaced the control module.
  7. I think the new 2020 Aviator is supposed to have speed limit sign recognition available.
  8. Our salesman at Westpoint Lincoln was very helpful. He helped us get a look at a Burgandy Velvet Destination Theme (the day it arrived before it was delivered to the person who ordered it) and actually mentioned X Plan possibility and helped checking that I could qualify. He is now a used car sales manager there. It is not unusual for dealers to add things to their inventory cars with very high markups (like tinting, etching, etc.) but will give away or reduce to cost rather than loose a sale. Since we ordered our Navigator at delivery they asked about etching, wheel warranty (those are very pricy wheels), extended warranty, etc. We declined all except for the Ford ESP full coverage to 6yr 60k miles (all that tech gets real expensive to fix/replace). I shop Ford ESP on internet ... there 2 or 3 dealers that will sell them at significant discount ... and take those to my dealer who inevitably, one way or another, will match or beat.
  9. LHB

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    Since Ford-Lincoln dealerships can not sell Black Label and have all the Ford lines to sell I suspect they get fewer Lincoln unit allocations (especially hot selling models like the 2018, 2019 Navigators) than the Lincoln - only dealers. If this is correct, I would expect a Lincoln only dealership maybe more likely to honor an X plan purchase especially if you are willing to order and wait for it to be built. We wanted Black Label (the Destination theme sold us) so had to go to Lincoln only dealer (about twice as far as the Ford-Lincoln dealer we had dealt with before). The dealer had no problem doing our order on X plan.
  10. LHB

    Lincoln Way iOS app issues?

    Working on my iPad Pro and my iPhone X. Is your app up to date?
  11. I would suggest a close look at the third row seating if you expect any adult use there. From my view the Navigator is unmatched in room (especially leg and foot room) in the third row.
  12. We really like the restyling of the 2018 Navigator; The technology all up to current best available ... question was if the premium price on Black Label worth it over Reserve with the options we wanted ... the we got to see a Black Label Burgandy Velvet with Destination Theme —— game over, ordered one. Delivered in April 2018 and we are very very happy with it. Color and interior is a highly personal preference but I think one will know it when they see the one they want.
  13. True that within Texas toll roads, tag read or license read will charge the same amount to a toll tag account but will take many days longer to post for license read. I am not sure same will apply from out of Texas charges or if they will even do license reads. Then there are places that will read NTTA toll tags but do not read license plates at all (DFW, DAL ... ). I do feel that the total lack of any acknowledgement or concern from Lincoln and from the tolling authorities is unacceptable.
  14. LHB

    Cold air intake

    FYI: from 2018 Lincoln Navigator Owners Manual third printing July 2018 ... Automatic Transmission Adaptive Learning This feature may increase durability and provide consistent shift feel over the life of your vehicle. A new vehicle or transmission may have firm shifts, soft shifts or both. This operation is considered normal and does not affect function or durability of the transmission. Over time, the adaptive learning process fully updates transmission operation.
  15. LHB

    Black Label benefits?

    ... (and a few reminders to salesman)